These 10 Dogs Require State Permission to Own

🎥 PREVIOUS EPISODE: A study conducted just in the United States shows that from 78 million dogs, 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs, where 800,000 people seek medical care and around 10 to 40 cases are fatal every year. Most of these studied cases have shown that the attacks came as a result of illegal organizing of dog-fighting, the reaction of a mistreated dog, the dog that reacted in the duty of the guardian or other reasonable reactions. For this reason, in the United States, and in many other parts of the world, certain breeds have been strictly forbidden…
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This Is Why These Dogs Are Banned

What we know about dogs historically is limited, however, the Romans used dogs as "weapons", as guards, on patrols but also kept them as pets, so they were always known as creatures in the service of humans. This was until the 19th century when in America the Bloodhound became the first dog to get bad press. They were partly criticized because they were used to catch escaped slaves. Even the Dobermans who came to the United Kingdom and America from Germany in the early 1900s and gained a reputation as trustworthy guard dogs, their image was completely changed in World…
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