Only These Dogs Can Face a Jaguar

🎥 PREVIOUS EPISODE: For some Jaguar is a representation of strength, courage, and aggression while for others, this animal represents the inner spiritual power to face your fears. However, the Jaguar, the name of which means “he who kills with a jump” possesses all the characteristics and abilities to be called one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. His bite force exceeds 1500 psi and makes him the cat with the strongest bite, with this force he can bite through the hard skin of crocodiles and the strong shell of turtles. Besides to his physical characteristics, the Jaguar…
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Dogs That Will Attack Even a Jaguar

The cat that holds the crown for the strongest bite in the cat world, Jaguar has the size of an average dog but compared with the beloved dogs, he is a brutal killing machine. If you have ever met a jaguar and you are watching this video then you are lucky, the simplest encounter with him makes not only people but also animals shudder. This is normal as this animal is faster than the fastest dog in the world, Greyhound, he has a bite 3 times stronger than a Kangal, also, his teeth and jumping length are bigger than most…
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