Structure The Most IMPORTANT Aspect of Dog Training
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Structure The Most IMPORTANT Aspect of Dog Training

What is Structure and why is it critical in dog training? Understanding your dog’s need for structure can solve almost every problem you face with your dog. In this video lesson, I explain what is structure, how to apply it, and how it will benefit your relationship with your dog. The full 30+ minute version is available in my member’s section at:

Whether you are a dog lover, beginning trainer, or competitive dog trainer, the understanding structure is at the heart of communicating with your dog and forming a cohesive bond. NOTHING is more important in your dog’s life than structure.

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23 Thoughts to “Structure The Most IMPORTANT Aspect of Dog Training”

  1. Robert Cabral

    check out the full 30+ minute version PLUS hundreds of dog training videos:

  2. Steven Chandler

    That is very good and clear advice.
    Thank you Robert. Love your clips too!

  3. sioumurphy

    You’re the best dog trainer

  4. Daisai Gaming

    have you ever trained a stabyhoun or wetterhoun ?

  5. marvona


  6. Penny Locke

    Awesome. Could not have put it better.

  7. Andy Castillo

    Robert Cabral!!! Always a good one, I appreciate you. Thanks for what you’ve done!! Structure is Key and so is He!!!

  8. Arko Goswami

    How do I give structure to my 2.5 month old German Shepherd? And what is your opinion about NEPOPO TRAINING METHOD?? Please let me know…

  9. LauraBeeDannon

    We adopted a 6mos old dutch/king Shepard mix 3 mos ago. Not being his first human I was afraid he wouldn’t listen to us. Keeping him structured makes him more loveable. He looks forward to our routines. I’m so happy I found Rovert Cabral and Mike Ritland videos. (The Ceasar Milan ones were a non starter. No way this high drive guy was going to listen unless I walked him a mile first according to his philosophy. I couldn’t always walk him a mile first.) We are still working on impulse control and learning new “tricks”- he loves learning new things. I can see his hamster wheel turning. So grateful for free videos like these.

  10. Thomas T

    “God disciplines those whom He loves”. If it is good enough for God and us it’s good enough way for me to handle my dog. Love and structure is true love.

  11. Patrick Walsh

    It wouldn’t be a Robert Cabral video without structure structure structure. Great video!

  12. wendyket

    Routine is an important part of structure. Dogs are much happier when they can count on a predictable routine. It’s the same for human kids. When my sons were growing up there was a definite change in their behavior when their routine was disrupted.

  13. Chuckee Butt

    I adhere to exactly the same philosophy, because if I have a well behaved dog we can go everywhere together, but if the dog isn’t behaved then it becomes a prisoner because I’m forced to leave it home way more often. My current baby is a rescue Malinois and she has flourished due to precisely what you describe in the video, her positive response to structure is her ticket to freedom. Well said sir!

  14. Jack Anthony

    You have to show us how you control the unwanted behavior. There isn’t a Channel on YouTube that actually delves into what they mean. You can say structured dog but we need to see your work.

  15. tennified

    dog training should be a pre requisite to parenthood!

  16. sharman collins

    A Human EMOTIONS do not belong in a dogs world

  17. parker gammon

    Excellent excellent advice 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  18. Srinath Komandur

    Amazing video. Thank you

  19. Ange MacDonald

    I wish I knew this when I trained my first puppy. She was an amazing dog, but I squished her spirit. She never had fun… With your help I get better every day. Thanks

  20. Jannell Meagher

    Without solid structure there wouldn’t be any guide dog organization. For us it is true for both dog and handler. Excellent video.

  21. Robert Spinks

    Another great video well said 👍

  22. brocc-o the doge


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