STOP Puppy Biting, Barking and more! Our NEW PUPPY Daily Training Guide!

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STOP Puppy Biting, Barking and more! Our NEW PUPPY Daily Training Guide!

Our new puppy daily training guide! (Contains paid promotion) Get 50% OFF a trial of Nom Nom SUPER FRESH dog food:

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40 Thoughts to “STOP Puppy Biting, Barking and more! Our NEW PUPPY Daily Training Guide!”

  1. Smash

    Aww Inertia looks like she’s so so happy! Beautiful girl. Looks like she loves veronica!!! I just adopted an 8 month old puppy, and my 6 year old dog loves her so so much, it is just so cute to watch! 🥰 you guys are great! And Bree!! You’re doing amazing!!

  2. sarah wrede

    How old is Veronica?

  3. Jay Khan

    Me and my 14 month old German shepherd who I rescued from a owner who kept him on he’s roof and only he fed and cared for the dab and he used to work from 8 to 6 and mean while this pup was alone on the roof where he pooped and walked he was secluded and alone, he had a wife and some small kids but we got nothing from the previous owner as he was in a hurry to get rid of the dog who was almost a year old by then so when I brought him to my house as I have had rescued a lot of dogs in my life so everything was going well I have a big family we all live together and everyone including my wife, father, brother, sister in law and my mom love the dog and everyone was happy to give him time and affection and he used to roll on he’s back so you could rub him all over so since day one he used to go on he’s back the submissive upside down dog to everyone every time you pet him and he still had harsh puppy biting back then. So in like 2 or 3 weeks he started growling and trying to bite my brother if he come close or even feed him he would do that my brother used to take him on walks sometimes and feed him to time to time but he turned on him then when me and my wife took him to the vet as we saw some flees and ticks on him so the vet gave him a injection for it he wouldn’t let the vet inject him while I was holding the leash he went crazy on the vet so they took him away from us and they got it, so the same day he was on the bed with me and my wife which he knows loves him a lot and feeds and pet him play fetch with him so eh my wife went to pet him as she was coming closer to him as soon as she pet him on the upper back leg he growled and lunged at her she went back in shock I told him to stop in a loud voice then every time my wife came near he started showing he’s teeth so I grabbed him off the bed put him on the floor and then grabbed he’s head and he’s back so he couldn’t bite or scratch me and he growled like he’s life depended on it but I held my ground and showed him that by that time I was only holding him as I gave him a taste of my strength with a few shake and pressure for seconds he stopped and gave up, he became a better dog after that for me, I give him the most walks, the most food and treats, can rides, training and sometimes my wife and dad still walks him sometimes till now so he still shows my brother teeth growls at him he can’t feed him or get him to leash up I tried to push him and showed him to stop being aggressive to my brother once before the bed incident happened when I put him on the floor cause he was gonna bite my wife but since then my wife has pressed on the gas she feeds and walk the dog and play with him everyday but after a while of be in scared of my wife all of a sudden after the bed incident but even when he has stopped showing her teeth even shaking hands and giving kisses eating off hand by my wife is cautious that it might scare him if she pet him so she doesn’t touch the dog. Please help if you can on how to fix my problem I want him to love every one so he receive am the love he always deserved we don’t know he’s past he came to us with a injury on he’s leg, now he I trained to follow many commands and even stared walking without leash only with me though he only listens to me all the time other people have to so harder to make him listen he barks at all the bikes and cars and would chase them barking from inside the house he can so with me just outside the house in position and won’t say a thing but as soon as I go he will bark at bikes and cars I they at driving slowly or loudly he will bark at everything who passes including people even at other house member if they are doing something else or leaving without him. What to do. BTW I’m a huge fan stay blessed and please help me.

  4. Jill Kalaniopio

    I love Veronica!! She is so adorable!!

  5. Erikabb7

    I could watch Veronica and Inertia play for hours! So cute. 🙂

  6. andrew claeys

    Walking away from her as she barks is negatively punishing the behaviour… is there a way to help her barking/anxiety without using any punishment?

  7. Tyler Hall

    What do you recommend my puppy is a 8 week German shepherd what a good healthy training treat for him

  8. jo jo

    Thanks for always sharing the real deal of normal puppy behavior. 😅

  9. AL __

    I have an 11 week old Golden Retriever. She loves to chew and bite so we’ve been working on that. She likes to play fetch but doesn’t like to drop the ball once she has it. Any tips to teach her to drop it?

  10. TeaAddict

    Oh my gosh. She is just the cutest little sweetheart.

  11. bulltastik

    Veronica is such a good girl…thanks to good parenting/TRAINING👍🏼

  12. Cathy A

    I started with the finger toothbrush but quickly moved to a regular toothbrush – it was pretty easy as my pup was 10 weeks old and chewed EVERYTHING.. I then brought out the sonic toothbrush and his reaction was hilarious (wish I had filmed it) but he seemed to like it after the first bit of day 2 he loved it- he is now 14 weeks old and when I bring out the sonic toothbrush he comes running and puts it in his mouth and LOVES me brushing his teeth (along with plenty of biting it)- it’s so cute but since he is a toy Aussiedoodle he definitely will need daily teeth care. I love your videos and have purchased one of your books so far ( it’s taking me longer to read it than I thought because I am single and older than you guys- and I haven’t had a puppy for 14 years (my border collie recently died- she was the best- just like Inertia – she had the entire neighbourhood kids playing with her and now they come over to play with Sammi but don’t understand that he needs much more sleep than Caydee did plus he isn’t trained like she was….yet).. thanks for all the great info!

  13. Julia Richardson

    I’ve had 4 puppies in the last 5 years. They bite, sometimes a lot and sometimes bad. They don’t mean it, they truly don’t. Please never give a dog away because of puppy biting. They are still babies and usually if you ride it out and correct them, it goes away in my experience. My pitbull, the best trained dog in my family was a big biter when she was a baby but we corrected that and now I can’t imaging her biting anyone

  14. Robyn Jury

    Really loving this, I really like your candid and realistic daily footage, it’s so validating and helpful as I am going through the process with a new puppy 🙂

  15. Derek McDaniel

    Anyone know what dog breed is in this video?

  16. Jan Hankins

    For the first time in my life, I have to worry about my dogs being outside by themselves. In the past, I’ve had Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds. Certainly no birds of prey will attack dogs of that size. Coyotes aren’t going to mess with dogs of that size, either (we have many Coyotes in our area). I now have an 8 pounder and an 11 pounder. They are never outside by themselves. If they want to go out an lay in the sun on a nice day, we stay out with them. That is my one “bummer” about having such small dogs! And what a nice surprise to find a Zak George video when I wasn’t expecting one!!

  17. bby cherub •

    This is my favorite series so far I think, it’s really wholesome and feels like a breath of fresh air from all the drama going on in the training community.

  18. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Another great video 😊 thanks guys ☺️

  19. S

    For those of you worried about your small dog and birds of prey. It is EXTREMEMLY uncommon for a bird of prey to attack and kill small dogs and cats. If your dog is 10lbs or more, you’re perfectly fine. Bald Eagles, Red tailed hawks, falcons can only carry 3-5 pounds MAX while in flight (according to Cornell Ornithology department). The exception is the Harpy Eagle which have rarely been spotted in the South Western United States. So don’t worry about birds of prey they aren’t what you need to look out for when it comes to your small animals.

  20. Jen Kirby

    I would love to teach my dog fetch, but she won’t hold anything I have thrown. She tosses it back 😂

  21. Jennifer Hill

    I was at the end of my rope when my dog was a puppy with puppy biting everything went through the filter of her mouth. She grew out of it eventually.

  22. Here This

    You both make the training so nice and with the dog’s pace . Very pleasent to watch You teaching Your new dog .

  23. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    Hi Zak as always your incredible keep up the amazing content Veronica is coming on in leaps and bounds

  24. Zk Motivation

    Things to start in 2022:
    – working out
    – investing money (crypto, stocks, savings)
    – ending bad habits (snoozing, gosipping, procrastinating)
    – planning your days
    – Eating healthier & learning to cook
    – weekly walks (in nature, no headphones/airpods)
    – drinking water daily (2-3 liters)

    [Screenshot this, atleast try it & any questions? I’m open for answering it]…………………….

  25. Vansh Verma


  26. Ellies Inspiration

    She is growing up to be so smart a gorgeous 😍😍

  27. Debbie DeVore

    I have a 3 month old lab and am having trouble getting my 12 and 14 year old dogs to accept her. Do you have advice? Loved seeing your border collie playing with the pup.

  28. Sally Malloy

    I didn’t realize you guys had a cat! My Dalmatian has not met any cats willing to stick around and say hello, one cat tried to fight her and riled her up. Her prey drive is up there, so I’m wondering if I’ll ever get her relaxed with cats.
    Do you guys have an idea how big veronica will end up getting? Will she stay on the small side?

  29. Bailey

    My cat and German shepherd play like that. They have actually fallen asleep where the cat was inside the shepherds mouth

  30. Biblical Hebrew Made EZ

    So cool! Thank you for all your great teaching videos! I am almost finished with the 30 day course and I am a member of Pupford, which has so many great teachings. Zak, you are amazing!

  31. Biblical Hebrew Made EZ

    So cool! Thank you for such great videos! I have your course and a monthly member of Pupford. Such great training! You are awesome!

  32. The Bible Messenger

    Zak you are the best dog trainer ever in the world

  33. Sally Malloy

    Mid week video? Yay!

  34. The Bible Messenger

    First to view

  35. Karly Gelinas

    Can you talk about training hounds. I have a beagle pup and she is nothing like my 9 year old lab lol

  36. Jaxs Strickland

    Hi Zack ty for helping me with my puppy. My grandson was born yesterday I know they will be best friends for ever

  37. Valla Pink

    YAY I first to like and view <3

  38. Eden Mullett


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