STOP LEASH Pulling in 3 Easy Steps - Even with a STRONG AKITA DOG

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STOP LEASH Pulling in 3 Easy Steps – Even with a STRONG AKITA DOG

You see so many videos to help you train your dog how to stop pulling on the leash. Most NEVER work. Well, in this video I’ll show you hot I do it with a very STRONG dog. Max the Akita is a very powerful dog and when he pulls, he pulls.

There are 3 basic things you need to understand to get a dog to stop pulling on his leash. I’ll teach you all three in this video. You’re gonna LOVE this lesson.

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17 Thoughts to “STOP LEASH Pulling in 3 Easy Steps – Even with a STRONG AKITA DOG”

  1. Jozee Pare

    Yes great video Robert! Focus on your dog and leave your cell phone at home! I see too many people walking their dog and looking at their phone, so sad for the dog!

  2. Raven

    Interesting and it works!


    I need more then 3 minutes. I think you should do 24/7 live training 😂😂😂 absolutely love your videos Mr Cabral…👍👍👍

  4. Sam

    That “dynamic movement” is definitely a game changer. Figured that out a couple of days ago and verified that today with my dog. Great to see this is an actual technique by finding your video

  5. Shana Karlsen

    If u want a nice easy walk, at a slower pace, what are u supposed to do?

  6. V

    Great lesson! Will try this out

  7. Adam M

    Good stuff. Thank you for your information Robert! For those of you who are so confused with this why don’t you go and seek an actual trainer or attend a siminar. Dog training is a very hands on experience and just sitting in your home watching this stuff isnt going to make your leash handeling any better.

  8. Jack Anthony

    You never explain what to do when the dog is actually pulling. This isnt a puller. What about when they ignore the collar correction and ignore the ecollar? I refuse to take it so high that she cringes or yelps but she doesnt care about corrections. Especially when she sees another dog. Shell yank herself even on a prong till she makes herself yelp. That’s the help i need. I give up on her. Cant take her anywhere anymore when a year ago i could no leash her around the neighborhood.

  9. Jan

    This doggo is a good doggo, seems to be focused on you from the first second. Real pullers already dislocated owner’s shoulder or something.☺️

  10. Panther7

    Wow! Your theory is gold! My 15mths old retriever is always a front walker, constantly leaving me for sniffing and marking, checking the news in the neighbourhood. There’s nonone to blame but myself because I’ve been allowing him to. Always thought sniffing during walk is good for the dog, but I now have to schedule the sniffing time and pay attention to me time. Thank you for all the videos uploaded. I’m about to sign up your online course as I’m so tired of positive only method. To me, it doesn’t exist, as if removing treats away when the dog doesn’t give you the behaviour is positive??
    You have taught me how dogs need discipline and discipline in order for them to be successful and happy. Can’t wait to join the online couse.

  11. Charis-Charlie Montsenigos

    Is it better to walk him the same route every day or change it up?Thank you for the great video as always.

  12. MrGaxar

    fine video. now please do one with a dog that is leash pulling while being in front of you. your vid shows what to do when they check out while behind you. show one with the dog that its alway trying to get in front of you, pulling you, and when and how to correct and reward.

  13. Rodney Broder

    Are you using a prong collar on that dog? I still have trouble with my Pit Bull Terrier mix pulling to meet every dog. I have used martingale collar and also slip leash.

  14. Camilla Hunt

    You are such an awesome trainer Robert. I love your videos

  15. Macedonian GangsteR

    Great video Robert. Will you make new episode of “So you got a Malinois”?

  16. Aaron Jaeger

    I presume you can eventually walk normally (less dynamically) once the dog is more reliable walking with a loose leash.

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