Stop Biting and Train Your Dog to Listen to Everything You Say! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE
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Stop Biting and Train Your Dog to Listen to Everything You Say! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE

How to stop puppy biting, train your dog to listen, as well as going over how often and how long to train! Thanks for sponsoring this video Solid Gold Pet! We LOVE your products! Receive 30% off of select Solid Gold products!: ​

For more daily dog training tips check it out here and THANKS for watching, please click here for more information.


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72 Thoughts to “Stop Biting and Train Your Dog to Listen to Everything You Say! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE”

  1. Freedom 2016

    Ok, love your videos… but I’ll know you’re the real deal if you can successfully train a dachshund. 😆

  2. Gail Keyes

    You are an outstanding trainer – I love your enthusiasm and positive training. I am a Lagotto Romagnolo breeder and am recommending your videos to all of my new puppy owners..Thank you SO much for sharing these. Do you have a wevsite?

  3. Scarlet Rayne

    I love these series. Especially with how different Kona and Inertia are. Helps remind us to appreciate our dogs strengths and weaknesses

  4. keith Lauron

    I have my first ever puppy and it’s not easy at all to teach her stop biting oh my god! But it’s fun and hard hahahaha. I visit your channel to know how to stop her biting everywhere

  5. Jc

    Just so people know, Do NOT train your dog to ring the bell with treats because then they will just ring it expecting treats and then give up when you try to transition to it meaning go outside, instead give the bells a little shake every time before you go outside, specifically for bathroom breaks, not play time. The dog will learn making the bells make a sound lets them go outside for bathroom only. Not for food or play. Zack is teaching a silly trick.

  6. Colleen Ha

    I notice with positive behavior you reward with treats, there’s no touching,, scratches, pats etc… is that on purpose? is it better to be low key even with voice? No crazy excitement? 😂

  7. 4K NoCopyrightMusic

    “You’re ambelldextrous” – Zak George

    This is why we watch Zach!

  8. Killin Winnin

    Is kona a goldendoodle or irishdoodle Zak???

  9. Benny and Zoe Gameros

    Dont u think its been more then 3 weeks unless he is just posting later

  10. Asher Iyer

    I love this guy I watch him and use all his tips…but I dont have a dog

  11. Vd3r

    my dog is 3yrs old now but when he was a baby i used ur guides and these videos helped a lot.

  12. Dawn S

    Omg Kona is so big already! She grew so much!

  13. xo.Alleb

    I’m in need of advice please. I just got a 9 month old(puppy) husky . All she knows to do is sit . The previous owner didn’t do a good job training her and now I have to start over . How do I get her to know that I’m her new owner and train her . She gets distracted easily and won’t let me train her . Please help .

  14. Forrest Leaves

    Grain in dogfood??? Thats not good…its a carnivore

  15. Linda Masson

    I’m having the very frustrating biting issue with our 8 week old beagle. Following the videos and both books. He is a little immature for some of the training Zak’s showing now, but mine did pick up “sit” very quickly (with the expectation of a treat of course). I’m using sit to get his attention away from pant leg biting. He’s very determined! But it works if you have the treat at hand.

  16. Ralph Martin

    my two puppies act like they are starving all the time and wolf down food like they are never going to eat again I feed them a can of wet dog food first thing in the morning and they have dry dog food all day long but if I go in the kitchen they go crazy
    Do you have any advice for me or a video to watch
    thanks for all you do keep it going

  17. Erika Alcorta

    Kona is so adorable! Thank you, Zak, so much for all the tips. I’ve learned a lot and definitely share and preach the positive reinforcement. I grew up in a family that thought dogs are trained by being dominant, and I have to say that the relationship I have with my 1-year-old dog following your advice is the most wonderful I’ve ever had. Also, the “reality training” and mistakes that you show help me overcome my frustration when things go wrong, and instead, I brainstorm ways to make things easier for my dog next time: “What would Zak do in this situation?”
    I have a question, if you guys don’t mind, could you please suggest training exercises for when you have more than one young dog in the house? My dog had been very reliable at come-when-called until a new puppy arrived at the house 3 weeks ago. She is starting to prefer continued play with the new puppy over listening to me (needless to say, the puppy won’t listen at all when engaged in play with my dog). If they’re separated, they will listen, but are there any exercises to do when they’re together?

  18. Samantha Hu

    Kona is so smart and a model citizen. She could’ve been a great service dog I think.

  19. Hokage DelValle

    Zak your videos are awesome!

  20. Liliana Doldan

    i cant wait to put everything in practice with my pup !! my boyfriend got a Northern Inuit Dog and he’s coming in 3 weeks!!

  21. Anya Kunder

    Any tips on introducing dogs that bark and growl at people to guests? ( this only happens at home, outside home she’s really fearful)

  22. Relax and Chill

    This videos are super helpful!

  23. Vivian Nguyen

    Kona has so much potential to be an amazing service dog. Wow!

  24. ThatSushiDude

    What breed is kona? Ur family is looking for a dog would love to know some more breeds to find our perfect dog 🐶

  25. R3N On Keys

    Hi zak my 7 month golden has really bad impulse control any tips to help that?

  26. Martin Jensen

    For a long lead for training outside what length would you recommend? Also, how can I teach my golden doodle (5 months old) to stop eating tissues on walks, she knows leave it for everything else and does so in the house and outside but swallows every tissue in sight.

  27. Sarah Akers

    Thanks because my dog bites me when she’s hyper

  28. Kanchan

    I have a pug named Scooby Dooo he is very smart however, he only does all the tricks if you hold a treat in your hand. I have been following Zak for a long time now. Its really easy to understand how to train your dog. My Scooby enjoys “Tell Me A Secret” trick. Thanks Bree for that cute trick.


    Loved the ringing the bell idea! I’m going to give this a go

  30. heavenabove300

    Wish my dogs could do this with the $40 mighty paw doorbell I just bought

  31. Shrehan Vanage

    My dog doesn’t seem to listen to me much and is kind of an independent thinker. He’s a lab. About 6 months old. What should I do?

  32. Ishan Rocky

    I can do anything for getting a dog❤️

  33. Hugo'stheBoss

    Hi Zak! I’ve been dying to know, what harness does Inertia where? Is it the same one the the pup is wearing in this video? Also, just to add, I absolutely adore your videos, they are so helpful and have taught me a lot with my rescue dog! My dog is actually the same age as Inertia, born only a few weeks after her!

  34. Leah Gilbert

    Thank you Zak!

  35. Random gamer but maybe bad vids

    I have my 2 Shiz tzu’s and they don’t even bite and they do all there buinsness on puppy pads at night and don’t cry 😀

  36. Jess Richardson

    Kona is doing amazing your good at training dogs

  37. Jess

    These videos are the ones which made me realise that training a dog is possible. I now have a sheltie who is 10 months and this channel has help so much. 🙂

  38. The Gaming Nature

    Kona has come so far
    I’m so proud of her

  39. Devina Plays

    this is the first time ive seen zaks videos at midnifht

  40. IS0 Sizzy

    She’s soo cute

  41. Megan Rowe


  42. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

    Hi zak I really want your help on my 8 month old gsd puppy to stop jumping barking and snapping on strangers pls I would really appreciate it

  43. john ducie

    Kona is adorable

  44. Ishan Rocky

    Kona, is a nice name

  45. Saskia

    Your videos have helped us so much with our puppy! You have really helped us to understand dog behaviour and opened our eyes to the amazing effects of positive reinforcement only. Thank you for always being so honest, we’ve learned a lot from all the achievements but also from the “mistakes” ☺️

  46. Susan Johnson

    Any videos oh how to get my pup from jumping up?

  47. Pratibha Prakash

    This is what I need
    Thank you so much

  48. Joy Cranker

    Love the video zak.

  49. xanelle lacerda

    Awww, your dogs are sooo cute!
    ▼・ᴥ・▼ V●ᴥ●V U ´꓃ ` U

  50. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    Who else loves binge-watching Zak??

  51. Mermaid Slimes & More


  52. Ishan Rocky

    I love dogs

  53. Tanushree Rajpura

    Love your videos🥰🥰🥰 I follow you and kona in Instagram I am enjoying watching your videos and excited for next videos 🥰😇☺😊😘😘 Kona is sooo cute, smart and playful. I want to take a puppy like kona. 🥰😇☺😊

  54. Федеральная служба безопасности

    Puppy’s breed is cocker spaniel right?

  55. Dylan McGuire

    This is the earliest I’ve watched his videos. Their great!!!

  56. Kàylâ's world

    I love your videos 💝 keep up the good job 👍🏻

  57. Ninja gaming

    Love you man

  58. Tsillan Goldens

    Aww so so cute

  59. Ishan Rocky

    But aren’t the three weeks over?

  60. Isabella Bridges

    Omggggg hiiiu you are soon good!!!✨✨✨😁

  61. ItzElxle

    my dog is pregnant! shes a cockapoo!

  62. Emilija Krivane

    I like your video very much! ❤️

  63. Ty Novak Aviation

    I am getting a second dog in spring! Anyone else?
    Binge watching this yt channel and subbed

  64. Федеральная служба безопасности

    What a cute puppy

  65. Navjot Singh


  66. Sahil Chaudhari

    3 comment

  67. Amol Paharia

    First comment

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