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Max our young Akita is a very strong and dominant dog. I’ve been raining him for the last several months and we’ve been following his training along. Recently we thought to do some real-world training and brought Max and Joey to town to do some real-world socializing. All can be good in a sterile environment like a park, but we expect our dogs to be able to behave in public. So that’s what we did. Within 5 minutes we ran into another very dominant dog that set the training up for some real excitement.

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  1. Robert Cabral

    See the FULL lesson, 25 MINUTES at my online dog training:

  2. Noah & Lincoln

    I love how Robert is so calm when the dogs sound like lions 👏🏼👏🏼 energy is everything!

  3. o0Rozlyn0o

    This is one of the most helpful videos I have seen of you. Thank you, Robert! Please more public training sessions!

  4. E D

    Great video!

    My dog keeps sniffing and marking during walks. How do I balance correcting his sniffing-marking behaviors all the time to letting him just sniff around as dogs normally would?

  5. Black Hawk

    Robert…you should have gave the lady a business card..she’s in dire straits with her dog. Great video! real word training beats controlled places every time.. stress testing the dog is the best way to see improvements ( that’s IMHO 🙏)

  6. Truthisfreedom

    The dog is totally disconnected with the owner..doesn’t give real attention to his owner ..he might need to go back to the basics before being exposed like this..but putting the owner from the start in real life situations can show them the importance of relationship and training!! The dog changed when Robert took over because he shows the dog leadership and accountability

  7. Christhino Tino

    Txx u 4 this video. I have a male AKITA INU . Since HE got bitten from 3 male dogs, HE doesn’t LIke All male dogs anymore. Just The girls dogs HE loves them

  8. Osito Y Ratoncito

    Great video I see part of my girl when she was young in this video. But for his first outing and testing it with a dog that reactive was what made Max unsuccessful. Too much pressure at not the right time. But definitely your typical Akita. Third times the charm for sure.

  9. Cass

    Interesting to learn that I might have been over-correcting my 8 month old for getting out in front of me while walking on leash… what kind of age would you start to demand that perfect heel position?

  10. Max's Diary

    Thank you Robert for the great video 🙏🏻🐾
    How necessary is it to neuter the dominant dog? Does it really help or I can avoid it? My dog is an intact male 2 and a half year. He is quite dominant but I train him since he was a puppy, so he is mostly under control. But many people keep saying that I should neuter him..

  11. Rayanna Ashe

    GREAT VIDEO!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  12. nakitazmom1

    This was Excellent Robert!! I have a 13 month old dog like this !!

  13. Gardenrabbit356

    This is the training i care about most and the type of dog I enjoy working with. It isn’t flashy or fun looking work and onlookers get bothered by corrections but with a powerful animal you have to take control so they can have a chance to change their mind.

  14. Mitar Vranic

    Great videos!

  15. Mary Bell

    Robert, I was thinking about taking my fear aggressive dog to a semi-public place with a muzzle on to try and get him used to just having people/dogs walk by without risking harm (he’s not people aggressive unless they try to pet him). I’m not doing it because I’m not sure that putting him into that type of stress situation wouldn’t make things worse. (And for any keyboard warriors who want to jump on me I’ve had three great dogs over my years, but never a rescue dog before. You don’t know all of the issues you may have when getting them from Animal Control picked up as a stray, & he makes an awesome guard dog for two women living alone). Bad idea?

  16. Miguel S.

    Awesome stuff

  17. Robert Greenberg

    @Robert, just another great video. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  18. Lasse Christoffersen

    Great video! Love the real world training.

  19. P Petkov

    This is spot on what my dog does. Great help.

  20. sm25550

    How often do you run across SJWs/Karens out there in public (especially in California) who give you grief for using prong and slip collars, and how do you deal with them?

  21. Santiago Rios

    Superb material!

  22. mahakhalil1

    Great video, thank you!

  23. John Magkas

    why would u expose yourself like this? thats not a video to brag about and i mean that in a good way, realistically speaking this dog should behave better by now and you are just awkward.. if max sees another dog and has this level of reactivity his owner and family wouldnt want to walk him in fear of meeting other dogs on the street and making a scene..Max needs to learn manners and fast, he might be the best boy but reacting like this on a leash, or while petting him, is very bad,, and i disagree that he will learn to “heel” with maturity, he should heel by 6mo or at least know how to heel in ANY enviroment by the time he is 1yo. letting him like this leads me to believe you are either trying to “milk” your client(aka make as much money as you can by stalling or making baby steps each time) or take it reaaaally slow because you are unsure or dont want to “mess” the dog, but those moments of hesitation and insecurity will in time make the dog VERY independent (which he already is apparently) and almost incapable of decent obedience training.
    You have been teaching this dog since he was a small puppy and he cant even walk few steps without pulling, Dont get me wrong.. i understand and agree with most of what you say/said over the years i’ve been watching you but you are very sloppy with Max. In my opinion you should have done better by now.
    And dont use the “dominant dog” excuse ..
    Ignoring the fact that he lunges on dogs for example isnt a strategy,,neither is telling him to “sit” and if he doesnt saying “No SIT” thats puppy stuff. He is a strong dog and needs to be respectfull, you know what will happen if this guy’s wife or kid tries to walk that dog on a busy street right??Cuz i do.
    Sorry for the language gap, i mean everything in a good way, just concerned about max.

  24. Amazing Mazey Rottweiler

    Really enjoyed the real life video. Thank you! You never know who you are going to meet – though if the dog had been a rottie say, pulled her over and came for a fight……..could have been big vets bills – but that IS real life and increasingly so, as people do not sort out their reactive dogs, but still take them in public.

    I do train my service dogs that they can’t react to an aggressive dog kicking off – happens all the time where I live, with mainly small dogs, but I have had one aggressive malli trained for service work almost pull over her disabled owner to fight my rottie service dog – who did not react(Good girl Mazey). Dog I saw muzzled in the park a week later with different people, so I REALLY hope the poor disabled lady did not pay $$$$ for a ‘trained’ service dog. My really sharp IGP dog, that goes in public parks daily, but has little very close contact with aggressive dogs, for sure would have reacted back if attacked (though I do have control of her.)

  25. Bartek Kondrat

    Tija send you big ❤️ sir Robert.
    We no discussion with commentary. We want to be with you to the end this world, and even one day longer.

  26. OFFICIAL Cause and Effect Dog Training

    There is no clear concise corrections here. No clarity of leash communication . Why ??

  27. Jason Lee

    That lady is way in over her head. She is absolutely clueless and doesn’t know her dog is living a very stressful, reactive life. A trained dog is a happy dog.

  28. Fredelin *

    The first 30 seconds reveal an owner who has not cared at all till that day… Unfortunate…

  29. Aleksa Kuzman

    It seems to me like the handler here needs to make a little bit more severe off a correction when dog reacts, he pops a leash but that dog is NOT corrected. He needs to yank the SHIT out of that leash when he acts up. Also he needs to work on loose leash walking, every time that dog gets to the end and pulls pop that prong damn.

  30. Milena Taylor

    I just love it when you take the leash over. Immediate change in the dog. We too often wanna keep that leash too tight.

  31. leemp337

    Yes! Real life real world scenarios with problem dogs. Love this Robert! More please!

  32. Panagiotis Tsakanikas

    We need to see more of these videos to realise that everything is possible

  33. Ivan

    Same thing with my dog. Addressed it with sharp turns and sharp prong corrections for even breaking a with me heel, and rewards for focus and walking calmy

  34. Joshua Hoover

    A dominant Akita? You don’t say. 😉

  35. Bruh-

    See I am so glad I know how to train my own dog especially Akitas and Chows, both breeds that are hard to train by yourself. I am blessed to even have multiple proper resources next to me including breeders who are retired from working and breeding said dogs.

  36. Stephen Fihlebon

    Really good highlight common issues normal ppl have trouble overstanding.

  37. Shannon Davidson

    Isn’t your client giving his dog way too much leash so he is able to move all over the place and be in a hunting state of mind.

  38. Jatin Pal

    I am very stressed what can i do please help

  39. Jatin Pal

    Robert my dog never come when i call him


    Should’ve given that lady a business card 😂

  41. Jan

    Very good showing! Great to see that a dominant breed meeting an aggressive other dog can react, since you can’t take out genes you bought with the breed. This particular dog on the vid needs much free running in nature daily, using e-collar.

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