So You Got a Malinois - Dog Training Tips, Tricks and Advice for Belgian Malinois

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So You Got a Malinois – Dog Training Tips, Tricks and Advice for Belgian Malinois

If you’re having some issues with your Malinois, here are some tips…

0:00 My 9 week old Belgian Malinois Puppy is snarling at me
02:57 My Belgian Malinois is bite snapping at me when playing
04:19 Should I train my 11 month old Malinois to have a higher drive?
05:48 My 6 year old Belgian Malinois is a good dog until he’s off leash, then he runs away and has some aggression issues

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9 Thoughts to “So You Got a Malinois – Dog Training Tips, Tricks and Advice for Belgian Malinois”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Very similar problem someone I know has. I keep telling them to praise calm behaviour and build confidence but as usual they don’t put the work in. Thank you.

  2. Hawkeye

    So we waited two years making the decision to get a Malinois. I heard all the stories about how this dog isn’t for everyone. Blah blah blah. My experience is with professionally trained field trial retrievers and two JRTs.

    We didn’t take the decision to get a protective breed lightly and waited until our home was dog less before getting our Achilles.

    I can say I wish I would have gotten this breed years ago. He is going on 1 year old. Taking commands. I’ve followed Robert’s videos and also gotten some professional help along the way. This is the most intelligent and lovable dog I’ve ever owned. I often think he is possessed by a 70 lb lap dog because he is so lovable with me and my wife and our family.
    He is doing some advanced bite work with the trainer we found and his personality hasn’t changed a bit. He is still very lovable.

  3. elise holton

    ‘Hey Knock it Off ‘ say 😊❤

  4. MCEscher

    On the growling Mali puppy I think you’re making a very good point. A long time ago when I had show line rough collies I had a grumpy growling youngster too. Unfortunately I listened to some nonsense about making the puppy lay on the ground on holding them down. Maybe there’s breeds out there for whom it’s the right thing, but for a handler sensitive breed like the collie that did NOT work and I ended up having a lot more work with him later on. Rough collies do not have the drive and strength of a Mali but I imagine they can both be sensitive given they’re true herding breeds. I should have just ignored this nonsense.

  5. Lisa Welstead

    people who get malinois and then complain about biting lol

  6. Rico4you

    Such great advice for Malinois Dogs from Robert Cabral that is an expert on this breed. These dogs are not for everybody… they are working Dogs that require a lot dedication, time , effort and sacrifice…Your time! I have an 18 moth old Malinois girl and believe me so much dedication and on going … every day. Special Dogs Special Dedication.

  7. Benn Banes

    I have to thnak you Sir and your team for all of your efforts and commitment. We got a Mali about just over 9 months ago. She is now 1 year old. I under stood very little of Malis before we got her as we weren’t planning on adding another dog to our pack, but a friend needed help homing a few. So we jeded up with Luna. As soon as we got her I researched more and more and stumbled across your channel and videos. These hlepd us alot and we now have the dog we do thanks to you and your team. Our Mali is a fantastic dog, so loyal and great with the kids. BUT…… in order to ha e her the way we love her requires alot……and I mean ALOT of work my part as her master. She requires more walking, running and playing than all of my kids and other dogs combined. She requires a varied mix of sprinting, hunting, sheparding and finding games throughout the day. If she’s not panting, she’s not happy. First thing in the morning she is ready to go, but not until each of us gets the best wake up routine in the world. She goes from room to room waking us in turn with cuddles, snuggles and more loves than you can imagine. I thank you for the fair warning, even after we got her, and set our expectations in line with her requirements. Luna and I are growing together very well 😍😍😍❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

  8. Theodore Hyatt

    Why do people train in bite work if they aren’t going to do anything with it ? It’s going to come back and bite them in the ___. Just saying their home owners insurance will drop them .

  9. R E Malm

    … Good Stiff … 🙂 …

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