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Small Breeds of dogs that stay small

As if dogs need to get cuter than usual, there are some really tiny dog ​​breeds that will steal your heart. They are easy to care for and so small that they even fit in your favorite handbag. But be aware that these dogs, who stay small all their lives, have big personalities to compensate for their tiny behaviors, even if they don’t take up much space. So be ready for her beautiful, spirited appearance.

If you’re looking to add a tiny breed of dog to the family, these are some of the most adorable friends you could ask for.

1. Chihuahua, the smallest dog

With a reputation for being small but lively, the Chihuahua is the figurehead for small dogs. They come in a range of fur styles from short to long-haired varieties and weighing between 4 and 6 pounds. Chihuahuas are very intelligent and curious enough to look over their shoulder when they get the chance. They need adequate socialization from a young age or else they can turn into a frightened puppy as soon as they leave the house or meet a stranger.

2. Toy Poodles, the loving companion

Poodles come in three different versions: standard, miniature, and toy. The Miniature poodle is the smallest of the three and a dog that stays really small – they don’t get taller than 10 inches. It is not just the name, but also their fluffy looks that can confuse kids when they think they are the new toy. These dogs are very intelligent and in a good mood, can be trained very easily, and are the perfect companions.

3. Pomeranian, one of the most popular small dog breeds

If you like both dogs that stay small and have a good range of coat colors too Pomerania won’t let you down. From black to white to tan, there are nearly 20 different colors that you can find your favorite dog in. However, note that there is a strong and confident personality hidden behind all of these layers of fluffy hair. However, with early training, you will soon become best friends.

4. Shih Tzu, a dog’s lap warmer

If you love to cuddle with your favorite pet, Shih Tzu is always a game to cuddle with. The way they casually toss their tails down their backs is enough to raise suspicions that this tiny breed of dog may contain more than meets the eye. History shows us that centuries ago they were beloved palace dogs for the Chinese kings, whom they called Shih Tzu, which means “little lion”. Today they have the same special place in our hearts and our homes are their palaces.

5. Yorkshire Terrier, gorgeous curly hair of one of the smallest breeds of dogs

A classic lap dog that Yorkie is the most popular breed of dog for many reasons. They cuddle well but are also quick to protect their territory, even from threats twice their size. In addition, her glamorous coat is a show stopper. And if you think this toy dog ​​is sparing too much activity on its tiny legs, you can expect just the opposite. They love to play fetch and can’t wait to go for a walk with their favorite owner.

Yorkshire Terrier

6. Maltese, the aristocratic-looking tiny breed of dog

With fur that makes every dog ​​who walks near them jealous Maltese are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Their cuteness has persisted for hundreds of years, as evidenced by the many paintings they depict alongside royal figures. While cute as toys, they can get quite noisy. Hence, early training is required if you want to avoid excessive barking later in life. The good news is these tiny, white-coated dogs are extremely easy to train and happy to become the family companion.

7. Papillon, the charming dog who likes to stay small

With impressive “butterfly ears” that inspired their French name, Papillon is an energetic little dog who loves company. You will often find them in your lap, but they also like to run around on walks. This puppy has received many royalties with his presence over the centuries, with many Renaissance paintings depicting this lovely little dog on the lap of the nobility. So if you want a truly regal dog breed, the adorable Papillon might be for you.

Tiny dog ​​health considerations

All dog breeds come with some risks and disadvantages, and tiny dog ​​breeds are no exception. It should be noted in small dogs that they can suffer from kneecaps that can temporarily slip. Toy dogs also have fast metabolisms, which means they burn energy at a high rate. And when it comes to feeding, consider the teen’s size before planning the menu. Their small stomachs mean they have to eat little and often, while their smaller mouths require appropriate nibble sizes.

If you like to dive into the world of small dog breeds, visit our calm and lazy breeds of dogs training guide here.

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