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Skin Ulcers in Cats | Wag!

Skin ulcers in cats are defects in the surface layers of a feline’s skin. The ulceration is often slow to heal, requiring careful observation and veterinary care. The majority of skin ulcers are the result of trauma from an outside source, but can also be linked to certain varieties of disease.

If you notice a crusted wound on your cat’s foot, nose, or skin, it is likely that she has a skin ulcer. Skin ulcers in cats can be a red, inflamed sore spot on the cat’s skin, or the wound can open, seeping discharge from the affected area. Feline skin ulcers have many possible causes including parasites, infections, allergies, disease, burns, and a variety of other skin irritants. Cats also have a tendency to self-manipulate a wound, licking or biting continuously until the skin problem becomes severe.

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