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Shock Collars Banned! What’s Next for Dog Training? #dogtraining #dogtrainer #ecollar #shockcollar

Learn more! Playlist: My Thoughts on The Dog Training CRISIS:

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24 Thoughts to “Shock Collars Banned! What’s Next for Dog Training? #dogtraining #dogtrainer #ecollar #shockcollar”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    Playlist: My Thoughts on The Dog Training CRISIS:

  2. Katie D

    I 100% agree that the general public shouldn’t have access to e collars and there should be regulations on who can use them and when and also on the types that are manufactured. I have an extremely anxious and fearful dog. We tried everything before sending him to an 8 week board and train facility that specializes in fearful dogs. They trained him on an e collar and spent two days training us how to use it with him. Before the e collar was even introduced they worked on his fear and the e collar was only used when he wasn’t fearful. I would
    Never have used one by myself without a professionals help. This training literally saved my dog and our relationship. I understand that a lot of people don’t use them correctly but I feel for all those dog owners who have spent so much time and money to help their dog. It’s a hopeless feeling sometimes.

    Edit: we never use the vibration setting. A proper e collar has a very wide range of settings and the vibration is more startling than a weak shock. Our collar goes from 1 – 100 and our dog uses a 4 setting. I always test it on my hand before putting it on him too.


    You have no clue what your talking about. It’s not the tool it’s the people who use them incorrectly that is the problem.. Every dog i have seen trained using dogs are happy and have no issues. Stop talking about a topic you don’t have a clue about

  4. Leandro Limeres

    I use the vibration on the e collar and my dog is more calm and obedient than ever!

  5. maeve

    This is amazing!

  6. CURTIS "Curt" YPMA

    Do you think they should be banned as part of invisible fence products as well?

  7. Ambi Cahira

    I’m Swedish so my country has had the shock and prong collars illegal for many years already and were out of general public use much longer than that even. I’ve seen it work great without them culture wise. I remember when leash jerking as a punishment/correction (pop the leash) was the rave in the 90s early 00s but even then the general public had flat collars or choke chain collars. When youtube came around in 2005 the online dog nerd community went entirely to clickers so even chain collars got less popular.

  8. ghostoftheashplant

    Some people act as if e collars are the only way to train dogs effectively but they have only been in existence since the 1960’s. People have been living and working alongside dogs, doing highly specialized work for millennia, all without using e collars. I don’t understand why people are so insistent that they are crucial to dog training.

  9. ricky danielson

    wait, you’re saying I actually have to train my dog and I can’t just electrocute her neck? who would have thought!

  10. MsRocker961

    Good ! I wish they would ban them in the USA too !

  11. watchmoivies123

    If you really know what you’re doing, an electric collar is a wonderful tool, but most people don’t

  12. TheDoctors Whovian

    It’s about time too! The English Gov announced this was to happen back in 2018 and never followed through…at least it’ll come into effect now 🎉

  13. fantachmach

    U look like u haven’t slept bro I hope u good 👍🏼

  14. Pat Cagle

    I live in Arizona where we have a lot of rattlesnakes. I would speculate the most common way we train dogs to avoid them is by shock collars. I would like another way to train dogs to avoid rattlesnakes, but this appears to be the most successful method for most dogs. I’m not a big believer in using shock collars for every day behaviors, but something like this can be life threatening.

  15. CountryBased

    My horses come first and if my dogs are chasing horses at night, it’s very affective. Say what yall want, but if it’s a choice between a collar or a bullet, the choice is obvious. I don’t recommend it unless it’s needed, but there are always cases where it’s needed.

  16. Jay

    What about e-collars that don’t shock the dog that only uses vibrations or extremely low levels of so-called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation? Seems people against shock collars have poor understanding of the various types of e-collars that exist and how they are used and think it’s all just pain and aversive training tools when that isn’t the case. In fact many would argue if you are using these tools aversively you are plainly doing it wrong.

  17. Jan Hankins

    I certainly think they should be banned everywhere–including the United States (and I know all those who use them will want to murder me). True, when used correctly, they can stop some unwanted behavior. But they cause so many negative side effects. And they certainly shouldn’t be used by those not specifically trained to use them. So many people think they’re just fine, and that really concerns me–especially among people who are supposed to love dogs. And these people start at an early age (the 16 year old who commented–I’m sorry, but I feel sorry for her dogs). And they don’t WANT to listen and don’t want to learn a better way, and the first time they make a mistake and positive reinforcement doesn’t work, they blame the method (instead of themselves and the fact that they made a mistake). Guess they think they’re God and can’t ever make mistakes.

  18. Scarlett Williams

    Honestly it’s up to the owner of the animal to choose what method works in their home, I don’t agree with shocking your dog into obedience but some dog really don’t learn well. I think that the collars should come in pairs where you also I have wear it and feel everything you do to the animal.

  19. reubz deubz

    About time, they are tortuous devices

  20. don't mind me

    I’m just a 16 yo girl, but I get asked if I’m a professional dog trainer and people ask if I’ll train their dogs for them, all because the E-collar has taken my dogs obedience and reliance to another level. She’s been off leash at festivals, petting zoo’s even downtown, with shops, barking dogs and cars. It’s amazing what this tool has done for both her and I.
    I truly feel for the people of England, and all the dogs that will lose their reliable freedom.

  21. SocietyisDoomedGaming

    Shock collars are nice in low volts and it’s the pronged choker chains that need banned as they litterally stab into the dogs throat

  22. NoMoreTax

    Perfect opportunity for you to come to England.

  23. Maggie

    Everything is being banned and this is just one more area. Let’s be honest, the government is not allowed to encroach on our personal choices. This madness needs to stop. I will not comply.

  24. Coffee OnTheGo

    I agree to a point. I started using e-collar on my dog because of him simply not listening. This sound and vibration are working perfect to get his attention and make him stop doing what he’s not supposed to be doing but the shack itself even on the low-frequency, seems to be making him very irritated and aggressive.

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