SHELTER DOG RESCUE Dog Q&A LIVE Understanding What is Best for Rescue Dogs
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SHELTER DOG RESCUE Dog Q&A LIVE Understanding What is Best for Rescue Dogs

Shelter dogs and rescue dogs are sometimes a little different to deal with and bond with than dogs we may get from a breeder. There can be some serious behavioral issues such as fear, aggression among other things. In this live chat, I address viewers’ questions and point out some of the best things we can do to make their lives better.

What do we do with the dangerous and aggressive dogs in shelters? How do we work with fearful dogs and shut down dogs? We talk about every breed from German Shepherds to Pitbulls.

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19 Thoughts to “SHELTER DOG RESCUE Dog Q&A LIVE Understanding What is Best for Rescue Dogs”

  1. Zhippidy Doodah

    I kick myself for missing this live.

  2. kIoudie

    Your shows are going to be all beeping now lol

  3. N7Mith

    Thankfully we don’t have kill-shelters in the Netherlands. They usually get picked up fast as well, the average dog stays in for about a month.

  4. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Great editing job Robert but your passion was fully understandable. A dog is for life always.
    Now the Lock down is mostly over here in the UK, those people that got dogs/puppies during Lock down are now dumping them in shelters. My turn to be cross today. Thanks for everything Robert & Janet : )

  5. Nightfly

    Swearing is a way to express yourself. Swearing fires off certain chemicals in our brain, it’s a “numbing” effect which also helps with stress relieve. I live in the Netherlands, and over here swearing is allowed on national television. Kids watch, it’s simply up to the parents. The fun thing is, when you’re allowed to swear it takes the novelty off of it when you’re a kid and don’t know any better. I lived in the US (Savannah, GA) from the age of 6 to 9, my anecdotal evidence is that kids in the US swear a whole lot more when the parents aren’t around compared to Dutch kids.

    So yeah, don’t feel bad for swearing Robert. Especially not considering the topic. I’m a Atlanta Falcons fan, ever since that debacle (Michael Vick for those outside of North America) I started looking into it. It’s a topic that needs swear words, how else can you possibly talk about it?

  6. Jana Pseudonymus

    That’s so true. I have a shelter dog and for me it will always be shelter dogs. I can handle many of them and I know that other people can’t. I learned so much of my first one and I’m so thankful. It’s not easy, it may will never be but that’s absolutely okay. Always shelter dogs, always just dogs you can handle. Otherwise you can’t help them.

  7. Suzanne Kemper

    Great show! Thank you for the useful info.

  8. Knigel

    Keep up the honesty on line…
    Love it..
    Cheers from another malinois owner…

  9. Tony Rivas

    I love the way he honestly expressed himself, best trainer on YouTube. Please don’t apologized for your vocabulary lol

  10. Sandy Elliott

    No need to apologize. Your passionate about dogs. You help a lot of dogs.

  11. swe ann

    Great, great video. So many truths!

  12. jjs811

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. jjs811


  14. Roux Chat

    “Ain’t gonna happen with a clicker and treats.” Oh, boy, there it is in a nut shell. I’m so tired of the positive ONLY trainer gurus. My Peke had issues when I adopted him from the shelter. The very first time he stepped out of line, I immediately dealt with that negative behavior. Nope not going to act that way period. Sure he gets lots of positive reinforcement but he had to learn that I am the one in charge and it is his job to look to me for direction. I love him to bits but I refuse to coddle.

  15. terrierized immortalized

    Hi Robert, I heard the live show and wanted to put in a language warning for others, but you’ve already edited it ! Great job 🙂

  16. Beth Foor

    I wish you would come to Detroit to speak! 👍🏻

  17. Critical Thinker 313

    I wish you won’t worry about what others say. Calling people out that super chat you is nice.

  18. Critical Thinker 313

    Please stop saying you look like a dork wearing your glasses 🤓 or old! You don’t! Own it! Was rewatching to see if you answered my question? Maybe I missed it? Second time I’ve asked a question live & no answers?

  19. Beth Foor

    Hello! Enjoyed this earlier, but my question did not post. Not sure why? 🙁

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