Service Animal Laws and Social Media Tattle Tales - Episode 64
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Service Animal Laws and Social Media Tattle Tales

I’ve long been an advocate of regulating service animals on planes (and everywhere for that matter) and it might finally be coming to fruition. In this podcast, I check in on the news that states that the US might begin regulating, to some degree, what animals can be service animals – and that should be limited to dogs!

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Also, I delve into the issue of tattletales on social media sites like NEXT DOOR. People who have no lives of their own and constantly try to interfere in everyone else’s lives.

So, it’s a great episode of dog talk with no holds barred….

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29 Thoughts to “Service Animal Laws and Social Media Tattle Tales”

  1. Debbie Travis

    I’m glad I heard this prior to signing up on toy web site. My suggestion is to stick to what you know which is dig training. You speak of others having issues, it seems to me you are sitting judgement on a lot of folks. I’m unsubscribing.

  2. K B

    I have tried to talk to my neighbor about their dog charging me and my dogs. We have tried casual conversation, casual conversation & beer, casual conversation over beer & bbq to discuss MY dogs (don’t want to blame). Their breeding (Cattle Dogs). Their purpose. The potential for conflict between our dogs.
    Clearly, they aren’t getting the message.

    So I asked my local warden and humane officers for other solutions I might have missed (education, fence, beer, & steak). We agreed on an “incident file” in the back of the wardens desk drawer. They (warden & humane officers) know us. I drop off a dog here and there when I cannot find the owner. My Dogs go in for their licenses every year. I am responsible, cautious and aware.

    In case of the worst, my dogs get a hold of the neighbor dog; the file can be justification to leave my dogs with me. They can also give me a leg up in any civil proceedings.

    So I drop off my “incident” papers when there is a problem. The receptionist date stamps them and files them in her bosses drawer. Call it a quasi complaint.

  3. iSniperTV

    Another great video

  4. Brian

    I agree. A service dog 99/100 times cannot be trained by the owner. After watching “pick of the litter” I realized fake service animals devalue the real ones.

  5. Eva S Raley

    It’s not easy to get a real service dog. You have to wait and they are not cheap.

    The claim that you can just go online and get them certified, “what” nope no such thing is real.
    Yet they do it, then get very upset when you tell them you are making it so difficult for those that really need those dogs.

    Lol right put the poop on the yard I guess. Lol

    Nosy neighbors have been around a long time.

    Actually we all know who those people are we just kept it too ourselves and ignore it, now they broadcast themselves publicly.

    Looney people make us want to find a place away from humans. Lol

  6. Jen Wicke

    You are spot on!! I am going to train my puppy as a service animal with the help of a professional trainer and the membership I have with you because I know I need help. If she doesn’t make it then we will have a fantastic dog that will be well trained anyway. My breeder breeds working dogs in particular. He has bred and trained military dogs, police dogs, and more so I’m fairly confident that our girl will be a good candidate but, I don’t have any blinders on about it. I have watched the channels that call out “fake service dogs” and most of them are really pathetic. I see some that may be, but most of them aren’t. Thanks Robert for your honesty! Mele Kalikimaka!! 🤙🏼🎄🏝☀️

  7. sharman collins


  8. The Jindo Man

    People with fake service dogs do huge disservice to the disabled that truly need to have their legit service dogs with them, we see this every time we go to the grocery stores in our area. The whole Emotional Support Animal thing on planes has literally become a three rings circus.
    Goofy’s focus on the food bags is everything 🤣

  9. Susanna Vance

    It’s funny you mentioned the poop bags. If someone leaves their trash cans on the street I will drop one in there while we’re out on a walk so I don’t have to carry it home. I’ve been waiting for it to show up on the Nextdoor news feed 😂 it wouldn’t bother me one bit if someone did it to our trash cans, I’m just glad they pick it up.

  10. alipetuniashow

    What if I want to travel with my do I was planning to go to Nunavut

  11. Cheryl Larson

    The Next Door in our community is not like that

  12. Settings Settings

    As a Pilot i agree. i have zero tolerance for this bullshit. i refuse to start the engines unless these issues are addressed.

  13. Kat Sim

    Robert, great topic! Even for people who work with one trainer to learn how to train their own dog, its pretty much impossible to train a dog for public access and good behavior around other dogs, under heavy distraction, etc. It takes group training and social and environmental conditioning to get a safe dog for public access. AKC has appropriate obedience certifications, and now is developing a temprament certification that confirms a dog is good enough to even START public access training. CGC should be minimum requirement for training access and CGC-U passed before they can be service dog rated. Guess what? Most police dogs and airport security dogs cannot pass that level of obedience and safety. Service dogs must work at a much higher level.

  14. RealMalinoisMan

    I wash out more dogs then make it.

  15. Howling Waters

    When I was a Trainer working in a local grocery store- a woman took out her phone and took pictures of me and my well-behaved, well-trained GSD. An off duty k9 policeman approached and began asking friendly questions, standing between camera-woman and me. This was before the venomous “nextdoor” app.
    I fully expected the busy-body to put our pictures on wastebook, but I did not care. Someone had alerted the manager. He knew the rules approached and abode them kindly and professionally without violating existing ADA.
    I’m a CPDT who has been sidelined by orthopedic issues. My dog is a Canine Good Citizen. I do have PTSD and a medical doctor’s current prescription for a Service Dog. Nevertheless, ignorance pervades and confrontations come. Adult bullies worsen conditions in folks with “hidden wounds” and even with all the creds and law on our side, I’m drawn to withdraw, which is obviously counter to healing.
    Thank you for this sensible piece today.

  16. Melanie L. F.

    Yes. Thanks for bringing this out. The U.S. DOT announced they would be revising rules on Dec. 2, 2020 on their website. About time.
    Don’t waste your time with he said/she said gossip. If people can’t be kind to others, how do they really treat their animals?

  17. L. Lewis

    You do seem to use the terms ‘service dog’ and ’emotional support animal’ interchangeably. They do not have the same meaning…..just saying.

    Part of the problem IMO is that there is no centralized registration for legitimate service dogs. The ostensible reason being it would embarrass the disabled person who needs a service dog. So a handler doesn’t need any type of proof that a dog is a trained service dog. We need a universal registry for service dogs. A dog has to demonstrate it can do the service for which it is trained before it can be added to the registry. This may cause difficulties and/or embarrassment for some people but the trade-off in the reduction of fake service dogs and ESAs should be worth it. Of course this would require authorities to have a backbone.

  18. T Scarborough

    I totally agree!.


    You hit the mail on the head… we have become a reporting society instead of handling things

  20. CJ Fish Tales

    Fake service animals and fake rescue organizations are going to lead to ridiculous regulations, fines and taxes. In the end the animals will be the big loosers.

  21. Melinda Hughes

    Thank you, thank you! I work in a retail pharmacy. People bring in their pets all the time. Thankfully most have been well behaved, but they are not service dogs. It irritates me so much. We can’t say anything because we’ll upset the customer.

  22. Theodore Hyatt

    I work Hank on a long line in my front yard for distance recall Animal control officer called me to say I can’t tether my dog and my dogs are outside all night barking LOL so you don’t even have to go on next door to have fifty little creatures ps he is the best trained dog around here not just saying it

  23. ra PeattyVera

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  24. Mo Chung

    I am in hotel business and people use the emotional animals excuse to check in a hotel with no pet policy. There are people allergic to some animals staying at the same hotel. Some people stay at hotels with no pet policy because they don’t want to stay at the hotels that allow pets because they think the place is dirty!

  25. curry muncher lll


  26. curry muncher lll

    I’m 11 and a dog lover I think pot belly pigs should be allowed they are intelligent and they are very easy to train

    All the other animals are not Capable of being a service animals

  27. Jannell Meagher

    Yes! Spot on. We lose many Raisers because of these points you spoke about. The fake dog or even non compliant person has hurt our industry.

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