Schnauzer mixes: 21 different Schnauzer hybrids

The lovable Schnauzer is a versatile dog that comes in many different sizes. Today there are Miniature, standard, and giant schnauzers and each size are popular with families in the United States. Regardless of its size, the schnauzer is known for its wiry coats, distinctive facial features, and charming personalities. Because of these traits, they are a popular parent breed for many different Schnauzer mixes.

your whimsical properties have made the Schnauzer a popular family dog ​​for many years. As a mix, your schnauzer will generally take on some traits from each of its purebred parent breeds. Depending on the size of your Schnauzer parent, your mix can range from small to large, with personality traits somewhere between the two parents.

In this article, we go through our favorite designer Schnauzer mixed breed. Get ready for many new types of adorable. Before you go to a breeder, check with your local Schnauzer Rescue to rule out the possibility of schnauzer mixes applied before shopping.

Schnauzer mixes

The schnauzer is a German breed of dog. They started in Germany back in the 14th or 15th century. The dog’s whiskers have become one of the most distinctive traits of this breed. It almost looks like this puppy has a beard or facial hair! This breed is a popular show breed and comes in a variety of colors.

The schnauzer comes in a variety of sizes and is known to protect its family and domain. These pups are barkers, and when someone comes to the door they don’t know You will talk about it! Due to its affinity to the family and lower care requirements (despite longer fur), the Schnauzer has become a very popular parent breed for several “designer dogs”, which are breeds made from two purebred parents. Let’s take a look


Breeds: Schnauzer and Corgi

You will have a hard time finding a mixed breed that hasn’t gotten infinitely cuter by adding the cute corgi. This also applies to the Schnorgi, a delightful mix of a Corgi and a Schnauzer. Generally, this pup inherits a corgi body with the facial features of a schnauzer.

While the Schnorgi can adapt well to living in apartments, they have fairly large energy reserves and need to be trained properly regardless of their surroundings. They can also be quite persistent and require a steady owner to provide consistent training or they will likely evolve Small dog syndrome. This lovable breed is both playful and cuddly and makes a wonderful family companion.



Breeds: Schnauzer and Basset Hound

The Bowzer is a mix of a Schnauzer and a Basset Hound. This attentive dog is very intelligent, playful, and curious. These traits, along with her social personality, make her a great option for families with children or those looking for a dedicated companion. This dog loves to explore and should be given plenty of opportunities to sniff its surroundings outdoors.

The Bowzer generally has the long, short body of a Basset Hound and weighs between 20 to 50 pounds. You can be wary of strangers and have a stubborn lead. Therefore, every Bowzer owner should give priority to the breed and sociability of this breed from an early age. When this hybrid is adopted by a strong handler who commands respect, they will flourish into a well behaved and outgoing pup!

Miniature Schnoxia

Miniature Schnoxia

Breeds: Schnauzer and Dachshund

The miniature schnoxie is a spunky mix of a Miniature Schnauzer and dachshunds. This medium-sized dog usually weighs between 15 and 30 pounds with the distinctive dachshund body, although the Miniature Schnoxie’s legs can be a bit longer. Because of their often wiry, shabby coats, this mix can be a hypoallergenic option for dog lovers with allergies!

This breed is extremely dedicated, which can sometimes translate into protective and even aggressive responses when it feels like you need defending, even if only from your Amazon delivery woman. You will want it to make a miniature schnoxie and introducing them to many different people, animals, and environments to aid in that habit. When socialization is practiced from a young age, this hybrid becomes a fond and sociable family companion.



Breeds: Schnauzers and Poodles

Say Schnudel quickly five times! This Schnauzer Poodle mix is ​​as cute as the name suggests. This puppy is usually mixed with a Miniature Poodle and Miniature Schnauzer, which becomes the resulting hybrid weighs 10 to 20 pounds. Although larger versions exist when bred with standard poodles or giant schnauzers and can reach weights of up to 60 pounds. These puppies are hypoallergenic and are often used as an excellent allergy-free therapy dog. You are also one of the more frequent poodle crossbreeds.

The Schnoodle may have a specific preference at times and should be encouraged to spend equal time with all family members if you want them to be a community family pet. Favoritism is a common feature in Schnauzers. The Schnoodle is very intelligent and easy to train, which makes it a popular choice for various dog services. This mix is ​​great for children and moderately good for other animals.



Breeds: Schnauzer and Beagle

The sweet Schneagle is a friendly beagle mix between and Schnauzer and a Beagle. This funny puppy is a friend to everyone, including other dogs, children, and even strangers. Thanks to their pleasant personality, the Schneagle makes an ideal family companion who is likely to form intense bonds with those he loves.

Because the Schneagle is so loving and companionable, this is not a breed that is suitable for families with busy schedules or those who travel frequently. You can suffer from separation anxiety and easily get grumpy if neglected. However, when this hybrid receives the love and attention they so deserve, you will be rewarded with a joyful and playful dog that will make your whole family laugh!



Breeds: Schnauzer and Chihuahua

The chizer is a mixture of a Miniature Schnauzer and Chihuahua. Because the Chihuahua is such a tiny dog, it’s extremely rare for them to be purposefully bred with any of the larger Schnauzer breeds. Thanks to its compact little body, the Chizer adapts well to many different environments – good news for apartment residents! However, they are not very good for cold weather and are better suited for mild climates.

This tiny breed has no idea how small they are, a common trait of many Chihuahua and their respective mixes who are notoriously brave and charismatic. While this puppy is full of courage and personality, they are also very gentle and generally sweet by nature. This makes them a wonderful choice for older and adult families. Unfortunately, the Chizer does not have endless patience with children, especially those who have not been taught how to handle small breeds properly and who should therefore not be placed in homes with young children.



Breeds: Schnauzer and Cocker Spaniel

The Schnocker, also known as Cocker Spaniel and Mini Schnockeris another small breed on this list that is usually mixed with a Miniature Schnauzer. Lively, playful, and agile, this little dog is best suited as a loyal canine companion for an adult family. When they’re done exploring and playing, the Schnocker will be happy to snuggle up next to you and show you endless affection.

The Schnocker is happiest than your close companion, who is given a lot of time, attention, and love. If left alone for too long, this breed can and does suffer from separation, anxiety, prone to excessive barking. This should be taken into account by people who live in apartments or in close proximity to others. They can also easily become overly excitable and therefore adapt better in quieter environments with a predictable schedule.



Breeds: Schnauzer and Pug

Known as Schnug, the Miniature Schnauzer and Pug mix is ​​an absolute ray of sunshine that has both a lively and happy mood. Although mostly pleasant, the Schnug can also be strong-willed and defiant behavior. Don’t let her small stature convince you to ignore boundaries. This puppy should receive friendly but solid training in order to develop a well-behaved dog.

The Schnug loves to be your little shade and is a great option for those looking for a loyal lapdog to absolutely love. They should be accepted as a family member or they are likely to get grumpy when you feel isolated. This active breed is bright and quick with a moderate foray. This instinct for hunting should be monitored with other small animals or off-leash outdoor activities.



Breeds: Schnauzer and Boston Terrier

The Miniboz is a small dog made by breeding a Schnauzer. mixed with a Boston Terrier. These animated pups generally weigh between 10 and 25 pounds and are malleable for many different living environments. including apartments. They can be described as a “shaggy” looking dog with a wiry coat and a well-built body.

The Miniboz is great for all types of families, including those who have children. They are both playful and gentle, making them a suitable companion for older and younger children. you are easily trainable thanks to their cheerful disposition and eagerness to please. All in all, the Miniboz is a great option for first-time dog owners looking for a wonderful addition to their family.

Miniature Schnaupin

Miniature Schnaupin

Breeds: Schnauzers and Miniature Pinschers

The Miniature Schnauzer is a mix of Miniature Schnauzer and Miniature Pinscher. There’s a lot going on in this mix, so it’s not surprising that this breed is usually quite small in-between weighing between 10 and 20 pounds. The miniature Schnaupin, however, has quite a bit of personality and is generally described as an energetic race that is full of life.

While this hybrid is very friendly and sociable, they can be wary of strangers at times. Proper introductions and frequent socialization should quickly rule out any suspicion that a Mini Schnaupin might feel. They also tend to be a bit stubborn and can be a handful if not provided with limits and routine training. A well-adapted Mini Schnaupin will delight the whole family with its spirit and its infectious joy.

Border schnollie

Schnollie mix

Breeds: Schnauzer and Border Collie

The Border Schnollie is a medium-sized mix of a Standard Schnauzer and a Border Collie. This energetic breed likely resembles a schnauzer when exercising Signature border collie colors, usually black and white. Both parent breeds have high energy reserves and a long history of working canines. When you combine the two, you get a smart mix that calls for both physical and mental stimulation, with destructive consequences if both are ignored.

Although the Border Schnollie is a luscious and loyal dog, we do not recommend it to beginners due to the high level of grooming this breed requires, especially its intense training requirements and tenacity. In the right environment, with space to roam and a dedicated owner, the Border Schnollie will be devoted, loving, and bring joy to the whole family.


Mauzer mix

Breeds: Schnauzer and Maltese

This petite mix between a mini schnauzer and a Maltese creates 10 to 15 pounds of pure ecstasy known as a mauzer. This intelligent little dog is likely to be very playful and joyful. Mauzer usually connects very closely with one person and may not be the best option for those looking for a companion for the whole family. However, if you are single, elderly, or an adult-only family looking for a dedicated lap dog, the Mauzer is a wonderful option.

This puppy is not considered a calm breed and is known to bark at various stimuli. Socialization and training can help prevent this tendency from becoming incessant. However, this should still be considered if you are hoping to keep a Mauzer in an apartment that has strict noise regulations.



Rassen: Schnauzer und Yorkshire Terrier

This mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer is the beauty! With an adorable face framed by folded ears and long, silky hair, the Snorkie steals many hearts and we are not surprised. They tend to have the body of a mini schnauzer and the features of a Yorkie. The Snorkie tries very hard to please and can be easily trained if given the right motivations (typically some yummy treats!)

This well-behaved pup is wonderful with children and makes a great family pet. However, they do not do well on their own and can bark excessively or take to chewing if they are ignored for too long. This mix is very playful and requires plenty of exercises to burn off their excess energy. Yet, once playtime is over, a Snorkie will be more than happy to cuddle up in your lap and give you all the affection one could want.



Breeds: Schnauzer and Havanese

Schnese. “Bless you!” No, not a sneeze, a Schnese. If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a Schnese, you’ll have fun playing this game with anyone who asks what breed of dog you have. This mix is the result of a Mini Schnauzer and a Havanese cross-breeding. This pup can be small or toy-sized and is equal parts lapdog and playmate.

Due to their emotional intelligence, intuition, and devotion to their owners, the Schnese can be a wonderful emotional support or therapy canine to those who need it. However, this relationship cannot be one-sided. The Schnese will demand much of your attention and will not do well in a home where they are not treated as part of the family or neglected for extended periods of time. If you have the time for this affectionate breed, they will reward you endlessly!


Sniffon Mix

Breeds: Schnauzer and Brussels Griffon

Is the Sniffon the perfect apartment dog? Let’s get into this Miniature Schnauzer and Brussels Griffon mix. The Sniffon is a small, quiet pup who isn’t prone to excessive barking and has moderate to low exercise requirements. A great apartment dog indeed!

The Sniffon is very bright, which can sometimes get them into mischief if they are left unsupervised. They are problem solvers and quite agile, making them capable escape artists if the opportunity presents itself. A Sniffon owner should take care to secure their dog when they leave and not allow them to remain outside by themselves. The Sniffon gets along well with children and other dogs and makes a great family pet!



Breeds: Schnauzer and Labrador Retriever

The Schnauzador is a mix between either a Standard or Giant Schnauzer and a Labrador Retriever. This beautiful mix between two very popular breed choices will certainly make for a highly-trainable and agreeable hybrid. This pup is a fast learner and very eager to please, the perfect recipe for an exceptionally well-behaved dog.

The Schnauzador can be wary and even fearful of strangers, a trait most likely inherited by their Schnauzer parent. Lots of socialization can help your Schnauzador become more comfortable with new people and environments. Make this a priority – you don’t want your dog to become anxious or unfriendly towards visitors. They are also an active mix that does best when provided with ample exercise.

Eskimo Schnauzer

Eskimo Schnauzer

Breeds: Schnauzer and American Eskimo

The Eskimo Schnauzer is usually mixed with a Miniature Schnauzer and a Miniature American Eskimo to produce a small dog. However, larger versions exist when bred with Standard Schnauzers and American Eskimos. These bigger mixes will usually weigh over 30 pounds. Regardless of the varying sizes of this hybrid, the result is a friendly and affectionate companion who will bond very closely with their family.

This pup is very playful and loves games such as fetch and chase. However, these chasing instincts can sometimes be directed towards small animals they perceive as prey and therefore the Eskimo Schnauzer should be monitored when in contact with these creatures. This breed is smart and active, requiring ample mental and physical stimulation to lead a happy and healthy life.



Breeds: Schnauzer and Shih Tzu

Meet with Schnau-Tzu! A small mix between a Mini Schnauzer and a Shih Tzu. This pup will usually weigh between 7 and 14 pounds with flopped over ears and wiry fur. The Schnau-Tzu is friendly with people and dogs alike. They are especially well behaved around children and make great family pets.

The Schnau-Tzu is a heavy shedder and will require regular brushing and grooming. This pup is also intelligent and active, meaning they will require adequate mental exercises as well as lots of physical activity to feel happy and well-balanced. Sometimes people will underestimate small breeds, wrongly assuming they don’t require much work or exercise. Don’t make that mistake with the Schnau-Tzu!


Pom A Nauze

Breeds: Schnauzer and Pomeranian

This hybrid goes by many different names: Scheranian, Pomanauzer, and Schnauzeranian. For our purposes, we will call this Mini Schnauzer and Pomeranian mix the Pom-A-Nauze. This tiny dog can weigh between 3 to 15 pounds, but there’s a lot of personalities packed into that little body!

Both affectionate and social, the Pom-A-Nauze is a wonderful addition to adult-only families. Due to their small size and fragile bodies, we don’t recommend this little breed for families with young children. This mix might be a frequent barker, which should be considered if you live in close quarters. Overall this is a wonderfully intelligent and devoted mix!



Breeds: Schnauzer and Shiba Inu

The fox-like Schnu is a beautiful mix between a Schnauzer and a Shiba Inu. This wonderful companion dog is vibrant, full of life, and at times quite mischievous. The Schnu makes a great family dog due to their playful personalities and happy disposition. They get along well with children and other dogs but may exhibit a prey drive towards other small animals.

A Schnu is certain to keep you entertained and on your toes! While their spirited side is quite cute, it’s also important to set boundaries and provide kind but firm leadership so this mix won’t take things too far. This pup is very smart so training should be simple as long as fun, positive reinforcement is used!

Siberian Schnauzer

Siberian Schnauzer

Breeds: Siberian Husky and Schnauzer

The Siberian Schnauzer is a Siberian Husky mix between the Husky and the Schnauzer.  This awesome companion pup gets the best of both worlds from these parents.  The Siberian Husky has a strong-willed but friendly demeanor and combined with the inquisitive yet cautious Schnauzer, you’ll have a dog that will keep you on your toes for many years to come!

This mix will combine the medium stature of the Husky, and the traits of perky ears, with the scruff and beard of the Schnauzer.  You’ll get a pup with lots of personality and some great looks to boot. This mix will be extremely intelligent, almost to the point of seeming like it’s not smart, but that’s just the stubbornness of the breed coming through. It’s also possible that your mix will end up with blue eyes from the husky parent.

Final thoughts

The Schnauzer is a diverse pup that can come in many different sizes. This makes their mixed breed possibilities quite vast. These are just a few of the excellent Schnauzer mixes detailed above. There are obviously many different options for Schnauzer mixes, and we’d encourage you to check out your local no-kill pet shelter before spending the money at a breeder.

Most of the mixes featured here will make wonderful family pets, and provide you with many years of companionship. Adopting a Schnauzer mix will likely improve the longevity of your pet by avoiding the health issues of a purebred while avoiding the price tag that comes along with it.

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