Rough Collie VS Labrador Retriever
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Rough Collie VS Labrador Retriever

Friendly, outgoing, and high-spirited… Ranking as two of the MOST popular dog breeds in the world. One’s the ultimate extrovert, the best friend of all…
And the other is the best nanny you’ll ever find, Originally bred for working and herding. Today, They’re every family’s favorite. So, which one is better than the other? Who will win the “The ultimate family dog” title? As in all battles, today, there’s only one winner, In this episode The Rough Collie VS The Labrador Retriever.

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26 Thoughts to “Rough Collie VS Labrador Retriever”

  1. Martina Agius

    Rough Collies are not destructive! My cat has done more damage than my rough collie 😂 love these videos keep it up

  2. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Can mutt dogs be trained to be GUARD dogs and personal protection DOGS even watch dogs

  3. Don Kantner

    I have had a collie and a lab – loved both. The collie is the sweetest dog!

  4. The Texas Blossom Beauty

    We own a Shollie. GSD and collie. He got Rough Collie though not the Border Collie. He sheds like crazy, but is very smart and protective♥

  5. Holly MCRIDER

    HANDS DOWN , THE LABRADOR RETRIEVER “IS”” THE BEST FAMILY BREED. One could yank a T-Bone steak 🥩 out of its mouth, and it would do nothing more than lick you to death for the attention! There is “NOT” a more loyal Breed!!!

  6. name

    Labrador is best family dog

  7. troopticsgameplay

    labs are better in trainability… i had a black male lab who used to learn commands after 2-5 repetitions.. so i guess labs are better..

  8. Marita Olsson

    They are both friendly. loyal but i love more Labs .. the most popular breading in Sweden!

  9. 301Goldstar

    Collies are so awesome.

  10. Johnny Wendt

    I have a lab and she’s way better than a rough collie you are so worng No I don’t think the battle she’s way better

  11. Chelovek

    Rough Collie vs German Sheperd

  12. Poopify

    They are both dogs: “points for both”

  13. Madhav Ranjit

    Labradors have really high food drive… this makes them really trainable… being energetic is always good for training…. take the malinois for example……
    And labs do way better than collies in the heat… and labs are way less maintenance than collies…… pls treat the labrador retreiver as it should be… fairly!!

  14. raccoon Wolf

    Rough collie is better that rabrador retriever

  15. Madhav Ranjit

    Viralbe is biased asf

  16. artangel1115

    Love my rough collie! She is very friendly to strangers because I have worked hard on socializing her.

  17. Aimee Frosland

    My uncle used to have a rough collie!

  18. Akash A

    I think life span of an animal doesn’t count in health issues because even the breed which is healthy can also die unexpectedly so general health should be considered if the animal is prone diseases than the other , life span doesn’t count in health as no one in the world can predict anybody’s life span

  19. Akash A

    Rough Collie Vs German shepherd

  20. Funny Bubble

    My labs an excellent guard but still the friendliest in my family

  21. Luuk Zilla

    I Have A Question Who Would Win The Snow Leopard Or Lynx?

  22. mystery nightshade Twix handsome procession wild

    Hello 2nd one to see

  23. Pro Man

    First one to see

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