Rottweiler's Can be Dangerous! #shorts

Rottweiler’s Can be Dangerous! #shorts

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7 Thoughts to “Rottweiler’s Can be Dangerous! #shorts”

  1. aieon nam

    Stereotyping, this reason why pitbull had a bad reputation and banned in many country.

  2. PJ McCormack

    rottweiler are the best dog ❤people are bad👿

  3. Mugshot

    Yes, but technically, any dog can k1|| somebody.

  4. Ali Khan

    Rottweiler ♥️ 2nd Rottweiler in video was beautiful

  5. Anthony Raistrick

    Give me a rotti over a chihuahua any day!!!

  6. Bryter Zhull

    actually that is true even if a rottweiler is not trained propely it will still guard u your family and ur house

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