Rottweilers Are Too Vicious to be Trained!


Rottweilers Are Too Vicious to be Trained!


Rottweilers are a nightmare to be trained, this is because they are too vicious and just uncontrollable!

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5 Thoughts to “Rottweilers Are Too Vicious to be Trained!”

  1. Larry C

    ❤️ Rotties 🥰

  2. Facts with Rankings

    Love rotties because of their vicious and terrifying look but very loving and loyal to their owners.

  3. APack

    Rottweiler are so loving they’re the one of the best guard dog in the world ❤️ and you are uploading some bad and wrong videos since 3 days

  4. Grammy D

    Love Rotties! The German bred dogs are fantastic family dogs. Great for singles too! Just not too well for seditary, grandma’s and grandpa’s, though. They need someone who can exercise them daily and be active. Best dogs for seniors are the doodle dogs!

  5. Omar Opqhe

    First 🎋Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

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