Rottweilers Are More Criminal than you Think!


Rottweilers Are More Criminal than you Think!


Rottweilers are among the dogs most used by criminals, thus being called among the most criminal breeds.

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8 Thoughts to “Rottweilers Are More Criminal than you Think!”

  1. Samantha

    It’s a shame that rottweilers get a bad name, treated properly they make a great family dog.

  2. Hiyasvee Sonowal

    Are you suggesting that criminals can use dogs to keep away cops for a certain period of time to run. 😁😳 just joking!!!

  3. Levi Ackerman

    Chow chow vs rottiweller pls make a video

  4. Philo Bobcat 34

    I have two rottweilers step in my yard they eat you’re ass

  5. Dukolli


  6. Larry C

    ❤️ Rotties

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