Dog Collars 

Regal dog collar with metal buckle and D-ring with reinforced seams and nylon fabric Small dogs and puppies


ADJUSTABLE / CUSTOM FIT: This adjustable dog collar fits small, large, and medium breed puppies. It can be used for neck sizes from 14 “to 20” (see size chart) that are suitable for a pooch up to a medium or large dog. This dog collar is 1 inch wide and will not stretch by itself. Please keep ONLY 2 fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. Proper adjustment of the dog collar and harness will leave no room for your dog to chew.
Features: Our sustainably sourced hemp dog collar is fully adjustable and features a quick-release metal buckle that attaches around your pet’s neck and a convenient D-ring that allows you to attach custom dog tags, a personalized pet ID, leash or Can attach a harness, which will not rust when exposed to saltwater. Our handmade dog collar is made from 100% organic hemp and resists moisture, dirt, or bacteria, so it stays dry and clean! Perfect for your furry friend!
Exclusive design: the red and blue striped collar is made from 100% hemp with sustainable origins. Reinforced seams and woven nylon fabric ensure that the collar not only looks beautiful but is also durable and suitable for everyday use. Give your dog a certain style with Regal Dog Products and choose our collar made of twill, which is available in three colors: red and blue, blue and gray, and lime green and blue. So choose the best one for your best friend.
PREMIUM QUALITY: This woven dog collar is proudly made in the USA by Regal Dog Products – a company that specializes in dog supplies, dog accessories, and pet collars. Each collar is handcrafted by Regal Dog Products. The beautifully designed multi-colored dog collar is perfect for special parties or walks in local parks – odorless, chew-resistant, and stylish at the same time, which makes it a perfect collar for dogs who like to get active and dirty.

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