Records that cannot be Broken #shorts


Records that cannot be Broken #shorts

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10 Thoughts to “Records that cannot be Broken #shorts”

  1. Alex P

    I’m pretty sure I’ve broken the sleepless one multiple tiems

  2. Brian Jenkins

    How is it that every great thing in this world is always white men? No other nationally can compare to the all mighty white man! Just let that sink in for a minute.

  3. Conor Hickey

    Literally Jesus and Elijah broke the record without food and water.

  4. speechless generation

    Prahlad Jani is his name

  5. speechless generation

    There is a guy that don’t eat food so how tf bro get the world record If other dude never stopped

  6. Winter_Wolf_0023

    I can’t be the only one who said Percy Jackson on the underwater one

  7. festive destroyer

    I call bs on the no food and water for 18days.the human body can only go a week at most without water. He had to be getting water from a leaky pipe or condensation or something. You might be able to train your body to do something like that, like the guy in the ice or the guy who stayed underwater but just some guy who was forgotten about no way

  8. Deleon Shelley

    Damn Daniel. I’m the dumb one that should scare the living heil into you.

  9. Connor Spies

    Literally all of these could potentially be broken…?

  10. otaku king

    I got that easy

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