Reality Dog Training REVEALED!
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Reality Dog Training REVEALED!


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242 Thoughts to “Reality Dog Training REVEALED!”

  1. myaccount

    I’m ready for this, gsd puppy owner checking in

  2. AshtheViking

    I’m VERY excited for this. Probably the most common criticism I see from the “balanced” trainers against the R+ trainers is that it doesn’t work with reactive or aggressive dogs.

  3. Peter Seifarth

    This new vibe is 🔥

  4. D Cook

    I will be glued to these videos!

  5. D Cook

    I have 2 pitties and one of them is that “enthusiastic”!

  6. Iliana

    I adopted a black lab (mix) a month ago, HE DOES ALLLLLLLLLLL OF the things during the first minute and a half of this teaser. I’m sooooo thankful that you’re focusing on a rescue cause this is HARD. I’ve taught him some things but BITING and overly excited by all his surroundings is the toughest. Especially because he’s recovering from heartworms so I want to not overexcited and exercise either! And, I don’t want to teach him a bad habit. Thank you for this!

  7. Crystal

    Perfect series for me! I rescued a dog like this in December, she’s come along way but I still struggle with some stuff. Can’t wait!

  8. twiceshy

    F I N A L L Y. Dog training videos usually make me more ashamed at myself or frustrated with my pup (more accurately my parent’s completely untrained pup). I’d be nice to see a dog who isn’t better behaved than mine before right at the start of the video >__>

  9. Tifanie Rene

    Hi Zak. My name is Tifanie. My husband and I have a 13 week old boston terrier named Zena. She is doing well with potty training, leash training, and knows sit, lay down, speak and friends (shake hand/paw). But crate training is not going well. She will go inside for us and grab a toy or eat but once the door is shut and locked she screams like bloody murder and will pee in it. We do make sure she is not crying before leting her out and when trying to train her we throw a treat inside and say go in your den and she goes inside and will stay in it if we sit next to it. But once we walk away is when she gets mad. Do you have any tips that can help us?

  10. Henry T

    My idea was spot on.

  11. David Cicero

    Wow love you, this is what I have been waiting for. This is my German Shepherd pup and I can’t wait to see this. Thank You.

  12. B F

    this is the series we kept asking for! So excited to watch. I plan to adopt an older rescue dog in the future so this will serve me well!

  13. melgigz

    I also got a 7 month old GSD and was barely trained and socialised by previous owners. I am still working on her reactivity towards dogs less than 5m, used to be worse. At 13 months of age now, I started her on dog reactivity training class. She is better but not reliable yet. She is getting better with heel, leave it and look at me. The challenge is her listening to my hubby still. I always believe in puppy pre-school classes for socialising.

  14. Manny Kahlon

    Unbelievable spirit, Zak G. Your patience + persistence will change dog ownership worldwide if they adopt your willingness.

  15. Momma Ukulele Lady

    Oh my – this is gonna be a GREAT series!!!!

  16. WiltingSoul

    This is the series I’ve been waiting for.

  17. Anthony N.

    New series looks more interesting can’t wait!

  18. Senna Pankopf

    So looking forward to this series! Can’t wait!

  19. Susan Weaver

    I can’t wait!! So excited for this series.

  20. JC Lynn

    I feel I will be able to learn a couple things from this series 😆

  21. kobejo 34

    Yes this is awesome looking forward to this!!!

  22. Karan Sharma

    Hey Zak, love the videos man! Just wondering what harness you have around Moira? I’ve been looking for one just like it but haven’t had any success yet. Thanks and keep it up!

  23. My Weird Life

    This is going to be so helpful with our GSD!!

  24. Lizzie Brinkworth

    Amazing! Can’t wait for the full videos. We have a 17 month old big breed (110lbs) and still working on pulling and interaction with other dogs due to lockdown and lack of exposure.
    .but he’s getting there 😍 Love your channel and Moira is gorgeous!

  25. CookieBeast88

    This will be great for my family! We are looking to adopt a 1-year-old dog from our local rescue, hoping for a german shepherd. This is awesome!

  26. Monica Lea

    This series is something I need!! Have a super reactive 5 month German Shepard husky that acts pretty similar to her. Can’t wait for the videos

  27. Billy bob

    Just use a slip lead u clown

  28. Rebecca Sanchez

    I’m so excited for this! I have 2 German Shepard/ Husky mixes and they’re already over 20 pounds at 5 months, so I want to train them before they’re that much larger. Working on training both now. One seems to be getting it, the other not so much. Hopefully this helps

  29. Jennifer McBratney

    I CANNOT wait for this series. He’s just like my dog. Frankly I cried when you mention feeling overwhelmed. Which makes me feel a bit “heard” in how hard it can be. I will be tuning in

  30. Cindy M. Ramberg

    I cannot wait to watch this series!!! Everything that shepherd does in bad behavior is EXACTLY like our adopted shepherd! I’m pulling my hair out trying to correct our Emmy’s bad behavior!!! Teach me to teach her!!! Thank you!!! 😊🐶

  31. Arnav Konduru

    I just got a beagle who bites everything I hope this helps

  32. Richard Puth

    This is great to watch. I’m an advocate for balanced training especially if it’s to save a dogs life from being put down and it’s really interesting to see a “positive only” trainer going through this!! Super excited to see this 👌

  33. Lee-Ann V

    My 11 month old Golden Retriever Eddie is exactly like Moira 😬😭. I cant wait to watch this series, hopefully Eddie and I will both learn lots of valuable tricks and help.

  34. Blue Occamy

    I got my dog (a maltipoo) when she was was 14 weeks and starting training commands and socializing her the mornin after we brought her home. However, she is incredibly reactive to most dogs (some dogs she loves and is super friendly with) so I’m excited to see how you deal with Moira’s reactivity


    Can’t wait !! So exciting for both yourself and Moira ! 😁😁

  36. Lauren Mileham

    I cant wait for this series, we rescued a male dog from Romania at 6months old and hes now about to turn one but we are still battling some major issues!

  37. ysaha

    Yes, been waiting for something like this

  38. Kaylee Ann

    I’m so excited!!! We have a “enthusiastic greeter” ourselves! She’s a Shepherd/Pyr mix. She was rescued at 3 months and we adopted her at 4 months in October. It took her up until December for her to not just tuck tail and just run away from people.

    We thought we were making progress but then she just hit a “barking phase” last month at 8ish months old. And so started the “enthusiastic greetings.” Our pup doesn’t seem quite as wild and crazy as the one in the video lol! But I am so excited to follow this guide and apply the techniques for our little pup!

  39. Killin Winnin

    This is gonna be really interesting and good 👍

  40. Mizuki Shiode

    I’m getting a puppy in 2 days!

  41. Emilia

    I want a GSD but I´ve always been worried about training as I´m used to easier dogs like poodles, so I´m very excited!

  42. Manav Agrawal

    That’s really really cool, as a side note Zak I wanna see you in beard once🙏

  43. SandiPfitness

    Owning a reactive pup I am so pumped for this series

  44. Stephanie Allardyce

    Need this series! Crazy reactive 10 month old bocker making walking a bit of a nightmare

  45. Jeremy

    Amazing Zak. Keep it real, please! The reality is many of us have serious challenges with training and can have tough dogs to work with. This will be an amazing series.

  46. Barbara Kerecz

    I feel like a horrible person, but I really really like to see you struggle with this fluffy ball of energy 😉 And then it comes around to “all is well that ends well” 🙂

  47. Jennifer Escobar

    Yes this series is going to be amazing!❤️My 4 month old Luna does everything Moira was doing. I need major help! This is the content I’ve been waiting for 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  48. Jim Pettine

    OMG .. I can not wait.

  49. Erin Goldsmith

    Omg- I haven’t watched this yet- but it’s just what my gsd rescue Lucy needs 😅. I am sooo looking forward to this series. Thank you!!!!

  50. molly oldfield

    Picking up my German shepherd puppy in 5 days.. your videos have been a god send in preparing for him, from meeting him he is a sweetheart who is calm and likes to cuddle but a lot can change in the weeks since our visit and him coming home

  51. melissa janik

    So excited for this series! I have a 15 month old mixed breed that was adopted from a shelter. We were told he was a beagle/chihuahua mix (read SMALL) and as it turns out, he’s medium/large size and SUPER STRONG. Pulls leash, still bites, chases household cats….we’ve had him since he was about 2 months old and NOTHING seems to work in regards to training these critical things.

  52. Blythe Lunn

    I’m really excited to see this! I loved watching Kona grow up!

  53. Joshua

    I’m really excited for this series cause the rescue German Shepard has similar things need to teach lily my 3 year old shihtzu

  54. SpecialEagle

    So Excited!!! 🙂

  55. Jude Vicious 333 Hannah Lopez

    I am beyond happy that you’re going to be doing this because this is a common age people get their rescue and they have all these problems and they missed puppiehood when it SHOULD HAVE been taught so now they’ve developed some bad habits. This is perfect! I can’t wait!

  56. Mike Gray

    Time and time and time again, I’ve read some version of the following comment: “Yeah, but he’s working with an easy dog. That wishy-washy, nice-guy stuff will NEVER work on an older/crazy/high-energy/problem dog.”

    I can’t wait to watch every single video in this series. What a show this is going to be – go get ’em Zack and Bree!

    (BTW, “Bree” is the name of one of my favorite characters in the Narnia books. A male character, so not quite a perfect match, but also a talking horse, which is super cool, like Mrs George)

  57. Haven Morrison

    Yesss finally some help for my 90 pound reactive and very strong male German shepherd. He struggles with anxiety and will run after any strange dog as if he is going to attack. I am fearful when I go on walks with him, and am almost unable to walk him and my puppy together. Though he has never attacked a dog I always worry that one day I will lose control. He does also hop up onto furniture… our love seat is his usual spot, but that is a norm in our household🤣

  58. StitchBallistic

    I love these videos

  59. xToDz

    Oh lord Zak is such a donut 🤦🏽‍♀️

  60. Megan Scanlon

    I’m bringing home a new puppy soon, so I’ve been practicing your methods on our older dogs to clean up some of their less than desirable behaviors. My sister keeps bringing up that stupid saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. But holy crap has it been working. We have an Irish Wolfhound with a nipping problem and a beagle who barks excessively. So far I’ve been incredibly successful using your techniques. This series, even just this video, shows that it’s entirely possible. Like you say, if you establish a relationship based on love and respect, you’ll get the results as long as you stay consistent and it’s SO true.

  61. Board Clips

    And I thought my dog was impossible

  62. Natalia Linares


  63. Certified Ben

    I’m looking forward to see the new series

  64. darcynr1

    Can’t wait for this one to air😊😁

  65. Rory the Labrador

    Excited for this series! I think it’s good to see a professional trainer have some pitfalls in addition to the successes, because that is real life. It’s actually even more motivating! Thank you for sharing the reality of dog training.

  66. Spyro099

    I don’t know how to say thank you to Zak ahead of time. Just this preview has rung home for my current foster dog, and she’s a 3 year old street rescue. Cannot wait to show my enthusiastic support for these videos. And they can’t come at a better time.

  67. Mo Java

    Oh yes Please. My girl acts the same way…. all those behaviors is what I’ve been dealing with for a year now.

  68. Miarije

    Very excited for this series and seeing how you will get from the first half of the video to the second! Love how you guys put this preview together!

  69. Ashley

    I am looking forward to this so much! My GSD/Golden is 8 months old. His issues are not quite as bad as this pup (no jumping or lunging, just barking). He is a total sweetheart, and really loves everyone and every dog when he gets to meet them. BUT in public he barks like crazy at people. It’s disruptive especially since he’s so big. He wants to meet them so badly, but people always see barking as aggression. I want him to be calm and attentive to me in public. He is freakishly smart and eager to please, and he has already improved so much. I did your 30 day perfect pup for his foundation training when we adopted him at 9 weeks old and he took to that really well too! 🐾

  70. Chronically Minimal

    I can’t wait to watch this series! I have a 9mo old GSD who has many of the same behaviors, despite having been trained from a young age. I hope to find some tips and tricks from this series!

  71. Marina

    You have no idea how much this is going to help me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  72. bharth waj

    You can teach this dog all the stuff you want but you can’t build reliability with food or toys, teaching a dog something doesn’t mean the dog will do it everytime you ask it to do something. The dog has sever reactivity issues pressure is the key to build relationship with this dog. It’s no time for joke and fun coz it’s a life or death situation for the dog. Get a puppy and spoil it all you want with your treats but not this dog. If that dog gets put down the blood is all over your hands man.
    All the best.

  73. TheEmeraldSchnauzerシ


  74. Vickie Wilfong

    When does this series start your teasing us let GO

  75. turok makto

    Me too my fathers dog Thor is like this but not biting or getting on furniture, and I’m dog sitting him for a month I’ll be working along side this series to work with him

  76. Alex Anderson

    My 6 month old German shepherd looks just like that dog and I already see a lot of similarities haha

  77. Southern Sass

    Beautiful dog! & I’m sure an amazing transformation 🤗

  78. Aisha Rudderham

    its like a little trailer i love that 😂❤️

  79. Alice Koval

    Good luck is all I can say, but I’m excited!

  80. Ricardo Gutierrez

    Come learn my huskies how to behave and not run away

  81. Sara Bahrani

    I can’t wait to watch. Thank you

  82. Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė

    Could you, please, do such series on an extremely fearful, unconfident, traumatized dog??? It’d also be soooo helpful!

  83. Alonzo Tigerheart

    Eeeeeeeee, I’m soooo excited 🤪

  84. Bubbly Pumkin Studios

    Thank you for starting this series, my new rescue is MUCH older than that little puppy and still has all those problems. We will be tuning in. Here’s hoping it helps us too.

  85. Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė

    OMG!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!👍👍❤❤❤❤🙏🙏👍👍👍
    I’m so excited about this series!!!! Wow! So anxcious to see how you work with an unruly dog!

  86. jojoata Batata

    I am sorry. I am not a real person so i cant relate to this

  87. Teshi Hyena

    Very excited to watch this. I have a 4 month old German shepherd so it will be helpful to see what you do to teach her.

    So far your videos have really helped me teach him.

  88. Krysta Gold

    Can I give you my dog to train? LOL I’m so excited for this series! THIS is my dog 100% of the time.

  89. Pink Painter

    This is what I have always adored about your channel, you’re showing us the reality of training harder to train dogs which lacks in other dog training channels. Watching this trailer gave me so much hope… I can’t wait to watch this series… 🖤

  90. Jordan Hurd

    So excited for this series!

  91. TA2303

    I can’t wait for this series because my year old German Shepherd has the same problem with dogs and I haven’t been able to train him to stop. I took him to a dog trainer but with all this going on the trainer stopped the session and I’ve been trying to find trainer on YouTube to help me but none like this dog. This dog has the same barking problem as my dog towards other dogs so I can’t wait.

  92. Connor Casler

    You’re literally such a bad trainer lol. Maybe worry about training your dog before training other people’s dogs. I have little to no experience with training and I would have her in a perfect heel in 1 day.

  93. cajunfox1979

    I have a 10 month old American Akita. 75lbs of pure energy. She absolutely loves people, but has trouble controlling her excitement. She still even does the occasional excited pee pee and she is a huge jumper. We have been working with her since she was 7 weeks old, gone through obedience training, and it just isn’t getting better. She can be so well behaved at times and at others, she just truly doesn’t care. Looking forward to seeing if you have any useful tips we haven’t tried yet.

  94. always Grace

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait!!!!! I can’t wait for this series!!!! I never thought zak got overwhelmed / frustrated with a dog like ever!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶🌴🐶

  95. Sunshine Dog Training

    can’t wait.

  96. Olga Giahou

    Can t wait !!! Great hopes great expectations!!!!😉

  97. curious wiki

    Zak really looking forward with the new series! I’ve always wondered how did Inertia and Kona listen and respond so well while training but my dogs didn’t react the same way, this series with Moira seems perfect and honestly it’s fun to see you struggle like us 😬

  98. Alison Wilkinson-Smith

    NGL I teared up right at 1:25. We’ve had our rescue baby for 4 months now and he’s come such a long way using the strategies I’ve learned on this channel. But he’s still got a lot of the behaviors I see in this teaser: freaking out at other dogs, pulling on the leash, biting….I can’t wait for this new series!

  99. Son Goku

    Eyyyy zak rocking his new video!1

  100. rachl8400

    I have been so excited to see this series. My dog isn’t this difficult but I think every dog has their issues and I’m excited to see you struggle (that sounds bad) but you always make it look so easy!!!!

  101. cinnamongirl622

    Oh my! Moira’s definitely a handful! Anxiously awaiting this series! 😄

  102. cheryl Solazzo

    Cannot wait

  103. Les Fibres Fantastiques


  104. Sisi

    You’re awesome 👏🏽

  105. TTV-Fortnite Addict21

    Loved your previous series bro , I trained along side your vids with my very first to great success. Uber interested within this series. I currently have a 6month old belgian Sheppard who’s behaviours are very similar. Help me, so I can train along side once more. Keep it up 🙂

  106. Catherina DePaz

    just watching that gave me anxiety! I know she came out great in the end!

  107. R Hunzeker

    I cant wait, I have rescued mainly large dogs for over 30 years and my latest is the worst. He is a year old wolfhound cross about 80lb and was never visited by the brain fairy. Sit, down and walking on leash is fine as long as there are zero distractions, this video was like looking in a mirror.

  108. eaglesinflight7

    I DO NEED HELP. My German Shephard is such a good girl but I do need to train her more!. I’ll keep an eye out for more videos. My dog does has high chase, high prey drive so i really need her to be more controllable without the leash because she’s about 100 pounds right now. Treat training is out of the question but I’m interested in positive reinforcement only. everyone else around her will yell rather than take time to train her. Love your guys videos.

  109. corecharger

    I want to see these videos. Our male german Shepherd is 5 months and he still is working on some of these problems. I have noticed that he is good with other dogs if he is put right next to them but if he sees them approaching from a distance then he goes crazy.

  110. Eve Hogarth

    I’m so happy that you’re doing this series, my German Shepard is 1 year and 4 months old and I followed your series with Inertia and we got the basics down inside… But the outside world oh my lord I couldn’t get through to her with any of your techniques for not pulling and such but finally I’ve made some headway with that, but as soon as she sees another dog or a cat that’s it she doesn’t pay any attention I even rubbed a sausage on her tongue once and nothing 😅

  111. Miki Tsuruta

    This is what I just needed right now! We recently adopted 1 year old dog. She is lovely, but we are having problem training her… You are the life saver 😭

  112. Laura Moore

    I cannot wait to watch this!!

  113. Smencey M

    So excited for this one. We adopted our staffy/bulldog cross just two weeks ago and although she’s great, she pulls like crazy on the leash! She sees another dog and it’s almost impossible to get her focused on us again. Hopefully we will learn lots of new tips from this series!

  114. runningrock124

    I have a 1yr old GSD! 😀

  115. Irena Civilis

    So excated to see the process…looking forward

  116. Debbie TAYLOR

    So I have two dogs that act like this when they get outside and see people or other dogs… so I’m looking forward to watching how you do this.

  117. Kevin Jansson

    Oh man this is going to be intresting to watch

  118. Linn D. Johansen

    Ooo I’m really looking forward to this! My bf and I own a 9 month old Border Collie whom we struggle a bit with getting his attention during walks and such, so I hope this series will give us some pointers as to how we can improve!

  119. Pony Valley

    I love your vids
    You are sooooo good at training dogs/puppies!!!
    Can you please do a day in a life as a dog owner?

  120. Hintz Tobias


  121. Evon Christian

    Oh thank you! My dog Ginny was a stray for the first 6 months of her little life. Her previous owners never worked with her the few months they had her. She pulls on her lead, goes crazy around other dogs, and bites on occasion. She’s now 1 year old.

  122. biciklon

    Man, what a trailer! I am hooked already.😂

  123. Scuttles 987

    Hahaha 🤣 I can’t wait for this series! I just adopted a German Shepherd Puppy from the shelter. Your training on YouTube and Pupford helped a lot at first then we quickly needed more. Mine is almost as cheeky and just as energetic! I excited to see the journey. Love your videos. ❤️

  124. Rick and Michele Frey

    I am really looking forward to this series. I love GSDs. I have a 4 month old female (Kona).

    I pray you find her (Moyra) the best owners ever. She deserves it!!
    She is beautiful❤

  125. Caroline Seabeach

    I’m SO looking forward to this! Been seeing Moira on your Instagram and as a reactive dog owner I feel like these series are going to help me a lot. Thank you for taking on a dog that is far from an outer perspective of a ”perfect dog”, even though she is very cute and Will be perfect with the help from you 😇

  126. Sarah Akers

    I’m sooooo excited for this! Can’t wait!

  127. Austin Lee

    The way that you label your training is the only way to go in the most realistic especially for these types of scenarios is fucking disgusting. You’re brainwashing your audience. If people have a dog like Moira they need to also be aware of other trainers another treating methods it could be so fucking dangerous. you train dogs for a living, You are aware about all of their body language and issues more than the normal person you are going to get people genuinely hurt. I’m honestly really disappointed but I’m glad I got out of your community and was able to round myself out as a trainer more. Real training for real people shouldn’t be putting a reactive 80 pound dog on a harness and allowing it to pull you around and self reward with the issues that you’re trying to get them to stop. It’s disgraceful

  128. Bo Zhang

    This is absolutely a useful series. Our 8 months lab is too excited walking on the lease. I feel the key challenge is that she walks very well when we have treats or food, but once she takes the treat, she starts pulling the leash again. I guess we just need to keep training her with treats to reinforce her memory

  129. AmsterPlays

    Do you pre-record these? I always thought it was on the fly xD
    Cant wait!

  130. Andrew Mendez

    I have a three month old german shepard he is white and blonde and this new series will definitely help

  131. Avery Ptaszek

    This is going to be a great series! My dog behaves just like this, it will be a great help. Thank you for doing this!

  132. Diana A

    Excited to see this series!!

  133. Hugo'stheBoss

    What a great dog. All she needs is some love, boundaries, training, and exercise! Happy that she ended up with you, you’ll do right by her. Looks like a cable tie out might be best for her!

  134. Echo

    I just got a border collie pup like Inertia! I’m really thankful for all the educational videos and tips you give. They are super helpful so thx again!

  135. James Purdew

    Really looking forward to this series. Where’s your netflix deal?

  136. HohoGone

    I cannot wait for this series!! We adopted a dog with a lot of the same issues, can’t wait to see how you work through them!!!!

  137. Ledluver

    Thank you for posting 🥲 my pups only 8 months old and 16 pounds of super sonic energy (aussi mini). Seeing a pro being absolutely open about the struggles and triumphs means alot 😀

  138. Never Let Go 💙

    #1. Remove that dog from ALL distractions. Teach that dog when no one/animal is around. Stay out of parks, dog parks, bike paths, populated areas….all your going to do is have the dog rehearse a ton of incorrect behaviors which will make it harder for you to teach the dog.
    The dogs energy won’t allow the dog to learn. There is zero reason to put a misbehaved dog around anything if it doesn’t understand one command.
    Teach first. Greet later.

    #2. That dog needs to RUN! That dog has no clue what exercise even is. A walk a day isn’t going to do anything for that dogs energy level. Get it out. Get it moving. Not just once a day. A tired dog is a good dog.

    #3. You bit off more than you cld chew. Good luck.
    That dog is going to make you his sled.

  139. DJKBELL

    I cannot wait for this series!! My puppy is crazy like this one and is still puppy biting BAD at almost 5 months. She’s EXTREMELY high energy and only listens when she feels like it. Looking forward to this series so much !

  140. The dog House

    Hey zak! Just wondering do you have an opinion on gentle leaders or head halters? My Dog uses that and she never pulls

  141. Viive-Kai Rebane

    Wow you are a dog wizard!!! This looks insane

  142. Janet Wilpan

    All I can say is Wow! Can’t wait!

  143. JB

    I am looking forward to this!

  144. Drew

    Looking forward to it. 😁 Can we get 1 video today 🥺

  145. aj

    Come to tampa lol

  146. jafo1701

    My buddy got a Dutch shepherd the same time I got my border collie. I used your videos as a guide, since at the exact same time you were doing the videos with Inertia. The videos helped me out greatly. While ollie isnt as disciplined as Inertia he’s doing great. He’s my first dog and he’s still better behaved then most dogs I see. He’s only 11 months so still a work in progress. Unfortunately for my friends is Dutch shepherd became uncontrollable and he had to return him to the breeder. Looking forward to you next set of videos.

  147. David Jones Jr

    My family and I adopted a 50lb 1yo dog. Part German Shepherd, part Shiba Inu, all energy all the time. I need help and your training with Inertia and Kona, though extremely informative and entertaining, was a little too perfect for my specific situation. I am so excited for this series!

  148. Mike W

    What happened to this dog? Did the owners do absolutely nothing with her?

  149. Gvantsa Gelava

    My boyfriend has one year old fox terrier who acts similar when he sees dogs, this series are perfect for us ❤️❤️

  150. Chingun Studios

    Great training

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