Reacting to the Biggest Controversies of my Last Series
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Reacting to the Biggest Controversies of my Last Series

Reacting to your most critical comments from my series with Moira.

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215 Thoughts to “Reacting to the Biggest Controversies of my Last Series”

  1. Joe Shanahan

    The issue with the harness is control. A harness isn’t bad but it does make it HARDER to stop leash pulling. But it’s not like you can’t do it

  2. Ranger 231

    What I think this shows, and I think you made the case perfectly, is that training dogs is NOT easy. It takes knowledge, time and lots of patience. To your point about the collar versus the harness, I have recently rescued a 3 yo Aussie who is a puller. I have him on a harness now because I cannot see the virtues of a prong collar or listening to him choking himself on a regular collar. I admire your patience and dedication.

  3. susan wingblade

    I’ve never heard of opposition reflex. I’ve been an equestrian in the dressage world for 45 years. That is a new term for me. I’m not aware of any horse trainer that uses that term. However, the concept is a real one for horse trainers and is, of course, addressed in a totally different way! I love all of your videos and I personally don’t see any legitimate things to criticize. I will always be one of fans and look forward to your next adventure!!

  4. garouHH

    It may not be a scientific term (though it should be), but opposition reflex is a thing that exists, though not as what those people meant; They were arguing about the mental processes in a dog, about which you are right.
    Put a pencil in a person’s hand, tell them to slowly stab down on a point, and when their hand is moving, gently grab it from below. I predict a large number of people stabbing down hard and nearly uncontrolled in reflexive opposition to your force. Idea for further research: Touch their arm from above instead.
    Using that definition, people at best could have meant the dog will react to feeling the tug on either harness or collar with a reflexive strong pull. In which case I’d call the harness less aversive than the collar.

    Concerning repetitions, can / do you want to tell us about Skinner’s repetition schedules?

  5. Dobbie Smith

    I enjoy this channel so much ! Can’t wait to see your next student !!

  6. Matt Smith

    That’s like saying putting a saddle on a horse encourages it to let someone jump on it and ride it around… It doesn’t make any sense.

  7. Alexia Baker

    I don’t even know why some things exist.

  8. Jodie

    You’re wonderful Zak! I’m so thankful that I found you before we got a pup for the first time. Koda is 5 months now and we (especially me) have a lot more training skills to develop but we’re off to a tremendous start that literally would not have happened if I hadn’t found your channel. Thank you so much.

    During the tough times with him lately I have started to look at other trainers and their perspective and even though I’m listening to them with an open mind I can’t top your methods and teaching style – you’re the cream of the crop Zak!! Haha.

    I would love more content from you (which I totally understand is a huge ask from you and Bree!). More, less structured, vlog style videos would be great to get an even deeper understanding of what an ordinary training day looks like. I understand you do present this in your videos, but more between the key moments of training would be helpful too.

    Lastly, I was thinking what about fostering a dog for a few months for an upcoming series? This with a more vlog like style of uploads would really give people something to literally follow step by step with their own problem dogs.

    In the meantime I’ll continue to rewatch your dog training experience series with Inertia to fully internalise all the lessons and keep moving Koda along on his journey of growing up and becoming part of a human family.

    Thanks Zak and Bree! You’re doing a wonderful service for dogs and trainers the world over 💕👍🇦🇺

  9. Coco Le

    Thank you for being the trainer you are. I am 100% behind you with the harness and the other least aversive method for training dogs.

    I hope your videos show and encourage more people to change their perceptions about them and not being stuck in “old” / aversive method such as using prong and shock collars.

    I did switch to slip collar one time (was influenced by other trainers) because my dog was pulling (my fault for not keeping up with training) and went right back to harness because I felt so much guilt. I’ve achieved the desired results with the harness!

    I am ever so happy that you stick to your gentle approach despite all the criticisms.

    Overall it truly shows how GOOD and CARING trainer you are for desiring deeper bond and understanding between you and your dogs.

  10. F Jesus

    I love your last series with MOIRA. I hope your next series would last at least 4 weeks when you get another rescued dog. I did learn a lot from you. It takes patience and repetitions when dealing with reactive dog.

  11. Hippie Bits

    For the first time in my life I am actually finding training a puppy to be FUN and something I actually am enjoying rather than just another necessary evil of responsible dog ownership. I’ve always ended up with well mannered dogs but just HATED EVERYTHING about the process. Your channel has opened up a whole new world where things are actually FUN for my new puppy and this is tremendously motivating for me. I’m constantly coming up with new things for us to work on because it’s just so much more fun working as a team. Your channel and enthusiasm are unquestionably an asset to many.

  12. Matthew Prather

    I think I watched this whole series, and I think none of it showed Moira getting to directly interact (play) with another dog. It seems like some of her reactivity might have been helped by some getting to spend time with other dogs – be socialized. Maybe she was hanging with Inertia on the side? It seems dogs would have their own ways to sort some of those things out, with a little human supervision?

  13. Carolin Coren

    I had a reactive pit,. and the Only thing that worked was a prong collar. I don’t live in a rural area, I live in a city and everybody has dogs. I had to have a faster fix. No parks have no dogs or dogs you can get a mile away from. Just walking around the neighborhood, with dogs blocks away, barking in their yard, would set him off, at first. I still want to know if Moira was ever checked by a vet. Her behavior was….. Frantic.

  14. Shylo x Fading 770

    Prong collar is last solution. But they are useful when all else fails when used properly

  15. ThePaintballernick

    I hope you do more series’s with difficult dogs. my BC struggled with reactivity but i’m able to manage it a lot better now thanks to your videos.

  16. Hayley G

    As a fellow dog trainer… this video is gold. 👏👏👏 I refer clients to your channel often. Thanks for being so clear and helpful!

  17. Shylo x Fading 770

    I used a harness for leash training, I was worried about mine choking herself

  18. vicrvp

    I really appreciate that you addressed those points and provided supporting reference or information about each point. We can all learn from negative feedback to continue growing if we use it to move forward. There are different methods to achieve success in anything. The key is being consistent to a method but also being willing to change and adapt. Keep up the great work, Zack!

  19. Satan

    i love who much time you take to gentle train this little fluffs :3
    btw right decision with the harness… “unpleasend” behavier and running into a collar will end in pain… and pain is never a good teacher in the long run.

  20. Georgia Adams

    I think its great that you’re confronting the negative comments you’ve had. Dog training is full of opinions and a lot of them are wrong! Love your videos and as someone who is training to be a dog trainer I think its great that you’re educating people on positive dog training!

  21. Heather Clark

    I got a Zak George ad in the middle of the video, that cracked me up 😅

  22. MrsSinkip

    Another point in favor of using a harness is that implements which put pressure on the neck or other sensitive areas can increase stress and arousal, which is definitely not what you want when working with a reactive dog.

    As a point of (hopefully helpful) criticism, I do wish you would talk more about how important it is to keep dogs under their threshold and set them up for success so they don’t repeat unwanted behaviors. Even if a behavior is followed by a punishment, each time they rehearse it makes them more likely to fall back to doing it. I know you want to show the behaviors for the purpose of the show and making it more relatable, but in real life dog trainers that adhere to the LIMA approach always try to work with dogs where they’re successful so it almost looks like they’re already trained at each step because we don’t move on with proofing until we know they will succeed at that level (to prevent that rehearsal).

    Overall GREAT job, though. I am so ecstatic that owners have a celebrity in the dog training space that actually uses scientifically supported methodology to look up to. 🙂

  23. chris botsis

    Zak forget about what people are saying in the comments I for one thinkyou did an amazing job with Moira some realy good advice and tips thank you so much for the videos

  24. Cheryl Parker

    I love that you thoughtfully and respectfully addressed questions, without telling anyone that they are “wrong”, but by providing the science and evidence based practice behind your work! My dad taught our wonderful border collie with a choke collar when I was growing up, and even then (when people thought that was how you did it), it broke my heart. I am so happy that science and practice have taught us how to be better companions to these wonderful friends we have in dogs, and I’m so grateful you are there to teach us. Everything we have done with our dogs we have learned from your books and YouTube, and not only are our cattle dogs able to show us how smart and hardworking they are, but our relationship with them is better for it. Thank you!

  25. Kiera Lee

    you are super good I train with my grandma’s dog and he is 5 years old and still will listen when I use your hacks and tricks

  26. Miracinonyx

    I found Zak’s approach to criticism here (wouldn’t call it controversy, though) helpful for the following reason. Zak’s thoughtful, calm, evidence-based response provides a great, informative contrast to the rude, profane, scoff-at-his-evidence-without-providing-any-of-their-own approach of his critics. Comparing the two approaches, it is crystal clear to me which is more likely to result in the kind of loving family member and good citizen I want my dog to be. Name-calling, profanity, and other rudeness in critical comments on Zak’s videos are not convincing and make it easy for me to believe that such persons choose to resort first to harsh methods. To me it most often seems like they are only trying to personally attack Zak, rather than sincerely trying to help us with our training issues. Zak and Bree are my kind of people, respectful even in disagreement, which this video clearly demonstrates. So the video gets a thumbs-up from me, and critical commenters should either take a similar (and evidence-offering) approach in disagreement or maybe spare their blood pressure and ours by sticking to channels that follow their own preferred approach!

  27. honey aesthetic

    Can you make how to make your dog stop carrying gargabe in the yard

  28. Ruffian Eo

    Some down votes surely came from the fact, that you do in-video advertisement. Who could blame them… And most probably skip over it – so in terms of dog training you condition viewers to associate your videos with the adverse necessity for extra clicking. Yes, some of us are allergic to advertisement.
    Now I am no dog training expert at all and I watch those videos to learn something, because I considered to volunteer as dog walker for dogs in animal shelters (I should go out more and probably those dogs should, too). I also watched videos from Maja Novak and Cesar Millan and I see a few major differences in your approach comparing to those other sources:
    1. you just won’t shut up. Both Maja and Cesar manage to communicate with their dog non verbally (and it is also their view that this is the more natural way to communicate for the dogs). Especially if the dog is acting out a lot and the opposite of cool, calm, collected, the never ending verbal barrage might be counter productive.
    2. You did not once give the dog a chance to find their way in the company of other dogs. From those other sources, I deduced that this is important. Because a bunch of dogs correct *bad* behavior of the dog under training much more efficiently. Also, if the dog learns, that there are opportunities to interact with their peers, it would maybe be less prone to act out every time another dog emerges on the horizon. So let it run with other dogs for an hour or so and then try to get the dogs attention and interact with it while other dogs are around. I guess that will settle half of the problems of the dog as you described them. And you could learn so much about the dog just by watching the interaction.

  29. Caitlin Davis

    He’s literally failing this reactive dog!…..🙄 Her owner is going to struggle with her reactivity. Just because he refuses to say no and correct dogs. Instead he just sticks a treat or ball in her face to distract her from reacting. When in reality that is not dealing with the problem at all. That’s like saying to someone who is upset about something or someone “Hey here’s 100 dollars let’s go this way!” Zak and so many other positive only trainers are so uneducated on prongs and other training tools. When used properly they do absolutely no harm to dogs. They were not made to abuse dogs only to help train them. I hope this dogs owners will progress to a more effective way of training.

  30. Hailey Kaufman

    Well, this is my first time hearing a trainer claim that opposition reflex doesn’t exist. I’m not sure how anyone who has handled multiple dogs can take this stance. I read Anderson’s article and find it unconvincing – whether this term appears in literature or not, it is a basic function of balance (there are terms for it in humans, typically used when evaluating developing infants). Anderson moralizes the term by claiming it’s a way of shaming dogs for resisting coercion, when in reality it’s just a phrase describing an impulse that is necessary for equilibrium. It’s also not intended to describe why dogs pull in the first place – rather, it’s an important phenomenon to understand if you don’t want to exacerbate leash pulling, which most novice handlers instinctively do because they have the exact same impulse to pull against an opposing force.

  31. Lady QAnon Bear

    Well, if corona virus has taught us anything, it’s that we can trust “Science” above anything else.

  32. Timo Daum

    Zack, you are an awesome guy. You don’t need this klickbait bullshit… There is no controversy, there are other people lightly disagreeing with you. Please don’t push this up into a constructed problem, because it is not a problem. I know you have to feed “the algorithm” but this is just stupid and unnecessary…

  33. chanteyrose

    This series was far closer to our situation than any of the one-off videos, and we made it a point to watch every single one to help our continued training with our two anxious doggos. Thank you for this series, Zak!

  34. Hailey Welman

    I hope her new owner continues her training❤

  35. panzertoo

    There is no controversy its well known you have no idea what you are doing ,you have no formal training never mention an actual methodology or mentor just supposedly knows how to train through osmosis I honestly have no idea how you sleep at night knowing all this is t rue

  36. CashinClean

    I think something interesting to look at is the type of energy you should when training a dog. I know that they can sense how you feel, stressed, happy, overwhelmed, etc. how would you go about training a dog when feeling calm and confident as opposed to some people who might feel stressed or something like that when the training isn’t going too well?love the videos!

  37. Gary Marriott

    How is it that not one of your dogs can be off leash in the real world?.
    Not even close but you keep preaching the same ineffective training techniques?. You don’t teach the basics for the dog to live in our human world just silly tricks that won’t help it cope.
    Your a great advert for force free positive only training & how totally flawed it is.
    People who are new to dog ownership may be impressed but anyone who knows about training dogs would find your videos comedic at best.

  38. Alison Tabernor

    I have done a lot of things with my young Collie that you did with Moia 🙂

  39. Unboxed Ana

    We have a rescued dog (Paddy – lab x boxer) and I find it so frustrating watching videos when a dog ‘learns a trick in one session’ because unless Paddy is incredible thick (which he isn’t) it takes days/weeks for us to get a trick. I appreciate that you addressed this. It doesn’t happen in 20 minutes and it’s nice to be reminded that’s the case!

  40. Patrick O'Connell

    Hey Zak I discovered your channel back in 2017 when I got my first dog, and have rediscovered it in the past couple weeks after I got my second dog. Both of my dogs are Husky mixes that I adopted as 1 year olds. Both are very high energy and stubborn when I got them. I’ve really appreciated your videos because you show the training process on a relatable level. It can be discouraging when you see videos where the trainer seems to magically be able to have success with dogs. The reality is that dog training is iterative and often a bumpy road that requires a flexible approach for each dog. Your videos helped turn my first dog into an amazing companion, and I’m confident the tools I’ve learned with help with teaching my new pup.

  41. Darlene Bergantzel

    I’m so glad you dressed the comments, especially around use of negative reinforcement for undesirable behavior. I have to constantly address this issue with my family members for my reactive dog. Her reactivity has reduced significantly using positive reenforcement. We still have a way to go (she’s not quite a year old), but I prefer slow and steady.

  42. Pam's Dog Academy

    Nicely done! 😊

  43. xiaolianna

    I used advice from this channel and Zak’s book with my rescue dog, and positive training does work. It took a while but now we have wonderful relationship with my dog. She trusts us and listens to us, and we really are a family. I don’t think our bond would be the same if we used physical corrections with her.

  44. darcynr1

    You are an amazing trainer and I love your way of doing things differently than most traditional trainers. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next 😊 keep up the good work 👍

  45. Captin Ash

    Please rehabilitate a rescue Chihuahua. They get such a bad rep but are such good dogs.

  46. M Shingleton

    Great video!

  47. Ana Celia Casorso


  48. Billy Hardy

    Are you giving any portion of the profits from Moira‘s videos to an animal charity or rescue?

  49. Julez

    Aww, I love these guys which are saying “yeah I could turn your dog in 1 day or week a full 180”. No. Just no. If such people would exist and if dogs would learn everything what’s needed in this short amount of time, we wouldn’t have any problem dogs anymore. See the error? Zak, your training method is great and it’ll hopefully open the eyes of many more people!

  50. CircleB1097

    Looks like you handle criticism quite well young man!! Thank you for addressing these comments.
    VERY helpful as I have adopted a severely abused pup. He’s been loved into a place of trusting me and interestingly enough… those I trust as well. He’s doing much better, but easily distracted.
    I’m using your methods. Wish me well
    May God bless you all.🙏🏼🐕💕

  51. Emily Raney

    I didn’t even think to question that our dog trainer and our vet recommended using an Easy Walk. Now I am very conflicted about continuing to use this harness in place of a Y shaped harness. Thank you for getting me thinking! I would love to hear your opinions on no-pull harnesses specifically; maybe something you’ll cover with George? Love your channel! Thanks for all the great advice and good work

  52. Kate’s awesome adventures

    I have been following your channel for over a year now and training my four month old puppy at the same time people come up to me and they say she’s so well trained and I couldn’t have gotten her where she is without your help! You are amazing!

  53. Bobby Halick

    I was working with a slip lead early on with my boxer pit mix and he would pull and pull and pull constantly, and it honestly scared me a little. So we switched over to a harness and worked on positive reinforcement and impulse control for months and he’s walking better than ever, and I feel much more confident in controlling our dog in public!

  54. zedio

    Thank you for the series Zack u rlly rlly helped me so mush 。◕‿◕。

  55. Alena Vesela

    Why would people, who like prong and electric collars, watch a channel which is about positive training?

  56. LOdance247

    I thought the series was amazing. It has helped me to understand our rescue dog better and given me direction in his training. Thank you

  57. Mary L

    I love your style and approach with training dogs! Just right 💙

  58. Jen Kirby

    I use a harness. It has a link for the lead at the front so if she pulls, it’s harder for her to get her weight behind it. As I am disabled I do need an extra edge!

  59. cheryl Solazzo

    I’ve said it before..I’ll say it again I love your patience. But with dogs we need to have it. Love your work Zak.

  60. kdoo

    the series was awesome! can’t wait for the next!!😊😊

  61. Emma Claire

    We’re getting a dog in a couple of months and I was feeling really apprehensive about the training process, especially thinking about disciplining or using tools like a prong collar. I’ve been watching this channel and reading books about positive reinforcement training and the methods you use and am feeling much more confident about the training process! Now, it’s something I’m really looking forward to as a bonding experience for me and my new dog!

  62. Eric Swells

    You should really stop reading all the comments… except this one 😉

  63. Frank Masotti

    I understand the use of treat training. If faster and easier. However GSD’s are very smart dogs. What will you do to help when she stops acting good without the treats?

  64. Stu Frost

    A 12 month update on Moira would be nice.

  65. Scooby's Scoop

    You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Keep on keeping on.

  66. sansays

    I think that Zak really upped his content since inertia series. It’s not that his videos was worse, but the series format makes us really engaged in the dog and their relationships. Great job! Cant wait to see more videos with a new dog!
    Also I recommended your videos to my teacher who has 2 rescue dogs. They’re not problematic, but definitely would do better with some training. She says it’s really helpful, and she can’t even speak English! It’s your postures, hand signals and overall all presentation that makes it easy to follow. Sometimes I help her with the translation though 😁

  67. Kathy B

    My Bella has the same energy level as Moira. Took her to the dog park a few times. It was a complete nightmare. Because she pulls the obedience school recommended a pinch collar. I’m not a fan and I’m looking for a new school for her. I’ll lose money but who wants to be pinched every time you step out of line. Bella is also a destroyer of toys. The bitter lime worked better on me than her! That stuff sucks the oxygen out of a room. Keep up the good work. I’m playing catch up on your videos but I’ll get there.

  68. JD Tomlinson

    You didn’t really address any serious issues. What about why it took so long to get the dog to do anything? It should only take 20 days to get the average misbehaving dog, which is what she was, to walk perfectly off leash around high level distractions.

    And if you know anything about dog training, opposition reflex exists. You simply dismissed it. That’s not an argument.

  69. Diego Rojas

    We need the follow up video to see how is she doing!

  70. Jocelyn

    Ugh, it’s one thing to advocate for +R training because that’s what you prefer, but your comment about “ignoring science” is completely incorrect and you are the one actually ignoring science when you say ignorant things against using prong collars and ecollars properly. Harnesses can cause plenty of damage to the dog wearing it, especially ones with such high reactivity as Moira.

  71. Dreaming Big SC

    We have a 6 month old German shepherd puppy who had a lot of the same issues as Moira. We have really enjoyed this series and have started to use a lot of the training we saw you do with our Ellie. She is very head strong and will do anything we ask if we have a treat but chooses not to listen when we don’t. We have a lot of training still to do but I am seeing lots of improvement and need to keep treats on hand more often. Thanks so much for this series! If you have any suggestions on how to get a dog to obey without the treats I would love to hear them. Thanks!

  72. Marie Jones

    I wouldn’t answer to haters! Who cares what they think!!

  73. Steph w

    Love how you addressed this side of things, because i admit to sometimes being tempted to buy an ecollar for my gsd who listens not so well, but i think if i can manage to perservere your methods are far more rewarding than a quick fix

  74. arthur penlington

    As a dog trainer/behaviourist that studied canine behaviour at Auckland Uni in NZ and also at Southampton uni in the uk, all of my training is force free – BAT techniques with desensitisation, counter conditioning and functional rewards. I live in a town with a military dog school and all the other training here outside of the school is force and fear based training – prong collars galore. I really appreciate your approach to training as it mirrors mine completely. It’s not about quick results, it’s about building a connection with an animal and guiding them in their learning – I get panned for this a lot! Keep up the excellent work .

  75. Skoog

    One note as YouTube is international. Prong and electric collars are illegal in some countries and you can even been put to jail if you use them. So I’m glad that you don’t use them.

  76. Monee Edithigina

    Yay I’m happy your doing another version. I loved this . Can we please try to get an older dog maybe 4 or 5 ??? I rescued an staffy mid who’s 6 and boo did we had a lot of work to do and still have to 🙂 I just want to see the new series anyway but thank you !!! I

  77. Locky Torres

    Thank you for the information

  78. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    You are the best! Keep it coming!

  79. Lacey Dobbs

    I am so stoked for the next series!! I love your training methods before I found this channel I thought the only way to train my dogs would be with unnecessary tools like prongs and choke collars. Thank you for showing me otherwise! ❤️

  80. Debbie Ludlum

    Moira’s series was great to watch, and she is learning so much. She is on her way with her new owner to continue learning. Your right, harsh collars, are not the answer to training

  81. norm terasek

    Zak, your training methods have been proven effective in our household for 45 or so years with our various dogs over the years. Keep up the good and informative work and instruction. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  82. Soumyadip Mitra

    In the next training series please try with a Labrador since most Labradors pull while chasing a scent that they have picked up outdoors. I am struggling with the same. Will be really helpful

  83. Rachel Smith

    Since you said you read all the comments, I wanted to add to the conversation. I love your training videos, but I have a high energy husky mix and it was so hard for me to get some of your training from previous videos to work. But this series REALLY helped me understand your style better with this type of dog. We’ve already seen a lot of progress and it also really helped me to understand how to observe my dog and communicate with him more effectively. Thank you so much for doing this series! Everyone was telling me to just get a pronged collar too and I was not about to do that.

  84. Austin Lee

    yeah no shit it can escalate the reactivity, but letting them pull in a harness can also escalate reactivity . Don’t look like people can’t see through your shit. Different tools for different dogs holy fuck

  85. norm terasek

    Zak, you continue to do and promote the best in dog training I have ever seen. Being a owner of various dogs over the last 45 years (yes, I’m an ‘Elder’),
    some of them were ‘naturally’ well behaved and a couple were real challenges. But gentleness, consistency,
    lots of time and effort spent and all of the qualities of your training methods

  86. Austin Lee

    a prong isnt about pain training fuck ass its literally communication it DOES train from the inside how the fuck is a dog that doesn’t speak your language supposed to know that you don’t want it to pull in the harness if you let it do so and then reward it

  87. Austin Lee

    yes ofc. letting a dog bred to pull on a harness pull in a harness and then rewarding it with a ball. cool. thatll stop it.

  88. knittingthestash

    thank you for spreading such excellent information about positive reenforcement with animals! We’ve used your methods for our two dogs and they walk and behave beautifully. Keep up the great work!!

  89. Angela Schall

    I really appreciate that you back your beliefs about training with SCIENCE 🥰🥰🥰

  90. Sapphiregriffin

    I hope you do more of these serieses! ses? serisises…

  91. RamenNoodlez

    Hi zak!

  92. Austin Lee

    How are you unable to recognize how much she enjoys pulling on the harness. You don’t even have to use adversive tools to just put a collar on her and correct her verbally. Like it’s not that fucking hard

  93. k!

    Okay so the biggest thing I got from this is your gonna make another series with a male dog! Cannot wait

  94. Austin Lee

    zak German Shepherd‘s are bred to enjoy pulling on harnesses. That is literally how they were worth themselves and how you teach them to do the sports they are bred for. Like that is what is in their DNA.

  95. Sadiq Muhammad

    What’s your response to board and train programs that train dogs in 2 weeks? Examples: Off leash K9 training(YouTube)

  96. Jan Hankins

    One of the best things about this series is demonstrating that you do have to do a lot of repetition and that you have to change one thing at a time. All too often, that doesn’t come across in You Tube videos and then when people go to train themselves, they either think their dog is “stupid” or “stubborn” or that they’re terrible trainers (most of us blame our dogs and just shrug and say “he’s just stupid” or “she’s just being stubborn”). Not the case! Next, I don’t consider your use of positive reinforcement training “controversial”. As you said, to use “positive punishment”, you’d have to ignore a huge body of science that indicates the problems with using it and go against the position statements of organizations on the cutting edge of that science. Had you resorted to positive punishment, I’d have been irate and likely quit watching (after saying something not so complimentary to you). And I would never recommend a “regular” leash and collar set up for any dog that is a puller. That’s just asking for trouble. I do rely on no-pull harnesses and head halters myself, but not everyone does and one of the big drawbacks to head halters is that you have to “condition” the dog to love it (rather than hate that funny thing around their face). You can’t just “slap it on” and go. And I agree! Two weeks isn’t enough and you made tremendous progress with Moira in that two weeks. But I’d never give myself a time frame like that! But then you’re a professional trainer and I’m just somebody doing the best I can and trying to help rescues with some behavioral issues (most of them just have a “lack” of manners because nobody ever bothered to teach them manners) learn to navigate the human world more successfully. Looking forward to the next series!

  97. Seonaid Ferris

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  117. Arbi

    I’m trying to explain this the best I can while staying fair. In short, you’re missing the whole point of punishment/corrections. It’s not ONLY punishment and corrections. It’s like you completely throw away the fact that people who use punishment in their training also use tons of R+(more you can imagine tbh). The majority of great well-known dog trainers are pretty much R+ only, while still using punishment, but doing so later on and not with every dog ;). We as humans DO NOT decide what punishment is for our dogs. Your dog will tell you everything you need to know. I’ve seen some pretty harsh punishment from plenty of so called “R+ only” trainers while they claim the dog is not being punished. Dogs don’t lie 🙂

    The whole point of adding in punishment is to proof your prior work, which hopefully was R+ based, to make it extremely reliable. That’s it. We don’t go around yanking and punishing dogs for being dogs?? Idiots with no dog training knowledge do that. They get a dog, punish it until it shuts down and call it “trained”. No no no, this is not what we should be looking at. Teach your dog what you want first, make it reliable, then you might want to layer over corrections to make it even better. You don’t HAVE to do it and that’s the magic of dog training. Train your dog however you like as long as your dog is healthy happy and it works. This whole argument that, oh, R+ has been proven to be the best thing ever while punishment is bad, is total and utter nonsense. Like no crap R+ is the best method lol? Even tho R+ should be the go-to for every trainer, it doesn’t mean punishment is really “bad”. It’s such a close-minded view that doesn’t look at the whole picture. You are only looking at bits and pieces while missing the macro. Every single living being needs punishment in their lives. It’s how life works, that’s how animals, including us, survive. I personally think “punishment” has become a very negative word, while IMO it’s just a part of life. We live, we learn and we just get over it. The same goes for other animals.

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  121. Lizz Thatvegan

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  122. Oh Deer - Sabrina

    I always found harsh punishments to be stupid and honestly not really effective. I mean, it’s not really teaching the dog not to do something, it’s just teaching them “I can’t do this in front of the human because they’ll punish me”, it doesn’t stop the behaviour as much as it just makes them anxious around you and get them thinking of ways to do it without getting caught _(シ)_/

  123. DarkessVsLight Nina

    Collars allows to owner to have direct access to the dogs neck and there for you can stop faster your dog if it lunge at something or someone. Collars are also allowing you to use leash pressure. The collars that are used at bitting training does not also harm the dog when they are pulling and they also do not encourage or discourage the pulling, but most people has not even read how and why they are used. Collars can also make a dog release another dog, in a critical situation. Also when you use a choker when you remove it the problem may still be there and even got worse. Dogs can also bite you if they are feared of feeling pain and not just to attack at someone or something else, you are also destroying your relationship with the dog.

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    I believe in LIMA but anyone who jumps straight into prong collar for leash pulling, very basic to train, gives me flags they aren’t well versed in training.

    If I, someone who’s never had a dog, was able to leash train a GSD at age 2 who’s never been trained, to walk on a harness but you got to jump straight to prong to fix behavior then you gotta reassess your skill set then.

  130. Karla Santoro

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    Can you suggest a few harnesses you like? I bought one I don’t like, so have been using a collar for months.

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    When you get a new dog, you may consider training him at home. It’s a great way to get to know each other and helps establish good habits in your new shared living space. A dog who naturally respects you as the leader will enjoy the learning process, too, even as you teach him what’s not allowed in and out of the house. Before you begin training a puppy, familiarize yourself with the different methods available. Be sure to plan out a training program and stick with it through the trial and error. Dogs are creatures of habit, and the more consistent you are with training, the more they will be in return.

    Dog Brain Training

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    My beloved German shepherd who is 6 years old, just started showing signs of agression.. I’ve put many years in training and he has always been the best dog, well life went down hill and I’ve been slacking, and the environment he and I are in isn’t great. So yesterday he snapped fully on my husband and me. Broke my heart. Now I’m going to fully invest in him and helping him and working with him and make him not feel threatened. I cant lose my world, I think he isnt being socialized enough and has a fear of men. I am also going to fix him (even though I never wanted to) but I hope that would help. I live with my parent in laws and it’s been bad. But I’ll choose my dog over everyone. Thankfully my husband is on board with helping, because he knows this boy is my world.

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  141. Arlyn Sigeti

    This series was so useful for those who are dealing with dogs that have reactivity issues. Too bad you only had two weeks. I can only imagine how much progress you could have made in six weeks. Your choice of harness is spot on and that is the one I recommend most often. Building a relationship with the dog is key in working with dogs like Moira. You definitely had a good one with her. I hope she continues with her progress in her new home.

  142. Ms. Oliver’s Life

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    Zak you are the G.O.A.T. I only follow the advice of you and my girls trainer who has the same philosophy. It takes time but it WORKS. I laughed a little when people thought Moira was an out of control rare case. She is a snapshot of most older rescue dogs. I saw my girl Gemma six months ago. People need to see more of this and know that when you take that dog home you are their everything. You are taking on all of their issues and it’s your responsibility to nurture and train that dog in a way that build your bond and when they realize that you won’t harm them or leave them they will do anything for you. I’m actually crying because my pit bulls play biting was much much worse. I was a giant walking bruise. It was not malicious or fear based, but I can see many people returning her or putting her down because of it. Once I sought the help of a qualified behaviorist she was I’d say 70% resolves of the issue in 4 weeks and now at 7 months is almost nonexistent. No physical punishment. Just making a buzzer type noise (no didn’t register with her at that time) and shutting myself in the bathroom for 5 seconds. After two weeks she knew what that sound meant and started putting it together. The day it all clicked she just flopped down into play stance and started barking at me lol. No choke chain, prong collar, or e/collar. Taking a dog home from the shelter isn’t rescuing them. Doing the work required after is rescuing them. Someone else let them down so don’t be that person.

    Ok end rant. We love you Zak.

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  152. Jaliyah Kimbro

    No hate because I love your channel, but Prong collars don’t hurt the dog in anyway the dog doesn’t fear the corrections. Its not designed to hurt the dog they are made to distribute an even amount of pressure around the dogs neck when there pulling, where as a flat collar only has on point of contact. You can even put the prong collar round your neck and yank hard it wont hurt, and I know because people do it to test the theory that it “hurts your dog” and if you were to put a flat collar on your neck it will choke you like it would on your dog if the were pulling on it, stop put out this narrative that prong collars hurt your dog and they “fear the corrections” a dog can pull right through a prong collar if they wanted to just like a flat collar, because it in no way causes your dog discomfort or digs in your dogs neck.

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    It’s like if you have a fear of public speaking. I can teach you a bunch of rules, like make eye contact, don’t fidget, don’t say “um” etc, in a lesson or two, and this is more like teaching a dog to sit.

    However well you may have all of that drilled into your head, if I then push you out on front of a crowd of ten thousand people, all of those things you “know” are going to go out the window because you are going to have a panic attack. The way we can address that underlying anxiety that is starting really small, say presenting to a couple of friends, and progressing to more people as you are comfortable, which can take a loooong time. That’s more akin to addressing reactivity. It’s not just teaching rules but addressing your dog’s underlying mental state, more often than not some level of fear or anxiety (although it could be other things).

    TL;DR; addressing reactivity is more therapy for your dog than simply teaching a skill, and that takes a lot of time.

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    I have a big obstacle though: I live in an apartment complex, and there’s a dog in the house next door with whom we’ve had some not so good interactions with, and he’s usually by the front window, so when we come out the door for a walk, my dog is already in high alert by his smell, won’t take treats or pay attention to toys and growls and barks at him until we cross the street, which puts him in a bad space right at the start of the walk

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    A post I made up for my group after you finished the Moira series 🙂

    “Zak George was my first significant experience with dog training after giving Link a new home. Zak started my journey and the interest in truly understanding dogs. After my own research, I started to study at the Ethology Institute. Since then I have started this small growing business, The Missing Link Dog Training.
    Zak recently finished a series on YouTube working with a very “problematic” dog. He was hoping his training would make Miora adoptable.
    This video not only recaps the process he went through. But also the struggle, time, and patience this process can take. You’ll notice he recognizes his strengths, but also his faults. Acknowledging his faults only aids him to train with increased quality from that moment onwards.
    Remember to be realistic with what you expect. One downside of the digital world is the habituation of instant gratification. We’re all guilty of it in one form or another, myself included. Things take time, effort, and much more. So relax and enjoy the process.
    Every dog is an individual. Be fair and understanding. Bond with your dog, learn to communicate clearly, and you can’t go wrong.
    Link to the video in comments”

  169. DOGMAN3161

    Hi Zack, my biggest problem besides the continual pulling is the fact that you allowed another viewer to address my concerns instead of you addressing my concerns. You are supposed to be the expert, so that being said in the future if I leave a question to you, being the expert, i would appreciate you giving me the response. Keep up the good work

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  171. LunalaWolf

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    In my Animal Behavior class in college I remember reading a study that showed that if exposure and training isn’t kept up that a reactive dog backslides surprisingly quickly. Dog reactivity really does require frequent repetition, like you showed, and many don’t know that doesn’t just stop when the dog gets comfortable.

  172. Sarah Langer

    I think two weeks was a perfect time period! You said at the beginning of the series, that you wanted to walk in the shoes of a person adopting an adult dog from the shelter. And I think it is a very important message for us viewers to know that we can see change within a couple of weeks, if we put in the work. For me at least it was very encouraging to see what you can do in two weeks!

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    I personally prefer balanced training, but good for you for sticking to your guns that! That’s respectable, even if I disagree with the method, yknow?

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