Reacting to My Most Controversial Video Ever

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Reacting to My Most Controversial Video Ever

Reacting to the last episode which was a little controversial. Here is the original video:

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779 Thoughts to “Reacting to My Most Controversial Video Ever”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback on everything and I really appreciate your support! And regarding the paintings in the background, they are straight! Haha! It’s just the slightly distorted camera angle!😜🤔

  2. Deborah L Cieply

    keep Everything!!! That’s how we learn!!! Please and thank you. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Maria Ruiz

    I like that your videos show transparency. I am a dog parent still learning and these videos really encourage me and make me feel human about the mistakes I make with my dogs

  4. Smokey

    Im sure this wasn’t your plan, but I’m even more stoked about the series right now than ever. Everything you said made sense from your POV and your commitment and dedication radiating as you talk. Really appreciate the effort you show towards dogs. 🙏

  5. rationalism4000

    I have an 11 week old sprocker spaniel who is a joy to train but can be a nightmare when he goes super-spaniel. Getting to see you and Inertia grow together has been such a massive help for me, especially when things aren’t going right, which is pretty dang frequent with my pup! Keep doing what you’re doing Zack, youre massively entertaining and an invaluable resource for all dog owners!

  6. Josh Garay

    I think your original video was very well intentioned. Hindsight is always 20/20. I think the reaction was a bit much, but there were still some valid points made (which you addressed here!). The first time that dog played chase with her too fast and she snapped seemed to me like a pretty measured correction as well, and she was well within her right. The second instance was clearly fear, which prompted her to overcorrect. But I am a little hesitant toward your method of correcting her by picking her up. it seems to me like that might be encouraging her to continue, as your rewarding her overcorrection with attention and the safety of being up high, when she should probably be able to find that safety on the ground ideally. Maybe pulling both dogs away from each other after the overcorrection began and letting them come back together would encourage a more measured correction?

  7. 20XX

    Honestly when I first got my dog I was sick of every video being a clearly already well trained dog, so this series is great

  8. shevel1980

    I don’t see what the fuss is about and if this really should be called a mistake. Dogs are not tender cupcakes. They have claws and teeth and they play rough. Your dog is 9 months old and is well overdue for a trip to a dog park. I took my 4 months old Doberman to a dog park yesterday. He is about 40 lbs now. He was run over and knocked down by an 80 pound adult English lab. He whimpered, got up, recovered, and moved on. So did your dog. No big deal. The worst thing you can do for your dog is to keep her sheltered from any dog-related conflict.


    Who painted that picture of Inertia behind you? It’s beautiful.

  10. Jo R

    I honestly think this is your best video of all because you describe your thought process!! Thanks!

  11. maxandshoji

    I appreciate all your videos. I didn’t have a problem with the way you handled the issue at the dog park. Not sure what the controversy is all about. Keep on adding any mistakes. It’s life.

  12. N7Mith

    Aspiring dog-trainer here, and one of the people who said you could’ve been more firm with her. I didn’t mean yell, or pinch, or anything that severe. Just a firm “no, that’s too much.” Guide her to the side, let her calm down, and let her go back. The only thing that happened was that other dog came in too hard. He wasn’t aggressive, she snapped but didn’t bite him, so with a little ease it would’ve been fine. Ah well, we Dutch have a saying: the best sailors stand on the quay. It’s easy to know better from an outside perspective. And I’m not sure I know better, just what I would’ve done.

  13. GoldenWolf248

    I love how honest you are, Zak! Other dog trainers only show when things go well to make themselves seem like they know what they’re doing but the reality is, every dog is different and you don’t always know how they will react in different situations.

  14. Kora Lee

    So you’re saying you got it wrong, because you got it wrong a hundred times before. Seems legit for a professional.

  15. Jocelyn H

    Keep showing the mistakes. I’ve watched every episode since you got Inertia and I think it’s extremely important to show your real life experiences because those of us watching to learn are going to go through the same thing. For some constructive criticism though, I will say that I wish your titles for your videos weren’t so negative. Otherwise, don’t let the others get you down. We all make mistakes, professionals included.

  16. Nat alie

    You’re awesome and your videos are so helpful….don’t change a thing!!!! I love the honesty and real life scenarios.

  17. Facetious Times

    You literally did nothing wrong, but personally I don’t like going to the dog park because it’s very accident prone and my dog being a service dog I don’t want to have to wash him because he was attacked. Inertia is learning and is very young, she was obviously being defensive and that’s okay it’s a process. Animals aren’t always the easiest to work with 💖 Inertia is asking for SPACE, I know my Keanu loves to rough play and isn’t the most polite when asking to play so if a dog is correcting him I let it happen because I know he’ll listen to the dog and back up and get it immediately.

  18. Andrew494

    Zac George is the most wholesome YouTuber, and you can tell he cares about the safety of dogs if you go back to the video about teaching inertia to jump on his back: he notes that he tries to stay low so she doesn’t hurt herself falling off, something most people wouldn’t even consider a dangerous height, he realised that from a dogs perspective it could be dangerous

  19. Reeya M

    This, THIS is why I love watching channels like this. You show your real experiences, you try hard to understand and be kind to all of the negative and controversial comments, your goal is to help other through your channel. I love that and respect that! I think you should continue to show your real experiences and real mistakes. We ALL learn from mistakes and that’s a good thing! Zak makes mistakes to show us what might and might not happen. He doesn’t make mistakes on purpose of course but when it does happen, it teaches not only him but all of us! You go Zak!

  20. Yuval Levi

    Simple answer: Dude 🙂 You’re fine. Stop apologizing.

  21. Douglas Walker

    What I saw was a dog and her owner doing what they do. When I originally saw the video I was able to take it as a great learning situation. Heck, even a professional dog trainer such as yourself has incidents happen. I was so happy to see that even you raising a dog is not perfect. For whoever criticized your actions, it’s a good thing they know everything about making those decisions every time. Zak, I love your videos and they are helping me a great deal. Please keep them up!

  22. Morgan Heinzmann

    I think leaving in the snapping is a good thing. Shows that even dogs who have been heavily socialized can still get nervous around other dogs and you show how you handle it as a professional. I didn’t see anything wrong

  23. Steve Good

    I am learning so much for Inertias training. Keep doing what you are doing. I don’t know enough to know if what happened was a mistake but when I first saw it I thought Inertia showed a lot of restraint. You deescalated the situation almost immediately. Other than that one situation, Inertia seemed to be having a good time and was well behaved. I wish all the dogs at my dog park were as well behaved.

  24. Abba Dabba

    Thank you for showing us a real and common experience that could happen in any dog park. Honestly, if it weren’t for you, I would have been lost when training my dog as a puppy. Even now that she’s almost 5, I still teach her new things and she’s still experiencing new things.
    Don’t omit the mistakes!! In the end, WE as dog owners are making mistakes and need to see that we are not alone in these experiences. Seeing a professional dog trainer in these situations promotes more confidence in a dog owner.
    Thank you for everything you do!!!!
    Side note: Would you ever consider teaching us a basic dog first aid? For scary yet manageable situations? Or did you already make one? I feel like I’m always worrying about small things and spend so much at the vet when it’s basically my fear motivating me.
    You are and endless well of resources!!

  25. Kristi Alexander

    I feel bad that I haven’t commented until now. We got our puppy about a month ago and I cannot tell you how helpful this video series has been. What I appreciate the most is the “real world” part of it all. PLEASE do not take out your mistakes. It will just make me feel like you and Intertia are perfect and that there is something wrong with me, or my puppy. The vastness of the journey and the rawness of the content is what makes this so valuable. I know you know this, but haters gonna hate. Don’t let them spoil it for the rest of us. Also, what a great response video! YouTubers, Content Creators, Influencers, whatever you call yourselves these days, take note. THIS IS HOW IT’s DONE. Keep making awesome content!!!

  26. Rachel Cassil

    I watched the episode fully and didn’t see any problems with it and after watching this video, I still don’t see any problem with how you handled the situation. I have a 6 month old Mini Aussie who has benefited tremendously from your videos. You’re doing a great job! Can’t wait to see more videos!

  27. Linda Duncan

    I really dont see the need for you to justify your methods,you know your own dog ,and better still you’re a dog trainer ,so know how far to let things go dog behaviour wise.I regularly watch and learn from your videos,as I too have a Border Collie,he’s just 5 months old right now,and to be honest he’s a loveable hooligan 🙂 I had 2 BC’s a few years back,brilliant dogs,highly intelligent and really missed them both when they passed away of old age.Decided to get Cruachan,absolutely adore him,but he’s a handful lol Totally different from my other two,he’s smart,but if things dont go his way(usually to do with his gentle leader and leash) he can be nippy.But I dont give in with him and its my way or no way :)Him and I are a team,learning as we go about each others foibles lol Hes never been to a dog park,we dont have them in Scotland so I walk him in fields,or around my area,his main problem is wrapping his paws around his lead and growling when we’re walking,you can imagine how difficult that is lol.But we all mistakes Zak,my first 2 BC’s were brilliant dogs that I was complimented on because of how well trained and behaved they were,my hooligan is a different story 🙂 So they all need an individual approach,and thats why I enjoy your videos with Inertia so much,you show it how it is,not just the best outcome,or the edited best outcome,so I hope you carry on with your channel,I always look forward to watching x

  28. HannahS

    I really commend you for this video and your ability to absorb the internet reaction culture that can be extremely overwhelming. I disagreed with some decisions you made in your original video, but I appreciate you explaining them here even if I still disagree on certain points. That’s humanity! I appreciate seeing the mistakes because God knows I struggle with my dog to varying degrees every day.

  29. Rachel Arroyo

    I think it’s important to show it all. I wouldn’t even call it a mistake. There are so many variables when you leave the house and you don’t know how a dog will react on any given day, even if it’s something they are experienced with. Anyone who is critical of your choices…I think that is interesting. I doubt that they are mistake free in their training. To ask a question about your choice is one thing, but to criticize is another.

  30. Katie Brown

    Please keep the mistakes! It gives so much insight and comfort in the times I’m frustrated with training and my dog’s mistakes.

  31. Joni Emmerling

    Thank you for this series. I am learning so much that helps with my one year old Boykin Spaniel. Your patience and loving care of Inertia are obvious and remind me to keep working to bring out the best in my dog. Easy for others to criticize but please keep putting your work out there. You are appreciated.

  32. Brittany D

    It’s never easy to admit to a mistake but I love the fact you can and open up like this. We love watching your videos and training our dogs as we go. You know your dog better than anyone. Thank you!!!

  33. YT1344

    I don’t understand why making that much of the big deal out of nothing?! I really loved your video. Are you sure you are not reading comments with some prejudgement or something that gives you the wrong message when user didn’t really mean to be controversial?

  34. Sabrina Mc Dougall

    I LOVE your videos ! They are so real and honest. I have an 8 weeks pup and i feel more calm because of you!

  35. Daniel Scribner

    As first time dog owners, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate seeing even an expert owning and working through difficult situations and mistakes. Our once-fearless pup got very anxious and reactive around 7mo, and we have been trying to work through it ever since (now 15mo). We feel just miserable about it, constantly questioning what we should be doing or what we should have done. When in truth, he’s made a lot of progress and is fundamentally a happy dog. This video is exactly the sort of thing we need to keep a little perspective.

  36. soylntgrnzppl

    thank you for your response! i appreciate seeing how you work in unforeseen situations. it’s really helpful to hear how you recover from “mistakes.”

  37. Jessica Tuck

    I already commented but i had to add this in. My dog is a bit smaller, a rat terrier mix with min pin. He is awesome and all but one of the neighbors dogs keep coming around. She is still a puppy and just a bit too rambunctious for him. So he will stiffen up and growl to show her he needs space and I trust he will never bite. Every dog has limits.

  38. BrianTooFlyy

    Why are you explaining yourself??!! You are the expert. The ppl complaining don’t know crap. Screw em

  39. Kevin V

    Everyone makes mistakes and grows

  40. Ashley Marilyn

    Please continue to show mistakes and the “bad” things that happen.

  41. Corina Lam

    Zak, I have been watching your videos since I was in middle school, and I am rewatching a lot of it to get ready for my new puppy coming next month. Thank you for making this series because dog training is not 100% perfect and we all make mistakes! You have shown the real side of training a dog and many of us appreciate the effort and thought you put into each and every video. Just want to thank you for your hard work throughout these years!

  42. Scooby's Scoop

    You are not a real youtube star until you have had a death threat and a strike.

  43. Jennie Pelton

    I think it’s important to show mistakes, most people will ask “but what do I do if my dog isn’t being perfect at such and such…?” You need to see the good and bad to try to handle every possible situation.

  44. MadMudz 808

    Much love and support from me and Coco the Pomeranian in Hawaii 💙 Zak, you changed my life! You taught me how to say, ‘no’ without anger. You’ve helped me strengthen one of the closest bonds I’ve ever had with another living being. Thank you!!!!

  45. Jessica Tuck

    I have so much respect for this guy. I’m still not sure on the comfort thing and I just like taking things slow. I guess volunteering at a rescue has made my mindset a bit different. We don’t get to socialize the puppies there or the other dogs too much, so I have learned to watch a lot of body language. Dogs make mistakes and it is great that the humans are there to correct and reinforce something positive into it. Thank you for doing this video it shows so much humbleness, and I wouldn’t mind meeting Zac and telling him he does an awesome job at what he does.

  46. Michael Cesarz

    Zak, I have appreciated all of your content that has helped me to raise an amazing companion. You’re a genuine dog lover that would never endanger your dog. That said, seeing how to react to real world situations as a trainer is as important as knowing how our dogs react. The world isn’t perfect and what was shown in your video were not ‘mistakes’, but instead a how to navigate new experiences as dog and owner. Thanks for all you do.

  47. Anna Vasquez

    Show mistakes please

  48. Andy Guss

    I’ll try to keep this brief. Thank you for making this response video. Very classy. Also, you answered my 2 questions that I had about what your thoughts were, and it was a perfect clarification. Part of the problem for me was that I jumped ahead in the series (I’m still trying to get caught up) when you posted on facebook that there was some controversy. In answer to your question, I love your approach of showing the real experience, so please leave in as much as you feel comfortable. I don’t think that anything you did in the last video was a mistake, so using that term feels inappropriate for this situation. I would say show the progress, challenges, successes, and setbacks. You are absolutely right, they are all part of training. In terms of the first video and the reaction, I still have a very hard time making sense of the harsh comments. Some people act as though you shouldn’t let your dog have a single experience unless everything about the environment is completely controlled and your dog’s reaction is already completely conditioned and predictable. Therefore, during socialization, never expose your dog to anything they are not already 100% accustomed to??? What planet is that coming from? Then the other side are people who think the air snaps was a vicious attack or the black shepherd was viciously attacking Inertia and she was defending herself. There was nothing vicious or aggressive in any of that. Some people say “It could have become a fatal fight!” I don’t see that in this instance at all. I like my puppies to get corrected when they over react. It helps them understand other dogs. Lastly, I thought she seemed like she had a great experience. There is nothing that you showed that made me think that you shouldn’t have done it or that she was so stressed that she was being hurt by it. I’m still really sorry that so many people were so nasty about this. It makes no sense and is not justified by anything you showed in that video. Best of luck and thank you for all that you do to share your training experiences.

  49. Jonathan Villarie

    Zak I’ve been meaning to send you my regards for a while now and this is a perfect opportunity. Displaying your mistakes gives me confidence when I make mistakes. You provide an example of the real life challenges facing us all when we train dogs, and when we encounter those same challenges we have a great example of what to do. Keep providing the wonderfully useful and inspiring content just the way you have in the past.

  50. Karissa Meyers

    Coincidentally the very next day I brought my 2 dogs to the dog park and my dog was bitten. He’s a 25lb Lhasa and was bitten by a Husky and it definitely bled quite a bit, but I looked at it the same way you did. You do the best you can with the knowledge you can gather at the time. Both myself and the other dog owner were regretful it happened and have decided to both do some dog training to ensure things like this don’t happen again. My dog likes to fixate on a dog and try to hump their leg (which I always work to intervene to stop) and he can sometimes read a correction from another dog as aggression so that’s what we’ll be working on and her dog possibly over reacted to the humping (I actually didn’t see it because I was briefly talking to the Husky owner). I actually posted in your FB group and a ton of people commented about how much they hate dog parks or how evil dog parks are. I think dog parks are amazing for owners who know how to read their dog’s behavior and know when they are in the right frame of mind to be there.

  51. Joe Kesner

    You have to learn from your mistakes. Keep them in. It makes the videos more real. I also think the large black dog’s owner should know that they have a very excited dog, and should have been for interactive teaching their dog manners.

  52. Grace Apted

    Great video Zak

  53. iSaris

    I’ve made so much mistake and I think everyone will always be learning.

  54. Denee Bex

    Real life is unexpected and showing us those scenarios helps… It is going to helps us decide how we should handle those times because everything isn’t perfect. I appreciate your work.. keep up the great work! People who like to complain will always find something to complain about.

  55. Sara W

    One more thing …the fact that you provide this service for society is really special, not everyone can afford a dog trainer etc.
    so many people get rid of their dog because of bad habits that can be easily worked through so I bet that you may even be rescuing dogs from going to shelters

  56. dani siv

    you have such a mature and respectful approach, it’s what this community desperately needs. thank you for taking such a calm approach to the negativity you receive!!! i love the series, i’ve watched every episode with my puppy by my side. ❤️

  57. vicky11368

    The fact that you took the time to make this video shows how professional and serious you are about your work. You are amazing at what you do and hey stuff happens (although I didn’t even see anything bad). Please, please don’t change your content. You keep it real and it is greatly appreciated.

  58. jshea555

    Thank you for the honesty Zak! This is the reason why I watch your shows
    No dog training is perfect and actually see the real world experiences does not go unnoticed. I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

  59. Angela Chong

    Hey Zak, just wanted to say that as someone who got a puppy at around the same time you did, following your journey with Inertia has been an amazing, special experience. I really appreciate the refreshing honesty you brought to this series. Watching you recover from inevitable instances where things don’t go according to plan has been such an important learning experience for me when it comes to dealing with my own puppy, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Please keep doing what you’ve been doing – I’m sure many people out there can benefit from a realistic guide to raising a dog.

  60. Tamara Dergham (Student)

    Keep showing mistakes 👍👍

  61. Shanda Cottam

    Zak, I’ve never commented on a YouTube video before but I wanted to add my voice to those supporting your efforts. When I was preparing to bring my new rescue puppy home 3.5 years ago, I researched and read and researched some more. I always had dogs growing up and looked forward to getting a dog when my kids were a little older. When we moved into our new house 15 years ago, we brought a 2-year-old rescue into our home. She was great with us but brought along her fear agression of strange men and kids on bikes. It was challenging but we did our best with her while we had her. I wanted the experience with our new puppy to be different. The first two weeks with him I felt like I was failing because things weren’t going perfectly or exactly like the books said. Over and over I was told by these trainer/authors that one mistake would ruin my dog. The pressure was taking the joy out of training my puppy. Then I found your YouTube channel. Never had I experienced more encouragement and validation regarding training my dog than I felt after watching your videos. The pressure and fear weighing on me about making a mistake disappeared. I learned so much and recommend your channel to my friends and neighbors when they get their puppies. Thank you for showing your mistakes and how you overcome them and try again. Thank you.

    PS- Our puppy is all grown up and one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. He’s not perfect but he’s the friendliest, most cuddly and happy dog I’ve ever known.

  62. frkle

    Don’t worry! Even the sweetest dogs feel overwhelmed and get a bit defensive, you made no mistakes, it was just little warning snaps. You’re doing great with her, trust me ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

  63. sskkant

    As a new dog owner, I did not know it was a mistake until you posted this video. Pls keep it real. Kudos for owning up and posting this.

  64. Jessica Roberts

    You are doing great! I love this series & seeing you go through the motions of training a puppy on real time. My Sophie is a very anxious girl & she has been that way since day we got her. Its refreshing to know she is not the only dog that feels the same. She intimidated by new people big or small & dogs but she is the sweetest to our kids & us. I have learned a lot from this series & greatly appreciate it. Thank you guys for amazing content!!😊

  65. Sophie Park

    I’ve been watching your series from beginning as I’m raising my little BC puppy. You’ve been a great help for us and i believe everyone has different standards on how to train dogs.
    Keep up your work Zak 👍👍

  66. Karissa Meyers

    and YES PLEASE SHOW THE MISTAKES! I love to see them and it is encouraging for the rest of us mere mortals 🙂

  67. Daria Rylkova

    Least controversial video! Inertia gave a totally normal correction to a rude dog

  68. Albert Parisi

    Was there really a controversy over that little incident ? All I saw was harmless interaction of dogs being dogs. Little Inertia was just trying to protect herself, nothing to be punished for .

  69. Siobhan

    Please keep showing reality— mistakes, miscalculations, successes, and all. It’s really helpful that, even if our dogs aren’t training as quickly as yours (most of us aren’t pros lol), every dog has their own learning pace.

  70. abbey B

    We got a puppy same time you did. I watched all your videos and they helped . Thank You

  71. Funday

    mistakes are a good thing to show and explaining them is even better but i dont see how any one would criticizes that video

  72. Johan Ahonen

    I am a dog trainer, I don’t believe you made any mistakes! Stuff happened and you reacted the right way.. Keep it up buddy. /puppy bordercollie owner from Sweden =)

  73. Rush.P

    The “mistakes” are why I am here, no one is perfect, and seeing how a pro recovers from theirs gives me a model to follow when I encounter my own

  74. Jilly Jill

    I think you should show us the mistakes, but then later tell us how you would’ve corrected it

  75. Carolyn Vines

    Zak, you’re doing a great job with Inertia, and so is she. 😀 Her reactive behavior really wasn’t that bad. I really appreciate that you are sharing real training videos with a dog that is in the process, and not already trained. That’s important! Keep doing what you’re doing, please. You are one of my favorite dog trainers. Yes! I think it’s important to share the mistakes. It helps us beginners, so much more than videos of a well-trained dog. All these videos of dogs that have already been trained, how do they help us know what to do when the dog is not responding? I, too, really believe in telling the real story. Thank you, Zak! 🙂

  76. Shann's Worth

    I think you’re great Zak, keep the mistakes in. My dog Mellow is this way and I’ve been scared to take him back to the parks but your videos can help show us what to do in an situation like these. Thank you for the content and being a great dog trainer.

  77. Sydney Kippen

    As someone who has worked with dogs at a shelter for a few years, my heart jumped when you picked her up. Seeing her body language when you picked her up clearly showed that she was comfortable, but I was so worried she was going to redirect her fear and snapping towards you. Even the best dogs can redirect if they’re freaked out enough.

    (Also dogs correcting other dogs is completely fine and people really need to not freak out about it because if they are punished for correcting they may start to jump straight to biting which is no bueno)

    Never hide your mistakes. Nobody is perfect, though our hindsight is always 20/20. Making mistakes is how people learn and grow.

  78. Moonii Vicky

    Please continue, these videos are so helpful. We have a rescue dog and we’ve taken every small improvement, but it’s been a long journey. Sometimes it feels like 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, but actually you still have those 2 steps forward to build on.

  79. Kirk Madden

    Keep it honest, and people learn… if you polish it too much it will become misleading for those that encounter problems you may have also had but didn’t share. People are quick to criticize these days, so don’t let that bring you down.

  80. valerie hobbs

    Great job! Dogs speak dog language and Inertia told the other dog, she didn’t like it. no blood. Whats the problem? Keep all your taping in. Real life is the best to learn from. Anyone can show how great their dog is by cutting out the mistakes. Keep up the good work, Zak!

  81. Sara W

    KEEP THE “MISTAKES” !!! The series is amazing …like anyone can control the world, it’s how you deal with what comes your way
    my Jadey girl is almost two and you’ve helped me so much, Jade is such a happy girl and so so wonderful she is my world – I’ve experienced fear issues with her (strangers, socialization & garbage trucks) and your techniques / approach has helped us get on a better path so I can make sure she is happy and healthy please keep doing what you do !!!!!!

  82. Lill Womack

    I say include them so people can see what it’s truly like to train a dog

  83. Anna Li Zumba

    I feel so sad that you needed to explain yourself. You are professional and don’t do this only for the YT. Also she is your dog and you sureky know her the best, i don’t know why people here are so “expert “on everything…
    Keep showing us the mistake if not how i know how to correct situations when i screw up?

  84. Nikki Webber

    This something to inspire to. This is what’s possible with a border collie puppy!

  85. Jimmy Olson

    You will always catch hell from the “balanced” guys. Every dog has its own personality and training evolves. Its a shame they dont understand this and accept it. You have more experience training dogs than many people commenting. I applaud you showing mistakes and the reality of you cant train a dog over night. Ive been training my dog who just turned 1 along side your videos and your videos have shown me that there will always be pitfalls and steps back and it isnt always perfect. Keep killing it with your videos there is a reason your the number one Dog Trainer on YouTube brother. Thanks for all the tips and videos.

  86. Patti Danzig

    Thank you for showing the mistakes. If you only showed your dog acting perfectly, it would be very hard for those of us learning from you to know what to do when our dog training failed.

  87. Karissa Meyers

    I appreciate your honesty and transparency. You’ve been SUCH a huge help to me in training my grandparents dog so thank you for what you do!

  88. Elliot Jay

    Hi Zak, I would just like to thank you for this video, you answered a whole bunch of questions in this including mine. I love your honesty and the way you are showing everything that happens in your videos with Inertia, please don’t change that.
    I have been following you for many years (pre super fetch) and will continue to do so.

    P.S my new family member (GSD rescue) caught his first frisbee today and I used the things that you and Venus taught me to do many years ago 💗 thank you

  89. hayden Bailey

    So really what happened is that you failed to advocate for your dog and your dog took it upon herself to sort it out herself in a language which she knows how to.

    Also socialisation isn’t meeting every dog. It’s learning to exist in an appropriate manner around noises, people, dogs and other distractions.

    Dog parks are like mosh pits, rude pushy dogs with zero structure.

  90. Anne Lacey

    Please include mistakes. It’s very helpful. I even like this format where you explain where you might have done something differently.

  91. Best Stuff

    Thanks for being real. Keep up the awesome work.

  92. Alexa Smith

    I thought training a dog was very simple from what you made it look, but now that I’ve seen your “mistakes” I know I’m not doing anything wrote but I just need to have a lot of patience

  93. JenniSa

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  94. MNeal87

    I love that you show your mistakes. It defenitely helps those of us that really don’t have accessibility to trainers or anyone experienced with situations that could be tricky to deal with. But at the end of the day you have to figure out what works for your dog and its training. Please keep sharing.

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  99. David Bradley

    Show us the good and the bad! You’re doing good

  100. J P

    I’m so happy you made this response video. It cleared up so much about what you were thinking in the moment and I hope you continue to make honest videos with mistakes. You were hoping for the best, wanting to end on a good note, and using Inertia’s past behavior to predict what she might do. That all sounds right to me!

    Also, Inertia is a herding dog! They often have personal space bubbles as they get older and a low tolerance for “rude” behavior from other dogs. She communicated this very effectively to the other dogs that bullied her. And even though her reaction was perhaps a bit too strong, overall I think for a young dog, you and her handled the situation very well.

  101. Marie Reinke

    Mistakes are part of dog training, ok. But in the end when you edit the video you could have framed the situations differently, with a voice over etc. It is an edited product over which you should have total control. Maybe a style change of your videos with situations that need further discussion would be more helpful.

  102. Am3thyst91

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  103. Theresa Amos

    Please do NOT omit mistakes. I very much appreciate seeing that it’s ok if I make mistakes because all dog people including trainers make mistakes. Otherwise I feel like a dummy because I can’t make it happen like a perfect trainer can. Thank you for ALL that you do to make my dog owning/training experience so much less stressful and therefore more enjoyable!

  104. jenniemay16

    Thank-you so much for your honesty. My dog is the same age as Inertia and seeing how you cope with these kinds of things has been invaluable to me and my pup. I don’t personally think there was anything wrong with how you dealt with the dog park situation, but even if it had been a mistake i would still value seeing it so I can try to avoid doing the same thing. Please keep doing what you do xx

  105. Anna Todd

    I agree with a lot of people that after Inertia finally snapped it was maybe time to take her out of the park, however I understand the desire to end on a good note, and you know your dog better than anyone else. I also liked how you broke down your thoughts about the controversy, and would love another similar video if/when more controversy breaks out. At the end of the day hindsight is 20/20 as they say and I love seeing every aspect of your training, the good and the bad. It all makes for such a good learning experience for dog and human alike!

  106. Nick Griggs

    Look Zak, everyone has their opinion and most have no idea why you did what you did. I’ve done the exact same thing. YOU know YOUR dog. No one else knows your dog’s “tells”. You can see their body language and YOU know what she’s most likely about to do. She reacted rapidly but you stepped in to take control of her as she was heading towards an out of control condition.
    Please continue showing the training that it takes to have a compliant dog.

  107. danbrenn

    I honestly don’t see a problem with anything that you did. We got two puppies around the same time you got Inertia. Thanks to your videos we’ve saved a ton on dog training and our two pups are the most well behaved dogs we know. Based off of the hundreds of videos I’ve watched of yours, had I been in your situation, I would’ve done the exact same thing.

  108. LuvMyBelgian

    I think it IS helpful and refreshing that u leave the ‘mistakes’ in but then I think you need to label yourself a ‘run of the mill dog owner’. My issue with these videos is that you ARE (or say you are) a professional trainer and your dog does not seem at all trained, even at this young age; I’ve seen non-trainers have far better behaved dogs. I get that everyone is feeling validated that their dog isn’t perfect but on the other hand, if this is the result of professional training, why bother training as an amateur? I think it gives people the feeling of “oh, well his dog does whatever it wants all the time and rarely listens and acts out so why would I ever think my dog could do better?” It seems more discouraging than encouraging. Maybe that’s an unpopular opinion but that is how it makes me feel 🙁

  109. CTWristband

    There was no conrtoversy. the whole situation was fine. dogs are dogs. and actions were made to prevent any problems.

  110. Birder Collie

    I wish I had filmed my sheltie when we were working through his fear-based reactivity (Inertia’s behavior is a real mirror of how he was at that age). After two months of daily training walks, he’s doing much better. While I’m not opposed to using corrections in some situations, I’m really happy with what counter-conditioning has done for my dog’s confidence and ability to self redirect onto me.
    I do think a bit of analysis about potentially controversial topics would help. I don’t think you need to defend your technique (Inertia will do that for you), but I did like the analysis you did in this video of what each dog did and why Inertia reacted. This would also help new dog owners understand why you respond the way you do. I personally find this just as important as a demonstration of training techniques.

  111. Emma Landes

    To all the ppl saying she shouldn’t have reacted that way to the dog. Ur telling me that if a person came and rammed into u on purpose like that that u didn’t know u would just stand there and act like it never happened? Heck if someone did that to me I would at least give them a dirty look

  112. Kimmie Vanthof

    I am currently raising a Border Collie (Roxanne). She is 1 and a half and she is very similar to Inertia in behaviors. Watching you work with her and how you handle the times that don’t go so well has been extremely helpful!! It’s been rather challenging for me and can be really discouraging sometimes. I love her bunches, but she is very different from any other dog I have raised. I really hope you do keep the mistakes and the difficult parts of training in your videos! It’s been helping me be more patient and understanding as I work with my Roxie!

  113. Mauricio Velasquez

    I can’t see any controversy around this situation, imo it is something normal, my BC is 3 years old, and since about 8 months ago I am able to be relaxed walking around other male dogs, but it was a learning process. You are doing great and thanks for the tons of info you give to us. Keep it up

  114. TheStickyDynamite


  115. Alice Bond-Seaman

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  116. Rosie Miller

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  117. Robin Figueroa

    I appreciate the time you took to go through this and provide additional context, and I don’t really look at what happened as you making a mistake. I have a very sensitive Scottie girl, who was very afraid at the dog park at first. Each time, our experience was better and better. Now she instigates the play with most dogs there. For some dogs, it just takes time. Even if looking back you feel like it could have been handled better, I prefer you showing the imperfections, as this let’s us see how you – a very good trainer – would handle the situation. Keep up the great work!

  118. veronica Hall

    Thank you Zak, please keep showing your mistakes because as a newbie traine/owner I make many mistakes. I like that I can see how you react and behave with your dog when you have pushed them to far. Your patience and understanding are inspirational.

  119. Cody Frye

    Zak love how real and authentic your videos are. For a 1st time puppy owner your videos have helped us out tremendously. Love the content.

  120. captmicha

    Wow, Zak! Much respect for your humility! You’re a pretty amazing trainer. Who amongst us is perfect? I know I’m not.

    I saw that video and didn’t want to heap onto the comments, but I guess I decided to reply here afterall.

    I’ve done similar when my parents got a new puppy. When you’re SO close and personally invested, bc it’s your own dog, I think many of us tend to make more mistakes bc we get so excited.

    I did with their puppy. I have a no going *in* the dog park rule, but I broke it in my excitement. Long story short, the puppy got attacked.

    This was one trial learning re: other dogs. Not a great thing.

    Like you, I also use the *outside* of the dog park for training. I like to use it for Classical Conditioning. Namely Desensization and CounterConditioning.

    To help them learn that a Below Threshold distance to their triggers (other people, other dogs) predicts a very good outcome of high value food/favorite toy.

    This builds a sense of safety and also optimism.

    As a Conditioned Emotional Response is created, we close the distance a little bit more, so it’s baby steps gradually done.

    The neutral level of exposure “below threshold” is important bc it prevents Trigger Stacking and Sensization. We want to do the effect opposite, Desensization. This also prevents rehearsal of undesired behaviors.

    It focuses on emotions rather than (obedience) behaviors.

    Anywho, good luck to you and Inertia! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress with her.

  121. Gaynor Boycott

    Because editing out your puppy getting nervous and snapping would have helped those of us with puppies who may do the same?? Get a grip public – this whole concept is to show the reality of the pleasures and pitfalls of training a dog. For me, seeing that a professional trainer still struggles makes me feel like I’m not such a useless dog mum.

  122. fulldrag44

    Been following you since your first Post with Inertia. We got our puppies at the same time, and you have helped so much along the way. The same day you posted the original video, was also the first day I had the same experience with my 9month old puppy. She has just started the air snapping. Which she never presented until the 1000th time she was with other dogs. Thank you so much for your “real world” critique and explanation to the comments you received.
    By seeing the way you dealt with the dynamics, between Inertia and the other dogs, along with your in depth opinions on it, really helps me deal along the same up and downs with my dog. I must say. it’s been a pleasure watching your videos. Please keep doing things just as you are with this series!

  123. Imke Luyckx

    I actually think I would have done the same… so, I don’t know, these things happen. You learn and grow from that as a dog trainer! But please keep showing the difficult stuff too, I would actually feel bad as a dog parent if all I see is that everything goes so well with your training while that’s not the case in my training! 😅 so seeing this is like a confirmation that it’s okay to make a mistake and it can happen to the best of the best, you know

  124. vip vip

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    what i want to say though is that i love your serie, i love you videos and honestly, i appreciate you addressing the matter, even though, i didnt even know there was a big thing around that video 😉
    I just like to hear you talking about dogs 🙂
    Keep showing us your learnings and new understandings… its always nice to see real life experiences !
    Love your channel Zak!
    Keep up the grrrreat work !

  125. Samantha warden

    I think your videos are great and are doing a great job with inertia. The mistakes are import to show the rest of the world. No pup and person will ever be mistake free. Thats how we learn and improve.

    I have a pup that is sort of similar with new dogs as well. He is fine sniffing butt to butt. But when he sniffs nose-to-nose he gets a bit growly and snappy. I don’t believe it is out of aggression but more of fear. As my poor pup was attacked twice before he was 6 months old by a large dogs.
    If the other dog doesn’t react to his growly, snappy behavior they’re playing within minutes. But I would love to get some advice on how to correct his sniffing nose to nose behavior.

  126. Special Z

    Seriously please dont stop doing theses, they are literally so helpful for me and my pup. Seriously, these videos have been so awesome to follow and learn from. Theres nothing else out there like it. Also thank you!! You have no clue how helpful this has been in training my own dog, it was a total flip for how i used to train and enzo has responded so well to this!

  127. B

    Do not omit errors. That is how we learn. I make mistakes every time I take my dog out for his walk. It’s a learning experience every time and you always put into practice what you learned from an adjust from your mistakes. Keep up the good work.

  128. Cthulhu Dawn R'lyeh

    Zak, I understand you felt you wanted to make this video but it is a shame that some viewers have reacted in a way that made you felt you NEED to. I personally really appreciate your “real world” approach to dog training as it falls in line with most people’s busy lives in my opinion. As far as this video goes, exactly as you have stated, just like ourselves every dog is different. No matter how much time you’ve spent training and socialising it cannot always prepare for real world scenarios and everything that comes with that. My 7mo old Afghan Hound has been socialised from the very beginning but has also had similar experiences as Inertia where some dogs are just “full on” and they need time to adjust. The “back off” air nipping should NOT be seen as anything more than a way for a dog to communicate “back off for a minute” as you said. Afghans are generally dogs who like to “screen” not only other dogs but people first before then accepting them and turning into the big playful fools you see. The stigma around this needs to stop, some people need more education, that simple. Love your videos, peace from Australia 👏👍

  129. musiclover23wvu

    Its very important to me to show the mistakes. Reminds new trainers that it WILL NOT be an easy ride. It takes time, dedication, and failures to learn. And seeing them from a practiced trainer makes you really see the full picture.
    I have my first puppy, he is about six months old and I got him at 9 weeks. It can be frustrating to say the least when he keeps doing things that aren’t proper. But knowing it even happens for you makes it easier to take a breath and try more.

    Also I personally see no problems when how your reacted to her and I believe she learned valuable lessons even if she was uneasy.
    I have had a job for 2 years at a boarding facility where I would be watching 18 dogs on my own or up to 45 with a couple other people. I have seen first hand a few thousand dogs interacting to each other over time. I have evolved in how I respond to their actions.
    I believe her reaction was justified for her and your aid in ending the altercation to allow for moving on was well done.
    Keep it up Zak!

  130. Nanidogmom Stevens

    Thanks Zak, keep up the good work.Inertia has come a long way in 3 months. Be blest☦️👩🏻‍🦳🐾🇺🇸

  131. Alyssa Boulton

    Your last video was my favorite one. Inertia and my puppy are roughly the same age, and acted the same way the first time I even brought her to a puppy play night at my training facility. Seeing Inertia act a little unsure around something humans think all dogs LOVE (other dogs) really helped me think; “okay, my dog isn’t broken. This is normal and we are gonna work through some fear for a while!” It just made me feel better to see not every dog is perfect 🙂 I love it

  132. Alison Ciccanti

    Definitely continue what you do, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. It’s nice to see that we can all miss read certain situations.
    I love your videos, you have taught me so many tips and tricks.

  133. V Bolland

    Zak it is wonderful to see a well established dog trainer having a glitch in training. Anyone who has a problem with your videos need to stop watching. Please don’t change a thing!

  134. Hanna Saariniemi

    Keep everything real, don’ cut out the mistakes. If someone makes those same mistakes they have like guide of how to recover from it and how to handle the sitsuation. And dog training is not always easty, it feels more real when you show the mistakes and not a dog who already knows the solutuion and what to do, it gives to dog owners a real picture where the teaching can start and what the starting point can be and how it goes along the way.

  135. Pop Tytille

    Hello ! I love your series !
    I’m just confused on one part of this video, doesn’t picking her up “congratulate” her reaction ? Like how when petting your dog when they’re barking at strangers, as an attempt to calm them down and relieve a bit of their stress, is actually like saying “yes, you’re doing a good job, you’re right to react like that”, is it the same when picking her up? No saying that you should be rough on her, I’m all in for the positive training, I just want to understand the subtleties.
    Thank you for your videos !!

  136. Jorge Gonzalez

    Don’t let the hate bother you Zak! At least your whole page is TRULY informing… wether we agree with the method or simply the method doesn’t work for us.

    I’m a trainer myself… I don’t appreciate “us” trainers thinking we know better then other trainers. I’ve been doing fit over 3 years (I know it isn’t much) but I know after 20 years experience I’m still going to be learning new ways to train!

    My parents raised me different then my brothers, not cause I was a bad kid but because I needed other ways to be taught. Some positive and some with discipline.

    I like what you Do!

  137. Rosa bella

    I think you’re great and so knowledgeable and real! !! Love your videos 👍🏾👍🏾❤️❤️ and Inertia ! 😍😍

  138. Celaestis Amory

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  139. Wookie 153

    Inertia looked like she had fun in the dog park. She had a little run in with another dog because it ran into her. I think she handled it pretty well to be honest. Great series Zak, I have used your videos to train my collie/dalmatian Peggy here in the UK. She turns 1 on Feb 25th, any chance she can get a shout out in a video for her birthday 😁

  140. Celaestis Amory

    If it helps differentiate between behavior you’re pleased with or identify as healthy interactions for Inertia, maybe you can put a frame or banner during the clips that weren’t as successful; like “what to avoid” or “what to be aware of in your dog.”

    It IS vital for us pet owners to know what could potentially go wrong in dog socializing and how to spot it in order to effectively alter it in our dogs. It’s important to see the solutions play out in action instead of just hear about it or read about it, and so much better to have as much going for you training your dog before it turns into a problem then having to backtrack with them and have to take them to obedience schools or other more specialized programs to fix their behavior, programs and schools which could have reverse engineered where you went wrong in training and demonstrated how avoidable it was if you’d just had that dog training clip of things going south and how to recover so you can apply it to your dog training experience.

  141. T.J. Hofer

    I don’t think there were even any mistakes made. Sometimes dogs just need to express to each other, “Hey, that’s not ok, leave me alone!” The other dog not leaving her along might have been another sign to impose yourself between them, but I think you handled it the right way.

  142. Mar_s19

    I think it’s so informative because in real life not everything goes perfect! It helps me know how to handle my pup when stuff like that happens. Seeing you react off the bat is extremely helpful. Please don’t take out mistakes. Mistakes help us learn! If everything went perfect we wouldn’t learn!

  143. terrazasd

    Bravo to you! I have a 10 week old puppy and you are my go to for training ideas. Love the series! You keep doing you, appreciate your candor and your honesty.

  144. Michele Frederick

    Our family is getting ready to get a puppy. I did not grow up with pets, and I do not even know how to begin to train one. I stumbled across your channel last week. My 11 year old and I have both been watching your videos. Please, include mistakes. I need to know that even pros can mess up as well. While I am still extremely nervous about getting and training a puppy, I have gained some confidence because of your series with Inertia. Thank you so very much!

  145. Grace McCracken

    My criticism comes from the point of view of everyone does things differently. I think your enthusiasm and attitude is amazing but I dislike how you say “never use prong collars, e collars, ect.” You don’t have to use them and everyone can have their own opinion of every tool. You don’t use them and that is cool. But stop telling people what they can and cannot do just because you don’t understand the tools. You have a huge following and you aren’t spreading honest unbiased information about them which in turn causes this increase in controversy amongst dog trainers. Everyone should just stay in their own lanes and stop criticizing eachother and spreading hate just because it isnt what they would do.
    The dog park incident I think was troublesome for me only because I plain don’t think they are safe. Inertia was overwhelmed by the situation which is okay and happens but you didn’t know the other dogs and think you were unsafe because you never know what could happen. But at the same time, it is your dog. If you like the park. Go to the park! Personally, I don’t go to dog parks because I don’t want to take that risk. But I have friends that go and they have a good time.

  146. Saro Dog Training

    As a dog trainer and Youtuber myself, I know for sure everything that we do, there would be many positive responses and there would be some negative responses. That’s how our world is set up for now. But I feel that you did mean to set up your previews videos as controversial. You titled it such and the thumbnail is set to be as well. All Youtubers do that all the time. I have to agree with you on a couple of things. We, dog trainers, do make mistakes all the time as well. Also, every dog takes one to two years to be trained. One thing that I don’t agree with your method is over-use of treats. You were one of my idols and the reasons why I got into dog training (let’s not age ourselves). But, where you shine and need to focus on is trick training and not everyday, lifestyle dog training. Your method is not the ideal method for dog owners to learn and copy. Your method and many other dog trainers when used with the public, cause dog owners not learn the real dog training and make many mistakes as you do. This is one of the reasons why we have dogs who are reactive and stressed in today’s society. I used to think that treats were the way to train dogs but I have been training dogs for more than 10 years without treats and I am training my new puppy as well, right now. It is possible to train dogs even better without the use of treats, aversive tools, force or domination. I use what you used to use to train dogs. Play and praise. These are the best rewards for dogs and I share tons of examples and videos on my channel. I just wanted to share my thoughts as a dog trainer who looked up to you and I still believe in you because after all, we’re all humans and I know, you mean well.

  147. Warren Gibbins

    I’m also deployed right now and watching your videos helps me figure out different ways to train my rescue pup when something isn’t working at the moment. You also help reinforce this treat and reward style training into me so I don’t get angry and yell and instill fear. It’s so easy to revert to that kind of training when you grew up with that style.

  148. DublinDapper

    Literally the worst dog trainer on the internet…you can’t reinforce fear by providing comfort while the dog is being fearful. Where do you honestly get this stuff. If i didn’t know better I would honestly think you had never been around a dog in your life….10:10

  149. Leslie Morris

    Don’t omit mistakes! It’s a great way to learn! Include them and explain them.

  150. adam Cornford

    “The internet loves to tell you how to train your dog” says the guy on the internet telling you how to “train” your dog 😂😂

    I like how he uses a harness, why would you put something on a dog that was designed to help it pull, to stop it pulling?!

    I do agree they take 3 years to settle and mature but heal work and recall should only take a few days a week tops in a young dog

    Fair play to him he is making a load of money and no matter what he does or anyone says he will still make a fortune so either way he is a winner

  151. Noela González Grucci

    Hi Zak! I’ve been watching your series since day one, and honestly, your real-life training is what really helped me to go through my experience with my puppy. This is the first time I ever have a dog, and your videos have helped me not to get frustrated when things don’t go as I expected. If everything you showed was perfect, I think I would have given up with training months ago… I would have probably thought that I wasn’t good enough to train my puppy. So please keep showing all the “mistakes”, that’s what I really need. Greetings from Uruguay!

  152. M

    Absolutely don’t omit them. As laymen, we’re probably going to make worse mistakes and we need to see how we can manage the situation when things don’t pan out ideally. People are always going to talk as if they have the upper hand because they had the benefit of watching it edited in playback. We need to see these snap decisions to learn how to make our own correctly in the future.

  153. Ben Power

    Is that piece of art behind him tilted is the camera tilted is it tilted am I dead

  154. Melanie Ostiguy

    KEEP THE MISTAKES!! it makes me feel so much better when comparing my dog training to yours when I know you and Inertia have bad days just like me and Anna. I’ve had great days at the dog park and there have been days where I could tell she just was tired and not into it. But that took time for me to learn when was a good day to go and when we didnt need to go. THANK YOU for sharing this awesome experience.

  155. Coffeegirl 69

    I love your honesty, I think we are all human and no one is perfect. Keep up the great videos and learning lessons for us all!

  156. Traci Walter

    I can understand why there were questions after this session, and I think this was a great one to sit down and explain what was going on in your head and with past experiences. I appreciate you showing the “real world” training issues. When I watching that, I actually thought to myself, wow.. if his dog is not fully listening to him, I don’t feel as bad about mine. It gives me reassurance that I don’t always have to be perfect, and to do what I can to help my dog be well-adjusted to the world. Please don’t edit the mistakes and things you think are controversial, they are real life and in so many ways are super beneficial. Thank you for all you do Zak!

  157. Cath Unsworth

    I’m a dog walker. I really value your honest approach. What I’ve learned from my own experience is that dogs don’t always do the best thing and neither do we. But each time we have a tricky incident, it sets us up as more experienced and calm for the next time. It makes us better dog handlers, for that individual dog and generally. I learn way more from watching when Inertia doesn’t do what’s expected, than when she does. So sharing your experience helps me be prepared for the tricky stuff, gives me ideas how to handle it, and saves me from the self-recriminations afterwards. So thank you.

  158. TheDoctors Whovian

    Definitely keep in these so called “mistakes”. It’s great to see the challenges you face as well as I’m sure there are people out there that love to know that dog training isn’t perfect even for the best and most experienced trainers.

    You did the right thing by not scolding after the air bites and managing the situation. You don’t fight fear with fear. Plus that big dog charged right for her, which can be terrifying to young dog like her. Her response was a justified warning.

    Keep up the great work!

  159. Jaime Gonzalez

    Thanks for the follow up Zak, personally I think it’s unnecessary but thanks for doing it anyway. I’ve used your series to train my Australian Shepherd puppy and she has come an extremely long way. Thank you for everything you do!

  160. Yara Ohrt

    Please continue to be honest and show the real life! This video impressed me really much because I also have a young dog who is sometimes insecure around unfamiliar other dogs. It startled me a lot when she snapped at other dogs. It was a relieave to see that you experienced similar and enlightening to listen to your observations and thoughts on how to react. It is really great that you live and breathe positive taining based on current learning theories and show us the real life. I learned and continue to learn so much with your videos. Thank you.

  161. Lori Rook

    I really appreciate your videos! The best thing is that you DO show mistakes that can happen. Perfect dogs and perfect trainers making no mistakes is not realistic, and actually would be very discouraging to real people working with their dogs.

  162. Chloe

    i feel like there’s a big ‘dog snobbery’ community who are never happy with the way anyone treats or brings up their dogs. they think they’re always right.

  163. rosie thompson

    Personally I really like this series. All to often we see training videos with very ideal animal/ situations (they sit when handling/they already listen well). We rarely see what realistically happens.
    Side note, my chihuahua does they exact same thing when he gets intimidated by another dog and it is very helpful and relieving to see that he isn’t the only one doing it. It also gave me a new perspective.

  164. Frances Hunt

    This was very helpful to hear, I had a near identical situation with my dog and I picked her up to get her out of the situation. I was then given a very firm lecture from another dog owner saying that what I did was wrong and I should never pick my dog up to take her away from the situation (she was air biting and showing teeth but nothing else). Anyways that has stuck with me and I thought I mustn’t be very good at training my dog but this video has helped me understand, so thank you.

  165. Raphael Raffel

    You were brave to include an error of judgement in your video, and honestly it’s refreshing to have someone who doesn’t edit their videos to show a false reality. I don’t know what’s up with ‘Cancelling’ right now, but I can certainly confirm that Zack George is not at all deserving of any of the fire from cancel culture. The man is literally offering millions of people brilliant advice, and is therefore bound to offer advice that triggers some viewers. Anyone who is actually criticising Zack needs to take a step back and think about how easy it is to criticise people but not so easy to put yourself out there like Zack does.

  166. Waero

    Appreciate the direct message to the viewers! If I may ask, what do you think makes the difference between your stance that picking up the dog during unwanted behaviour isn’t harmful and other trainer(s) do?

  167. Stephanie T

    Love this! And this video was so helpful in helping me learn more about my dog’s aggression. He’s a one year old Boston Terrier who has always been the sweetest thing ever. However, since being neutered two months ago he has become aggressive with certain dogs depending on the interaction. Seeing what you did and your thought process is helpful.

  168. Jen Kolski

    I thoroughly appreciate you showing us that it’s not always easy! That video really helped me because my Jack Russell responds that way when he’s toppled over. We’re normally able to get him back on track to end on a good experience so that he doesn’t associate bad experiences with the dog park. It makes me feel better that dog trainers also have these issues, so please keep on showing us the difficult situations! It really helps!

  169. Sam G.

    I don’t think you should omit them. I made a similar mistake taking my puppy to the dog park and another dog jumped on her (rough playing) but she didn’t like it and air snapped for a while. She is older and a little braver now but still airsnaps with dogs who rush up to her. I would love to see how you (and inertia) go through this.

  170. Scott

    I pick my border collie puppy up in 2 weeks (I’m pretty excited), and this series has been great for my preparation. I learn just as much from what doesn’t work as I do from what does. Keep it up Zak!

  171. BrunoACFernandes

    The video was great, and Inertia is a great pup.

  172. Girl Goes VROOMVROOM

    Please keep sharing the actual experience of training your puppers. Lots of us are trying to train our fur children and it really helps to see what problems everyone faces and an approach to help solve those issues.

  173. Actual Tea

    Haters gonna hate, you know you know better than them. Keep being you, I like it, you keep it real and that’s what we what to learn better. Half off the ppl who comment stuff like this have for sure not their dog in control lol

  174. TaelonSHU

    I think the entire inertia experience show is right on the money. For new dog owners watching YouTube and puppy course it becomes incredibly stressfull. It feels like you can’t do anything untill you trainer it perfectly and panic when your puppy learns a bad behaviour.
    It really helps relax when you see others struggle and get a wider perspective of raising a dog.

    My dog is now 13 months old male and it feels like every 2 months I have a new dog where he shows new traits. I do hope you will add some male dog behaviour elements in it because oh boy the hormones :p. Mine went from being the submissive to now willing to growl and test his place with other males after a greeting.

  175. Chloe

    would marry you tbh i may be 19 but-

  176. cactikaty

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  177. Patricia King

    Keep showing the mistakes please it makes it feel more realistic and lets us see that we’re not the only ones having difficulties with our pups thanks

  178. Scyler McFarlane

    I’m honestly just confused. I don’t watch the videos anymore but I did when my dog was young. I swear you had multiple videos saying “Do not take your dog to a dog park if it is not trained.” Then one of the first videos I see of yours again is “I took my dog to the dog park and it tried to bite!”… What? Why did you take the dog into a dog park if the dog wasn’t trained and comfortable? -_- It’s been 3 years my guy. You should know this basic stuff.

  179. Kayla Rae

    Hey Zak, you gained a new follow off of your controversial video! I love real content, I love when humans make mistakes and learn from it and I love seeing dogs learn. Thank you and keep it up!


    Like the picture of your two dogs

  181. Janine N

    Please keep including mistakes it makes me feel like I’m not a failure when things don’t go perfectly with my puppy, that if you can have these moments too it’s totally normal.

  182. Diana Janette

    I have a 7month old pup and I socialized my pup at a young age to get to know other dogs and see what he likes or doesn’t. Normally puppies get scared or nervous when new big bigger dogs or just dogs no matter the size in general. But the chance to let them smell each other and just be around each other reassures them to be okay with their surroundings and that you’re their if they are not okay. I make mistakes when I take my pup out but both you and your dog will learn together and know each other well! You did amazing and you don’t need to apologize! You are a great trainer and seeing the mistakes and flaws help us learn too!

  183. Stephanie Rosas

    DO NOT CUT OUT THE “mistakes” . It is part of training a dog! People need to understand that she is still a puppy in TRAINING and will need to be TRAINED to act properly in new situations. I learn a lot from you and will be overlooking your training videos with her because we got a new dog, 1year old intact male, yellow lab, who needs a lot of TRAINING. I appreciate that you included her reactions and your response to them in your videos. It helps give the viewer an idea of how to react to a situation when TRAINING a dog.

  184. Jozef M.

    People are just offended by everything these days. Unbelieveable!

  185. Stine Malm

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  186. Ashley Akridge

    Everything you did (and have been doing) with Inertia, is everything she needs. My 9 month old Husky is extremely confident and doesn’t have a fearful bone in her body. In some cases, she gets too excited and accidentally runs into another dog. She frequently gets corrected by other dogs she pisses off. Snapping at each other is how dogs communicate that they are unhappy with the other dog. As much as I correct her, having another dog correct her is much more effective. She’s learning, and that’s really all that matters.

  187. RebelScumPvP

    Please, please don’t omit the mistakes. We learn just as much from your mistakes. You’re 100% right about life not being perfect. My pup and I love our videos and have learned so much from you and inertia ❤️

  188. lauren mchugh

    You know what? Live and learn. Like you said, every dog is different. I use your videos to help myself with my 1.5 year old lab puppy. and you’ve always steered me right. I thank you for that.

  189. Maya Vizcaino

    I didn’t see a single mistake in that video when I watched it last week. Things didn’t necessarily go as planned, but that’s the nature of training a puppy. Also, as a seasoned dog trainer, I have full confidence that when and if you do make a mistake, you do things differently the next time, really paying attention to how you can improve your training. If shows in your videos. I’m glad you’re welcoming and addressing criticism, because critics of that video likely need to be educated about why the way you went about this was ok, and realize that dog trainers are humans who aren’t infallible.

  190. Maggie Tapia

    It’s a great that you include all of the experience and interaction or mistakes we all learn from them!! Because as you said the is not a perfect world, scenario dog or trainer! I love your videos and I found them so helpful with my puppy now.

  191. Kate Smith

    No need to apologise! The fact that you totally kept your cool in a situation where many others would start yanking, cranking & yelling at their dogs. In my experience, a situation like that can quickly trigger other dogs to get involved & before you know it you have a mighty scrap going on. Keep on doing you dude, we really appreciate it! Much love from Australia 🐾💜

  192. ROB ORR

    Keep doing what your doing. Don’t let a negative experience discourage you. I have found your videos very helpful. Cheers and carry on!

  193. Aquamarine

    I feel your video was excellent. I thought I was the only person who had these kinds of experiences. Please continue to show mistakes. I love your honesty and thoughtful training videos.

  194. kkian22

    Hi Zak,

    Professional trainer here. I always have said you are one of the good guys. When trainers do videos we open ourselves to critics, I have seen you grow since you first started. Good trainers always evolve and learn, reevaluate our methods, timing and mistakes.

    I have done many videos on my own webpage, went back and watched (insert face palm) I messed that timing up! We do learn and move forward! Keep up the good positive reinforcement training!

  195. Zoe Clegg

    I think leave the mistakes in, but when you’re watching them back while editing it would be helpful to get your honest feedback. I agree with the critique that she was showing calming signals and visibly uncomfortable but as you say, in the past she has opened up and started playing. I think you would avoid a lot of controversy if you rewatched these videos with a critical eye and help us learn from the mistakes.

  196. Tania C.

    The learning of dogs , training and their behavior is unending. As a dog trainer myself , with only 2 years of experience, I really admire the sheer unedited honesty that you’ve given me. Add in the mistakes, add in what you learned , add in “in hindsight I shouldOf done this” at the end of the videos so we all can learn that 1-this is what happened 2-this is what I did 3-if it didn’t go well what you should do. Not only do we see you grow as a person along with Inertia , we too can learn your thoughts on this. I stand by your choices to include all of it. At the end of the day most aren’t mistakes , they are lessons learned & this is how we grow as a community. Thank you Zac ! You got this bro ! 💪

    Anyone who hasn’t made a mistake raising a dog or a child please go ahead and take a seat! 🤥 We’re all human , and no one is perfect.

  197. Jacqueline Arbuthnot

    I have met other people at the park and recognised immediately that they watch your videos because their puppy is focused on them, comes when called, and is well behaved. We don’t even have a dog yet but watching your videos gives me confidence that we’ll know what to do when that day comes. Seeing how you deal with mishaps is comforting because aren’t those the things dog owners are most afraid of? It’s really important to see when a dog becomes fearful and how to deal with that because it will happen at some point or another with every single dog. Love your videos, keep up the amazing work!

  198. Oriana Lewallen

    Don’t say sorry. Bringing home a puppy soon, and I need to know the dirt. No dog is perfect. No owner is perfect. But I personally cant learn how to recoup from a non-perfect situation, without seeing someone else do it first…Keep on Keeping on….

  199. knerke

    I didn’t see that video as bad. I saw a dog just like mine and I was so happy to see how you handled it.

    Also thanks to you I have the loveliest and most kind 1,5 year old chihuahua

  200. Toph_Ramen

    The mistakes make it real. I adopted a dog a year ago and had this fantasy of a well trained dog that would kindly greet guest. I realized the first month that he did not like guests and our other dog (which we did a meet and greet beforehand). I thought I was way over my head but then I started connecting with others who had the same issues with their reactive dogs. Its good to show the mistakes because it shows the unpredictability of situations or even the precautionary signs. After getting to understand my dog more, I have to say he has improved. I’ve had him for one year and there’s still more hurdles to faces, but we are taking them one at a time.

  201. Nancy Denson

    Hi Zak – please continue to include your mistakes and be realistic about the process of raising a pup. We are raising a BC pup right now (she is 12 months). She is super sensitive right now & as far as I’m concerned you showed how even a very experience dog raiser & someone who knows dog body language can overshoot, as it were. How do you know that you are providing an appropriate challenge for a smart dog if you don’t push the limits once in a while. I love the fact that you include your mistakes also.

  202. Morgan McMurdy

    I love this. I was a little skeptical at first when I saw the original video, but your explanation here is wonderful, and refreshingly honest. I say keep it up.

  203. Jo Aldaya

    A great and honest response. I think it’s really important to show the mistakes as well as the successes. It is not so helpful to watch a trainer train a dog that is already perfectly trained. You have certainly helped with my confidence when I think about some of the things I have done with my dog. I am really looking forward to following the rest of your journey. Thanks so much! 😊

  204. Casey Dickenson

    Lets not forget how quick these situations occur. This wasnt even really that bad, the other dog backed down has his ears back.. and inhertia is doing air bites to create distance, its obviouse she has no intent to hurt thet other dog, they were fine. If you could go back, would you try to body block and just step between them to create space that away?

  205. deBorjaOliver

    Dog parks can be so stressful in general with the unpredictability but it’s just up to owners to do their best, and it’s ok it’s not perfect

  206. TheRogueRifleman

    Please keep showing the mistakes. That is how WE learn from you. That is why I only watch you now because you show the WHOLE story.

  207. E Sr

    Thank you, this makes you look like a regular dog owner. We all have days where we miss read our dogs.

    Yes show mistakes it helps.
    We all are not perfect.

  208. Paulina Perez

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  209. Josh Gray

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  210. Sheepington

    Please keep including the mistakes! I think it’s wrong that it’s become ‘controversial’. Mistakes and failures are how living things learn.

  211. Daniel Lang

    I always pick the dog in class I think won’t listen to the training so people can see me dealing with a hard to manage situation. I own a Presa Canario that behaves well and seeing my big dog behave while your little dog can’t will discourage my students. So I pick the worse dog and let them see me struggling and eventually (maybe not this class but the next one or one after) succeeding and that helps everyone feel more secure with their own training. Keep doing things how you’re doing it, and mostly ignore the internet. If you cured cancer, the internet would complain you put some doctors out of a job.

  212. rubensantana91

    Dude your a great dog trainer. My wife and I have learned so much from watching your videos. Keep up with your honest raw videos!

  213. Monika Duff

    I watched some of the dog park video, didn’t get to the very end. I like the fact that you shared your REAL experience. Such a shame that you are put in a position to have to justify it. All of life is a learning experience. Haven’t read people’s comments but can imagine what some could have been. We have 12 week old littermates and yep, learning continues for us and them. I follow several dog training videos. If you have never seen the videos posted from an Australian DOGGY DAYCARE FARM TRIPS google it and check it out. Heaven for dogs. Have a great day Zak.

  214. susan nigro

    I think you are doing a wonderful job…As an owner of 2 Border Collies..They are highly intelligent..with that also comes the fact that they are also highly acute to emotions, sounds, and movement….They are by nature not aggressive dogs…but very friendly, playful and hard working..My personal experiences in a dog park have not been good…So I no longer bring my dogs there..i.e..A visit resulting in my BC being bit under the eye that required stitches after a aggressive dog attack…I am not comfortable with the uncertainty there…I also think a big part of training is fully understanding your breed…BC’s are very unique dogs ….All the best to you…Inertia is a beautiful girl..

  215. Silje Uglenes

    Show the mistakes. I love the videos. It is so important to show how much time and effort it takes to train a do. I know peaople who have problem dogs, because the gave up on training an socialising.

  216. ashley jones

    Love the artists’ work in the background could you give a mention please

  217. Oriana F.

    Honestly you have helped me sooo much with my own dog during this journey. Great videos. Xoxo

  218. K D

    What I feel didn’t get addressed in this video is dogs like Inertia, I’m currently basically in your exact situation in the video. I have a cattle dog and he is just defensive and nervous, in his mind socialization seems to be exclusive to the dog he just met. He could meet another dog in the dog park and will meet it with the exact same nervousness no matter how much we’ve done together. He’s now 2 and has been to many dog parks but I’ve just sorta written him off as an anti social personality. Is there any way to boost the confidence in a nervous defensive dog? Is intervening every time coddling him or protecting other owners dogs? I just am never sure what the right call is when he shows that exact same nervousness Inertia showed.

  219. Jehna Martinez

    Since your asking I think you should include everything. But mostly I think you should make your videos the way YOU want to make them. If you don’t want to hide anything, then don’t. I honestly believe just people who were saying stuff had only seen that one video and nothing or not much else of the series anyway. But that’s just my thoughts. Love you Zak George. You’ve really helped me a lot with my 3 Shih Tzu’s.

  220. Shaun Browne

    As a first time owner I massively appreciate and can relate to your mistakes being in there. Honesty is always the best policy and we’re not here to judge each other but to help each other do the best we can for our dogs. 🐶

  221. Jaimee Bell

    it is so refreshing to see even a professional dog trainer have the same struggles everyone has, it makes me feel less like a failure as a dog owner with a nervous dog

  222. Ashlee Johnson

    Hey zak i know you may or may not see this so i will send an instagram comment as well i love this video i made and i was wondering if you could make a reaction video to dog trainers who work specifically with aggressive and or reactive dogs you even said inertia is reactive i would love to see your reaction to those videos i by no means am saying to continue the “drama” or “controversy” but just an idea love ya zak and i will continue to support you i think you should keep the mistakes in youre serious but maybe add a future self part in the video like u did here saying you probably shouldnt have done what you did

  223. Sheila Brausey

    I love your videos and the real world aspect of your training when things dont go right is one of my favorite parts! I am trying to train our 9 month old chocolate lab and seeing that we make the same mistakes as you and inertia makes me feel so much better! Thank you for keeping it real Zak!

  224. Tiger1 n

    Don’t omit the mistakes, makes me not feel like a failure so much with my puppy. My dog acted exactly like that with his first day at a dog park but he stayed under the table. The trainer at my Petco said not to correct mine with the other puppies when he did this because it was a good learning experience for the other dogs, so not sure why you even needed this video

  225. Courtney White

    Okay all I see here is a dog that was protecting herself from an overbearing dog. So many people dont understand dog language. I think you handled it great. And I wouldn’t question your judgement as I’ve been watching you for years and know that you are good at what you do. My dog acts very similarly, he is a sheltie. A lot of people who dont have experience with dogs acting like that tend to be quick to judge. I appreciate that you include the mistakes. Because it is REAL.

  226. Deliah Boni

    As an owner of a 16 week old westie puppy, I am grateful for the series and your transparency during training. It has made training far more relaxed. The books and the videos have been a fantastic resource for my puppy and I. Keep all the experiences in!!

  227. Jack Robertson

    Hey Zak! Definitely include the mistakes please! I’m about to welcome a golden retriever puppy into my family next month and I’ve been researching, watching your videos and I’ve learnt so much and I am far more prepared now for than I was before I started watching this series. I think the controversy is a bit over the top, it’s important to understand how Inertia would have felt in that situation, and she just gave a warning to the bigger dog. I’m also a firm believer in not using fear or physical punishment with animals as it can ruin your bond with them, and lead to issues down the track with your dog. Keep up the good work Zak!

  228. James Aust

    As a viewer that was critical in the last episode I still think you should show all the mistakes! If you want this to be a truly comprehensive and “complete” series, you just have to show what it’s like… Also try to continue these reaction videos on controversial episodes. these videos can really help people.

  229. pyro226

    Ideally, if you were in a controlled situation, stepping between them and making her stop everything until she called down would have been better. Not stare to submission, but just stop everything until she works her way through it. Picking her up confused her. She was startled before going in, but I didn’t think she was scared per-se (much I the way that the boat startled her, but again, not really afraid). I think you’re right for keeping mistakes in.

  230. Christine Gray

    This is just another reason why I love your channel. You didn’t need to address this as a “controversy” because it’s part of the dog training experience, but you did it for your viewers to help them understand where you were coming from. You genuinely care what we think and it shows in this video. I didn’t even think that the video was so controversial, because you can’t know for sure what a dog will do 100% of the time in an uncontrolled environment even if the dog is well trained. You train them so you can have more control over the situation should a need arise, but it doesn’t always mean they’ll always listen or act as you want them too and this was a prime example of that. You did what I hope anyone would do, you took control of the uncontrolled situation by removing inertia to control it. She wasn’t instigating the situation, she was standing her ground letting the other dog know she didn’t like being knocked around. Not always will dogs like another dog, and I assume it’s just as people don’t like other people. I think that maybe some people were taken off guard when you shared this candid moment showing that you too also experience the same things anyone else does when training their dog. In any case, I think you should keep these moments in. They are valuable learning experiences that will help people in the long run train their dogs.

  231. Skarlet

    Hi Zach, I’m from Europe and I love your series with Inertia. I’m so sad some people didn’t appreciate your last video.I hope you keep the mistakes because it’s more real. My puppy unfortunately injured his leg while I was sleeping and I blame myself so hard for not paying attention to him even when I’m asleep. It’s not easy taking care of a puppy and I hear so many opinions on how I should do this and that. I have a Bull Terrier and a lot of people tell me to be stricter and make him fear me, because this is a dangerous breed, but I prefer positive reinforcement method. Your videos really helped me understand dogs and how to make mine trust me and listen to me. Thank you so much!

  232. Frank Yang

    I take it as all dog owners will have their methods knowing the nuances of their dogs and there is no right or wrong most of the time. It’s more valuable to to see how Zak dealt with situation and what he was thinking at the time. I find this way more valuable vs watching a video of a dog obeying every command as that is just not realistic. Good video and good follow up Zak.

  233. Loryne Plantec

    Hi! I don’t know if you’ll see this and I usually never post comments but just wanted to say I love your videos and your series « Dog training Experience » has been incredibly helpful to train my whippet/border collie puppy who’s just slightly older than Inertia. Your videos motivated me to start frisbee with him and he loves it! His recall and focus in a distracting environment is really improving thanks to that because he’s so driven by the frisbee.
    I enjoy seeing the mistakes in the series because it makes me feel better about my own and reminds me that making some mistakes doesn’t mean I’m failing at training my pup.
    So a big thank you from France!

  234. c b

    I am enjoying the real life training episodes. I’ve always wanted to see some training videos with dogs who are more like mine. Mine are highly sensitive to their environment and easily aroused, so not easy dogs. I did all the things I thought I should do with them when they were puppies – positive reinforcement, puppy kindergarten, socialization, but they still all became extremely reactive to other dogs. There are some things I would have done differently, but hindsight is 2020.
    So it was nice to see a trainer with a dog that appears (to me at least) to be similar – a bit anxious and unsure and sensitive. I do have a bit of a pet peeve when trainers only ever have border collies and not terriers, but I am hoping to learn from your experience to use with my own.
    I was wondering why you went in the dog park as she seemed a bit too unsure still, but I was glad to hear your thought process.

  235. LaPorscha Trueblood

    Thanks for the video explaining your thoughts. I love seeing your mistakes and your dogs’ mistakes, they provide me with reassurance that no trainer or dog is perfect. I watch the videos of people training dogs that are already trained and then feel discouraged when my doesn’t pick things up as quickly as the well trained dogs in videos. I also learn how to respond when my dog doesn’t understand what I’m asking her to do. Your videos with your puppy answers all of those questions and gives encouragement. Please leave the mistakes in the videos so we can learn. Also judgement is a major part of social media. Stay strong and keep up the good work!

  236. Shawna Arthur

    Definitely every dog is different I think showing your mistakes show what true mistakes people make on a day to day basis is what helps others and you learn

  237. Pintsizedpanda

    i think this series is incredibly insightful and helpful to new dog owners (especially new puppy owners) i don’t think you made a “mistake” at all. you never know how your pup will react until it comes into contact with it, and then you adjust. No one knows your dog better than you.
    i think you are doing right by Inertia, and I certainly hope that you will continue with this series the way you want to.
    just wanted to say that showing us everything really helps owners to not feel alone.

  238. Shaggy420

    Obviously keep the mistakes in. Everybody makes them and its a good learning experience for everybody watching including yourself especially when you make videos like this breaking down the mistakes piece by piece.

  239. DOGMAN3161

    One learns from their mistakes. As you’ve already said the real world is extremely unpredictable.. you should leave the mistakes in and continue moving forward. Though you are a dog trainer, its nice to see that they (you) make mistakes also if they don’t like it they can always turn off their computers. Keep up the good work and continue moving forward with the the mistakes.

  240. Mr. Snuffleupagus

    You’re awesome Zak. Thanks for the knowledge and content. You’re up there with Cesar for most of us. Keep it up bud!

  241. Alysani01

    I think its really good you leave in the mistakes and mishaps, dog training isnt perfect and dogs respond differently to different training methods and you just have to find one your dog responds to in the way you want. Trial and error. at the end of the day unless you are doing something truly and objectively wrong (like bringing a puppy with little to no shots to a dog park or bringing a truly dog aggressive dog to a dog park) then it isnt others place to attack you over this, Inertia isnt their dog, they can feel free to give advice but the attacking and saying that a certain way is 100% the right way and no other way is correct is a little much. Keep working with her and dont let all of the attacks get to you.

  242. Scott Snow

    I think this is the best teaching and learning we can do with real situations. Watching videos of already trained dogs is not helpful for us people working with our dogs making mistakes all the time. Keep the mistakes and keep it real.

  243. J P

    People were giving you lip over that? Where was the mistake? Clearly the dogs reaction was in self defense, and you correctly deescalated the situation that your dog didn’t instigate. Well done.
    Haters are just barking at air.

  244. Amy H

    I don’t think you should omit the parts that don’t go right. Any videos that I watch where the dog is acting perfectly doesn’t help me. I need to know what to do when things aren’t going perfect. Keep up the good work. My dog Oliver and I love you. ❤️ Big hug! You’re amazing.

  245. Breanna Hough

    Everybody makes mistakes please keep them in

  246. L. D. Maxwell

    That was honestly my exact read on the situation. She was nervous at first but ended up having fun, but just got freaked out when that dog bowled her over without warning. I’m honestly thankful to have a trainer with such a big platform say ‘You can’t correct fear with more fear’ because it’s SUCH a ubiquitous idea in the training world.

  247. Rebecca King

    Didn’t realize the last video was received as such, but for me it was one of my favorite videos to show her reaction vs cutting it and I hoped to see more follow up with it. I had a similar thing happen with my border aussie after she was smacked multiple times in the face by a friend’s dog (both were leashed and in a parking lot). She nipped him several times in the face. Like Interia, my dog Sedona reacts the same to dogs, especially big / excited dogs. I have really enjoyed learning how to handle it from a training point of view. Keep it up!

  248. MaKenzie Breeze

    Yes! Everything you said here was what I was thinking when I saw the video and I’ve seen every episode of the series with Inertia. I’ve seen a similar pattern of behavior introducing my pup to new dogs! If you immediately just say nope not doing it at the first sign of nerves, your dog will never get those experiences and continue to be nervous. I absolutely agree with how you came to your decision to take Inetia in and it’s backed up by all the other videos of her interactions. DO NOT LEAVE OUT THE MISTAKES!!! The internet loves to be mad about something and everyone thinks their opinion is right, but letting them control content takes away from the rest of us struggling with out pups that aren’t as experienced. I really don’t think this explaination video was needed, but I appreciate the honesty and integrity in taking on the controversy.

  249. Skimyni

    Include. Nice serie

  250. Marco Corrales

    You are a great trainer and that deserves respect. You show us the ups and downs, the good and the bad. Thank you for doing what you do and for being a good person.

  251. Maryam Youyou

    Honestly I don’t think there are mistakes made here. Inertia is a very thoughtful and social dog, she did not bite any dog even though she could. Yes, she bites the air, but she’s trying to keep other dogs out of her personal zone. She’s not actually trying to hurt the other dogs. To suggest that they should’ve left when this happened seems like such a bad idea. To overcome any anxiety, you must get exposure to it. And it was her first time, of course she’s anxious. I’m confident that she’ll get used to things like this in no time.

  252. Breanna Hough

    I completely agree with you not yelling at her for the snapping I think it could’ve reinforced the fear and I learn so much from your videos thank you

  253. Alejandro Gonzalez

    If this is considered controversial, then I’m the worst dog owner in the world. Listen, sometimes you miss on your pups social cues, other times, you overestimate how other dog owners will handle their pets.

    Do you know how many times I have to deal with owners bringing their large breeds into the small dog park, and I’m forced to over analyze the situation because my dog is 11lbs. Every time! As long as you have your dogs best interest in mind, that’s all that matters.

  254. jnauttube

    I don’t think you need to make any apologies here.

  255. Cilene Nascimento

    Hi Zak, I think you should keep doing what you’re doing. Your honesty is appreciated. I like the fact that you discuss your thinking behind your methods – what went well or not so well. I’m sorry to hear that you had to justify your philosophy towards some comments. Maybe some of them were out of context as you mentioned (i.e., people who haven’t been following you long enough to know you and what you stand for). Very grateful for your helpful videos 🙂

  256. Donna Coleman

    I love your videos. You helped me see I was the problem not my dog and how I needed to put in the work just like whith kids. I was doing it all wrong and your videos helped and she is so much happier and so am I. Your a great loving person. Keep up good work and I love that you don’t plan stuff it’s all real. Forget the criticism all love from nj

  257. coltsinglearmy

    Me and my wife love your videos! We have been following your journey with Inertia for months and now have got a Border Collie of our own, Louie.

  258. Scott W

    It is far more frustrating and discouraging for me when I watch over-edited dog training videos and everything is perfect…because they sure aren’t perfect for us.

  259. Savannah K

    10:27 I think that’s really great! “We don’t live in a sterile world, unexpected things will happen!” People telling you to correct fear! That’s silly. All I saw was a dog being like “Hey man, back up! I’m scared!” You did nothing wrong, especially since you know your own dog. The problem I always see is on the other end, a dog that’s brought into the park that if a dog like Inertia tells them to back off out of fear, they don’t respect that boundary and lash back out with aggression in retaliation. Those are the dogs that really shouldn’t be in there without further training or the owner being able to read their body language better.

    Also, if you were to leave the Second something bad happens at the park instead of letting things calm down and leave on a good note, wouldn’t that maybe create anxiety going back into the park another time? I think you should leave in things like this! We all make mistakes and it helps others!

  260. lisa janssen

    I have a pomeranian puppy of now 16 weeks old. I watched many, many videos on youtube regarding dog training, to make sure I would train my puppy amazingly. Due to all those perfect youtube videos, where dogs learn how to sit in 2 minutes or how to stop puppy biting in 10 minutes, I got very insecure. I felt as either I was doing something very bad or my dog was having severe behaviour problems. When no mistakes are shown in the videos, you get the impression that dog training should be very easy. This resulted in me expecting way too much of my young puppy way too soon, and me feeling very disappointed and frustrated. Your videos give me so much reassurance. It shows that puppies are often unpredictable and do not always listen to you the way you want them to all the time. Your videos make me feel like I am not doing a bad job with my puppy and that I should just be a little more patient with her. Please leave the mistakes in, it shows that you are human and that I do not have to feel guilty when I make a small mistake, because even the best dog trainer zak george makes them. Im from the Netherlands and I feel like every dog-owner knows you for your videos. We even talk about you during puppy training sometimes. Please just keep up the good work and be true to yourself! because of you, so many dog-owners all over the world (even in the netherlands) are able to train their dog better.

  261. Mojosage Thor

    I actually really appreciated the last video my puppy was the exact same way and she’s my first dog so I thought she was aggressive or not friendly because she snapped at other dogs and hid under benches when she first went to the dog park. We got a trainer helped with her confidence and she’s over all a good girl now. So thank you for the last video made me feel less alone.

  262. Mike Flo

    I’m really shocked there was even controversy around the video? That’s a REAL LIFE experience. If you haven’t had any situation similar to that as a dog owner then you must keep your pup locked up all day. Keep the great content coming Zak. I learn something new with every video.

  263. David Euler

    Hi Zak. I really do appreciate the realistic view into dog training that you provide. I lived with the greatest dog for 9 years. A Lab/ Great Pyrenees mix. For his whole life he was dog (and sometimes people) reactive. We were never able to help him move out of that space. I came to realize that my role was to help him deal with the world in a way that was safe, comfortable and respectful to who he was. I learned that how I wished or wanted, or planned for a better outcome, it wasn’t always up to me. Do your best…no one can or should ask for more. You’re showing the “whole” experience is helping me with our new dog who is very shy and scared in new situations.

  264. Mihaela M

    Since I have my dog I looked a lot on internet for ways to train her. And I must say, I liked your way best because as a trainer you show kindness and honesty. Please continue with the good work and don’t change. Me and my lab Maya send you and Inertia warm hugs!

  265. Kristen Eller

    I think you did amazing and actual dog interactions need to be talked about more. Keep the mistakes! Also you are so right, the recovery is so important!

  266. Ly

    Honestly I don’t think that was a mistake on your part at all. You gave Inertia a new experience and it’s perfectly normal for her to be nervous on a different situation like that. The response she gave to the other dog was not really a big deal either. You leave dogs together and they will discipline each other by snapping when they don’t like something.
    People just tend to stop thinking about dogs as dogs these days.
    You’re doing a good job with her. I hope you don’t stop posting the “mistakes”.

  267. N J

    Love your videos, keep up the good work my man. You’re an honest & genuine dude!

  268. Hannah Turner

    I appreciate this video and agree omitting the mistakes would be artificial. I totally respect you want to make an honest step by step training series, had the original video had the level of self reflection that this video did, I don’t think you would have received half the negative comments. My only reservation is that the original video had no commentary that suggested that you felt you had made any mistakes, at the end of the video you even say you think the experience was “pretty good overall” which I felt was a worrying summery on what was a pretty stressful experience for your dog and seems totally at odds to what your now saying post controversy.

  269. Josephine Christiansson

    Hello zak I have a 6 month old Japanese Spitz puppy. She is doing great but we have trouble with her eating her own and other dogs poop, do you have any advice on how to handle it?
    Also she is nervous around strangers and she barks at them when we go for walks and especially when they come to visit.
    We also have a problem with her when driving the car, she gets really carsick and throws up. We have tried to train her but as soon as she sees the car she gets nervous and then when we start driving she throws up. Please make a video or answer here with your advice we would really appreciate it 😊
    Thank you for really great videos we have learned a lot from them already 😃

  270. Blair Force1

    The snap was a dog setting boundaries. The bigger dog was out of line and she corrected him. She didn’t bite or even try. That was a snap and then addressed. Put those 2 back together and they’re fine. Dog’s know how to sort it out better than YT. If there’s fault to be found it was in separating them after interruption.

  271. Katie Johnson

    I did exactly what you did with my nervous puppy before he became a service dog for forward momentum and guiding. Eventually I stopped dog parks all together. Not because he got fearful a couple times, but because he had one bad experience with a bigger dog group ganging up on him while he was in a submissive position. I wish, looking back, that I had ended on a good note like you did that day. So that was part of my dogs memory as well. I can tell that you come from a country background. Growing up and learning to train horses we ALWAYS tried to end on a good note, and owned up to our mistakes both for the horses mind set and rider. It is easy to judge when that viewer hasn’t watched your videos for years. But you did A OK. I would suggest maybe putting in an intro that says, this is real life interaction with my dog and as always with animal training there is more than one humane approach to acquire desired results? Just a thought! Give Bree a hug for me. Well wishes to you all. (Shake it off, Shake Shake it off) lol

  272. Rachel Findley

    For me, your honesty in showing your learning experience, even as a professional trainer, has been a huge gift. I can’t really express what an incredible difference it has made for me. I am beyond grateful. This series came at the exact time I needed it and I truly thank God for you and what you are doing on your channel.

    My puppy is almost a year old and I’ve watched your videos since before I got him. I have wanted a dog my entire life. Finally having a house of my own, I was able to make that dream come true. I did not anticipate how much anxiety I would feel once I had my dog. I think since it had been something I’d looked forward to for so long, I didn’t have realistic expectations for myself or my dog. The first few months were incredibly difficult and I spent more time than I’d like to admit feeling like maybe I made a mistake, not because of my dog, but because of me. I felt like maybe I wasn’t cut out to take care of a dog. Everything I read online seemed so sure of exactly what needed to happen, much of it contradicted itself and I was left feeling like I had no idea what to do.

    When you started posting this series, things turned around so quickly for me. I began to understand it’s not important for me to be perfect, it’s important for me to be dedicated and loving to my dog, myself and the rest of my family as we all adjust and learn together. I began to realize that as I understand my dog better, I begin to know what works best. I’m not sure I would ha e realized this so quickly without your series.

    And, honestly, this has been a tremendous blessing that has carried over into other parts of my life, helping me let go of some of my perfectionism and embrace being a human.

    Thanks for what you do. I support you one thousand percent. 🙏💕🐶

  273. C. Ellis

    For what it’s worth, I think the “mistakes” are what makes this series interesting. Please leave them in. 🙂 I’ve found a lot of value in seeing how you do things that I might not agree with, or find odd. Please keep it up, and thank you for making this series with Inertia. 💖

  274. Warren Gibbins

    Do not omit your mistakes. They are learning experiences for you and us as well. I also don’t think you did anything particularly wrong, you made a judgement call based off your history with inertia and you handled it well with out instilling any additional fear into her. She seemed much more relaxed when you picked her up, so I believe that was the right call.

  275. skycilia

    I have enjoyed watching the growth of your little puppy,he has grown in size and is a beauty.Please, continue with the series. My little Yorkie ,Ashley is the same age as Inertia.Thank you and don’t ever feel discouraged by naysayers.

  276. Tina Farina

    I think yes, you should show your mistakes. We are not dog trainers, we do mistakes, it’s really good to see what to do, when we are doing this mistakes. I am learning more with Inertia, then with the other videos you have with other dogs.

  277. Marion Lee

    Hi Zac, I have just seen your latest vlog and I am totally shocked that some people have made their feelings known about your time at the dog park. You handled Inertia very well and you know her better than these trolls so please don’t worry about them and their feelings. Most of them are armchair warriors and like to put pressure on you. I am so angry that some people have taken this path. Please continue the same way with Inertia. I am getting my new puppy in two weeks and your videos are really helpful for me. Thank you very much. 🐕👍🥰🐶🙏

  278. Gill Donne-Davis

    I love your videos and the fact that they are very real and show the mistakes. No dog owner or dog are perfect we all make mistakes and your honesty is refreshing. Keep up the good work!!

  279. Kyle Johnston

    Keep doing what your doing mate. I’ve just got a puppy and I’m using your techniques and they’re working. I’m in Australia and I know of others following you as well. You’ve got supporters here. 👏👍

  280. B. dot

    Do YOU and forget the rest!

  281. Hotwheelz_McG

    Hello Zac. Ima a fellow trainer myself and love your series. I often check out other trainers content as we can always learn more.

    First, to answer your question. Yes. Keep everting In the series. It’s important that people see that it isn’t always a perfect experience or situation.

    I myself don’t see any mistakes here in your part or Inertia’s. The other dog came into her space. She wasn’t okay with that and expressed so. The other dogs owner should have seen this and pulled their dog away. It wasn’t misbehaving. It was just very energetic. Not every dog, like people, wants that energy in their face. If a person ran up at you and was all over you shaking your hand and getting in your space, you might respond the same way and push them off of you saying “back off”.

    Similar situation. A person is scared of dogs. They go into a store and there is a service dog that is making them very uncomfortable. They both have the right to be there. But the owner of the service dog should recognize this and minimize contact between them.

    I personally would have stepped between the dogs and created the space myself rather than picking up Inertia. I do believe that doing so creators other socialization factors. But that’s a hole other topic.

  282. Sara Sefou

    I appreciate the realness soo dam much. I have a staffy so when he’s reacted this way he is always blamed because of his breed. Seeing inertia behave like a normal dog makes me feel a tiny bit at ease!!! I’ve learnt SOOOOOOO much from every single video too!! Wouldn’t change it for anything! Best channel!!!!!

  283. Randi Roney

    I’m sad to know you received controversy over this. The experience is what this series is about and real raw details should be a part of that. Thank you for all you do!

  284. Ali Sul

    Yes, show your mistakes, but in the original video you don’t acknowledge that mistakes were made, and even in this video you mostly excuse them and claim that she’s having loads of positive experiences when she looks stressed throughout almost the entire video. I think you’re encouraging some of your millions of followers to also bring their fearful or reactive dogs to the dog park, which is dangerous. The comments are full of people saying this is a “normal” first time experience at the dog park. You’re helping to normalize the idea that fear and reactivity can be handled by flooding. This is setting people up for the same failure that poor Inertia experienced.

  285. Greg Heredia

    Definitely, I think a lot of people appreciate a response video. And your way of speaking is always respectful and adequate. Like you said, every dog trainer would admit that mistakes and mishaps happen during training, and they happen often probably. But that is not the point here. I don’t think nobody is saying to not show mistakes. I show mistakes in my videos. However, the bigger issue here is the misleading and somewhat false information you have put out there. You have 2.27 million followers on YouTube, 2.27 million people whom you are somewhat leading to fail with their newly acquired puppy or rescue shelter dog. What I mean by that is this… Inertia is now 9 months old, you said during the series she was 6 months. That means that at the minimum she has had 4 months of training. 4 months is more than enough time to have a dog at least behave and listen to their owner/trainer while being out in public. You stating that it takes one to two years to completely train a dog in real world scenarios, that is completely FALSE! People that are trying to get help for their dogs for behavioral issues might hear that and completely just give up. Leading to taking dogs to shelters because of what you just said to 2.27 million people. Also, as there might not be any hard proof on paper saying that picking up a dog reinforces a behavior, I don’t think there is any hard proof saying that it doesn’t reinforce a behavior. I just refer to what results tell me, and clearly when you picked Inertia up, you can see her confidence level rise, what does that tell me? That her behavior was reinforced, ESPECIALLY if she is a dog that loves to petted by her owner. You also defend that you have had tons of socialization experiences for Inertia with dogs and that she is always starts off nervous about other dogs. What does that tell me again? That you have continued to reinforce her behavior, probably by sweet talking to her or petting her.

    Do I think that you are the worst trainer out there, of course not. In fact, I think you are a great trick trainer (indoors with minimal distractions). But by hearing you say that it takes one to two years to train a dog for the real world… with all due respect, well that just speaks for itself.

  286. Kirsty178

    I liked to see that a dog being trained as much as she is still shows that’s they will have there moments. I was on the school run with my small Mal-shi that was trying to say high to a bulldog that was pushing into her with his head my Dog acted the same. At the end of the day they are animals and it’s how they tell each other that’s enough.

  287. Phoofluxe

    Keep the mistakes! In the end seeing the good and not so good in dog training is going to help beginners in their dog training journey

  288. TLC 4 the Soul

    Please don’t censor your work to please or placate others. That’s one reason I watch your videos because I feel you and what you do are genuine and that you truly care about it. S#@t happens. That’s part of life and I think it would be unrealistic to think otherwise. I don’t want to see some poser. I value and appreciate your honesty and integrity about this situation. Very refreshing 👍 Keep up the amazing work Zak!! 🙏🌈💖🐕🐾

  289. Vanessa Gilstrap

    Initially watching the original video, I had no idea it’d be “controversial” 😂 it was well done and VERY relatable. We have a one year old border collie and she is almost inertia’s twin, behaviorally. So it was very helpful and reassuring to watch her experience not be “perfect” because we’ve had to deal with similar situations! We love this series 😊

  290. Jody Forbes

    Mistakes are how we learn and I appreciate and applaud your willingness to share the not so perfect moments. It’s extremely helpful to those of us that don’t have perfect dogs that deal with these kind of fear issues on a regular basis to see how other people handling it in real time. It’s not always helpful to see a perfectly trained dog being trained. I love your videos just the way they are don’t change a thing.

  291. Aimi Dej

    you and Bree are amazing dog parents and in order for relationships and communication to grow, you need to learn from mistakes! Including those with our pets. Anyone who holds you to that unrealistic standard should put their energy somewhere more important.

  292. marsduckpoo

    I really appreciate watching things go a bit wrong. I have a 1 year old border collie who is so like inertia in looks and body language and behaviour. I have had the toughest 9 months trying to train her, I have definately made mistakes and things often go wrong but catching up with how inertia and you are getting on has helped me not to despair! Thank you! Xxx

  293. Lee Fruits

    I thought your dog park episode was the best one yet. I don’t feel that you made any mistakes during the park visit. Was it rough? Yeah. Was the bite situation handled well by you and the other owner? Absolutely. I’ve been working with dogs for 10 years, and I learn something valuable every time you post a new video if Inertia. Keep on keeping on, this is the puppy training life! 🙂

  294. Rachel Lee

    Please keep the mistakes in! I really appreciate this series- I feel like there’s nothing else like it out here to help really prepare and manage expectations for training a dog. I have a 7 month old puppy right now (my first dog ever!) and it’s helpful to see someone experienced going through the same things as me in a very honest and open way 😊 it’s very encouraging to keep going.

    I actually really liked this video being just your analysis of dog behavior (and some myth busting). I don’t have a lot of experience watching dogs play so I’ve been learning as I go and appreciate your thoughts on what to watch for in a potentially stressful situation. I know you sprinkle it in through the series but I’d love another video on dog play behavior!

  295. Repxz

    Zak all I have to say is I wish you could train my dog, and if I trust you with my own dog ( I never let him with other people ) that just shows how much I think you are a good trainer, keep it up the good work

  296. Linda Rijvers

    I still don’t see the mistake… I love your videos because they show the struggles we are all dealing with! Most trainers have dogs in their videos who are already very well trained and that’s very different from what you experience at home. Our lab Indy got snapped at like Inertia did a few times, but she was too enthusiastic for the other dogs who told her to behave. Now she is older and is more carefull

  297. Traci Rapson

    Zak you are awesome! You show a realistic and kind way to train our dogs and I recommend you to everyone. I love your honesty and running commentary in real life situations. You describe what you are hoping will happen, why it might or might not go to plan, and then describe why or why it didn’t go as planned. For me, that is such a great learning opportunity and helps me to not feel like I’m failing when something doesn’t go as planned when I’m training our very challenging rescue Border Collie. Your puppy series with Indie is one of the best training programs I’ve seen. Your videos are so much better than seeing a fully edited perfect dog performing for the video audience. I learn nothing from them other than seeing the final product of what I am hoping to achieve. Please keep on keeping it real because that is how all of us learn and then we can put that knowledge into practice in our own lives. “The most important thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from being perfect” Adam Osborne

  298. Gibbly Bubbles

    I enjoyed your video, just as all your videos. I saw nothing wrong with how you handled the situation with Inertia.

  299. Ann Dahlen

    As a fellow dog trainer, I too recommend your videos. If someone followed me around, they undoubtedly could pick out MANY mistakes. I really appreciate your openness and transparency, leave the “mistakes” in. It is real life. Don’t let anyone steal your thunder! Watching this again, I wonder…. A black dog with dark eyes may have been hard for her to read? Besides being big and towering over her?

  300. Charles Vergara

    Wait, that was it? I’m no expert or any sort of trainer and I’ve relied on Zak since I adopted my dog — that video was very relatable as I have a very reactive dog. Not aggressive or anything but he doesn’t really like other dogs. Showing your mistakes with Inertia is exponentially better than omitting them, otherwise your channel would just be generic like other dog trainers. Please keep up with the videos and do what you think is best!

  301. Michal-Jean Storms

    I’ve been teaching early elementary students for several years now. Every year is a brand new start with 17ish brand new 6 year olds. I have to learn their personalities, learn what motivates each of them, and learn how they learn. I make good calls, bad calls, and judgment calls on the spot every, single day. And isn’t that how it is with most jobs? I can only imagine the criticism and second guessing that I would receive if I tried to film a “how to teach 1st grade series” with a brand new class. I appreciate so much how vulnerable you have allowed yourself to be by showing your actual training of Inertia and explaining your thinking as you go. It has actually made me think that maybe I can train my dog. Also, I thought it was a very kind thing you did for the other dog owner by removing Inertia so that the situation didn’t get worse. I thought it showed immediately that you didn’t think her behavior or the situation was acceptable. Most parents will physically pick up their toddler and remove them from a precarious or unacceptable situation.

  302. Tamara Low

    Zak, we have watched every single episode of the dog Trainng experience and have learned sooooo much from you and Inertia (we have an 8 month old puppy and it has been like being along side you in real time)!! We personally do not see anything “wrong” with the way that you handled the dog park episode. Some people love to criticize. We DEEPLY love and appreciate your honesty, realness and openness with everything!! It is so refreshing…..please keep being YOU, you are awesome….

  303. Katrina Goh

    Keep up your good work Zak! I really appreciate that you keep this series and all your videos “real” and that you don’t just make dog training look perfect and simple all the time! The work and the hiccups and learning your dog all come with the territory and I encourage you to leave in the imperfect parts of dog training. Many people can be encouraged knowing that even people who train dogs for a living don’t get it right 100% of the time! All the love to you and your team!!

  304. Peter Nickless

    Tell ya what I think. You should stop apologizing for what you did. It was an experience, not a mistake. I’m happy to have seen the original video. It was a dose of reality. Perhaps you should pay less attention to those who would criticize your choices because these things happen to people with a lot less experience than you. It’s important to see different ways of handling them and reflect on how, why for next time. Stop apologizing.

  305. srgrgr

    Hey Zak,

    Great video. I’m a new puppy owner taking full advantage of your series and videos. Seeing ideal situations is great but seeing how things can go wrong and what decisions you make in those situations is EXTREMELY useful. I hope the naysayers don’t get at you too much. Thanks for all of your informative content!

  306. shon cunningham


    Your series has honestly made raising my own puppy (about the same age as Inertia 7 months Feb 4) so much easier on me. Those situations are very common, especially if you live in a busy area (I am in LA so no matter where we go there is some hustle-n-bustle with people, dogs, animals, traffic, etc).

    I believe you gave a good real-world situation, and thank you for helping me teach Mookie to be great!

  307. Matt Gladura

    I think that while there were mistakes, that you did the best thing you could at the time and see where initertia’s boundary was

  308. lisa janssen

    Keep the mistakes in. I have a puppy of 3 months old and your videos really give me reassurance. Other videos only show the perfect training and this really makes me insecure: like i am not doing a good job. Show us how it works in real life and keep up the good work. You are a great dog trainer!

  309. Christopher Watson

    Thank you for this series and showing when stuff does not go right. I have had many dogs but never took the time to train them. My family and I now have a 5 month old puppy and I have learned so much from you and inertia. When you show when things don’t go right it make me realize that it is OK for me and my puppy to have bad days as well. Please keep going.

  310. Mike Packham

    Too many snowflakes, You shouldn’t have to explain anything you do a brilliant job.

  311. Sephy Reyes

    These haters are dumbass. If I was Inertia and you were the other dog who would bump me excitedly . Would you want me to react in a happy way? I dont know you and you bumped on me excitedly. Those are common sense. Those dogs in the dog park who were playing excitedly already knew each other thats for sure thats why they play that way. Sometimes common sense is not so common.

  312. Jenna Bilek

    Zak you are so genuine, I have been following you since your days on Dogs 101 and animal planet. This comprehensive guide to puppy training is so valuable and including the mistakes is a must. Thank you for being open and honest, you handle critique very well

  313. Joseph Henry

    Zak— Keep on keeping on! Keep the content complete and true!

  314. shirohigekaizoku

    Include it’s important. Controversy is short for conversation nothing to be afraid of.

  315. Victoria Pedercini

    You should not omit any mistakes. I have been training my dog as best as I can watching your series and the best is watching mistakes made in order to learn how to correct it. As you say, there are no perfect trainers and I appreciate showing us how to trained dogs out in the world than just at one constant location.

  316. Wrds Mth

    No, share your and inertia’s mistake. I’m training a rescue right now that’s about a month older and your videos with inertia have been invaluable. Some were just candidly calling you on the mistakes you mentioned here, most of the individuals rebuking you for the last video are as delusional as they are inevitable.

  317. Kyle Marie

    Your videos are a continuous support for us. We also have a border collie and have been through similar situations. Our border collie was recently bitten by a golden retriever at a beach. Dogs can be unpredictable. Interia is a beautiful and intelligent pup who is still learning. I am so glad you use positive reinforcements over fear and intimidation. Well done for continuing to address issues like this in a real way. We all love our dogs and want what is best for them.

  318. Dizahab2

    People be trippin :/
    No, but seriously, I think people are exaggerating. I say cede to the expert with thousands of hours of expertise. I would like to keep the mistakes, nice work Mr. Zak George. 👍🏽

  319. faatus A

    when she “reacted” to the black dog and you picked her up: the was stressed and reacted that way trying to get some space (like you said) and you picked her up giving her that space (with in that moment was the biggest reinforcer for her). So i believe that you reinforced her for that behavior. In an ideal world you would have been with dogs that you know (and won’t hurt her) and let the big dog show her that that behavior won’t work and she needs to chill. (That’s why I don’t go to dog parks and I don’t let my dog, especially young dogs, meet stranger dogs)
    Still, good thing defending you stand and please keep the mistakes in the series 😊

  320. Sharon

    To be fair, though it was air snaps, you used a clip-bait type title and put the word bite out there, so of course people are going to see it as bite if they’re not closely paying attention
    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the video and trusted that you knew what you were doing, but choose words carefully next time ❤️.

  321. Michelle Nolan

    I love the honesty! Keep it up! I also like you adding this as just a talk. Understanding this is a process and a journey.

  322. Eli Yang

    Bro I saw the previous video. You are doing a great job man. You did a good job to stop inertia and also allowing her to explore new scenarios. The only way to work with a behavior is to expose and see how they will react and let them know what no means. Great job man. Love the series and it’s awesome to show ppl how real the experience is to actually working with a dog looks like. It also gave me confidence to see that I myself also go through similar situations. Thanks again man for the videos!

  323. Walter Johnson

    My two cents: don’t change a thing. You offer a unique view and very realistic.

  324. madison elaine

    This video series is my favorite dog training videos I’ve ever seen. They’re real. The video you posted about Inertia’s first time in a dog park really touched me. A day before I watched your video I took my pup to a dog park at a peek time. She freaked out and she air snapped at a dog, so I had to remove her from that situation. I was so embarrassed! She’s never reacted like that. I have been making a good effort in her socialization. So I didn’t know where I went wrong. Then I found your video and it’s reassuring to know even a dog trainer experiences this & doesn’t mask the truth of what happens! I learned a lot from the video too, such as, I will no longer bring her at peak hours at a dog park. Overall, Zac, you have taught me a lot and that video was especially what I needed at that point and time. Thank you for your transparency in your dog training!

  325. Noelle Courtney

    I think you are doing a fabulous job with Inertia, she is lucky to have you! We have had several rescued border collies over the years and we appreciate you opening up your life for better or worse. I think you did the right thing in every situation and I have had a dog aggressive BC. You removed her from the situation and you know as a trainer how much she relies on you for her safety and comfort. It’s refreshing to see your real life training sessions and mistakes because we all make them. Thankfully, our dogs love and forgive us and people here need to do the same.

  326. Sharon Bociek

    Thanks for keeping it real. People love to criticise, you are the expert. Dogs are unpredictable. I love that you show it as it is. Most make us feel a failure.

  327. Jake Smith

    Huge respect for your deliberate response. Most people get defensive and that leads to belligerence. As far as the encounter Inertia had. Everyone worries too much. A reasonable person making an honest effort is all a dog needs. NOBODY is going to make it through puppy hood without making a single mistake. You’re going to push too far, get frustrated and fail to anticipate something. It’s how you handle the repercussions that matter.

  328. Vic Moutz

    You are just amazing! Please let us see the whole truth including the mistakes!

  329. teefahlah

    I’m a grew up with dogs and I’ve been debating on getting a dog. Your series opened my eyes on how much training is involved and how many trial and errors are necessary until you fully trained your dog. I like seeing all this “in real time” because it gives me perspective on how much work is really needed to train a dog. Keep it up and please leave the mistakes in and talk about them so we can all learn.

  330. Luca Matteo Boulard

    Please keep including all experiences. We really apreciate all the skills, enthusiasm and transparency you put in this series. “Dog training experience” is really valuable as it is until this point, please don’t change it! Indeed it is about training in real life, and that’s a relevant and distinguishing feature. Thank you Zak!

  331. Machela Leonard

    Hey Zak!
    Please don’t change a thing!

  332. charlye french

    Charlye I think it is a good thing to show the not perfect situations. It could happen to anyone even if they had been to dog park before.

  333. delmon shlah

    Comment #552

  334. Saskia

    she’s in her puberty period. this is the real dog world!!! but you do well by facing the bad vibe!

  335. Kyle Trojan Murphy

    Please keep showing mistakes. The fact you admit you are not perfect, you make mistakes, and you LEARN from them shows the rest of us when we make mistakes, it isn’t the end of the world.

  336. Vessi

    I really appreciated being able to see a video that was realistic. I absolutely LOVE your current series because it shows what puppy training REALLY looks like, not just the ups but also the downs, and how one should handle those situations in the moment. Often puppy training videos show what training should look like, but only in an ideal situation. The real world is not like that! Please do not feel discouraged from posting these kinds of videos, even if they are setbacks, because I find them so helpful in knowing what to do during those imperfect moments.

    A personal example, my dog recently started snapping other dogs too. Videos say to redirect, use positive reinforcement, etc, but often those videos never show the dog snapping in the moment. A lot of the strategies are proactive but you don’t really learn the strategies to use when setbacks occur. Being able to see in your video what you did in the moment was helpful so that I know what I can do the next time my dog does have a setback as well.

  337. Danielle Trudel

    I think you’re doing completely fine and truly inspiring. I look up to you like many others and everything you say in every video is so real and important.

  338. Chloe Skeggs

    I really believe you should keep the mistakes in, but address them more clearly at the time as being mistakes. It’s clear you were listening to Inertia and on top of the situation but less experienced owners perhaps won’t recognize the body language. I think the reason it was controversial is that so many people look to you for training advice (I included coming from a family with different training beliefs) and am glad you changed the video title and have also addressed this ‘controversy’ as it gives people more an insight into, it perhaps didn’t go so well but that’s okay. I am glad you’ve allowed this discussion and addressed it as I personally was among those who lost confidence in that video

    also, I apologize for momentarily losing faith in you. but I’m still annoyed angela hasn’t gotten one of those brilliant paintings!

  339. Carmen López Guerra

    I don’t see any mistakes, I see real life and decisions made on the fly. Just like we do with our dogs everyday. Thank you for keeping it real!

  340. Gabriela Sales

    And here I am, getting very mad at my dog sometimes, slapped her in her but and her face, pulled her leashed with anger… I always think of Zak and how patient and great he is. We give dogs all love we have, sometimes things go sour. It is what it is. He did absolutely nothing wrong. Dogs and kids need to be exposed to real life. That’s why kids are so fragile nowadays. Try and say no to a kid: good luck handling the helicopter parents. There was nothing controversial Zak. You did great, as usual. She is your dog. She was fine. Welcome to the real world people.

  341. Kascaide

    Was the owner of the bigger dog cool Zak, no repercussions or dramas ? Loving the real ups AND downs of your dog training videos – keep up the great work and thankyou!

  342. Hayley Diorio

    I really appreciate the dog park video. I have taken my puppy to the dog park numerous times and believe that it’s a great place for socializing and exercising your dog. Inertia’s reactions in this video were completely normal for a dog that being approach by larger dogs in a new environment. It just takes time and exposure. Your videos have helped me greatly in my dog training journey!

  343. Emma Guest

    I think this series is amazing. I’m a dog trainer with a sensitive collie too and it’s great to show the real life situations that you face and how to deal with them. Thanks.

  344. Lida Verner

    Absolutely include the mistakes. It helps the rest of us not feel like such failures (g)

  345. David Forsyth

    So glad you showed it. My border is soooo similar and to be honest I still haven’t fully worked it out. The air snapping freaks people out. She never actually bites but comes across as aggressive. It’s either related to me having her ball and she wants to work. Or she gers approached too quick and it freakes her out. I’m looking forward to finding out how you deal with the situation next time it happens because I’m strugling

  346. Loridressage

    Good on you for airing your mistakes as well as other good training advice. I currently have an 11 month pup and would never dream of going to a dog park with him or any of my other dogs. Unless you know all the other dogs and how well behaved they are, it is just too risky. Inertia was totally appropriate with that large dog. He came on strong showing not very good social skills. I don’t believe in letting dogs sort things out on their own either as many just don’t have the skills to do so. Just as when you interrupted her play with the small dog as you recognized her size was much more overwhelming or could be to the other dog. Personally, I would stick with dogs that you know, especially at her age. As you said, the first two years are critical for good experiences and you don’t want trigger stacking to occur.

  347. angelfoodcake1979

    I was surprised to see a video like this. You are great with dogs and don’t need to justify yourself. I enjoy this series. But as you’re on it, Augusto the dog trainer also criticised your approach and made a video about it. Are you going to respond to this too?

  348. Brad Hutchings

    Well done, sir! Your honesty through the process is valuable. This is a grad school course. Well documented mistakes are gold. Bummer that so many vocal critics don’t get that.

  349. Banshek

    When you are nervous, shes gonna be nervous. You are alfa and you showed her that she doesnt have to fear bigger dogs because you like them and theres no point to run or go hide home.
    As you say, its important to show mistakes. Having a dog isnt all rainbows and nice photos and cuddles. We need to take responsibility.

  350. William Stanbro

    I think it was great what you did and what you showed. Mistakes are made and it’s nice to see you aren’t perfect :). Based on your experience, training, and relationship with Inertia I think it was totally ok for you to experiment at a dog park. You don’t really know how a dog will react in a situation until you experience it first hand, and now you have learned vital information which will make her training far better. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  351. Rebecca Mathews

    Thank you for being open and honest, you shouldn’t have to explain yourself but I can completely understand why you did what you did. Its easy for us to comment from the sidelines but being in that reactive situation you did what you thought was the safest and quickest option to get her out of that situation. I’ve personally loved watching your videos, I have a puppy who is the same age as yours so it’s been great watching your videos for help and advice along the way. Keep up the videos and the real content!!

  352. Jocelyn Garcia

    Include all mistakes! The videos are for us non trainers who have new dogs and are experiencing new situations. I am making these exact mistakes, so I’m glad I see what to do or not to do. I honestly don’t like watching an already trained dog because i don’t get to see the entire learning process. I love your videos zak! Keep it up!

  353. John Hancock

    Wait. You mean you and your dog aren’t perfect like everybody else? Love your videos man, you’ve helped me so much with my Am Staff rescue dog.👊

  354. Maria Evans

    I have a 10 month old brown Newfie. I had her in doggie daycare from 4 months until she was 6 months (can’t go back til spayed …which is a whole nother conversation about timing for ‘giant’ breeds). She loves other dogs. A friend brought over his 2 dogs (a 12yr German shepherd and a 10mo Lab both female). They have met and played before. The puppies were playing quite boisterously and the elder interjected… and they got into a similar situation but almost the reverse. Nothing serious but I separated Mocha from Abby(shephard). It kinda freaked me out for a minute because I had never experienced Mocha anything but playful. In this instance I felt she was defending herself. I was unsure whether i did the right thing by not scolding her for the dust up. It wasn’t a fight fight. It was probably 10 sec. They were close so I just took her from the situation. They went on to play after a few minutes like nothing happened. I say all this to say, it made me feel better to see your previous video at the dog park. There are unanticipated situations that are going to happen. And this video helped me realize that this is an ever evolving process that I committed to when I decided to get a puppy again. I love your series. Keep the lessons or ‘mistakes’ in!! You never know who they are relatable to.

  355. DoctorSinister1987

    In responding to these criticisms I learned a lot more. Thank you sir, this will benefit me and my puppy!

  356. Deanne Mcgready

    I love how you show the real thing and not sugar coat it. I respect you as a person and can tell you are a great trainer. And most importantly of all you love your dogs !!!

  357. Grateful Violet

    I don’t see any of it as a mistake. Dogs are not robots & like you said if people saw the history of Inertia, it makes more sense. You know so much about dog training and are great at it! The irony is that the people having all the criticism most likely do not know half of what you know about training dogs. Keep up the good work!!

  358. bobbysbunny

    I respect your decision to show your mistakes as well as your successes. 👍🏻

  359. Tasha McNew

    Wow I watched this video and saw nothing wrong with it at the time. I’m sure glad the folks that criticized you have perfect dogs that require no training nor experiences to learn from but for the rest of us…I love that you show the good and the not as great since that’s real life. Your videos have been very helpful for me. My dog is a puller and he’s much better on the leash after I’ve been using your advice.

  360. Rockie Xu

    I watched the last video and then this video, then watched the last video again, I dont see what he did wrong and why ppl are pissed, both owners did a good job by holding their dogs back so nothing serious bad happened. It’s not like inertia bit the face off of some dog???? Protect this man, hes a good one👏👏👏

  361. Danny Vasquez II

    You did nothing wrong Z, you win or you learn and you learned a little bit more that day.


    Zak, When training our dogs aren’t we supposed to end on a positive note rather than a negative note for our dogs ?

  363. Mary McDonnell

    Hi Zak! To answer your question, I really respect and appreciate you showing the mistakes! I agree you should include them and show your true journey with Inertia, as it’s way more relatable for dog owners like me. To be honest, it makes me feel good that you and your pup show mistakes just like everyone else. It gives me hope that even if I have a bad day with my dog, that it’s not that big of a deal, you learn and you adapt. Thank you for continuing to educate us. You’ve helped me so much train my pup into a great 1 year old girl!

  364. ccil solero

    You seem quite agitated in this video. Anyway, your explainations are honest and truthfull

  365. Patti Carey

    I think it’s VERY important to show the real life, everyday situations, including mistakes and situations that don’t go as planned. It’s actually encouraging to all of us out here to see that even dog trainers don’t have perfect results all the time. The critics are usually arm-chair wannabe trainers. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was perfect as you showed it, raw, real life. 👍

  366. 99sammy

    Only issue I have with this video is the paintings in the back not being straight….

  367. sioSIN SIN

    I’m no professional dog trainer but I will say that I think the biggest misconception in dog training is definitely Socialization. Dogs should be around other dogs and desensitized to their presence but not allowed to interact with each other. dogs that always expect interaction can get stressed out, and the only way they know how to try and avoid an interaction they’re uncomfortable with is to lash out. Some dogs are like people; they don’t want to shake hands with everyone who walks by, they just want to mind their own business and be on their way. my dog doesn’t care if other dogs are around, and if an interaction happens by accident he can handle it because he’s never felt overwhelmed. Just my two cents on the topic, love the videos anyhow!

  368. Tyler Bruce

    She’s so big! <3

  369. Mat Man

    Wow. Some people really need to get lives! I watched at video and thought absolutely nothing was wrong.
    I’d hate to see some of theses people raise their bubble wrapped children.

    Zak I bought your audible book btw 👌 loving it.

  370. James Percy

    Hi Zak, am in the UK and your vidios helped me train my mother’s westie 4 years a go. I now have a white gsd pup that’s only 10 weeks old this series has been great to see, I like the fact we see it from the start and Evan a trainer might not allways get I right but I couldn’t see no wrong from your video and your dog did no wrong.

  371. Dentler's Dog Training

    Controversy schmontroversy. Let the keyboard warriors type away. I’ve yet to meet the perfect dog, dog trainer, or person for that matter. Keep doing what you are doing.

    Btw, you have a hedgehog on your shirt.

  372. Sye Christian

    Best thing about that video (and I gather others) is that it was real and you didn’t hide when it didn’t go well. Made me feel more motivated with my dog training. Trying to have more positive experiences and not feel defeated if it goes wrong. Thanks so much for making these videos!

  373. Jason what?

    My problem was that you focused on the vlog and not on the dog .

  374. Wing Ka Yuen

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  375. Deise Nishimura

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  376. dayanmao

    I totally stopped bringing my dog to the park because of too many people with aggressive dogs just letting them run free attacking smaller, meeker, dogs. Totally not cool. At the local park, those people make up a good 70% of owners. It’s just not worth it.

  377. Agua Bajo el Río

    Mistakes are the most important on any learning process, this episode was very important to learn about my youngest dog, and of course, I hope you keep it real with all the unexpected! I’m grateful for your videos. Great job!

  378. JJ Peterson

    I guess I didn’t see this as a “mistake!” This was just a real world experience and you showed a great way of dealing with it by “correcting” the behavior by pulling her away. I honestly wish you would have shown MORE of that – how did you work with the other dog owners nearby? When did you put her back down? How did you comfort her? I know SO MANY people who have had somewhat negative experiences at a dog park, so showing how to deal with some of those challenges is a HUGE service. As always, thanks so much for doing this series!

  379. Lindsay S

    As a new dog owner, I thought the video was very helpful! Keep giving us the real story. It’s so helpful to see when things don’t go as planned.

  380. Mikayla Craig

    This series as well as many of your other videos have really helped me in training my 6 month old pit bull, Luanne. I really love your approach to dog training and thought you handled inertia’s first dog park experience in a perfectly normal way.

  381. Michelle

    I’m not a person to usually comment on anything but I really didn’t understand all of the backlash you got for the video. When working with animals one can never be a 100% certain what will happen, as you said the world isn’t sterile and even the best dog (and person) have a off day every once in a while. I adopted a Greek adult dog (almost 5 years of age now) 8 months ago. She had to go through quite a lot in her life already and was not properly socialized when she was young (neither to other dogs nor humans, the world in general, which made her rather nervous and distrusting) and therefore reacts a lot like Inertia does in that video. But with time I learned (and am still learning) to read and understand her cues and therefore make a call whether or not to expose her to certain dogs on a certain day. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes and I feel like a lot of people have become so sensitive to dogs communicating (not saying that one shouldn’t interfere if the dog is overreacting, or try to avoid such situations from arising) the way they naturally do, e.g. snipping in the air or even “boxing” another dog who was in their mind respectless toward them. But life is learning and I am very glad to see how well you are handling this and really showing people that training isn’t always perfect.

  382. Monkee Nez

    I like that you show mistakes, because it makes others feel less bad about things that go wrong in their training. I’ve found a lot of dog owners rarely understand dogs body language properly, trainers don’t always get it right either, everyone makes mistakes, every dog is different. At the end of the day you know your dog best and you have a lot of experience in training different dogs. I hope people are respectful and realise that they don’t know your dog as well as you do. I’m glad you addressed this and talked us through your thoughts and your dogs body language. Hopefully everyone has learned something from this video ♥️

  383. antant06

    You sir are a quality human being. Love your content and thank you for your help in raising my puppy. 🙂

  384. Dang Le

    We’re human. We make mistakes. Don’t apologize for being human. (I didn’t see any mistakes btw. I thought you was patience and calm with inertia).

  385. bossDmaster

    Keep showing us “mistakes”. Real life isn’t perfect and especially not when working with animals. I am new to training and seeing how you react in certain situations is extremely helpful when I am trying to figure out what to do with my dog. For what its worth, I didnt see anything that bothered me. I found the video extremely helpful especially for me as I am trying to figure out how to deal with an anxious dog in public. Some of the best content I’ve seen on Youtube. Keep it up.

  386. Tris gma

    Hi. It is obvious that the comments of the “controversial” video were a bigger impact on you than the fact that you did good by providing a different reaction to your pup than other instructional youtubers. Please always offer your mistakes on a plate and if people like the dish, they’ll eat it up. If they don’t, then they can get a different dish–you have plenty of dishes! Don’t be apprehensive in providing entire training sessions because then the possibility of something getting edited out might be what someone in your audience really needed to see. I applaud you for offering up your knowledge. You are appreciated. To the negative feedback, you can’t please everyone. Keep up the great videos, they’ve helped me out a lot!

  387. Gregarious Antithesis

    Definitely show mistakes or unexpected situations because we can all learn from them. The only thing i would have not done is pick up the dog. You absolutely need to teach the dog leave it or no then see how she would react after correcting her.

  388. Vincent Farello

    Seeing this is actually quite amazing i got a dog around the same time that you started this whole series with inertia! I have been training my dog pebbles under a lot of your wisdom and I love seeing that even a professional trainer has issues similar to mine and learning how to deal with them is helping so much being that I’m a first time dog owner! I must say that showing the real side of dog training has helped me and you need to keep it up! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and journey with the world!
    Give inertia lots of kisses I know my dog pebbles and I really appreciate you two!

  389. KathiLuise

    I think it’s important to include mistakes like these. What could have been helpful in the “controversial” video is an explanation as to why you did what you did, quite like in this video, just shorter and with the common sayings like “don’t pick up your dog”, “your dog was misbehaved, you have to punish it” and other nonsense.
    I am a little concerned about how (sometimes badly) you read Intertias body language imo. She IS pretty reactive and needs more time and space than many other dogs. However, I feel like you often push her over her edge and she gets stressed. She often shows a stress face in your videos, a little too often for my taste. Maybe you could have an extra eye on that. As to the shepherd: from the little one could see in the video, the shepherd was behaving inappropriately and (unfortunately I have to say) typical for many shepherds. Inertias reaction to this inappropriate behaviour was imo well balanced and appropriate. Just to be clear, your reaction was as well. To mention and talk about the type of behaviour the shepherd displayed would also be of great help to many people, as there are too many dogs out there behaving like this and their owner think it’s ok or normal, which it isn’t.
    P.S.: I have only once before commented on your video about harnesses and although I don’t know whether you ever read the comment, I am very pleased to see you are now using Y-harnesses for every puppy in your videos and now put long leads only on harnesses and not collars in every dog. 🙂

  390. Dani Wright

    This was the least controversial thing. No one should be upset about how it went at the dog park. My dog is a 2 year old dachshund and still gets nervous and will nip at other dogs if there too rough with him. This is just how dogs communicate nothing to get worked up over

  391. Marc Jones

    Great video mate. For what it’s worth we got our Sheltie puppy on Boxing Day ( our first ever dog ). Your videos have been absolutely invaluable in our experience in raising and training our little Reggie. One of the things I value the most in watching your videos is they’re “real”. You show that there are times that they aren’t going to listen, they’re going to bite, bark and ignore you. It’s a huge help to beginners like us. While watching already trained puppies that are in a room on their own is good, they aren’t as valuable as seeing real world training. Keep it up 👍🏼

  392. New Forest Pony

    I don’t think you made a mistake. Like parenting, you know your own child so you knew your own dog. Like parenting, there’s a million opinions trying to break your confidence. At the end of the day you did it your way, it was realistic, life isn’t perfect and by seeing how you deal with it when it goes belly up and by explaining the body language and how to interpret it and handle it, that’s what we all need to see. You didn”t set her up to fail, if just happened the way it did. We’ve all been there. You just re-assessed where she was at. Some good days, some moods vary days.

  393. Arisa552

    I haven’t followed the entire series but I watched the “controversial” episode. I think the situation was handled well. And you know your dog better than anyone else. I think we need to remember that dogs are individuals that react differently to situations, and we can never predict 100% how they are going to behave. And I personally think the mistakes should stay as they teach valuable lessons to everyone.

  394. David Stuczynski

    Keep mistakes! Gives hope seeing an experienced trainer’s dog not perfect and it’s good learning how you reapproach

  395. Tiffanyxsophia

    You’re doing an amazing job! Some people need to understand that everybody is different and handles things in their own way. Talking bad about you when you can absolutely see that you have nothing else then love for that dog is such a shame. Everyone commenting against you should show the world how they teach their dog in a perfect way, without making any mistakes 😉 And I don’t even think you made one. Your showing us real live Situation and for that I’m so thankful! Everything is always so smooth and perfect in those dog training videos but in yours give me hope and let me understand that my dog doesn’t need to act perfect in the first, second or third way… my pup is by the way also 9 months old and I learnt so much from your videos and books! Thank you!

  396. Julia Apostolopoulou

    I think you’re awesome! Haters gonna hate, so never mind them. Keep doing what your doing!

  397. Oblivioos

    Please keep doing what you are doing. People over react and that’s it. We love to see everything it’s good to know that no matter who is training the dog it can still misbehave at times and its awesome to see! <3 Don't stop!

  398. Jessica Woodward

    My dogs get defensive/upset when a dog topples into them, for some reason only at dog parks, not when we’re hiking or other outdoor public settings. . . so I do not take them to dog parks any more. For me it’s not a big deal, as dog parks can be quite the chaotic place. No judgement here! Thank you for being open and honest with us, Zak.

  399. Riley D

    What people don’t understand is that dog trainers, the good ones anyways, are ALWAYS LEARNING. This is one of those things that you can never have enough knowledge about. In part because dogs are living breathing creatures. Each one of them is different and unique. Any good dog trainer is going to learn something new with each dog they train. No matter how big or small that lesson may be. We are constantly learning! I have barely begun the video, but I commend you for being so open on your journey with her.

    Oh and I’d like to add.. even if Zak and I went to the five same dog trainers to learn from we’d still more than likely walk away with two completely different training styles. Why? Because we may learn all the same things, but I liked some techniques that he didn’t and so on and so forth. This doesn’t make either of us right or wrong. Just different things work for different people. And we all need to learn to be more respectful of that.

  400. ComeUndun

    I think it’s good to show the times when things don’t go well.
    My partner and I adopted a dog last May. He was 11 months then, so we don’t know what he’d experienced before that point MN It’s taken a lot of trial and error to get him to where he is now, and we’re still working on fear.
    Similarly to Inertia, he gets scared sometimes. We don’t really know what sets him off though. He’s just scared of random people at the dog park and he barks and snaps sometimes. Unfortunately when that happens we know it’s one more lap before we go because once he’s worked up, he tends to stay that way for the rest of the day.
    We usually ask the person to give him treats and that has helped quite a bit, but we still have a ways to go.

    Good luck with Inertia!

  401. Emilia McGrath

    Thanks for this video, it’s really big of you to explain it and take everyone’s feedback seriously.
    I’m glad you are so positive with your dogs. The amount of comments on the last video implying you should’ve hit Inertia is scary

  402. Jan Hankins

    Please do not omit the mistakes! What I love about this series is that it shows what it really is like to train a dog and what it takes. Watching You Tube, newbies that haven’t done much training before see a video that lasts 2 minutes (with an already trained dog) and they think they’ll have a dog that reacts like that already trained dog in two minutes. When that doesn’t happen, they think either their dog is stupid or that they are terrible trainers. Neither is likely the case. Many quit trying at that point. While I (personally) don’t care for dog parks and won’t take my dogs to them, many responsible owners do make use of them (and do so safely, despite the horror stories you hear). In hindsight, maybe she was acting a little nervous, but she does have that pattern and through the years, I know I have certainly missed body language cues that (in hindsight) I wonder how I missed something that obvious. It’s good for everyone to know that training a dog isn’t like it is in many You Tube videos. You start with a dog that isn’t already trained, most dogs don’t “pick up” a new behavior in two or three minutes, and trainers make mistakes. I think it’s vital for everyone–both owners and other trainers to see that. While, I’m not a dog professional, I do train my own dogs and it kind of makes me feel good to know that even professionals make mistakes. Makes me feel less stupid about my own errors.

  403. René Kurzbach

    I would say keep everything in good or bad but if you do be prepared to be shitted on by other people

  404. Wilhelm van der Merwe

    Your video’s are great, Mate. Thanks for the openness and honesty – it’s really refreshing!

  405. Abby Williams

    I don’t want to be rude. But, those “air snaps” weren’t air snaps. She was nipping the dogs muzzle. When that happened, you should have taken her home. She’s stressed, take her away from the situation and comfort her. Her tail is tucked, her ears are back, and she’s curling up, she even showed teeth at one point, that’s not a good sign.

  406. Haislea Paes

    You are amazing! I mean, I don’t agree with some of your methods, but your heart is the in the right place and I say follow it and keep doing what your doing, everyone makes mistakes like you said and you seem to be the only person who is showing it live which I’m sure not alot of us…including me actually thought about when I saw your last video. So please follow your heart and you do you =)
    Best of luck with your pupper

  407. Krystal Almond

    Leave in the mistakes!!! Or else we would get a false sense of how actual dog training works and I feel like that’s worse then seeing the mistakes

  408. Taylor Hermann

    Keep the mistakes!! They are how we all learn the most. Nobody is perfect dog nor trainer. Love your videos. It would be easier to show videos with an already trained dog but that’s not as helpful.

  409. Tami Decker

    I love this series and truly appreciate your honesty. Please do not omit the mistakes. They are very helpful to all of us training our pups..

  410. Karen Marley

    Zak, there was no ‘mistake’ here. Inertia is a herding/guarding breed and her instinct kicked in perfectly. She was protecting her human. She stood her ground between you and an approaching threat. She wasn’t scared. She didn’t run away or hide behind you. Good Inertia!

  411. XxSlothGamingxX

    will u make a vid on best ways ti get energy out of your dog that doesn’t take much time?

  412. Richard Hayward

    Hi from the UK Zak. What a great honest video that was. I struggle with my 9 month old Labradoodle every day and I love watching your content on YouTube. We all have good days and bad days just like our four legged friends. Definitely keep the videos real because that is what I like about your content the most. Keep up the brilliant work that you do and I for sure will continue to watch every video.

  413. Elentarien

    PLEASE don’t edit your mistakes. I really appreciate you showing us and letting us see you make them too. As a trainer-in-training I lack a lot of confidence in what I know and spend a lot of time working with my own dog, struggling, failing, picking up and trying again. It helps SO much to see the more experienced trainers also making mistakes, zigging when they should be zagging and generally struggling a little to manage what comes up with their dogs. It helps me not expect perfection from myself – then feel like a failure when I don’t achieve it.

    I have to agree with you in a lot of ways here. As the owner/trainer of an anxious dog – it is a constant struggle to both socialize her, expose her to new things and yet keep her confident and comfortable and not overwhelmed. Does it always work? Heck no! She can go from ‘fine’ to ‘overwhelmed/reactive’ before I realize there’s even an issue. And if the dog has been fine before – then it makes it harder to realize that the variables have changed and they aren’t as fine ‘this’ time – until the issue is right in your face.

    I can’t begin to say how many times things have gone south with my dog and ended with me in tears and frustrated and feeling like I should just give up – only to have to buck up, pull myself up and try again until me – and the dog – get it right. So – yes, I actually find it ENCOURAGING that things aren’t going perfect with Inertia, either. But, in the end, no dog is hurt, mistakes are ‘fixed’ and things go on.

    And on a completely side note, I get why the paintings look crooked, but I’m more curious about what the shadow of that hanging thing is. lol I kept staring at it.

  414. Lucius Maximus

    Everyone makes mistakes , we made the mistake of not socializing my dog enough and it took me two years to correct that mistake. He’s still a bit vocal around people but nowhere near as bad as he used to be. I’ve learned so much from your videos!

  415. Laura P

    I love and follow the series!! I learned so much and it’s so realistic. Thank you so much for all your advise!

  416. Julie Civitello Wilson

    You did not make a mistake. I pay 75 bucks an hour to train my rescue border collie. Very similar behavior. Fear responses are common. You picked her up, did not make a big deal (so she doesn’t fear dogs more than she does at the initial meeting) and made it a learning experience. Thank you for this series and for sharing your journey. I’ve had my dog for a year and it takes a ton of patience and learning on both Cookie and myself. Great job and thumbs up. And thanks to other dog owners who also have patience with those of us traing. Always trying to better my pup!

  417. Marianne Foucrault

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  418. Cynthia Schmauder

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  419. AphyNGodiva

    I like seeing the mistakes as well, that is real, I appreciate that. I seriously respect you as a trainer and I’m not even an expert myself but I’m hoping my comment might give you some insight into what some people are upset over. What especially irked me in the first video is you referring to her fear as curiosity or throwing a tantrum when she was fully reacting, obviously it’s fear and reactivity isn’t the same as a tantruming toddler, the dog is not pitching a fit for not getting their way, they are warning a strange dog that is scaring them to keep their distance so they can feel safe, I appreciate you correctly referring to it as scared and nervous in this video. 7:11 again I’m not an expert or professional trainer but from what I understand even that small amount of fear in the beginning can escalate and become an incident, you’re treating it as acceptable because after being afraid she calms down and is comfortable, most disagree with that. It seems she might need some counter conditioning training to feel more comfortable with initial first encounters with dogs and maybe needs confidence building with other dogs in general as they seem very threatening to her, and not in the form of throwing her into a group of dogs and hoping she develops it herself, I think she needs some help from you. 10:26 I really have to disagree that what she experienced was minor stress and minor stress can be very subjective too. I consider minor stress to be something like a dog receiving grooming who doesn’t necessarily like it but tolerates it, but I wouldn’t consider minor stress to be a dog running away from a brush and snapping at it, to get to the point of snapping, barking, defensive posturing, that’s pretty significant stress. I think the big issue is you seem to be ignoring her fear (or at least that is what it seems on video) expecting her to get over it or be able to somehow cope on her own when people with fearful and reactive dogs know that isn’t true, and how extremely important it is to develop confidence with them so they aren’t as fearful. She does have plenty of wonderful experiences with other dogs and she may become comfortable after being fearful and then continue having those experiences but it doesn’t negate the fact that she is reacting and needs help with her confidence, even with strong dogs who intimidate her. You seem to be approaching this from maybe an obedience standpoint when everyone else is seeing it from the reactivity viewpoint and it is frustrating. I think everything else was right though like picking her up, stopping her with the small dog she could have injured, etc. I just don’t agree with how you are addressing her fear.

    I still respect you as a trainer and have faith that you can maybe come back from this. I truly do hope things get better for you and Inertia and I hope you will try to listen even if you think the critics are being unreasonable. Just try it, just consider it, that’s all that we hope for.

  420. Tiffany Tappen

    Thank you so much for these honest videos. I have a dog that has been labeled dog aggressive and her personality is very similar to Inertia’s. A bit nervous around new dogs which turns into aggression. But now she doesnt take time to investigate other dogs, she immediately goes to barking and snapping at the air. Unfortunately, we adopted her when she was 2 years old and I’m assuming not well socialized so now I’m trying to figure out how to handle situations where other dogs may be walking on the other side of the street or even at the other end of the block without her completely losing her mind. I don’t expect her to turn into a model dog park goes or anything, but I want to take a walk without being afraid that we will see a dog. She is almost 5 now and your methods are by far the best I have tried but it’s hard not to feel hopeless and helpless when she reacts like a maniac. Is it completely impossible to stop these types of behaviors after that prime puppy socialization period?

  421. Ninja Mom

    I personally didnt see anything wrong with that video. The whole point of the dog training experience is to show the real actual process (your process!) of dog training! And as humans do, sometimes “mistakes” are made.
    You know your dog best and made your decisions based on the knowledge that you have. Sure it didnt end up going how you expected but thats what happens sometimes.
    I think showing the ups AND downs is important, training a dog isnt always rainbows and unicorns and its never perfect all the time, everytime!
    Keep up the good work, you are truely an insipration and an amazing trainer!
    Without your videos my dogs wouldnt be half as trained as they are now!

  422. Jackiegoal

    The main reason I’m watching these series is because of the honesty and kind of unfiltered nature, really. You show and voice your deliberations which is much more helpful than pretending you’re in a perfect world.

    We’re currently raising a 14mo old German shepherd and make mistakes on a daily basis (we’re getting better). It really helps to talk to people about these mistakes instead of the successes because others’ points of view help us make better decisions in the future.

    Our dog, for instance, will approach other dogs quite similarly to the dog in the video (walking straight up instead of approaching carefully) which can make other dog owners nervous about him playing with their dogs. Seeing this from the other side makes us very aware of the effect his behaviour can have on other dogs. This is incredibly helpful.

  423. Emily Gordon

    Don’t omit mistakes!!!! But i think sit downs like this are incredibly valuable. So if you think something would be controversial, you could include a short sit down? Also i think it’s important to let dogs interact… i think it’s good for her to learn how to handle things that make her uncomfortable. It’s better to have an air snap than a full on freak out and attack 🤷🏻‍♀️

  424. Daniel Michel

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  425. Heather Day

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  426. channeloflight

    Definitely DON’T edit out your mistakes or challenges! It’s so important to show the reality of the whole training experience. That’s what makes it so relatable and helpful to others. I think you made all the right choices in the video you were referring to. You are my favorite dog trainer on YouTube. Thank you for what you do!

  427. Fish n' Tricks

    I really appreciated this video. As someone with a dog who doesn’t do so well with a dog park environment, it was refreshing to see something imperfect.
    She does well with other dogs but has “high standards” as I like to call it. She’s best friends with dogs who have good manners. Can’t be bothered to deal with the ones who don’t she she just avoids them.
    But thank you for acknowledging concerns people had. I wasn’t bothered by your video and could tell by body language that her response was a justified one and your picking her up didn’t strike me as “reinforcing” at all. But I appreciate that you don’t shut out criticism and will walk through your thoughts for people. Those who immediately block anyone who has a different stance than them give off major red flags in my opinion.

  428. Lynn Myers

    Keep everything in your series. I think it is really important for people to see how YOU an experienced dog trainer would react in the same moments they themselves may find themselves in. If you don’t show the good and the bad, people may think you don’t have those moments and that you aren’t qualified to tell THEM how to handle a situation like that. Keep up the good work.

  429. Marles Rae

    I agree with everything he says in this vide. My dog is 7 months old and is a border collie/healer/aussie mix and my dog Is really social but i followed his training for the most part. I think if you back out on doing something because your dog is scared then when will it not be scared, hes been going slowly with her. Personally I dont think what inertia did was that bad. Dogs have boundaries too.

  430. Aman Raj

    People who are involved in such controversies are stupid……I feel for you and honestly, I freaking love your work…….
    You don’t need to explain that to anyone about what happened back in the park, I mean it’s understood that when you expose your dog to new stuff they bite, yeah perhaps sometimes more so aggressively but keeping in mind the time and the effort you put in on your dog * seriously *, mistakes are bound to happen. I like your way to not to hide those things, because of which people learn something new and worth trying with their dog.

  431. ThereforeStand

    Keep doing what your doing. It’s obvious that you love your dog and when you look at it that way we as the audience will know you’ll never on purpose do anything to hurt Inertia.

  432. C.L. Cannon

    I’m very glad you had a “controversy” and you AREN’T removing it and trying to “correct” it but you clarify. Thank you. Now THIS is pod racing. Wait, no I meant: Now THIS is learning!

  433. thEOnlystev31

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  434. Erik Guaman

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  435. Katherine Tarre

    First of all, thank you for addressing this and going through your train of thoughts in the event. As a new puppy owner, I don’t see what happened as a mistake at all. On the contrary, I really appreciate your honesty and the completeness of the training experience. Trying to guess at what a puppy is feeling can be really frustrating and in a way it’s kind of comforting to see that even with experience it’s okay not be completely sure of what’s going to happen. Inertia is a smart and beautiful dog and we can’t wait to see her grow up.

  436. Avary Martin

    This is bullshit, Zak. And you know it.

  437. Katie Bear

    Hey 👋 I left a comment on your last video about leashes and my thoughts, I don’t think I made it clear that that’s just my personal opinion, that’s how I like to train and work . I don’t think you did anything wrong I personally would have taken her to a quieter part of the park to let her settle after the incident but that my opinion! It’s great that you put such a “controversial” video out there people need to see REAL LIFE situations.💩 happens and everyone will always have an opinion on it. But your helping people who might never have had a dog or a situation happen like this, and you have shown them how to deal with it calmly responsibly and safely! 🥰

  438. Natalie McG

    Our pup (German shepherd) is 3 months older than inertia and I’ve noticed so many similarities with both of them- every pup has their good and bad days! Both inertia and Luna (my pup) are exactly where they are supposed to be at with learning, just takes time 😊

  439. Christian Rivera

    I’m not sure what was so controversial about the dog park vid. In my uneducated, totally irrelevant opinion, I wouldn’t have let Inertia run off-leash. But that doesn’t mean I think you’re wrong for doing what you thought was right. It also doesn’t mean I have the right to flood my opinion into your eyes. Despite the hiccups in her park training, I’d say the video was highly educational, and a success. I feel, however, that you should do some videos on building her confidence around bigger dogs, and dogs in general. This stuff is gold, and I’m soaking it all in for when I eventually get a dog of my own. Thanks.

  440. Daisy

    I think it was very brave to post that video. Im learning alot raising my golden retriever (almost 1 y/o). Please keep going and dont let the haters get to you.

  441. froladee

    I still don’t see what “mistake” you made! You’re an awesome trainer and I appreciate your videos. I am training my 4 month old Australian Shepherd, and have been learning your training since I got her at 8 weeks. So far so good!!! I thank you so much.

  442. sioSIN SIN

    Honestly your such a genuine dude, so even if I disagree with the positive only training I appreciate your transparency.

  443. LunaLupis

    Air snapping is kinda common in border collies right? At least my bordercollie does when she is in the same situation as inertia

  444. Gabriel Preciado

    One of the main reasons I follow this channel is because of its candid experiences, quite frankly if your videos were to perfect I doubt it would have kept me coming back.
    I’ve experienced a moment similar like this with my pups best friend from across the lawn I did similar to how you handled it and he’s never repeated it since I now keep my eyes out for how exciting their playing gets and always correct him when needed
    Keep up the great work

  445. Wendy Ringel

    Please include mistakes as how will we new parents learn if you are always perfect. I saw nothing wrong with Inertia’s interactions at the park. My puppy is seven months old and I watched your videos on day one of bringi g puppy home. I don’t think I would have lasted this long without knowing her behaviours are normal. We are in training with an awesome trainer but watching a professional have same issues is a relief!

  446. Tourettes Education Live it , love it , Tic it !

    Jeepers …
    People are seriously hounding you and you’re literally beating yourself up to explain yourself .
    Chill your beans and put this into perspective…
    You are great at what you do and you’ve taught so many of us skills that will have kept dogs out of shelters .
    One minor event . Many over reactive viewers !

  447. waxxy mouse

    When you caused the issues and make mistakes every single video how do you expect to be taken seriously by other trainers? Dupe the public all you like but you need to update your education.

  448. lisa jean

    No problem AT ALL with your video! Don’t understand where the negative feedback came from. We’ve learned SO MUCH and continue to learn from your videos!!! You have been the real key to our success in forming our pet’s discipline behavior. You’ve taught us to train them with a take on their personality, time, rewards and PATIENCE! Seems to me from observing and watching the video several times, the OTHER LARGER DOG WAS THE PROBLEM!!! His owner should have been able to speak to him and tell him to “back up” for him to hold back on his definite dominant bullying approach. Your dog was afraid of him. My first impression when watching was that the other dog needs training. It was larger and moved in very quickly. You are so in tune to dogs and their needs! Just like your approach to the puppy she first met. You pulled her back to give the puppy some space. I would imagine it’s just like the parents who don’t have control over their own kids in public- same concept. You end up having to pull your kid out because he got scared and started overreacting. Nothing but Applause to your and your puppy in training! Forget the negative comments and keep doing the videos exactly like you always have. Sometimes we learn from you how to help a negative tint. 💝

  449. yumekeraun

    It’s good to have these sort of experiences available. There is going to be someone out there who has a dog with a similar personality, and this can give them a heads up on their own training of those minor details to look out for to make sure they have a positive experience with their dog. Or help them really tune into when their dog has “had enough” before they have actually hit their limit.

  450. Debra Elmer

    I appreciate how real and honest you are and that you show your mistakes. It’s easy for someone to think they are a failure at training their dog when most of the time things don’t go as you would like them to. I also watch all kinds of dog training videos because i never know which method will work best with my dog. Knowledge is the best tool we can have when it comes to training our dogs and to see that you experience problems and failures helps me to keep trying over and over with my dog’s training. My advice to the haters- if you don’t like Zak’s training style then go watch someone else and try their methods- no one is forcing you to watch this! As for me, I LOVE your videos and tell all my friends to watch and will continue to do so!!! Thank you!

  451. Yas M

    Waw, please don’t worry too much about some people’s criticism, Inertia’s air-snapping actually seemed quite “justified” to me in that particular situation. She got jumped unexpectedly by a much bigger dog and she just demanded some space and told the dog to back off. Didn’t realize people would make such a fuss about it. You’re a great trainer and your videos are very helpful for training my dog! Keep up the good work!!! 🙂


    Mate I think your missing the point. You should have taken her away much quicker than you did. The bloke actually had to pull his dog away from yours. Your lucky your dog still has its nose mate. If that was my dog, you’d be on the deck too. Gtfo.

  453. Mormon Mom Plans

    Please don’t omit the mistakes. I’ve only had my puppy two weeks, he’s almost 10 weeks, and he’s already resource guarding which is kind of freaking me out. All I can think is that my sweet little puppy is going to be an aggressive dog because I have no idea how to train dogs. I signed up for your 30 day training series and am excited to use that with my BC pup. I’m hoping the resource guarding will stop. He doesn’t do it with our dogs at home …. just the dogs at work. So to see that even the dog trainers dog is still learning, is reassuring to me. Thank you for all you share so freely.

  454. Melissa Chiranky

    We learn so much from you and your methods have IMMENSELY helped our 11 week old pup! Mistakes are so helpful because it takes some of the pressure off of us owners at home. When all you see is these perfect trainers on YouTube it’s easy to get discouraged. You’ve taught us patience and understanding! Thank you!!!!

  455. Good Dog Training Services

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  456. Viktor Felde

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  457. Gina Mo

    I think you handled it perfectly. It’s important for us to allow them to be dogs. I’m not a dog trainer but I am a realist and believe that a young dog needs to be exposed to many situations including not so pleasant ones for a short period of time. I really enjoyed watching your training session. It’s true “real life”.

  458. Sorzin

    To the internet and youtube you must be able to not only be omniscient in your field while being perfect in every way lest you be judged by equally omniscient and perfect people who you know nothing about.

  459. b a

    People need to realize that raising a puppy isn’t easy. Even the best dog trainer makes mistakes and has his frustration.

  460. Nicola Jackson

    I admire you very much Zak. I’ve found your training videos very helpful. Actually going over your video as you’ve just done I also found valuable as you explained step by step what was happening. Good to analyse, especially the body language. Well done and keep doing what you’re doing!😀

  461. Josue Barragan

    One of my dogs reminds me a lot of Inirtia. She’s almost two now and she’s super friendly but will be cautious with some dogs. I continue to work with her.

  462. Elenkoism

    If someone tackled you when you didn’t expect it, you’d probably snap too and go “back off”. I’m looking into adopting a dog so your videos are helpful, especially the mistakes

  463. Kirsty Snovicky

    Please continue to show the mistakes! It’s very useful as a dog owner to see how to react when things don’t go as planned. There’s so many videos where all they show it “how to make your dog do this” and the dog does it perfectly in the video and in real life it’s like ok well what if my dog isn’t reacting well? What do I do then? It sucks that if you show mistakes in videos, people are going to feel the need to comment on how they would have done things, but the rest of us find this info super useful!

  464. Dragon King

    I don’t think the tripod is level.

  465. Colin Pachovsky

    Look at humans overcoming fear. How do you think that would go. Do you think a human overcoming his of her fear would feel very comfortable doing so? I think not, he or she will be scared the whole time. But afterwards you might be less fearful of that certain situation. Why wouldn’t you let a dog overcome his or her fear by being fearful for a little while? I think you did the right thing.

  466. Kristin Kettenhofen

    I think you’re right, it’s really important to show your mistakes and all that you encounter. I can say that this video would have been SUPER helpful when I started introducing my dogs to a dog park setting. You’re putting great info out there, keep it up!

  467. Lisa Corcoran

    It’s great that you addressed it just so people can understand that you weren’t being callous. You have so many more experiences with Inertia than even what we see online. I trust that you know her best. Like you said, all trainers make mistakes – the difference is that the GOOD trainers are open to discussing when they have misstepped. This experience gave you more information to inform your training plan with her going forward. Keep doing your great work!

  468. Some kind of Entity

    I bet most people that talk shi* don’t even own a dog..

  469. Pride In Photos BEAUTY

    This is the real world 🌎 Not everything will go our way!!! This is how we learn and grow by these experiences dog and man alike! If we don’t put our feet and paws in….how do we progress???? We don’t learn and become better by watching on the sidelines. I loved the video Zak! When we try something the first time, it will NEVER BE Perfect!! Yes, you could of taken Inertia out a little sooner, but she is not the worst for wear!! We all wish we had 20/20 vision at the present time. This is how we learn and become great parents, you keep trying new things until we get it right. Don’t change a thing!!!! 🐶💕🐶💕

  470. Min Ae Chung

    I never thought that was a “mistake”. I go to dog parks frequently and I can tell the dogs that she encountered surprised her without properly saying hello. Most of the time my dog and other dogs sniff each other first, do play bows, then start playing each other. I hope you show another episode of her going to the dog park next time!

  471. Toby Havaneese

    Dear Zak, you do an amazing job with your videos. I don’t think you did anything wrong!!! Yes, you should show the mistakes as they are the real life situations

    .I have an 11 lb dog and we were walking at a natural area. There were 2 golden retrievers which were on leash. I had my dog at the side of the trail and he was ignoring the other dogs. He was watching me, being good, and one of the goldens broke loose from his/her handler and attacked my dog. He was bitten, but he was fine and right away, well after he was feeling ok, I took him out and got him around other dogs and he has no side effects or fear due to and loves other dogs. Everything happened so fast and all I heard was, “you should have done….”. If anything, your video showed your quick reaction to avoid a possibly terrible incident. If you hadn’t done what you did your dog could have been attacked or bitten.


  472. Joshua Martinez

    Why, would people be upset. I understand completely because I am doing the same with my 9 month dog. I would acted the same way with the response. Keep up the work and also love your book got it for Christmas and read it 4 times and still learning how to train my puppy.

  473. Riiseli

    She was startled by the big dog. I have a lot of experience with intact dogs as that is what we mostly have here and I can tell you my late bitch would have corrected that big dog and I would’ve approved. A difference to Inertia is that she was very confident in relation to other dogs and said dogs responded to her confidence very well ie. she never got challenged. As she was very good with puppies and dogs in general, she was oft tasked with interacting with both nervous and overly boisterous dogs. There were many, many puppies that over the years learned to associate dogs that looked like her with good things.

  474. cheryl foy

    Love your videos. You are one responsible dog owner and enjoy these

  475. Josue Barragan

    I believe that every dog is different and nobody is perfect and has their struggles. I’m glad that you filmed everything and a well trained dog takes a LONG TIME. You were my first “trainer”, thank you!

  476. Nathan Slusher

    You did great. We live in a world that wants to be outraged. You are an attentive owner/trainer…..but not divine and surprises happen to ALL OF US including dogs;-) Great job, please dont hide “mistakes” or in this case surprises…they are great and the secret strength of this series!!

  477. angello882

    Oh absolutely keep the mistakes in! I have a new puppy who is incredibly bite-y and nippy. He’s literally trying to bite my shoes right now. And watching all these edited videos of how to get him to stop and none of the methods working is so incredibly frustrating. Seeing that sometimes things don’t workout or that they’re more difficult to manage than a 10 minute video (even for a Profesional) makes me feel better and have more patience and just not feel like a total failure. I personally need these videos to stay honest and true and I’m sure many would agree with the sentiment.

  478. ChelyGrapeJelly

    Keep those mistakes in there!!
    Hi! I’m a rescue human, and in the respect of training other humans how to train their canine companions, I think it’s ABSOLUTELY effective to include those TOTALY REAL WORLD EVENTS. Education of training is critical especially in the realm of positive reinforcement. I credit you so much for keeping her going in hopes that she rebounded, and you are right. There’s a difference between correcting negative behavior and removing the dog from a stressful situation. Given her pattern in a controlled environment, I would have expected her to rebound too! It would have been unrealistic to remove her just because of one or two negative instances. You give such a wonderful window of perspective in real world training, and those who believe that editing out those “mistakes” are not truly paying attention.
    Keep moving forward 💙

  479. Daniel Garreis

    You know when you first got the dog I thought I hope the new dog does not ruin your carrier. Not because of you but because of the dog. As you said they are all different like humans. Just as we raise our kids things do not always go as planed. Your dog is extremely lucky to have you as a owner. Can not imagine if someone else had him that does not have the knowledge you do about pets. I am enjoying you showing the real world and events that brings. Shoulda, woulda, coulda to everyone that judges what your doing. Time will change everything and everyone whom believes they can do better. Much respect.

  480. Matt Solnick

    Wow to make it from 2006 to 2020 to make it on Youtube without any controversy?? That is seriously impressive.

  481. Wes Gordon

    No one is perfect. It takes a lot to put yourself out there. Thanks for all the great training ideas. Keep up the great work. It’s appreciated!

  482. Lakesrhino

    Zak, thank you for your videos. I have a 6 month old Cocker and watching your series has helped a lot. Showing what works but just as importantly when things don’t turn out the way we expect. I think it shows it is not straightforward and as you say it’s “real life”. Re the incident, you know your dog best and from what I’ve seen from the series has not behaved like that before. As to how you reacted I agree, something you have taught me is not to over react when she makes mistakes or shows poor judgement. Having a stressed or scarred dog and then to shout, is not a good idea. I think acting calmly (however you feel) is right. We learn and then know what to look out for. So please continue to show real life situations, mistakes and all. Being in England we don’t have a video like this so it is appreciated.

  483. Lizzeth Melando

    People always think they know what’s right & that they do no wrong. If anyone knows what they’re doing, especially in a kind loving way, it’s this guy. Give the guy some slack, he literally does much better than most people giving backlash on the dog park video. Keep up the great work Zak! My husband and I have learned so much from you & we’ve grown great communication with our dog thanks to you. Don’t let the haters stop you ❤️

  484. Elly Whisson

    Hey Zak, I just wanted to take a moment to say how hugely beneficial the series has been to me and my new puppy. You showing the truth is exactly why I love watching you, it makes me feel like I’m not alone, and that I can make mistakes and learn and try new things with my dog too. I have taken the puppy to the dog park and there is that occasional dog that is too scary and they have to say hey I don’t like that somehow, so I don’t think it was controversial, sometimes things happen. And I appreciate you telling your truth so much. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  485. Daniel Feyghin

    Im sure you know what you do in general, and every1 makes mistakes. Keep up the videos, dont omit anything!

  486. Vanish Xavier

    Bro your insane at training

  487. KellySetula

    You definitely should keep mistakes in the videos. Mistakes help the learning process.

  488. Mike Doe

    Keep it up, Zak. I never had a dog and have no plans to get one in the near future but I love watching your vids and consider your advice to be top notch bar none.

    There is no perfect method for training imperfect and unique beings so I wouldn’t be overly concerned about know-it-all armchair generals.

  489. Tracey Nobil

    Zak, thank you! Cooper is just turning 9 months next week and we have been following you and Inertia since the beginning. I appreciate the real life aspect of your videos. This way I have a comparison for different situations that Cooper and I run into.

  490. Alex Serellis

    Before I got my Shiba Inu puppy almost two years ago I watched whole batches of your videos. And now, where she is coming up on two I continue to work on her training almost daily. Your style and honesty has helped me reach a point where my first ever dog is praised for her training despite being from an “untrainable” breed.

    Keep up the realism, more people appreciate it than the vocal minority of haters.

  491. Ebbz

    I think the video and the video series is a really good thing, things like this do happen in real life. I’m glad you’re someone who shows other people what to do in a situation like this.

  492. Belinda Ladlie

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  494. Panda Jayne

    I liked the last video. It’s not showing anything fake. Your not hiding her reaction the the bigger dog. Plus you can see the big dog wasn’t that bothered and neither was the owner. You cannot predict the reaction.All dogs are different

  495. Dylan Davis

    People are always going to have something positive and negative to say about someone else and their methods. You’ve said it time and time again, pups are not a one size fits all training solution. I saw nothing absolutely wrong in the way you handled this situation and you were still in complete control. I think it makes it more honest and personal to show our mistakes as trainers. It’s because of you that i’ve been able to successfully start training other client’s dogs and you’re positive reinforcement style of training is revolutionary and inspiring. Keep doing you Zak, you’re a role model!

  496. Isak Lundström

    I think you handled it great and it’s so valuable seeing you make these decisions when things are not going perfectly. Those situations are the hardest to get a handle on as a trainer. Thank you!

  497. Ulises Alvarado

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  501. John Doe

    Interesting.. I’m too lazy to read all the comments, but the video, being referred to, I did make a comment. I do NOT agree with lots of Zak’s food training, but the “incident” was handled 100% perfectly. The introduction, outside, inside the play area, was fine. The other dog was playful aggressive and Inertia handled it properly. I really don’t see the ‘mistakes’. Nothing wrong. Stepped in and removed the dog from the situation. My dog gets playful aggressive and gets corrected by the other dog, if it continues, I remove my dog.

  502. Megan Brennan

    Mistakes are essential both to make and to own, and I’d say every good teacher knows that. I appreciate your reflection and humble attitude in making this video. It’s so important for all of us to be able to do the same thing in our own lives and professions. Good video!

  503. alistair skarsgård

    Just keep doing what your doing @ZakGeorge I don’t agree with all the criticism your getting at all but welcome to the internet. I think these people don’t know Inertia’s personality, those of us who have been watching her grow up do. I completely get why you showed this and PLEASE DONT OMIT. What will we do when our dogs make mistakes if we never see honest videos !?! You’ve helped me with my Aussie, Brigid, so much! Thank you

  504. Genesis S.

    Tbh when I first watched the video I didn’t think anything bad about it. Please continue to show the “mistakes” because it shows us what bad things could happen and teaches us how to react when they do. But it’s also encouraging to new trainers/ dog parents that even trainers can’t know everything. Keep up the good work

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  507. Deborah Watts

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  508. European Empire

    It’s easy to rationalize and forget about an event.
    For example, “she was scared”, “she didn’t really bite”, etc. so it would be easy to discard that and forget about it.
    I wonder how many mistakes the self-proclaimed perfect trainers with perfectly trained dogs have forgotten that way…

  509. Mary Modjeski

    Hi Zak. Well said. Please do not omit mistakes. Everything is a learning/training experience in the real world. Please keep it authentic! That’s why I enrolled and completed the 30 perfect pup class! Great tools! ❤️

  510. Steve Arruda

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  511. Page Smith

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  512. Furry Friends Family

    Regardless of the criticism I believe she reacted appropriately to the other dog who came on too quickly. I enjoy your videos and have learned some new things!

  513. Jeffrey Lange

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  515. Donna Lynn Smeltzer

    Thank you for your videos….I have a puppy 7 months old that you have helped me train by watching your videos. Every puppy/ dog acts differently and learns differently. You are doing a great job. You can tell she was scared and just reacted….removing her was exactly what you needed to do. I have raised many dogs over the years and it’s been fun learning from you….thank you🐶🐶

  516. Lindzuniverse

    Show the real thing, but admit when it’s a mistake in the moment. Say when you pushed too far or should’ve gone a different way. It doesn’t help to show your mistakes if you’re going to say that the session “went pretty well” every time


    She was asking for the other dog to respect her space.That is normal dog behavior! I have 6 German Shepherds how are the suppose to respond. Dog behavior is not like people,but if someone got in my face I mite do more than air bite.Gezz people Seriously

  518. Star Dust N 1111wishes

    I think that staying at the dog park was a good choice for you and Inertia. You simply show her that she was not in any danger by keeping your own energy calm and collected. People miss that part of dog training I’m guilty of it sometimes. Our demeanor and energy that we put out does affect our pets and sets the tone of the experience.

  519. Jessica Lang

    Zak, I’m concerned about your assessment of Inertia’s body language. When stressed you remarked ‘she was walking calmly’. I feel this is why she is having so many reactivity, anxiety issues.

  520. Robin Andreae

    Thanks, Zak! Your honesty and realism are why I appreciate your channel. As an aside I really liked the inset reactions and critique you gave about the previous video. It was very insightful and I think a unique way to discuss dog training. Do you have any plans on doing more videos like this? BTW You handle criticism very well.

  521. Constance Barrett

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  522. romenorom

    Zack. This series with Inertia is great because show thing as they are. Life is not a movie. You can’t predict life.
    And this series is also very inspiring because I got a feeling to want to have a dog after my old cavalier died in September.
    So keep doing what you are doing, and I look forward to seeing how you and Inertia progress in the future.

  523. zizinnnn

    thank you! if we deny mistakes there’s no way to learn and it’s frustrating to watch training videos where everything goes well and then when I try it, it can suck so many times. it’s like watching one of those razor commercials where the woman shaves an already shaved leg! wtf am I supposed to do with that?! progress is done with perseverance. And you are right, this video journey was missing from the training content sphere.

  524. Isa_D

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  525. Tyler Woods

    Please don’t stop doing what your doing because of a few nasty comments. I am 3 weeks behind you with my puppy. I have been following along exactly and its going wonderfully. You would think shes yours all the commands are the same, frisbee too. 🙂

  526. Ang Vaughn

    I really love how you maintain calmness during challenging training situations. It really sets an example. We don’t need to correct our dogs, we need to make sure they feel safe and they can make good choices with a history of positively reinforced behavior. Thanks for the recap, Zak. Leave the mistakes in and make it a teachable moment. We all make them.

  527. Mike s

    I thought your video was great. The park showed you how you two would react in a different situation other than the puppy classes. Does the snapping look bad to your avg person, maybe. Do people who own dogs, not one bit. Inertia got put in a corner per say and defended herself. It wasnt like she was being aggressive and kept going after the dog once separated.

    I’m lucky enough my 1 yr old lab will sense once she is over her head, she’ll runs back to me.

  528. Jenny Careen

    We have two GSD puppies. 21 months and 11 months. I appreciate seeing your mistakes and when things don’t go as expected, because that feels like our experience almost daily. Training videos often show steps, progress, and success, but not set backs. Seeing Inertia’s training and times she has unexpected behaviors makes me feel better. It makes me feel less frustrated when I struggle to train my dogs, which makes training itself go better. So thank you for being a great resource for training and also showing the full experience, good and frustrating.

  529. drake

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  532. Queen Kahlan

    I think it’s great that you show everything, it makes the series more real and relatable. I don’t even understand why your video was critizised, i saw nothing wrong with it, inertia was uncomfortable with how the dog greeted her and reacted by snapping at him…so? She didnt bite him, she just showed that she didnt like it with some warning air snaps. The other dog shouldn’t have bumped into her like that but theres not much to do about it now, and you broke it up before it even got to a fight. I mean yeah, you probably shouldnt have done it by picking her up but in the moment you just react before you can think so yeah. I think your series is great and so are you, a fantastic trainer abd dog owner! 🙂

  533. Leslie Fox

    The humility and grace with which you are handling this is wonderful. I so appreciate how willing you are to include material that you know may be controversial or shows moments of failure (like when she broke a stay and you actually said “that’s embarrassing”). We have ALL had those moments with our dogs. You are a great example. Thank you so much for being you.

  534. Qs-ii

    How to help a dog who’s scared…

    Pro: Get them out of that situation.

    Comments: Make them more scared.

  535. Danielle Marie

    My only critisim for you is that sometimes your videos are too click-baity and you never end up getting to the topic of the actual video title like the last one about what to do when your dog bites you. Other than that, I welcome seeing the humanity of your mistakes and the breakdown of how it could’ve been better.

  536. KelseyTVS

    Hey Zak, I’ve been watching you for something like 10+ years. Don’t know the exact amount of time but I remember seeing a throwback vlog with Supernova as a puppy, so that’ll give you some idea! I like seeing you own up to your mistakes and admit that sometimes trainers make the wrong call. Everyone watching this and raising a puppy sure will at some point. There’s lots of ups and downs and I think it’s really valuable to show the bumps in the road. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

  537. Derek Nelson

    I am so grateful for your series, I have been very appreciative of this series. I am a novice trainer but I have learned so much from the many experiences that you show in this series. I actually like this video because it has been good to look into the way you are thinking about the many choices that were presented in the different aspects of the events of the experience. I think it would be great to see more of these kinds of videos so as a novice I could gain more understanding of why you do what you do in the moments you do them. I also want to say that my training experience has been so great as I apply the things you are teaching. It really has been so much fun to build such a great relationship with my dog, and when my dog goes through challenges I am so grateful to know how to handle them and to help him have good learning experiences that helps him to want to keep getting better in those challenging scenarios.

  538. colleen412

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  539. MrAngryTwinkie

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  540. Tina Honig

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  541. Alaina Sherwood

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  542. Caitlyn Reich

    Thank you so much for this video. While I do believe you should keep the mistakes in, I think you need to add a reflection video like this in attachment with the mistake.

    Far too many training accounts on instagram are using that video in isolation to discredit you and your methodology, and that makes me very sad.

    Perhaps a forward of the video with a sit down of you saying “here is what happened, here is what I should have done differently” can help to minimize the toxicity

  543. papaya king

    The problem was with your video that you pretended it all went great when you made a mistake and in my opinion you should’ve said that first without waiting for the internet to tell you that it was indeed a mistake.

  544. e3k00rb

    Thank you for this series! Keep the “mistakes”.. I wouldn’t even call them mistakes its just everyday real life learning experiences. Even if we practice the best way to do something 100 times, sometimes in the moment you respond in which way seems best at the time.

  545. talek77

    Please continue like you have been doing. I love to see the mistake and how you solve them, like in this time. We are not perfect. Love you channel and most of all, I believe and trust you.


    You’re awesome!!! Love your channel and I love how honest you are about all aspects of dog training! Thank you for taking the time to make this video and communicating your response to us ❤️❤️

  547. Truth Inspector

    Never omit mistakes, we can all learn from them

  548. Amber Dunn

    I guess I don’t see what all the controversy is about. I don’t think you made any mistakes.. you were just trying to introduce her
    To something new
    And teach her. Dogs
    Will be dogs sometimes lol. I think you are great and
    I’ve been looking to you a lot
    For training my golden.

  549. kaitlynnnrose

    Great response. Obvious that you took criticism as a way to educate others and assess the situation and you were not defensive. Great communication. I’m a physical therapist and there are times when I’m working with a patient and I’m not getting the response I want and I have to re-think my approach or my reasoning. It doesn’t mean my reasoning was wrong just not as effective for that person in that situation. Being able to adapt is the important part and you did that well.

  550. dreamchaser003

    I thought it was a great video! Really valuable to see and I appreciated your insight in the original video and this one. Thank you so much for sharing and please keep including your mistakes!

  551. Penny Metcalfe

    Definitely show the ‘mistakes’, you are teaching us novice dog owners/trainers how to handle all situations and that is invaluable. I personally prefer your videos because you do not give false expectations. Not everything will go as planned and not everything will go well. What I find helpful about your videos is that you show us how to adapt a session when our dog does not behave perfectly. You talk us through your thought process so we can see what to do if we are ever in a situation similar. Very grateful for this series and I think Inertia behaves amazingly for a 6 month old in your current videos!

  552. xavsmom

    I never comment on YouTube videos but I just wanted to say I appreciate your channel. I found you when I got my first pup (an aussie eager to learn)2 years ago and have learned so much from you. Life got busy, I didnt watch as much after I trained him, then I got another puppy (a fun loving and stubborn labahula not as eager to learn) and got inspired again by your channel. I appreciate your honesty it absolutely helps to know no one is perfect, even if it’s your profession. This new series is great. Keep up the amazing videos and inspiration.

  553. Brittany Brady

    Please continue to be raw and open! It’s so helpful!

  554. kdoo

    I didn’t read the comments to the dog park video, but watched the video. Seriously loved that you are sharing this with us. The video series is really important and I am grateful for it. Thank you!!

  555. YoloMasterGamerTag

    Thumbs up to you on how you decided to make this video! I still think people don’t understand what you are doing with your dog and they want to put their two cent like they did and know like you said the experience of her history.

  556. Lisa Shaw

    It’s so easy to get discouraged when training a puppy. Seeing you do it with Inertia–the good, the bad, the snapping–makes me feel like I’m not alone. And that even someone who is a professional has rough moments. PLS KEEP the realness, Zak. I’ve watched every video and I appreciate your work so much.

  557. xDerDerx

    Include them, haters gonna hate. ❤️ Nola

  558. Wade Kloeblen

    This series has helped me immensely in training my pup. I got her very soon after this series started getting posted and I absolutely owe a large amount of my pups obedience to practices I learned from you. You do an amazing job showing real life situations with a puppy and how to respond and handle those situations. Truly, thank you for the time and effort you put into, not only your training, but also your channel and viewers. 🖤

  559. Amanda Previdelli

    I think this series and the way you really show mistakes and real life are the best thing on YT right now. I used to feel so guilty when I misjudged or when I did something wrong, or my dog had a bad behavior. I used to think I was scarring him for life when he’d be afraid of something or had a bad experience. I didn’t. He is a healthy, happy, strong and resilient young dog now despite how stressed I got in certain situations.

    I really REALLY appreciate how humble, honest and open you are.

    It wasn’t the best experience, but she obviously recovered and is a happy socialized puppy.

    Thank you and Bree for your work with the series.

  560. kelli wich

    i love seeing everything raw! if you only showed when things go great I would feel like such a failure myself! Seeing that what Im dealing with when training my dog is NORMAL is so important I cant even tell you! Please keep doing exactly what you are doing, you have helped me immensely <3

  561. Joshua Fields

    Are you going to continue do the videos? You talked in the past tense during the first part of the video. Appreciate your candidness and willingness to put your best foot forward.

  562. Angelica:

    Your videos are amazing, and YES please include the mistakes, so that we can learn from them too! I have learned so much from all of your videos. I have my first puppy Nero who is now 6 months old just like Inertia in your videos and he has learned SO much from you! Now he knows 22 tricks/commands from me and he LOVES to train and learn new tricks, and loves treats, playtime and just interaction with me. Thank you so much for helping us get such a great and positive bond! I recommend you to everyone I talk to about dog training! Please keep up the great work and change nothing! Lots of praise to you from north Norway 🙂

  563. Sassy Winter Fox

    I agree with that air snap, my dog does it and people assume she’s aggressive. I explain it’s their way of saying “wtf do you think you’re doing?!” Or “look back off”. Its like children annoying adults, what do we do? We snap at them. Yes we have complex language to use but dogs dont. So to me the air snap was a completely appropriate response and she’ll learn one day to walk away from the problem and go to her human. That other was was just rude bowling into her. Hell, even id get shitty if someone bowled into me.

  564. The Woolen Homestead

    I love that you keep the mistakes in as part of the dog training experience because we can learn so much from them! It’s real life and that’s exactly what we are going through at home with our own dog training. It’s so very helpful to us. Thanks to you and Bree for all of the hard work you put into this series and YouTube channel. Between this channel and your books I have learned SO much in training dogs and my professional life as a dog groomer!

  565. littlefootfeet

    Okay Zak I’m gonna be straight with you. Of course you shouldn’t omit mistakes. Of course shit happens in the real world. I’m sympathetic to anyone who puts so much of themselves online because it’s just so easy to know better in hindsight.

    Sure. That’s all good. But here’s the issue: you’re not noticing your mistakes. At some point between shooting, editing and posting these videos, you’re not putting a narration in to say “ok, here’s where I should have left the dog park, in hindsight”. If you’d done that, it would be great! Mistakes happen to the best of us, it’s fine, just NOTICE it, label it, point it out so you and others can learn.

    But you didn’t do that. You left that park saying it went pretty well- that was your hindsight. You didn’t see it. It didn’t go well. Even in this video you show a clip of Inertia with her tail as far up to her stomach as it can go, and you’re narrating that with “she’s having a good experience with another dog here.. she’s.. okay, she’s a little nervous…” Zak, for reals? Her posture is low, her tail could not be more tucked, she’s only sniffing because she has no choice but to interact because she is stuck in the environment, she is DEFINITELY not having a good experience merely tinged with some nervousness.

    Look, showing errors is fine. Totally. But you can’t show an error and narrate it with “this is acceptable” like you literally did while she was barking at a cat. No. It’s not acceptable. You’re too close. The cat did not feel safe. Literally this is a mistake. Again, it’s ok, mistakes happen, just narrate it afterwards.

    When you threw the ball out of the door, you knew full well there’d be a good chance she’d chase after it. It was set up to fail for the camera. That’s not just an everyday mistake which would be fine- that was planned. Don’t lie to me. [edit: not to mention, she ran into the end of the long line at a decent speed. Running into even “just” a harness is not fun. You either knew you were setting her up for that, or you didn’t have enough foresight to see that this might happen. Both options are not flattering on you. DO BETTER, please, I’m rooting for you]

  566. Zuzana Nosková

    Hi Zac, everything I wanted to say was already said here, so just keep doing what you’re doing. Your videos are great just because they show real situations and not a perfect dog (yet).

  567. Hazel Reader

    I’m raising my first puppy. He’s a border collie too and currently 10mths, you’ve no idea how much this series helps! I spend a lot of time questioning if I am doing things right. It’s nice seeing the similarities between my boy Jack and Inertia (he’s not very confident at first with dogs and some people either). When I watched the last episode I was beating myself up because I’d let him get overtired and he’d hit another fear phase and I was blaming myself for it. Watching what happened in the last episode and how you handled it made me feel so much better. If the pros can’t predict everything that their puppy is about to do then I stand no chance lol! Keep posting your successes and mistakes. I’m learning from both.

  568. georgia byers

    you’re so much classier than me. but I appreciate the realness, because it says to me that even when YOU are with dogs 24/7 and something happens, I dont feel like a failure when my own dog’s behavior breaks down.

  569. Amy Rex

    Hey Zak, I appreciate you taking the time. I have to say though I was hoping for more explanation of what you could have done better, so your viewers can do better. Like how to set reactive and fearful dogs up for success at rather than simply justifying your thought process. I totally understand that not everything goes right but when we’ve seen Inertia’s nervous behavior week after week, worsening even, I hope you see that it’s reasonable for people to say you should have known better and should be directly addressing triggers rather than just hoping Inertia gets through it or trying to lure a ‘look at me’. It’s just really troublesome that there is so much knowledge and experience in the R+ community and you seem to be ignoring it and potentially degrading it. I just hope it’s not because you don’t want to compromise the success of your series. All the best.

  570. Lazlo Kovacs

    I don’t see what the problem is. Things started to get a bit aggro so you intervened straight away. It’s a total non-issue and par for the course when socializing a puppy.

  571. Ashley Austin

    I agree that you should keep all the content…Including when things may not go to plan or as well as hoped. Don’t edit to make yourself or your dog seem perfect. There’s enough of that in the world and I think what sets you apart in the best way, is that you aren’t afraid to show the whole of the process. It’s more wholesome, realistic, and authentic.

  572. Tim Plamondon

    I don’t think you need to give any validation to YouTube trolls. You, as a highly trained professional, made your decisions.

    The fact that someone would lay such harsh judgements upon you on this platform is more of an indictment on them, not you.

    Zak, you’re doing a fabulous job. The haters are going to hate.

  573. JUJU

    Love all the in-depth details included in this series with Inertia – and not just the good and fun parts but also including the more difficult parts in the training journey. It brings a more realistic perspective to dog training. Learning so much from it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  574. Iliana Lyra

    I don’t think that you should have deleted this video. It was really helpful for me. I have a rescue dog and its difficult to socialize him with other dogs at this age (he is 7 years old).

  575. Martin Watts

    Y’know what I find controversial??? The crooked paintings in the background!!!

  576. Sarah Taylor

    Please keep the mistakes in, don’t edit them out. I think I’ve commented to you before that my family and I lost our boxer of 12 years 3 years ago. She was a stray and the sweetest, and she especially loved our kids. I never did any training with her though.

    After her passing, we tried to take in other dogs. We were told “good with kids” only to have to re-home them. I’d never lost a dog before so I didn’t know where to start.

    If there’s ever a next time, I’d definitely get a puppy.

    Because of that, this series has been very informative to me about what it might be like to train a puppy. I have really enjoyed seeing Inertia and her progress.

    Thanks for the content! I definitely think that it was a great idea for you to show us her journey. Like you said, there’s not really a lot of trainers out there showing such content with their own dogs from the time they are puppies.

    Thanks to you and Bree for the videos.

  577. Lterg Ilywamb

    Well done you for being hu-MAN. Seeing the mistakes are as useful as things go well. My puppy is 6 months old and you have helped me a lot. For most part we have a sweet, kind, intelligent, obedient puppy who at a switch goes totally crazy and bounces about so he isn’t up for being sensible!
    Please keep going. Your videos are great! – from UK

  578. Sonja Eckmann

    Zak, I think I watched all your videos, but it was only after you started the Inertia series that I finally realized: You *really* have to practice everything over and over again. Not being mean, but seeing Inertia doing stuff she isn’t supposed to do helped me tremendously understanding how long it really takes to train a dog. So please continue this they way you planned it, it totally works for my rambunctious German Shepherd and me! 🥰

  579. Basicly

    Through all of this, I always come back to the same thought, I am so glad you show the “failures” along with the successes.

    It helps regular owners who are working with their dogs and won’t get it right all the time to know it is still worth it in the end.

    I also think it can help trainers do their job better, because I feel like some owners think that if one exercise doesn’t work right away, it never will and none of the other things the trainer will come up with will work. Training is trial and error and requires time and patience. This can help owners understand better.

    Thanks for your work and your honesty!

  580. Hao Wu

    Zach. You are doing the right thing. Full support to you. Raised three dogs from they were puppies and my oldest is 16. It wasn’t such a bad experience to even begin with. She’s pushed thru the initial unfamiliarity from what I can tell. Keep up the great work!

  581. Maggie Morris

    Keeping doing what you are doing. I watched the episode before I knew about the controversy and I didn’t think anything was wrong AT ALL. I’ve been raising a baby border collie just a few months behind you (she’s 5 months) and I LOVE and appreciate your videos.

  582. Leonard (J.) Kemper

    Honestly, seeing that you have difficulty helps me realize that I should not be soo hard on myself. I truly enjoy this series…it is important to us all

  583. Belinda M

    I think your doing fine. I believe picking up your dog when she was snippy was not necessary but could have been redirected away as she was feeling overwhelmed by the other dog. Pulling her aside then reintroducing her to the dog again. The owner of the black dog should have also intervened and relaxed or calming bring them together.

  584. Jade Oliver

    Keep showing the mistakes. You are human!! We all make them, it’s how we learn! And hindsight is a wonderful thing, I don’t know a person out there who’s never felt that. Thanks for making this content 😊