Puppy Training Teach Your Puppy to Focus - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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Puppy Training Teach Your Puppy to Focus – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

Puppy training is one of the most rewarding and often frustrating things you’ll do. Teaching your puppy how to focus will build a rewarding relationship and set your puppy up for success.

All training you do with your dog is based on how the puppy was trained, handled and treated. In this video I give you a short step by step guide on getting your dog to focus on you, break distractions and reward the puppy for good behavior.

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22 Thoughts to “Puppy Training Teach Your Puppy to Focus – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. R E Malm

    … A really good video …

  2. Bobandjeri Shaffer

    Thanks Robert.
    These nuances added to previous nuances from you added to basic Look training create an effective approach. Worked w and improved a Catahoula, Walker and a low attention Malinois earlier today using this.
    Hands behind the back works too but like this better.

  3. Cú Sídhe

    Great video! I have three Borzoi, and they’re a really fun challenge to train because while they’re incredibly intelligent and pick up on everything quickly, they aren’t as biddable as other breeds. I’m definitely going to use this with my two youngest (they’re 19 weeks) 😀

  4. Dick Mustang

    What a beautiful dog. Great video. Super helpful insight as always.

  5. corneil jones

    gr8 video.

  6. Stevie Gonzales

    Hi Robert!
    What clothes so you wear in this Video ?

  7. shamm

    So besides from you holding your hands out to the side, what is the difference between this way, and the vid where you had the cheese in you’re mouth?

  8. Shamsa Al Maktoum

    Amazing video!!!! Thanks for the upload ❤️☝️

  9. Francis Xyooj

    Liked it for your joke about janis lol.

  10. Mr. C

    Beautiful sleek little dog.
    Thanks Robert. I will try this with out Labradog pup.

  11. Vbray 300

    What’s the name of the breed?

  12. Ri'Keyah G

    Oh my god, I’m getting one of those dogs! There aren’t many videos on them out there where people are working with them. Thanks Robert for taking the time to film this!

  13. Perfect Weather

    👍Love is the jackpot❤

  14. Sue Bee

    Dear Mr. Cabral, I love your videos. I babysit a lab. At my house we play school. He loves cookies and love giving him cookies. I run out of things to teach him ( I’m getting old ) then watch one of your videos. In about 2- 3 lessons (we have a couple of lessons a day. A lesson is about 10 minutes and always ends on a good note.) he has it. We practice and are having such fun. Thank you.

  15. Jennifer Dalton

    Thank you. Appreciate the information 😁 – I always need

  16. Alireza Ansari

    One of the best channels of dog training excelent videos , lots of experience. I want to sign to your website and im interested in schutzhund. Just wondering is there any Schutzhund Material on your website? And do you teach Schutzhund?
    Thanks and goodluck

  17. Jeannie patterson

    Again another FABULOUS video!!!

  18. IrvinBeast

    I wonder what type of dog is hardest to train ie. herding, hunting, sledding, etc.

  19. Joshua Hoover

    Next training video: getting a husky to obey a single command 😉

  20. El Ly

    Fantastic video and what a gorgeous dog!

    Really great to see you working with Sighthounds, and would love to see you work on recall with a Whippet pup. Since little Whippet pups turn into super fast running machines when they’re grown, a solid recall is imperative—especially if they’re free running!

  21. Good Dog Training Services

    Please call it a correction or a verbal punisher not a ‘negative. Negative means taking something away, you are adding a verbal punisher or no reward marker

  22. JSiah

    Only get that one second.

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