Puppy Training Issues Q&A
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Puppy Training Issues Q&A

Puppy training issues included in this Q&A:
Puppy is Not Confident Outside.
How Old Should a Puppy Be When Coming Home?
How Much Running is Safe for a Puppy?
My Puppy Doesn’t Listen When Excited.
How to Get a Puppy into a Car.

I address hundreds of dog training questions in my weekly #askmeanything videos.

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photo: @coffentropy via Twenty20

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15 Thoughts to “Puppy Training Issues Q&A”

  1. Jeje Wa

    When is best time to ” neuter ” a dog

  2. Jeje Wa

    Take a confident dog with you to start with!

  3. Jordyn Hatfield

    Amazing as always !!

  4. mehrad bb

    Love you so much thank you for everything,i just posted a comment under you last ig post sir about getting a membership would you pls answear it

  5. Perfect Weather

    Great video, thanks

  6. Tony Rivas

    Another great video, you’re amazing!

  7. Rick Farrow

    Hi Robert – love the videos, pod casts, and gear recommendations. Question: you mention in the video that running and jumping is unhealthy for a puppy due to their growth plates, which have not yet matured. Does this also exclude playing fetch? I’m getting a GSD in a couple of weeks and trying to determine the best routine that is both healthy and can also burn some of their energy. Thanks in advance – you’ve been a great resource and I appreciate what you do.

  8. ShiroMani Ŵ

    Any tips for a calm collective puppy? Thanks 🙂

  9. HawaiianStyle

    Getting a puppy in 2 and a half weeks, and I’ve been binging your videos!! Thanks for all your amazing tips!!

  10. Karen L

    Your car story brought back memories of Braegan’s first journey, never had a dog squeal in a car before though after listening to four kids in cars for years I’m an expert at tuning out to background noise. She is now a perfect car companion thank goodness

  11. Charity Blackwell

    Great Video 🙂

  12. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Great story about Goofy : ) Thank you : )


    You are the GOAT Robert!

  14. Critical Thinker 313


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