Puppy Podcast Everything about Puppies - Robert Cabral Dog Training Podcast

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Puppy Podcast Everything about Puppies – Robert Cabral Dog Training Podcast

Puppy podcast, everyone’s favorite. Everyone loves puppies and I’m dedicating this entire podcast to puppies. Things I think you should know before getting a puppy, what I love and hate about puppies. I also dedicate a big portion of this podcast to questions I’ve received from viewers.

So if you’re thinking about getting a puppy, or just got a puppy, I think you’ll love this podcast!

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23 Thoughts to “Puppy Podcast Everything about Puppies – Robert Cabral Dog Training Podcast”

  1. El Ly

    We lost our sweet old Whippet a week before Christmas, and have decided to take 2-3 months break before we look into getting a pup. In that time, your grieving videos have been a comfort, and your puppy podcasts have been so helpful in retraining my own mind, and reminding me about the true foundations/responsibilities of puppy rearing.

    I’d be curious to know if you’ve ever worked with Whippets, and what your thoughts are on this breed?

  2. Graham Rowland

    great advice Robert

  3. J W

    I have a 4 month old Giant Schnauzer. I’m using a lot of ur methods. Working out very well. I researched this breed for a very long time, so I knew exactly what to expect. My breeder and vet were very informative also. I wish people would do their homework before getting certain breeds. Thank you peace ✌️

  4. Jeff K

    Wow, my puppy was one of a single litter. Raised on a hobby ranch, no experience to cars. Never exposed to kids, didn’t have exposure to lots of people or dogs and I didn’t get her until she was 6 months old. Hey check every box on the wrong side of raising, but hey she’s good with horses. 🙁 Did I mention that she is an insanely high energy miniature aussie.

  5. Jay Vincent

    I got my Mal at 12 weeks old from a reputable Malinois breeder who titled her Malinois in IPO. Right off the bat I exposed him to dogs, people, children… any kind of environment I could. He is a very level headed, confident, playful and friendly dog. Except towards other dogs. I brought him to dog parks as a puppy a couple times per week and also exposed him to my friends dogs. He was always very playful and had a lot of fun with them. At around 7 months old he began being very aggressive towards other dogs he did not know. Since then, I now have to be careful on how I introduce him to new dogs. Did I do something wrong or is it his genetics?

  6. Bonnie Blake

    Great teaching session. It amazes me how people bring a puppy in with no structure or training plan and just think the dog will learn how to be well behaved playing with children playing rough with them and no safe place (kennel). Sherman is a high drive Shepherd, 9 months old and when I say crate he goes to it, opens the door, and goes inside

  7. Ray Bannz

    \ * Copacetic is a WW2 army slang term for good, all right, as in no problem.

  8. Steve WK

    Guys….if you’re getting a puppy…100% Crate train them!! As well, use a playpen in the kitchen to keep them contained in a small area so they arent destroying everything. My chocolate lab is a year and a half, but by the time she was 9 weeks old she looooved her crate. Now its her favourite place to nap and she puts herself to bed there every night at 8 on the dot…lol

  9. Rayanna Ashe

    This puppy podcast was completely copacetic!

  10. Tovya Weissberg

    Just found out my 7 month old puppy is deathly afraid of tape measures !

  11. Jannell Meagher

    I love what you said about bicycles and Goofy. That is so important training with guide dog pups in training. Impulse control and even distance. Perfect reminder.

  12. Kim Sherman

    Copasetic means completely satisfactory or in good order

  13. Mr. C

    Thank you sir. Our lab was born in the pound and separated from her mom at 5wks.
    She is 8 months now and needs to get socialization…..
    I agree so much about dogs being settled down….


    Limping in cold situations can be from the salt that is everywhere on the roads and gets between the paws of the dog.

  15. Gabriele Watson

    Awesome podcast, thank you 🙏

  16. Leslie Lavacca

    Great videos, your Youtube channel has really helped my husband and I so much with our puppy Rose ( since we got her at 7wks old in June, which she’s now 6.5 months old). Where do we write the questions we want to ask you that you read on your videos? Is it on here? Thank you again🙂🐶!

  17. EyeLUVMYPitbull Peaches

    My past pit got frostbite because we were out 5 minutes too long. Frostbite can range from mild to severe. His was mild and I had to end the walk and take him home.

  18. EyeLUVMYPitbull Peaches

    Frostbite ….limping.

  19. JSiah

    We appreciate the video!

    A little advice, I recommend, like Robert does, binge watch his videos and your dog will be what you want it to be. Take notes from 17:55. 👍

  20. saramations

    I tell new puppy owners that it takes two to raise a puppy and i also tell them raising a puppy is like raising a kid from newborn to two years. It’s a bit exaggerated but I just want to be real with them because that’s what it feels like to me.

  21. Veran Edits

    would you say resource guarding is something a breeder would neuter for?

  22. Veran Edits

    at what age does a puppy become a dog?

  23. Tray Muse

    Wonderful information!

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