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Puppy games: 7 activities to interact with furry friends

Puppy games: 7 activities to interact with furry friends

My soul animal Chance and I are regulars at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, California. On this day, he was 12 years old. We do it as usual there. The opportunity caught some popular flies. When he decided to complete the task, we were sitting on the beach with people and dogs watching.

A young woman and her newly adopted puppy approached us. After a brief chat and admiration of the beauty of our two dogs, she said: “You two have such a deep connection. I noticed it when I first met you. I really hope my dog ​​and I can have A connection like you.”


“You will,” I told her. “It only requires training, a lot of puppy games and a lot of love and affection.”

Connect with puppy games through training

Like any meaningful thing in life, it takes effort to establish a bond with your puppy. Spending time with your children, whether it is teaching or hanging out, will help to worship each other.

What is the difference between training and playing games?

“The line between training and play is blurred,” said Anne Grossman, dog trainer, dog trainer, and co-founder of Dog school, This is the dog training center in New York City.

She explained that the dog has been learning. She said: “If you want to teach your dog something specific, you can call it training. But if you are training something that is fun for your dog and you, I would call it a competition.”

Is there a time or age limit for training or playing?

Annie said: “There are not too many games to play.” “Whether training or competition, dogs are always learning. Their learning minds are always moving forward. Try and use it to your benefit.”

Annie suggests that the younger the dog, the more blank boards he or she has. The age of 8 to 12 weeks is a critical period for learning. This is when puppies understand the world the fastest.

If you adopt an adult puppy or even an adult dog, please don’t accept the motto: You can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Adult dogs are still good at learning. Annie explained that older dogs have a lifetime experience to learn from.

Enriching activities and puppy games to build connections

1. Participate in training classes together

The young woman on the beach was right about the opportunity. Although our connection is direct and loves at first sight, our lasting bond starts with the training class. Attending training sessions together can build trust between you and your dog.

Find a local plan that focuses on active reinforcement, such as Dog school In New York City. Chance and I participated in Petko It changed our lives. I learned how to communicate with the super-smart, high-energy Australian Kelpie product portfolio and meet its needs.

Another good program that allows your dog (and yourself) to build confidence and good manners is Citizen Canine™ (CGC) Program. This is a two-part course that involves mastering ten skills, passing the CGC test together, and taking on the promise of a “responsible dog owner”.

2. Teaching Skills

Don’t stop at the basics. After teaching your puppy to sit down and stay there, move on. Dogs love to learn!

The party skills are cool and fun. Various techniques can enhance the dog’s self-confidence and maintain sharp thinking. Take a look at these simple dog tricks you can teach the dog.

Motor skills are also fun. Teach your dog, Frisbee. Let your dog spin the skateboard. Give him or her a seat in front of the paddleboard and enjoy the journey. (Please make sure you are wearing a life jacket.)

3. Play flirting

Annie explained that the flirt bar allows you to play tugboat with the dog without having to put your hand close to the dog’s mouth.

She said: “One of the disadvantages of playing with a dog who doesn’t like to bring the ball back is that you end up chasing the ball,” she said. “With the flirt stick, everything is self-contained. This is a great way to get rid of madness.”

You can also use the flirting stick to help your puppy teach some basic commands. The best part? No drool! This is how to do it:

  • Practice “discard it”. Speak out loud and then drop a lot of snacks. Dogs tend to adapt to this game quickly. They think that as long as humans say “drop it”, they will give me something delicious.
  • Practice “acceptance”. Tell your puppy to take the toy again.

Flirting rod available Amazon. Annie suggests that you can also use some PVC pipes and ropes to move your own flirting pole.

If your dog has any problems with possessive attacks, the Pet MD Warning tug of war is not a good choice for either of you.

4. Play hot and cold puppy games

If you are looking for ways to improve your puppy’s hearing ability, Hot and cold games For your dog, this is an interesting tool for learning your voice. It works as follows:

  • Please hide food when he or she is away.
  • When your dog stays away from hidden food, use a quiet tone.
  • As your dog gets closer to hidden snacks, increase the excitement of the sound.

The two of you will create your own special language.

5. Challenge the puppy with educational toys

To help improve memory and focus on tasks for a long time, Annie recommends using educational toys. Here are some ways to challenge your dog:

6. Use Treat&Train remote control food dispenser for teaching

This one Cool device Press the button on the remote control to provide refreshments. You can use it to teach your dog:

  • alone
  • Comfortable in a box
  • Listen to your voice
  • Sit down and stay in place

All of these skills can help your dog feel safe (prevent separation anxiety) and stay focused (not go crazy when the doorbell rings).

7. Social networks

Dogs are beasts. They are naturally social people. For puppies, Annie recommends playing with people and puppies of the right age and size for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. This makes them happy.

You can contact your veterinarian to find out about the local game group get-together. Is an online service, you can usually find local dog game groups here.


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