Protection Dogs Ban Dogs and Shepherds with Eric Shearer
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Protection Dogs Ban Dogs and Shepherds with Eric Shearer

In this cut from Podcast #70 Eric discusses the bandogs and what they are, how they train, their differences from shepherds, malinois, and more. A great conversation about dogs and dog training I think you’ll really enjoy. Understanding the difference between pitbulls, mastiffs, and other molosers and the shepherds such as German Shepherds, Malinois, and others helps better work with them and train them.

If you enjoy this chat, check the complete podcast:

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12 Thoughts to “Protection Dogs Ban Dogs and Shepherds with Eric Shearer”

  1. Pedro Boschi

    It’s great to see someone with knowledge tell people that when creating a protection/drive dog you always have to add the main ingredient APBT. Yet still, some idiots want to ban APBT. So much misinformation going on, most don’t know what they are talking about. Great content!!!

  2. Lara Monroe

    Very interesting chat! Thank you!

  3. Richard Bailey

    I found this content very interesting and enjoy his vision on Bulldog type of training.

  4. Dermot Leeson

    At least Robert did not mention his martial arts training in this vlog or Janet wow. Just kidding great show full of great info sinsai

  5. Theodore Hyatt

    I have a 96lbs bully bandog who you wouldn’t know is home until the guy was in the house and I have a Maligator under 2yrs old who follows big brother’s lead never did protection work with either I don’t believe I have to only time will tell great show these dogs are NOT for everyone please be very careful

  6. wowalinbie

    I like the excerpts from the podcast. Just wish they came out a little quicker. Great information in smaller bits, either way. Thank you.

  7. Shannon Davidson

    And fortunately these dogs make their way into shelters and are the BIGEST nightmare dogs to have for pet owner.
    I worked with a Dutch Shsphesd/Bully.. Crazy.
    Hope a dopey backyard breeder isn’t watching this video.

  8. C B

    I love hearing some of the finite details between breeds. Thanks for the video I look forward to watching the entire interview. Great channel and very informative.

  9. Lorenzo Raso

    Hi Robert, do you ever let your dogs play with the ones you run into?
    I only have 1 dog and I wonder if I should or shouldn’t
    No dog parks in my area

  10. Mohammed Eemaan

    Your videos are very informative

  11. Andy Giabo

    Honesty, I think all owners of protection dogs should have undergone training and need to be licensed, these dogs are causing carnage out there to dogs and cats, and even people.

  12. Marino Cane Corso

    I think Lee Robinson from American K9 Sentinel has the best definition of a bandogge. A bandogge isn’t any particular breed or mix of breed, it’s a dog that must be tethered until it is time to fight man or beast

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