Protecting Police K9s - Protective Gear for Police Dogs Donated by Vested Interest in K9s
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Protecting Police K9s – Protective Gear for Police Dogs Donated by Vested Interest in K9s

Police dogs, often called k9s face danger in the line of duty almost every day. Many departments don’t have the funds to buy protective vests for their canine officers. Meet Sandy Marcal of Vested Interest in K9s, a non-profit that donates, FREE of charge, protective vests to police departments across the USA. To date, VIK9S has donated over 4000 protective vests saving countless dog’s lives.

This is a great conversation about police k9s, the jobs they do to protect us, and how we can help make their lives safer and better.

Check out Vested Interest in K9’s website and consider donating to their amazing mission at:

Thank you, Sandy and VIK9S for the AMAZING work you do to help protect our Police K9s!!!

THANKS for watching, please click here for more information.

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19 Thoughts to “Protecting Police K9s – Protective Gear for Police Dogs Donated by Vested Interest in K9s”

  1. anke effey

    Thank you so very much for this fantastic podcast 👏 👏👏👍 what an amazing lady and her work 🌷🕊🌷

  2. Sharon Peters

    What an amazing podcast! I have had the pleasure of donating vests to law enforcement K9’s since 2015! Very comforting to know that these K9’s are protected.

  3. Maria H

    Just watched the video about the canine officer, who was saved by the vest… the words of his handler really touched my heart:
    “We are inseparable. When he hurts, I hurt.“
    I know how this feels and I am very thankful that I do. To have a dog as your partner in life is definitely one of the most precious things we can experience as human beings.🐾❤️🐾
    What an exceptional organization. Definitely gonna support them.🍀

  4. oldgamerchick

    This is one. Of the most amazing organizations I have ever heard of…God Bless you. I hope your good work grows as God continues to bring more Blessings to you. Please forgive My typos..I am having a horrendous migraine. Much love from Texas

  5. Charity Blackwell

    Police dogs absolutely deserve vests 🙂

    Police always have the best looking shepherds.

  6. Edgar Calderon

    Can u do a podcast on the 3 main dog sports IPO French/ mandio ring and PSA because I feel those sports will thrive in the future

  7. KiKiny

    A wonderful organization. I just bought a t shirt. A worthy cause. Thank you .

  8. Stewart Summerside

    That was amazing Robert brought tears to my eyes ❤

  9. Mia Malone

    K-9’s are a vital and amazing part of police work and must be treated kindly and humanely. It’s great to know that these vests are provided for their protection like their human counterparts. I hate to bring this up here as it’s not related to being shot, but it hurt me to hear the story a few weeks ago of the officer/K-9 handler who was caught and videotaped by a Good Samaritan in Vacaville, CA repeatedly punching the K-9 while pinned to the ground, for lunging at his handler after he took away his toy, and the audacity of the Captain to defend the actions of the officer as “part of the training”. I hope that is wrong!

  10. Milena Taylor

    Great podcast. I shedded a couple tears too, when she was telling the story of the dog who got shot 5 times. Now I’m running to the website to watch that story. I got a few more tears in me left.

  11. LittleNinjai

    Thank you for this amazing podcast. I can see how much dogs touch your soul and the respect you have for these working police / military dogs. I got teary-eyed too as she spoke about “how much these dogs do for us”. Thank you Sandy for the incredible you work for these dogs. Much respect to you.

  12. El Sopas

    I love the dog, it was the best pot cast, thanks for everything, we need protection for our dogs

  13. BJ Bumblebee

    Every police k-9 deserves a vest. They are every bit as much a police officer as any human officer.

  14. shreks other daughters

    I always wondered about thatt

  15. shreks other daughters

    Winchendon k9 try to raise money for Clyde he is in remission from Cancer. He worked through cancer.

  16. Theodore Hyatt

    Great organization if I was a handler I would reach in my own pocket to protect my faithful partner especially with the defund the police snowflakes chan

  17. Jaden Marquez

    Probably the best podcast that you have ever done and one of my favorites keep up the work robert!!

  18. CJ Fish Tales

    Wow, this organization is providing vest at less than half the cost of another organization .

  19. no name

    How do I get protection for my Malinois service dog?

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