Prong Collar Question and When to Use a Harness - Dog Training Q&A
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Prong Collar Question and When to Use a Harness – Dog Training Q&A

In this Q&A I address the important question:
What do I think of countries that ban e-collars? Plus a few more questions will help you better understand my position on dog training and fair, effective balanced training tools.

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43 Thoughts to “Prong Collar Question and When to Use a Harness – Dog Training Q&A”

  1. Rena Armstrong

    Quebec IS NOT a country. It’s a province in Canada. Prong collars are necessary and temporary. They work quickly and efficiently.

  2. Jay Dee

    Tiny dogs can be very dangerous to big dogs. They might choke on them.

  3. Arpeggiosfromhell

    well said

  4. Mondarin Vino

    I wonder if there is data to support there are relatively more dog deaths in Austria, switzerland, new zealand, australia, or quebec vs other countries which allow the aversive tools.

  5. Zvonimir Tosic

    Knee jerk lawmaking produces irrational laws. Irrational laws create a chain-reaction of harms. When they ban prong and e-collars, the followup will be banning all dog breeds that can’t be handled by an average person using a mere harness. Most women, children, seniors, people with disabilities, won’t have a chance to own dog breeds that can pull them over, because the harness ENCOURAGES dogs to PULL harder, and to BITE freely. Most larger dogs will become COMPLETELY untrainable. Not only more dogs will be euthanised, but many large breeds will be blacklisted for public shortly afterwards.

  6. Saro Dog Training

    This video was recommended to me and here is my take on using these tools. Let’s be clear about this. These tools were designed to cause some form of harm to dogs otherwise they wouldn’t have any effects. Also, if a human places a dog in a situation that is so out of control and has to use those tools, then is the human who is using the tools at the wrong time and in a wrong state of mind. IMO, if a dog is placed in an uncontrollable situation, it is the dog owner’s or trainer’s fault and the dog shouldn’t be paying for it. A car was designed to drive and get from A to B and not to harm people or anything. A prong collar has been designed ONLY to harm a dog.

  7. G K

    Generally i struggle to understand that people are so obsessed about what tools other use or what collar you use to train a dog where there is huge issue in Europe with hunting dogs for example the way they treated and kept is definition of inhumane.

  8. Tachibana the service dog

    Just get a prong collar hider collar or a martingale prong collar no one will never know tip

  9. Silent Thunder

    Thanks from 🇦🇺 . I have to walk my 40kg Labrador with a halti.

  10. Lisa Mullins

    I absolutely need a prong for our guy while training a harness does absolutely nothing to deter the prey drive of an Amstaff on a mission. I 100% agree with Robert Cabral

  11. Joseph Tober

    Thanks Robert, great video. I have a very well behaved Malinois thanks to prong and E collars and your videos.

  12. Patrick Palardy

    Totally agree with you as usual ! Jozée from Québec, Canada. Some of my friends are using an e-collar which is legal here to zap their dog all the time… so sad and pathetic ! Some people don’t take the time to know how to use a collar !

  13. Hollis Sensenig

    Prong collars are illegal to Import into Australia. Not illegal to use in Australia if you have one. Although the RSPCA is trying to close that loophole.

  14. Ewa Starosta

    There was this time when I told my friend (who is experienced in dog sports) I wanted to use a horse whip to teach my dog rear end awareness or just yield away or toward it from light pressure. She looked at me like I’m going to hit my dog with it. I’m a horse person first, a dog person second, I use horse whips a lot. For example I can ask my horse to walk sideways simply raising the whip towards its rear end. I don’t even have to touch it. I just taught my dog the same 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s a tool, but unfortunately a WHIP, so it’s inhumane and I’m clearly abusing my dog


    Dear Robert, for the average dog owner, is it necessary to teach my dog “look at me” command? Or can I incorporate that command as a part of calling his name so that he looks me in the eye automatically when I call him?

  16. Dave

    I tested it on me before putting it on my dog to understand how it works and feels. Today they’re also not banned in Germany 🇩🇪 today but hard to get and you risk getting sued when someone thinks you’re hurting your dog. Swiss and Austrian LEO still use them though.

  17. John Nehme

    We all cried with you for Mr Bozman. Our prayers are with you and Jannet, may his soul Rest in peace🌹🌹

  18. Edgar Froes

    Brazil is going in the same direction. I’m the only one who train my dog in a 9 buildings condo, and I’m at risk of losing both my dogs just because some ignorant person whose dogs love to pull their leash can report me to the police with a silly and out of context video.

  19. Luc aubuchon

    I was going to order your shirt and hat but I’m living in Canada, please make it possible to ship there.

  20. Phillip M

    Well stated. Prosecute the people!

  21. Jarek F

    Thanks for the answer! Prong collar ban still was not implemented into Polish law, probably because covid. Amper – our lab is doing great – I almost dont use prong anymore, my children still do for their safety. Thanks again!

  22. D F

    OK but, how would you propose to address the people who abuse these tools, thus abuse their pups

  23. Donkens

    Poland wants to ban prong collars, but puppy farms are legal there 😀

  24. Cav Cavalcanti

    great explanation TY!

  25. peter green

    You don’t need these things to train a dog

  26. TOSHiba Laptops

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  27. peter green

    My god don’t use these collars ffs disgusting just like the shock collars put it on yourself you twats and all you need to do is spend time and patience

  28. Esten Ray

    Most inexperienced people don’t understand that prong collar’s don’t cause blunt trauma as they pinch rather than choke so even when misused will cause less damage then a “regular” choke chain or collar when misused as the choke collar can cause blunt force trauma if applied for to long or to hard!

  29. lianne benn

    I adopted a pittie mix in November. She is perfect but super strong and reactive and there is no way I could take her out without a prong collar. I have had alot of Rottweilers over the years and never needed or understood prong collars.
    Thanks to all the YouTube videos and instruction from you she will be able to come for a seaside holiday in June!

  30. Painted Pony

    People should be licensed to own dogs. Cruelty, neglect and ignorance kill.

  31. Paul Kuss

    Great advice from Robert again. It’s unbelievable that we have ignorant people in this world! I have prong and e collar. I have 4 dogs,a lab,a mastiff, and 2 gsds. And the only one that ever wears the prong,or e-collar is my male gsd. He very high drive,and dominant. Both these collars have made a huge difference for him,and his freedom to go with me on adventures. My other dogs don’t wear them…….Cause it is not necessary for them. Not all dog are the same,just like my 5 kids weren’t! And NOBODY will tell me otherwise! Keep up great work,Robert!

  32. Peter Schroeder

    Let’s be clear. Quebec is not a Country but rather a Province of Canada

  33. Kokoraki

    Hi Robert, thanks for this video and all the others you make available here. I have a question about prong collars. I am using one on my 14 month-old labrador who would pull like a train despite 9 months of consistent positive-only training. Initially the prong collar transformed her behaviour, she would walk next to me, pay attention to me and have more focus with only minimal taps on the collar to communicate unacceptable behaviour. I am using it correctly from my understanding and watching all your videos on the subject. Gradually she is beginning to ignore corrections and occasionally pulls with a lot of strength against it like she’s been desensitized. Any advice on how to retain its effectiveness?

  34. JB

    I understand the policy argument for prong collar bans, which is that they weigh the harm that can be created by the use of a prong collar against the benefit its proper use provides to society, and I guess those ban countries must have decided that the harm from potential misuse outweighs the potential benefit. No problem with those decisions if they are based on facts like number of people who get prong collars and misuse them compared to number for people who use them correctly. Unfortunately, I have a strong suspicion that actual facts and information don’t go into those decisions, and they are just knee jerk “look at how scary that is” types of decisions. Either way, I live in the US where prong collars are very much not illegal, and my prong collar has made training so much easier on both me and my dog. Between my dog who is trained on a prong collar and my dog who isn’t, my prong collar dog was trained faster and is more reliable and gets way fewer corrections when on a leash compared to my other dog.

  35. Agueybana55

    100% agree with you.

  36. P Dub

    My GSD would still be a monster without a prong collar!

  37. Ivan Georgiev

    In my country they wanna made muzzle mandatory for big breeds, above 5kg that mean my Labrador and my Rottweiler to wear muzzle every time when we are outside. In my city we don’t have a dog’s park or place where to go so i often go to hike with my dogs in mountain but some times we bump to shepherd dog’s who protect the pack of sheeps. So feeling is unpleasant and this organizations who try to bend the government are problem. I often have a problems with small breeds who simply doesn’t have a good recall command and lazy owners if I’m not using prong collar probably my Rottweiler will injuries some smaller miss behave dog. I even have a doubt in my Labrador because some time he will fight back. I can control my dog and can deal with other dogs when i see then they approach us aggressively but when they cut us with surprise is different thing.

  38. Yair Schperling

    Thanks for the answer Robert!!

  39. Jan

    👍👍🎯 Prong collar (Herm Sprenger) is the most human tool for nervous, strong or mistreated etc dogs, if you use it correctly. You need hours and days, weeks on flat collar, a dog is choking, dodging and trying to ignore, but you need just a few minutes with prong c. -without pulling, and the dog gets calmer, and notices that you actually exist. Soon both the dog and the handler are happy. I’ve met prong haters with the worst dogs ever, that finished on chains before their first birthday! Shame on the human stupidity!

  40. Doug MacNeil

    If i hold up two collars. One being my boys prong. He goes to the prong every time. I use both so i have a back up. But his choice is prong. Your doing great work Robert. My boy would not be living his best life if it wasn’t for your information. I wish i found you when he was a puppy.

  41. JP C

    “Illegalize the act and not the tool”.
    The wisdom in this statement is out of this world.
    Facts not feelings.

  42. realfries

    Thank you for explaining this once again! Hope more people will understand like I did

  43. All About Roofing

    Thank for this. I am going to share this with a friend that thinks my use of a prong is inhumane. I know it isn’t and is very effective when used properly.

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