Prong Collar Question and Dog Aggressive on Leash
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Prong Collar Question and Dog Aggressive on Leash

Prong Collar Questions and Leash Aggression Issues…

Why do I prefer a smaller prong collar vs. the larger prongs?
Why do I prefer a choke chain over other collars?
Why would a dog be aggressive on a leash and not off-leash?
My Labrador jumps on visitors… HELP!

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11 Thoughts to “Prong Collar Question and Dog Aggressive on Leash”


    Brilliant advice as always, best training videos on YouTube

  2. Operiar

    Hey robert! I have a 7 month old pitbull he is a very good puppy he listens to commands overall he is really good but sometimes he has those bursts of energy and he just jumps on me and my girlfriend and he starts to growl and show aggression… any tips to stop it immediately??

  3. Gavin Masterson

    What about a Great Pyrenees who is a thick coat? What size prong is more effective? Thank you

  4. Arko Goswami

    Hi Robert, I’m from India, I wanna get a GERMAN SHEPHERD, I know home Obedience training nothing special….should I go for working line or Showline?? Any help would be helpful..

  5. Virginia Pursley

    This just happened to me yesterday! Thanks to listening to Robert’s recommendation, I didn’t lose Hansel (my 70 pound German Shepherd) He broke free of one collar but I had the back up collar on him. Thank you Robert!!!❤🐶

  6. Howling Waters

    “I knew that…I knew that…I knew that too, btw” 😁 Smart @$$🤦‍♀️💥

  7. Milena Taylor

    Great that you addressed the reactivity on the leash. I never truly understood that, until now. Seems like my dog knows leash pressure but doesn’t care when she sees another dog. The curiosity is stronger.

  8. Deena Elieff

    From my 15+ years rescue dog experience, PRONG COLLARS are mental abuse, to ANY dog. Constant prong fork pressure, is a message of punishment NOT a correction. WALKING a dog in a prong collar causes trachea and skin damage, too. Refer to a positive natural effective trainer like @jamestsai

  9. Tacture

    Great video as always. Thank you for the free content!

  10. shreks other daughters

    He needs to double up on another collar

  11. AleWhit

    Lol Robert, I’m gonna get you a T-Shirt that says “I know that, by the way…” 😂

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