Prong Collar Not Working on My Dog - Dog Training Advice

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Prong Collar Not Working on My Dog – Dog Training Advice

I’m using a prong collar on my 14 month old Labrador. Originally it worked well, but now it’s not working any more. I think she got used to it. Can you please help me fix it.

I always teach the concept of leash pressure when using a prong collar or even a standard slip lead. I have several videos here on YouTube as well as my online dog training member site:

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7 Thoughts to “Prong Collar Not Working on My Dog – Dog Training Advice”

  1. BootyCheeks

    Your the best!

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Nice brisk walking pace is important. Thank you.


    I have noticed some improvement when walking my dog on her usual collar after using the prong collar for a few weeks consistently when training/walking. However it is not massively improved.. am i doing something wrong? Do i need to keep going with the prong for longer than a few weeks? How long does it usually take a dog to get used to not pulling?

  4. Cruithin

    I’ve observed that most people using a prong have it fitting too loose, which we know can then cause an injury, and it sits too low on the neck rather than sitting up high on the neck. Proper placement is very important.

  5. Paul Weatherford

    When used correctly, it is kinda like a steering wheel. My GSD feels a little pressure and gets back where he should be. The leash is loose which gives me the opportunity to correct and redirect with more force if necessary, such as when his prey drive goes up and is reactive to other stimulus besides me. They are great tools when used properly, especially for high drive dogs. Good explanation.

  6. AZ Overland

    Great advice!

  7. Linda Graveline

    Great advice, as always, thank you! Have a great day 😊

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