Prong Collar Haters and Why Are Prong Collars an Important Training Tool for Some Dogs
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Prong Collar Haters and Why Are Prong Collars an Important Training Tool for Some Dogs

Prong collar haters will always be the first to criticize anyone using a prong, also known as a pinch, collar.

In this Q&A video, I address one such viewer who feels that using a prong collar on a dog is very cruel.

I explain why the prong collar is important and also give her a lecture on why attacking people who use such tools is not good etiquette.

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I have helped countless dogs in our nation’s shelters, many of whom I’m certain ended up there because people gave up on them and didn’t investigate training methods that could have helped these dogs.

It angers me when a keyboard quarterback lashes out at people who are doing the best they can and of times are doing a lot better than the person calling them names.

When a dog does not work for a treat and a click, there are many tools that can simply and effectively communicate what you want to the dog.

Using these tools in a fair and humane manner can help a dog learn quickly and fairly.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video!

THANKS for watching, please click here for more information.


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113 Thoughts to “Prong Collar Haters and Why Are Prong Collars an Important Training Tool for Some Dogs”

  1. Scott Scarberry

    I love how u give it 2 them straight up. I would put any one of my dogs up against any of there dogs and not only will they out perform there dogs, but I bet mine look happier doing it than there dogs. And that’s without my e coller off. I trained my dogs with e collar, the right way, on low stimulation. And even tho I keep it on them while off leash, it’s just for emergency situations now and I never, even have to use it anymore. These ppl Crack me up Robert. I’m so glad u tell them the truth, straight up! They r either morons or have absolutely no experience training dogs or both, but either way, learn some facts before u run your mouth about something u know nothing about! Thx again Robert! I love and highly respect what u do!

  2. Doug H. in VA

    a viewer ‘feels’ ? that does not make it so. Professional handlers use prong collars and that is because they know how to make it work correctly.

  3. PaPa's Woodshop

    I have two very well trained well behaved dogs. I owe so much of it to you Robert. I watch you and recommend your channel to a lot of people. That is exactly how these self righteous snowflakes need to be treated. I will not change what I know works so your little feelings don’t get hurt.

  4. rodney risey

    Love your response to this person. I truly salute you sir for expressing your opinion to this person.God Bless you sir for who you are and the work you do and share with others. You are a very noble person.

  5. Sarah Imms

    THANK YOU! I was a trainer 20 years ago with security and family dogs as well as providing the police and RAAF with puppies and am just getting back into it. After all this time, I’m horrified to see how PC training has become. People have anthropomorphised dogs to such an insane level that so many people are walking their dogs on a harness…what the heck!!! But treating them like humans is doing so much more damage. I can’t even purchase a check chain; a vital tool in communicating with your dog in a way that means something to them. It’s the same as not saying ‘no’ to your child and now we have a generation of spoiled brats coming up.
    Thank you for this video!

  6. Chris Smith

    You said it best in an older video. Snowflakes shouldn’t raise dogs. Thank you Robert. Learned a lot from you and have a happy, obedient take anywhere dog. Thanks again

  7. Chrissie Whistlestop

    LOL! I love you! I’m a petite woman, raising a euro Doberman and use a combination of tools for different situations (prong for public, e-collar for off-leash training, and a flat collar for his tags and for around our property). He’s just shy of 10 months and still has a puppy brain – heels and listens well, but gets way too excited (playful) in close proximity to other dogs. The prong collar has been a huge help. Anyhow, I had a woman give me unsolicitated advice. After asking what kind of dog he was (lol) “Ouch! That collar must really hurt him! You should try a harness. They’re great – I use them on all the rescue dogs I work with.” … She was walking , a CHIHUAHUA!!! I didn’t bother engaging.

  8. Marino Cane Corso

    Thank you!!!

  9. Jim Link

    I agree with you 100%. I have 115 lb. GSD and he used to pull me all the time and now my left shoulder is in pretty bad shape. I started using a prong collar about three months ago and I wished I would have used it three years ago. I can take my dog for walks any where now and he doesn’t pull me anymore.

  10. Edgar Froes

    SAVAGE AF. I’m subscribed first for the training, second for the savagery that is answering these kinds of comments/letters.

  11. Jen Wicke

    I’m not perfect so I would never tell an expert that they are wrong for using a particular tool in training. Great response!! Perhaps the keyboard warriors who go on these rants should post videos on how well their dogs are trained and show how they trained them step by step.

  12. Henry Lindgren

    Greetings from Finland 👋 and Agreed 110% 💪 you Have good videos Robert! Keep on doing the good work🙂👍

  13. Alicia Altair

    I wish the topic was as straightforward for the little dogs, unfortunately you end up in a harness more often than not simply due to lack of options. Going from a rottweiler with a neck like a bull to a havanese had me pretty flummoxed.

  14. Michael Hoffmann

    Thanks for addressing this ‘issue’. Love your channel and keep up the great work!

  15. Robert Spinks

    Love it well said 👏👏👏👏🍻

  16. Lisa Gormel-Martelli

    Amen!!! So impressed you spoke out!!

  17. Wendy Li

    My issues with prongs and other training tools like no pulls and head collars are a lot of people use them as a crutch instead of teaching the dog how to walk loose leash. Also, most dogs, especially lower drive dogs, don’t need a prong to learn how to walk properly, but people will still use them because it takes much longer to teach a proper loose leash and heel than to apply a prong and jerk everytime they start pulling. There are breeds that take negative reinforcement better than others and have more of a tendency to pull (GSDs, pit bulls, GSPs) and they can be useful training tools, especially for younger poorly trained dogs, but should not be a replacement for teaching your dog a proper loose leash and heel. If your dog needs to be on a prong to be walkable and immediately reverts to pulling off it, then it hasn’t been taught how to walk loose leash.

  18. Phillip M

    😂😂😂 well said!

  19. Lucas Green

    Can we get a how to salute training video?

  20. Mark Vidales

    Amen Robert!! Love your content!!

  21. Irmel Donderer-Simon

    Bye bye 👎

  22. Alysani01

    Thank you! prong collars are not abusive or inhumane unless used incorrectly. I have a doberman mix and she is the absolute worst puller ever and she is incredibly strong. on a flat collar she will pull, not pay attention and is just absolutely insane. on a prong she still doesnt have very good focus but she isnt pulling me down the street, we are working on it but the prong collar has helped her training along so well.

  23. Mark Poncho

    Bravo to you Robert trying to fix stupid Well done sir

  24. Val Dawson

    You need the right tool for the job – YOU WOULDN’T HAMMER A NAIL WITH A SPONGE!!. I paid the expense of training sessions with a positive only trainer and it DID’NT help my dog one little bit, – 1 session with a trainer who used a prong collar and wallah! it was the right tool for the job. Thank you Robert, it was because of your videos that had me realise we needed the right tool for the job. Not that stupid tool of a positive trainer!!

  25. Marea Miller

    Hi! As a converted idiot 🤣 I would like to say that some people (even leftist liberals like me) change.

    Also- PSA, prong collars need backups. Sometimes I think that Pros like you are able to use them soo well and never need a backup, but ordinary pet people can get in over their head. prong collars work beautifully for communicating with a dog, they do not work so great restraining them. I have the super expensive german hermspringer prong on my dog, and they do fail if a dog pulls persistently against them. For like $5 (on sale) you can get a backup slip collar/dominant dog collar and save yourself so much terror. Having been there I don’t think that potentiality gets enough attention. (In case you’re worried because I know you advocate for all dogs I grabbed my mutt by the tail, and then grabbed him in a flyball hold, made a slip lead out of the leash and went home hanging on the the clip end of the lead, shaken and wiser but no one was worse for the wear)

  26. Margaret Meaker

    Loved that.. go Robert GO..
    Give it to them.. they deserve it..
    They would rather a dog be put to sleep because its uncontrollable then use a tool (in the right manner/ hands) that puts order and structure back into that dogs life… shame on them..

  27. sonia flores

    Robert you are as usual so right these haters have no clue what it is to work with a dog with issues and don’t want to educate themselves.
    I had 4 trainers who were positive only and wouldn’t even approach my dog who at the time was extremely reactive, pulled on the leash to the point of causing me to fall and break bones in several occasions.
    Then I found my wonderful balance trainer (hard to find in the UK). First line of approach after assessment, prong collar and what a difference has it made! Within minutes no more pulling or lunging, which immediately meant better walks, better socialization, better opportunities for my dog. This was 2 years ago he is now trained on e collar and can be off leash enjoining life.
    Still wary of strangers but ok with right introduction, he has even made some doggy friends to walk with.
    He can’t play yet with other dogs as he gets excited and overwhelmed and can react and nip if they bump into him, but we muzzled him and let him approach and sniff and he is fine walking with them.
    Anyway I really just want to say that I personally really appreciate all the good work you do and all the information you shared, it has always been extremely useful for us. If you curious my doggy is a 3 years old German shepherd crossed Belgian Malinois! Thank you for everything you do.

  28. myjunkmail007

    Robert!! Your message was so good I had to watch it a second time. I was literally laughing out loud. Way to call out those clueless cry baby snowflakes! Video of the day! Need more people like you.

  29. Xplicid

    Prong collars are a great negative reinforcement tool. Throw one around your arm or even on your neck and pull as hard as you can… If it’s a Herm Sprenger and not a $15 Amazon rip off, I’ll bet you $500 you won’t pierce your skin…

  30. Nicholas S

    AMEN MR. CABRAL 👏👏🙌🙌👍👍

  31. Enrique Santiago

    Best response video ever. Robert videos on prong collars are the most instructive and super specific on how to fit them and use them. My gsd runs to me the minute I grab
    Prong collar and heels to have it put on and go on walks o training session

  32. Jun Ahn

    I got yelled at the other day for walking my terrier on Sprenger pinch collar the other day when that person’s dog was charging MY dog while on a flat collar.

  33. Shana Karlsen

    This is all I have to say👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  34. Sundance - Shetland Sheepdog

    100% agree. So glad you addressed her stupid comment.

  35. Saro Dog Training

    Robert, I am a positive, balanced dog trainer and I understand your take on this issue. I don’t recommend using a prong collar myself but my question to you is, once you worked with a dog with behavioural issues using a prong collar and you rehome them, did the family continue using the prong collar or they didn’t need to use it anymore? Please be honest.

  36. jacob guevara

    I identify with Robert. Don’t give 2 craps what people think, we just go by results. Our results speak for themselves.

  37. Lucky Bruno

    You’re the best bro 🙌🏽

  38. Suzie B

    Couldn’t agree with you more. X keep up the great videos !!

  39. OFFICIAL Cause and Effect Dog Training

    I am as liberal as you get . And I love prong collars . Please don’t make assumptions

  40. Mountain View Grange

    All dogs are different, and breed only plays a small role in each individual dog’s personality and behavior. Socialization and training have more of an influence than breed on behavior. Try positive training!

  41. Brian Brandfas

    Well said Robert! Some things don’t need to be sugarcoated and some people need to hear the hard truth. Appreciate your candor, passion, and honesty.

  42. Great Dogs

    I would love to talk about how tools help you manage workload. Our well disciplined dogs in difficult environments. Helping our dogs experience complicated and rich stimuli while still maintaining clear communication. Think how useful these tools are even with a well trained dog when your at the store with kids screaming and cashier demanding your attention, and other loose pets arround, and a forklift beeping and driving through… We can take a breath, give the propper leash stimuli and easily and calmly direct our dog to the proper position. No yelling, no antics, just calm direction with great results. Behavior so good people dont even realise you have the dog with you, as they are too busy grabbing their children and dodging loose carts and forklifts. Appropriate tool use makes for a rich and low stress life for your dog. 🐕

  43. Marek Piróg

    I must say that I was totally against prong collars chains, etc. as inhumane tool for the dog and believed that good relationship with a dog will handle all problems. I own 3 years old German shepherd having constant problem with walking on leash. Always pulling. I’d hired positive dog trainer and all what we have managed was…she stopped pulling so hard, but still the leash had to be minimally under strain – she has that drive to control a walk. Changed trainer to one training dogs in more “balanced” way and I have introduced prong collar to her. Believe me I was so stressed she has to wear it and so uncomfortable on walks…You can imagine. After some time of a training I could see she is getting more relaxed now, paying more attention to what I do and basically she left all decisions
    to me – including other dogs. She look at me first before she even approach other dog. And it all happened with minimal corrections – currently we are back on flat collar and she know she don’t need to decide about anything. It was huge discovery for me to realize that You don’t even need to use a lot of force to correct a dog. Unbelievable. And of course I am also the one who tried prong collar on yourself before… 🙂 Anyway I don’t recommend this tool before any knowledge of what it is, how to fit it and how to USE it. Thanks Rober for this video.

  44. Mark a

    My male gsd can be a monster and there is no treat or ignoring technique that could teach him to behave like he does now. We used a prong when he was young (1 year old) and I’m telling you he was aggressive and ballsy at 7 weeks. After some training he learned and I don’t even use it now. He wears it when we go in public but I’ve not popped him in years. If he starts to get a little too amped up over a dog or stranger I give the tiniest flick with the leash and he looks to me and I tell him no or leave it and that’s the end of it

  45. Shannon Davidson

    This video was just too damn good.

  46. Shannon Davidson

    Until they yell and scream at their dog out of frustration.
    Or just don’t walk their dog because they can’t control them.

  47. L200 1UZ

    You summed these people up perfectly – Disgusting. I saw a girl in your comments getting straight at the throat of everyone who uses them banging on about R+ and such and such trainers say this and she only goes off scientific studies etc.. (sure she’ll be here soon!) I saw her in other videos comments too she’s doing the same all over. Then I found her comment about sometimes you just have to make the tough decision to look to euthanasia instead and I’m thinking there goes all of your arguements… You would rather people put their dog down and try another, like they’re nothing.

  48. Michael MJL

    I bought the prong collars from Leerburg that have a cover so it’s not noticeable. Cost a lot more but the only way I can control my young strong Pitbulls. They are strong and have a stubborn tendency when out in nature. To them it’s like Disneyland to go outside for a walk. They get excited and need the reminder a p collar provides.

  49. Andres Felipe Medina

    Hey Robert, I have a 6 months puppy and would like to introduce the prong collar because he gets to excited when he sees other dogs. Do you think this is a proper age to start with the training? thanks and best wishes!

  50. A Girl Has No Name

    My 1st experience with a private dog trainer was when she walked in my house, saw the prong collar and threw it out. She also said that my senior/alpha dog MUST go on all walks and never be left behind. He was 10 years old and arthritic at the time and couldn’t even keep up with my beagle & my gsd mix puppy. It seemed so unfair to my old guy to drag him out for hours when he just wanted to go home. Having one dog pulling toward home while the other pulled to go further out esp without the prong collars made walks MISERABLE!! I ended up firing her. I now walk them all separately and while it does take longer it’s much more relaxed & fun!! The extra individual bonding time I get with each dog during their walks is worth the up to 6 hours a day I spend walking them!!

  51. Rowen Rose

    Hey Robert love your videos they’ve helped me so much with my dog. I tried everything to get him to stop pulling. I watched your Tutorial videos on the use of a prong and how to properly use it. The transformation of my dog was incredible. The only thing I disagree with is turning into a political “left” idea. I don’t think political stance has anything to do with it. It’s just a lack of understanding with prong collars and they look hideous to see them on. That being said THEY WORK beautifully. Lol They appear so much worse than what they are. So it’s not a political side thing it’s a lack of understanding. That being said keep up the great videos!! Love all your videos keep them coming! 😃👍🏻

  52. Spots

    I taught my dog to walk properly with just a flat collar, he’s 8 months old and I have an Ecolar for off leash training. Do you think a prong is still necessary?

  53. Ewa Starosta

    So true. Prong collars are inhumane? Then what do ya’ll call dogs chocking themselves on flat collars on a daily basis and mangling their necks? What is being dragged around by a dog on a flat collar vs one or two snaps on prong collar and a well behaved dog?
    The problem is people NEED to know how to use it properly. It’s a training TOOL, it’s meant to be used to train your dog. Not as an everyday walking accessory. That’s why there is so many people against it. If you still need your dog to have a prong collar on on every walk (and let’s say you use it for a year already), bc it’s turning into pulling machine as soon as it’s put on a plain flat collar again – you didn’t use it properly… your dog either outsmarted you or it didn’t learn anything, or at least not what you wanted it to learn. I’m not saying that dog wearing a prong collar everyday is inhumane, bc the dog isn’t pulling and hurting itself right? It’s just that it’s not used how it should be. I hope you understand what I mean 😅
    That’s just my opinion, I’m no dog specialist, just a next door dog owner and lover. I may be totally wrong. I am still learning with my dogs.

  54. Bartek Kondrat

    Sir Robert,
    100% right. I’m with You last two years. According age I’m your old brother, in case dogs I’m your little brother and student.
    In dog’s world we got many leftist mind like Mss Grisha Stewart ETC. We’re very glad then You’re totally honest MAN. Everyone which they know me, they know how I love my younger brother who’s living on other side Ocean with Janet, Bozz, Goofy, Maya, Jimmy, Dwayne and Bound Angels.
    We salute you from Lefty Europe.
    Bartek Kondrat

  55. Andrew Hotzman

    Haha my 1 yr lab was a struggle to leash train. Flat collar->leash with floating ring->rope style slip lead->chain slip collar->over the muzzle halter->prong. We are overlaying an ecollar also. Now we are taking small steps to off lead heel. The prong collar took about 30 seconds for her to realize she couldn’t/shouldn’t pull. Valuable tool when, like anything, used correctly.

  56. Richard Gregory



    It can never be illegal because it sits on the neck of every trained k9 unit dog out there and u cant deny the structure and work ethic put there. If its the best way to train a dog that is required to be trained for a living and the safety of others..its good enough for a trainer that knows better.

  58. R E Malm

    … come on Robert, I saw it in a Movie, dogs aren’t like that … dogs can do brain surgery … it’s on the Internet … look it up …

  59. George W

    Be curious and not critical because curiosity helps to expand wisdom and knowledge while criticism helps to build… nothing as it stops and limits the mind for any expand since the conclusion has been draw. I once was a fool and now… I am better than I was because I have been more curious. I feel your frustration and been miss understood dealing with the criticism often. I often look at my GSD and sad: you are a very stubborn creature; however, not as bad as most human.

  60. Alastair C

    Transformed our German Shepherd. Boosted his confidence and allowed him to learn how to behave when he was uncertain. I have to thank Robert Cabral as I learned about it on his channel. Thank you Robert

  61. Ben Swinden

    Resident leftist here to say being ignorant has nothing to do with being a “leftist”… the fact that you think being on the left means saying stupid shit online (keyboard warriors) comes from political misinformation and propaganda. Please consider this – the same way this woman was misled into believing prong collars are harmful and then put forward her beliefs without properly questioning it .. is the same way you’ve been misled into your belief about the political left and are now putting forward your own misguided beliefs.

  62. M Miraglia

    Lol this was amazing, people try so hard to put Robert on blast and he just exposes them for who they are. Love your energy and what you do for dogs and dog owners

  63. Jan


  64. Eric Buck

    Forgot how much I loved Cabral, especially when started roasting the left. 🙂 ly my guy

  65. Ananya Ratnakaran

    I normally get to train dogs that are like a year plus with the usual leash pulling, lunging etc. The prong collar has been my most useful trusted equipment to date. Used well its really the best tool to get very good results. To a worried client i show it on my arm and theirs to let them know the proper way. Then the results with the prong collar on their pets speaks for itself.
    Loved this video.

  66. Hector's Kmetija

    I used to be against prong collars, until recently when I saw a couple of YouTube videos showing how to use them properly. I do not believe I can replicate that and my local dog training classes DO NOT use them properly. But in the right hands are an essential training aid. Even though my 8 month old doby pup pulls, well I thought he did, but comparing him to other dogs he has a little tug, I then give a tug in return and he corrects himself. I know I expect too much from him but don’t see the need for a prong collar yet!

  67. Theresa w

    Totally agree with you I have four dogs and the prong collar works on two of them the other two don’t need it. It is a great tool! Just use it the right way! Love your style Robert!

  68. turbo sam


  69. Wendy Kilbride

    I am an older woman so I needed the prong collar. It was the only tool that made it possible for me to control my dog and train him. They don’t pull while they wear one

  70. Jeff K

    Absolutely, I have an extremely reactive dog. Walking my dog was miserable, for me it was the prong collar or dropping her off at the pound.

  71. ziggzagg Zip

    Great job, Robert.

  72. ziggzagg Zip

    I was against using the prong collar on my 100+ lbs. long hair GSD until he was almost a year old. I couldn’t control him out in public, he was human and dog aggressive no matter what. I was embarrassed to take him anywhere. My wife and I was approached by a guy after we put our GSD in our car and suggested we attend one of his dog training classes for free and handed us a business card. I went to one of his classes and introduced us the prong collar and explained the theory behind it. 2 months later of training with the prong collar and positive reinforcement ( no treats, just lots of praise and petting) i can walk proudly with our GSD in public.

  73. Jen D.

    Exactly. I was told for so long that to help my dog’s reactivity to other dogs I had to give him treats. After realizing how stupid that was, I learned how to use the prong collar and e collar and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my dog. He’s finally living his best life.

    Also I do pulling sports with my dog. So when I used to walk him on a harness it caused the pulling training to be a little more difficult, because he would get frustrated when he reached the end of the tow line, thinking I was telling him to stop. Now I don’t have to worry about that, because I keep it simple: harnesses are for pulling and collars are for heeling.

  74. Lisa Ann Miller

    I’m sure these same people have dogs that are obese & have long nails! 😖 But they are great fur moms with t-shirts. No! Just no.

  75. ABK

    What is certainly wrong is to do not have training on how to use choke collars, prone collars, or martingales. Cesar Milan has a video that says something like, understand the instincts first the technique comes later. Otherwise, you will correct your dog at the wrong time or the wrong behavior and you will wreck your dog.

  76. Lisa Ann Miller

    Thank you for this gem, Robert. Balanced training is where it is at!

  77. KiKiny

    Perfect. Love it. Tell ‘em Robert!

  78. suzannelove

    Sadly people watch all these positive enforcement videos, they assume that it could be applied to all dogs. But guess what kind of dogs are they using? Border collies, Australian shepherds… until you have own a difficult breed with issues dont discount other trainings.

  79. Brian Gollmer

    Yep. The prong collar is such a horrible instrument. It’s so terrible, in fact, that my dog steps forward and inserts his own head into the collar when held in front of him, waiting patiently for me to connect the links! “Yank and crank” people are asses. The rest of us that know how to use the tool correctly are not.

  80. rrr rrr

    Thats so correctn

  81. Marc Houde

    I Admin a Buy&Sell group where someone was selling an H&S Prong. The ad got reported to me stating animal cruelty and I asked the person “Have you ever used a prong?” Of course she hadn’t.
    The ad stayed.

  82. jazzynel

    The level of stupidity and ignorance in people nowadays🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ if you use it inhumanly anything can be inhumane

  83. dogsareboss

    The unfortunate thing about the prong is its appearance. People see them and are often horrified, without actually knowing what it’s used for and how to use it. It’s one of the best training tools out there. It’s usually people who have no experience of a dog with real problems who are shrieking about abuse and torture, etc. Unfortunately, you also have lots of ‘experts’ such as Victoria Stilwell yammering on about tools being abusive and totally unacceptable in any context, and it’s people like her that reach the largest audience through TV. It’s a shame really. X

  84. ertugrul er

    Before getting one myself i was extremely confused with the all positive trainer videos but i got one and now i can walk the dog without wearing my self out, thank you for being an honest man , i trust your words more than any other trainers

  85. Sean Molloy

    its easier to blame an inanimate object that to admit its the person using it that is the problem. this is a recurring theme today, although not accepting responsibility is nothing new

  86. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    I still feel like just training them to do whatever you want them to do is not only a much more enjoyable outcome for your dog, but builds a stronger relationship between the two of you. Idk just my opinion.

  87. L. Lewis

    Oh c’mon Robert, don’t hold back! Tell us what you really think! 😁😂👍

  88. Santiago Rios

    Instant classic!!!!! Love this!!!!!👊

  89. Nick Ferdinande

    I agree with you 100% sir. That being said in my life experience people on the “left” are some of the most evil, self entitled, loud, rude and violent people I’ve ever met.

  90. mygiguser

    I think Robert got triggered. LOL

  91. D rock1212

    Amen Robert.

  92. Jarek F

    Don’t get me wrong, but whta ddo you think about Countries that outlawed progn collars? New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Quebec, and many others that have made prong collars illegal? How do they train their dogs? In Poland goverment also planned to ban them. I don’t know how my familly members could walk our 1,5yo labrador without it.

  93. Anderson Krueger

    You’re awesome Rob! Just keep doing what you’re doing, educating who wants to listen and doing your shelter work. Do not let these morons let you down!

  94. A SYD


  95. The Eccentric Hobbyist

    I’d say try one on and compare it to pulling against a collar. They won’t, it’s always just talk and group think with no pragmatic approach.

  96. ElainesDomain

    I have a 235 pound Mastiff that is fine with a prong collar and a pulling machine with a regular collar. I suspect that a harness would make her the equivalent of a tow truck. Balanced training keeps her in check.

  97. Peace4MEarth

    Hi Robert! I’m as you said “left” Leaning person politically, but with that said I agree 110% with you on this and you are the best 🙂

  98. N7Mith

    Larry Krohn does great work without prongs. Most behavior I’ve seen you use a prong for, he does with positive only. Clicker + treats, hands off approach and (edit) _slowly_ closing the distance to what the dog has issues with works really well. But he’s not a positive only trainer, and he respects people who use prongs.
    I’m not picking sides between you, you both have excellent videos that I learn a lot from.

  99. Great White North Bullies


  100. Meggan Laucher

    Love you for this. On the left! Well said… you are my favorite. Yes they need to educate them self!

  101. jen haberkam


  102. tennified

    these are the people that should never be parents! [edit: i frikkin love this video!]

  103. Albert Abarquez

    Ive always been against using prong collars. Then a trainer friend introduced me to them. I loved my dogs too much that i even tried a prong collar on to see if it really hurts. Yes a snap hurts, but it wont leave marks. My dog now walks beautifully with a prong. Hes not even uncomfortable with it.

  104. Chuckee Butt

    I have a rescue Malinois that had zero training when I got her at 1yr old, and a prong collar allows me to take her anywhere, where a flat collar turned her into a pulling machine. My girlfriend is a tiny woman who can completely handle the dog on the prong, but she doesn’t stand a chance without it, so a prong collar literally provides freedom and happiness for the dog because otherwise she wouldn’t get to go all of the places she gets to go now. Pretty simple if you ask me…

  105. Sabrina Rossiter

    what is your thought on tiny dogs with harnesses? my puppy is six pounds and his neck is super thin. i tried with a regular collar but i cannot being myself to pull.

  106. Rhoda Chavez

    Best video ever!! Thank You so much.

  107. wendyket

    I guess you could say I have left leaning political views, but I strongly support the use of prong collars and balanced training. I’ve had Siberians and can attest to how hard they pull in harness! Having also had hard headed English Shepherds (like Border Collies) and now a German Shepherd, they do not respond well to all positive training. It just doesn’t work if you want a well trained well mannered dog.

  108. Wolf Brueggemann

    This cracked me up. You can’t fix stupid!

  109. Rhoda Chavez

    Totally true I’ve seen that so many times.

  110. sashzuri on Instagram sashazuri

    Well said 👏👌👍

  111. Andres Cabrera

    Great video, finally someone said it.
    keep the good work!

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