Presa Canario isn't a Good Family Dog!


Presa Canario isn’t a Good Family Dog!


Presa Canario is an aggressive and dangerous dog to own and even less to be kept as a family dog.

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10 Thoughts to “Presa Canario isn’t a Good Family Dog!”

  1. Anna G

    A small dog will give a sore bite on family or strangers a persia canario will end your life these are not a family breed you people are insane as the idiots that buy trophy dogs and cant control people are dying globally from dogs because some idiot wants a guardian breed they know nothing bout

  2. Joseph Fdo

    Plss tell about South Indian dog breeds ❤💐

  3. Bart Angel

    usually its the owner not the dog. That said if you take a look at some of the things in presa’s past like killing stray dogs it makes you think twice. Dogs are generally gentle and kind creatures while at the same time being brave and protective. and I’m sure presa has good qualities if raised correctly. But while i believe doberman’s reputation for example is undeserved or exaggerated, presa might actually deserve its reputation. Then again I never owned one or even seen one for that matter so I could be way off.

  4. jackie b

    My friend had a Presa Canario growing up. Omg 150lbs lap dog.

  5. MahaRudra

    No one breed is bad… The temperament of the dog depends on the owner only.
    If you are the bad owner so don’t blame on your dog.

  6. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  7. Artorius Towers

    I recognize the Presa from the movie based off the Presa with Antonio (Bullethead)

  8. GSD

    There are no bad dogs, just a bad owner

  9. Antonio Whigham

    Great video

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