Potty Training: How to Train Your Dog to Ring a Bell to Be Let Outside!
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Potty Training: How to Train Your Dog to Ring a Bell to Be Let Outside!

When Potty training your dog, have you ever considered training them to ring a bell to be let outside?

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104 Thoughts to “Potty Training: How to Train Your Dog to Ring a Bell to Be Let Outside!”

  1. Carol Garcia

    My dog and inercia are twins from different mothers. Look for my video in my channel.

  2. Gerda Wittebrood

    Where can I find the training calendar to download?

  3. Katie Hanson

    We need a video on the speech buttons that some owners are using now! I’d love to see your reaction or maybe trying it with Inertia!

  4. Koen Williams

    On the earlier videos in the playlist, were you keeping the harness on inertia all the time? Like even when she slept at night?

  5. Landon Call

    Can you please maybe try to work with a black lab🥺

  6. robotteck

    How much does Inertia weigh?

  7. Joice Mou

    I always wanted to train dogs, But I dont have one xDD

  8. Melanie T

    Can you PLEASEEE do a video on how to make your PUPPY (3month Belgian Malinois ) listen , how to make them calm and let them know on what they should and should not do PLS my puppy is at risk , my mom wants to sell him PLS 😭

  9. Brielle Joy Smids

    I am laughing so hard right now… I mean the double ring !! LOL Great job Zak ! thanks for the video !

  10. Lil AA

    how to get your dog on your back video plz

  11. Christian Turk

    Perfect timing! I literally just bought one of these for my dog last week!

  12. Rxxster Gxcha

    Other trainers: i use the force.
    Zak: i a m t h e f o r c e

  13. IslandBrosCo.

    It’s so cool to see Inertia grow up through these videos!

  14. wwolfox

    Can you plz do a vid of inertia in the car and how to settle her also getting in and getting out

  15. Red 04

    Hi I have a puppy who jumps up just to bite you. He will also go after your legs and attempt to bite your skin. He does this at any time. Wether we are playing or not. He’s 12 weeks old. Does anyone have and advice?

  16. Rachael Feinbaum

    What should I do if I’m training my dog and he is more interested in sniffing the treats then doing like sit, down, etc. to get the treats

  17. Henggao Cai

    Can you start a new series on how to train a Yorkshire Terrier?

  18. Alexis Ray

    This is just what I needed! I just got my puppy and really want to teach him to use the bells

  19. Weronika Rudnicka

    she’s sooo smart!

  20. Sharon McHugh

    I needed this video 3 months ago haha!!! I have managed to have her jingle the bells to let us know her water bowl is empty. The desk bell was a nightmare. Untill I watched one of your videos where you show how to turn shake into turning a light switch on. So I worked out how to teach it to her. So hopefully this one will work out. I’d love a really detailed luring video on teaching bow. I want to teach bow and sit pretty. She will lure up to sit pretty but straight up and down. Not sure how to get her holding it. And bow I just can’t work out how to lure the position.

  21. Crystal Landavazo

    Love, love, love! I’ve always thought this was such a cool trick, and so useful! She’s just getting so good at everything! She always takes to new things so well! You guys are just great together! Thanks for another awesome, fun video! God bless and hugs to you, Bree, and all of the fur babies!☺️❤️

  22. yara raffoul

    What happens to potty training during winter. Where does she potty? During winter potty training was super hard for me as she had to potty on pads which got the whole area to stink. I hate potty pads and they are getting very expensive in my area

  23. pranav mahesh

    Zak: I feel like such a dog trainer rn

    Well… yea

  24. Shaurya Sheth

    Very well trained

  25. Scala

    Zach can plz reccomand me what to train a 6 month shit zu. What to recomand what to give him as his food?.

  26. Ellie Mendenhall

    I just trained my dog in less then 7 minutes! Thank you!

  27. Dan S

    we trained our dog to do this, but she quickly abused the power of the bell by using it to get extra walks outside or because she wanted to chase bugs etc so we removed it 🙁

  28. Void jolt

    What happened to bb8

  29. Harshit Jaysan Sharma

    HELP :C
    I am thinking to buy a pomeranian but mom is saying that they always want love and they dong give love and they cant even be trained
    Can you guys help me ? by tell me that are they good so that I can show to comments my mom

  30. Daniel Pini

    Thank you

  31. Micah Parkes

    I’ve literally just trained my dog this in like a week then this video comes up😂

  32. Marge Burkell

    We’ve used these bells on our doors since our dogs were puppies and LOVE THEM! The door they go out isn’t immediately visible from our family room where we spend so much of our time so they are indispensable! We also have a set of them on the back of our master bedroom door so they can let us know when they want to go out at night too! We like them so much so that we take them on vacation with us!

  33. vomit

    Is inertia fixed

  34. AmazingSkylerTime

    Hi I love y’all channel so much and if you don’t mind me asking are y’all Christians?

  35. Marykay Ososki

    We have a small rope on back door with a bell attached. We took her paw and would hit bell and say out, then take her( Poppy) out. Bring her in and give her a treat. Worked for the last 2 dogs also we had as puppies👍

  36. Aubrey Berning

    Love Inertia so much and how tuned into you she is!

  37. esake fikadu

    thank you very much zac

  38. Mia Kraljev

    I’m getting a dog in two days and have been binge watching your videos to figure it out. Your channel is my new bible lol

  39. Henry Nongrum


  40. HeyIt'sBaert

    Do you remove the bell from the door if you’re out of the house and don’t crate your dog?

  41. Brynne Guyer

    I don’t agree with the last thing he said. When I was a kid my parents got a Pomeranian puppy. We could not potty train her for the life of us. We would take her out and walk her around every hour for 20-30 minutes, only for her to come inside and pee on the floor. She didn’t know how to tell us she had to pee and there was a communication gap there. Once we bell trained her the accidents in the house stopped and she was completely trained in 3 days. It really helped us and her, and she was a new puppy.

  42. Jorge Suarez

    So… I just adopted a Neo (Napolitan Mastiff) because my friend could not afford to keep him and I spent the first 3 months with him playin… fell in love and now we live together haha (he is just 5 months old now)
    Question: He eats kibble as of now, he eats quite well, 1.5-2 cups, 3 times per day but I’ve been getting a lot of suggestion videos on raw food (barf diet)… is it good? is it better? I’m barely making my research but if someone has experience that would be appreciated 🙂

  43. runningrock124

    omg i have those exact same bells that hang from the door and my 5mo old GSD learned to use them within about 2wks. such a good boy!

  44. Jaana EnKerro

    I accidentally taught my puppy to sit in front of the door and yell to be let outside and now I have to live with it

  45. Alvaro Lazareno

    I mean, i love the training.. but cmon.. we come here to see what fresh kicks Zak has on.

  46. Jake spaceman


  47. Sara Mathews

    So do you need to use the clicker all the time or only from time to time? By the way, love your videos. Any tips to get a dog with current dogs?

  48. Ishan Rocky

    Please tell me

  49. S. Aston Family

    I’m so glad to see this video. I’m a breeder and I give a large puppy care package that includes everything you need for their puppies, including bells. I always send my puppy parents to your page but didn’t know that you also have an app! So, I will be telling them about that now! Your videos are informative and well explained. So, they don’t feel like they need to be a professional dog trainer to accomplish the same results!! Thanks for all you do!! 😁🐾💞🐶

  50. Ishan Rocky

    Hey everybody, I want a suggestion
    Should I get home a Beagle or Dashund for me as a first time owner?

  51. Gayathri Wickramarachchi

    My dog opens the door himself when he wants to go potty but if the door is locked he will bark like mad to let us know he wants to go outside.

  52. Life with Karma

    Yes I have been waiting for this video for so long 😁😁😁❤

  53. Natalie Wainwright

    “30 day perfect pup” lol except your dog is over a year old and still not fully trained and you are a “professional” haha

  54. Chloe Lightning

    Zak I am getting a PUPPY in September so this rally helps thanks

  55. LpsCocoHearts


  56. Abyana Davila

    Inertia gets so proud of herself 🥺❤️ such a happy pup!

  57. Brooke Gaming

    Inertia isn’t really your new dog anymore Zak, sorry to tell you

  58. CuddlyBubbles 69


  59. Eyalos

    Is there a way to do it if I live in the 6th floor?

  60. elegant_seal_ eating_mulberry_yogurt

    Is there a way to teach a dog to only do this if they actually need to go potty?

  61. Rishisha Nongspung


  62. Peter N

    How do you do this when you live in an apartment, and you cant just open the door and let them run out? You have to go through the whole process of putting on the harness first. So how to you reward them instantly with letting them out in this case?

  63. Anna Battagin

    hey zac please read this do you recommend an electric fence if you don’t have an in ground fence?

  64. Ashley A

    I tried to sign up for the pupford course but every time I get a message saying “an error occured” and can’t

  65. John Aguilar

    Just got a puppy this is going to help
    big fan❤ please keep doing what you do!

  66. BlueFlame16

    Hey Zak! My dog is about to be 7 months old. He’s a small breed. His potty training is going amazing. (Hasn’t has an accident in 3 and a half months I’d say) I still take him out every hour though. How often do you think I should take him out? Still every hour or should I do every hour 30 or 2 hours

  67. Melissa Crawford

    She is so smart! I actually screamed YESSSSSSS!!!!!! Good job Inertia!

  68. Vladimir Pilo

    Husky are 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 🥴🤦🥴🥴

  69. Slaty Savage

    i love these series

  70. Fi1es

    Love the series so far Zak keep up the good work!

  71. Helen Suur

    I actually teached my cat to ring a bell a while ago. it’s a really fun trick

  72. Hershey The Puppy

    I’m very early and I will get a puppy in about 2 weeks and I’m binge watching Zak George’s videos they are very helpful and I love them !

  73. Oadevour

    I just say poo poo and my dog gives me a look if he wants to go. Failproof 😂

  74. Allen McKnight

    I’m 100% my border collie mix, Indy, will do this just to get me to walk away from my snack so he can sneak in and take it. Clever!

  75. Denise Toepel

    I love it when your amazed at how good you are!

  76. SoreKingNidhish

    who else is about to get a dog

  77. Aekas Madan

    I was able to train my dog to hit the bell to go potty on day three of him coming home!

  78. Ragavan Nair

    Zach I adopted a dog but he is deff what can I do help me

  79. Ragavan Nair

    Love you zack

  80. Nada Halawa

    She looked so cute while ringing the bell and trying to figure it out! 😍

  81. Ruth Pine-apple

    I taught my dog to do this at 9 weeks of age and so glad I did, she’s now 8 months old and she only took about two weeks after i got the bell to be fully accident free, and has been since 🙂 she isnt the type to whine or bark and I also didn’t want to encourage barking so the bell was perfect

  82. Snickerdoodle

    I’m getting a puppy soon and these videos are very helpful! Thank you!

  83. Gwyn Gable

    You are the best dog trainer inertia has come so far

  84. Pixie 0009

    Can you do a vlog to see what your daily life with inertia is like. Even the boring things like time lapses of her in the crate and you taking pup on a walk as well as the basics that you may practice daily

  85. Katie O

    LOVE THIS! all my dogs know how to do this😁

  86. Lucy Shahan

    i’ve been needing this video, and what’s ur best tip for puppy biting because we have a ten week old border collie and his biting hurts

  87. Alexia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Dog Lover

    This really helps me I just got a new puppy and named her after Inertia I keep watching your videos and keep reading your books to get information about dogs
    Thanks Zak you are the best.

  88. _BlueAnimates_

    I was gonna start teaching this to my dog 😄

  89. Yo IoIoMAR

    Inertia is so cute!

  90. Layla Taymour

    This is perfect because i just got a dog it is a cocker spaniel this is a life saver he pees everywhere thanks

  91. De meme machine

    Thank you this is exactly what I need!

  92. Mathew K J

    Wow, before you know it, Inertia’s gonna become a doggy Queen.

  93. ¡dora! ¡dora!

    I’m so early 😂 love Inertia so much!! ❤

  94. Nazanin Heydarian

    Our family dog scratches the door to he let out. We are going today her to ring a hell instead

  95. one and only manasvi

    German shepherd

  96. Puzzles and More

    Guys, who else has those exact same bells and kind of got their dog to ring the bell but did not fully!

  97. nolan 14 the best


  98. 7D s

    Waiting for this traing for a mounth

  99. Vincent Thaler

    im getting a dog soon

  100. Nancy Ruth Deen

    This is literally the only trick my dog can do.

  101. joyline aurelia Annabel

    Hi 👋 first 🥳

  102. Draco

    “Don’t lie Who clicked on the vid and came straight to comment?☀️”

    (OMG Zak. thanks for commenting on my new video⛈)

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