Positive Only Training Pitfalls AMA
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Positive Only Training Pitfalls AMA

This Q&A video addresses some issues people face with their dog training in positive only training.

This, positive-only dog training is NOT the same as positive dog training which is a component of balanced training.

Please understand the difference.

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9 Thoughts to “Positive Only Training Pitfalls AMA”

  1. Skallia Ray

    I know most of your puppy videos are older puppies. How do we start basic training with a dog 9 weeks to 10 weeks.

  2. John Davison

    Hi Robert, I have a question for you for your Ask Me Anything segment: My 3.5 year old male Rottie shows leash aggression on walks with bicyclists, people walking, etc. I’ve corrected him at high levels with ecollar as well as with firm leash correction at the moment of arousal, yet his arousal subsides only for that moment. For context, I’m highly structured with everything I do with him (thanks to your videos) and all the other problems behaviors have dissipated – except for leash aggression. If I put him in a sit or a down and use lots of spatial pressure, I can manage this behavior on walks. However, my goal, if possible, is to have him not care about people and animals on walks. Thank you so much.

  3. Tommy Andreassen

    Not uncommon for huskys too not bee interested in dead tings

  4. Edgar Froes

    You’ve pronouced Douglas’ name flawlessly. Cheers from Brazil.

  5. Tony Rivas

    Simply the best dog trainer, I just got my Goldendoddle and following Robert’s training program. Amazing!

  6. Mason

    Rob, how would you recommend I stop my puppy from digging and eating his poop outside? Usually he stays away from is poop but will go through spurts where he eats it if I don’t pick it up right away.


    Robert Cabral is easily the best dog trainer on youtube ! I have learned so much from you sir ! Respect!

  8. D Rob's Dog Pack

    Great video!

  9. B-PlayZ YT

    Hi Robert I’ve just watched this video, great advice! My dog is 2, In a few years I’m hoping to get another dog, your videos are so helpful to all of us who watch you and I was just wondering what is the safest way to bring a new puppy into a house with an adult dog? Thanks.

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