Pomeranian Dog Names: 300+ Popular Ideas For Males, Females, By Color, Size & More

We compiled a list of 300+ Pomeranian dog names to help you narrow down the best one to call your new companion. Since choosing a dog’s name can be time-consuming for many new dog owners, you can use some of our ideas to make it less stressful.

Pomeranians (aka “Poms”) are known as excellent family pets and guard dogs and make fantastic companions for any home. Despite its small size, this breed has lots of energy and needs regular walks and about 30 minutes of playtime. Bold and spunky, they enjoy being the center of attention. Their fluffy coats come in several colors, giving you several dog name options based on their appearance.

Our best Pomeranian dog names list includes the most popular choices for this tiny, commanding breed. Whether you want a name that fits their personality or something ironic that contrasts with their size, you’re bound to find one that you’ll love.

Popular Dog Names For Poms

Pomeranians love to be near their owners, and love being carried around.

Male Pomeranians usually shed their undercoats every spring. Females shed more fur than their male counterparts twice per year, following their seasonal heat cycle. Although they have similar heights and weights, males have more muscle mass, appearing stockier.

Male Pomeranians are affectionate, always seek attention, and easily get distracted. As a result, you’re more likely to use food as a successful motivator with male Pomeranians than with females. Females are less food-motivated, more independent, don’t crave attention, and can be stubborn. Fights can break out between two females for dominance.

While these traits might not apply to every dog, these are ones you should consider when picking the right Pomeranian for your home or family. By focusing on your Pom’s personality, you can narrow down a few fitting names for your new little boy or girl. Try finding one bringing out the larger dog within.

Male Female
Ace Annie
Alfie Baby
Beau Barbie
Bonkers Bridget
Button Chloe
Chandler Cupcake
Chauncy Debbie
Chip Diva
Chopper Dottie
Christian Ellie
Dinky Hera
Dumpling Ivana
Gamma Izzy
George Kelly
Gizmo Lola
Jimmy Luna
Kip Marlene
Mamoru Mia
Marty Minnie
Mickey Pearl
Milo Pebbles
Murray Peggy
Otis Piper
Peasley Pixie
Princeton Pom-Pom
Raymond Pudding
Romero Regina
Sammy Roxie
Spike Ruby
Spunky Serena
Stitch Sonia
Tatertot Stella
Tickles Tiffany
Timmy Tink
Tybalt Trixie
Warner Ursa
Zeus Victoria
Ziggie Violet

Color-Based Pomeranian Names

Orange-Colored Names

Pomeranian Dog Chews on Orange Vegetable
Personality traits, such as spontaneous or bold, describe Pomeranians perfectly.

When most people picture Pomeranians, they think of dogs sporting orange coats. Dogs in this color have shades varying between darker reds or lighter hues. Check out this list of male and female Pomeranian names to help you narrow down the perfect name for your spunky orange pooch.

Male Female
Auburn Creamsicle
August Daisy
Barney Daphne
Blaze Dawn
Cheddar Ember
Cheeto Ginger
Chuckie Goldie
Copper Jazz
Crash Kagura
Dexter Kim
Drake Marigold
Ernie Mikan
Flash Misty
Gambit Mumzie
Jasper Nami
Kenshin Paprika
Kyo Peachy
Leo Pippi
Nemo Pumpkin
Ollie Rosa
Redd Saffron
Ron Star
Rusty Summer
Sandy Sunbeam
Sonny Topaz
Tiger Willow

White And Cream-Colored Names

Saving on Pomeranian Gear
Pure-white Pomeranians are another coat color you can find in these breeds.

Their fluffy double coats make them resemble cotton balls or puffy clouds. However, some white coats might turn cream as your Pom grows, and some white dogs can become prone to developing deafness.

Check out these male and female names for your light-colored Poms that showcase their regality.

Male Female
Albus Angel
Blizzard Bella
Boney Bianca
Butters Blanche
Cashew Blondie
Casper Brie
Cloud Buffy
Coconut Cookie
Comet Cream
Cottonball Cream Puff
Cue Ball Crystal
Dandy Custard
Downy Dove
Duke Elsa
Eddie Jasmine
Fluffy Lily
Frosty Milky
Fuji Nova
Mickey Portia
Nimbus Selene
Oleander Snowball
Polaris Sparkle
Sandy Sweetpea
Shiro Thistle
Skippy Twinkie
Vanilla Whisper
Whitey Whitney
Whitman Yuki

Black-Colored Names

Pomeranian With Unique Coat
Black Pomeranians give off a mysterious and cool look when people watch them from afar.

Some black Poms might have lighter markings on their bodies. Check out our list below for male and female Pomeranian names for your dark-coated beauty.

Male Female
Angus Berry
Arrow Brooke
Asher Cinder
Bandit Coco
Blackjack Dahlia
Charcoal Darcy
Cosmo Ebony
Dante Elvira
Diesel Eve
Dusty Helga
Graphite Mica
Hemlock Midnight
Inky Mystery
Kuro Nebula
Licorice Nova
Mamba Odile
Nero Olive
Onyx Oreo
Phantom Pepper
Shadow Poppy
Smokey Raincloud
Sweeper Raven
Toto Rebel
Vincent Starling
Vortex Tulip
Yami Twilight

Chocolate-Colored Names

Pomeranian Running
They come in solid dark or light browns and may sport tan patterns.

Are you looking for a perfect name for your chocolate-colored Pomeranian? Its vibrant fur color is an excellent way to start. These male and female brown and chocolate-colored dog names can help you narrow down a name that matches their puffy coat and their energetic personality.

Male Female
Bailey Acorn
Biscuit Amber
Bosco Audrey
Bronco Bambi
Buckeye Betty
Cadbury Brownie
Copper Carmel
Forrest Carmella
Fudgey Clover
Hershey Godiva
Hickory Latte
Java Mabel
Meatball Mocha
Reese Nutmeg
Rolo Oatmeal
Rusty Penny
Scrappy Sandra
Sesame Sienna
Teddy Tawna
Walnut Tootsie
Wickett Truffles
Woody Zooey

Size-Based Names

Small Teacup Pomeranian
Teacup Pomeranians are smaller than standard toy-sized Poms.

Are you bringing home a pint-sized terror or a little angel? Our list of size-based names might resonate with any little girl or boy. Extroverted and yappy Poms might like a name emphasizing their larger-than-life personality. Here are a few names for your male or female Pomeranian based on their short stature and cuteness.

Male Female
Binky Ada
Boo Boo Amy
Bruiser Bitty
Bucky Bubbles
Cubby Charlene
Dopey Chica
Groucho Dimple
Harper Dolly
Jerry Dora
Levi Gidget
Mumble Honey
Nugget Kiki
Peanut Lula
Perry Lulu
Pickle Mimi
Ping Pong Moxie
Pippin Nora
Pipsqueak Pidge
Rufus Pookie
Scamp Rosebud
Scooter Rosie
Shorty Sassy
Titan Suki
Twizzler Trixie

Dog Name Trends

There are several naming trends you can take inspiration from when narrowing down options for your new Pomeranian. Popular female Pomeranian names include Bella, Candy, Jenny, Sophie, Lucy, Sadie, Maddie, and Roxy. You might want to try Max, Scooter, Romeo, Bailey, Ace, Buster, Marley, Charlie, and Teddy for male Poms.

Although many dog owners like giving their pups human names, others prefer naming them after food to enhance their quirky and cute demeanors. Sweet-themed names, such as Cookie, Candy, Pudding, and Mallow, are excellent for small, affectionate pups.

Other naming trends people like choosing include:

  • Nature or flower-themed names
  • Naming them after musicians, celebrities, historical figures, or fictional characters
  • Pun-based names
  • Folklore and mythology-based names
  • Unisex names
  • International names
  • Unique fur patterns

Pomeranian Naming Tips

After choosing the perfect Pomeranian dog name, it usually sticks with them for life. However, finalizing your decision might be challenging and takes a long time for your dog to understand, especially if they were given a placeholder name. So here are some tips for helping you and your family choose one.

Tip 1: Choose A Name with One To Two Syllables

One strategy you should consider when finding the perfect name for your Pomeranian is to choose a name with two syllables at max. You’re more likely to have an inflection when saying a two-syllable dog name and grab their attention. While some owners use names with one syllable, such as Ace or Anne, others don’t because they don’t want their dogs to confuse them for single-word commands.

Since male Pomeranians have a lot of energy and are more prone to getting distracted while training, a two-syllable name can help them focus and respond more frequently. While dogs with three or four-syllable names can respond to longer names, their learning process might take longer than dogs with shorter names. Some owners may also choose nicknames for them.

Additionally, you should also want to consider giving your Pomeranian a two-syllable dog name ending with a vowel because they can interpret the tone of your voice much better than names ending with a consonant.

Tip 2: Select Your Top Ten Choices Before Finalizing Your Decision

When browsing through dog name lists, it would be best to write down the ones you like the most. Then, you should pick your top ten and test each one out on your Pomeranian. An ideal name should be easy to pronounce and get a response from your dog. If one doesn’t work during the first few days, try another one.

Choosing the top best names for your new Pomeranian is also an excellent strategy for every member of your family to participate in the name-picking process. You can do this by asking for their suggestions and voting for the most popular choice.

Tip 3: Don’t Give Your Pomeranian The Same Name As Your Closest Friends

Although it’s not uncommon for people to share the same first name, it might be awkward having a friend over and realize you named the dog after them. Although this scenario sounds hilarious as a sitcom plotline, it’s not as enjoyable in real life. Naming a Pomeranian after food or using a common dog name, like Fluffy or Scrappy, can help you avoid these situations.

We also recommend not naming your dog after a former partner if your relationship soured with them; better to not reopen that would and redirect a name that negatively impacted you to a friendly Pomeranian.

Tip 4: Use Their Fur Color And Style As A Naming Reference

Pomeranians have fluffy double coats that come in several rich colors: blue, black, chocolate, white, brindle, and orange. Therefore, using these physical characteristics is an excellent alternative for picking their perfect name. Names like Smokey, Silver, or Sandy might be easier for people to remember than Nicodemus, Ackerman, or Magdalena Smithers.

Their puffy fur gives them a fashionable and regal appearance, making them a favorite breed among the wealthiest royals and the most influential celebrities. Giving your Pom a distinguished name is a terrific way to make them feel like a king or queen.

Tip 5: Consider The Breed’s Origins

Pomeranians hail from the Pomerania region in what’s now Poland and western Germany. You might prefer giving your Pom an enticing international name to stand out from the rest. Try Antoni, Arlo, Fritz, Brezel, or Stefan for a male Pom, and Greta, Leona, Zofia, or Kochanie for female Poms.

Tip 6: Pick A Name That’s Appropriate In Public

After bringing your Pomeranian home, you’ll likely take them on walks around your neighborhood, to the dog park, and to the local pet store. You might raise some eyebrows if you call your Pom “Hellspawn” when calling them for a game of catch.

Consider this when selecting a dog name that doesn’t weird out passing bystanders: if you wouldn’t give your child an embarrassing name, you wouldn’t give one to your Pomeranian. Better to play it safe with their name than pick something controversial.

Tip 7: Consider Their Personality

Pomeranians are a quirky dog breed and usually grow attached to at least one person in their homes. Have one who loves racing around your living room and spins everything he sees you? Give him an exciting name fitting for his athletics, such as Racer, Jitters, Speedy, or Harley.

Final Thoughts

Getting a new Pomeranian is an exciting experience for any household. You can select your favorite names from our list or come up with ones that we don’t have. You can also ask your friends or family about which Pomeranian dog names they like best to help you narrow down your choices and pick nicknames if you decide on giving them a longer name.

Regardless of what Pomeranian name you pick, it should resonate with you and grab your dog’s attention. After training them to respond to your favorite name, you can begin training them more efficiently and give them all the love they deserve. Whether boastful or docile, every Pomeranian needs a name that defines them.

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