Police Dog K9 Decoy Eric Shearer - Episode 70

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Police Dog K9 Decoy Eric Shearer – Episode 70

Talking today with my good buddy and police k9 decoy Eric Shearer (IG) @RXK9training

Talking about the ins and outs of bite dogs, protection dogs and police dogs. Getting bit and avoiding getting bit. What are the differences between Ban Dogs and Shepherds when it comes to protection sports and the protection / biting mindset of the various breeds. An awesome conversation. I think you’ll love it!

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19 Thoughts to “Police Dog K9 Decoy Eric Shearer – Episode 70”

  1. Kenneth Strother

    Human aggression in Pitbulls should never be encouraged.

  2. Ebenezer Abakah

    I love this.

  3. Bartek Kondrat

    Sir Robert,
    You’re great both of you.
    As usual.

  4. Ellen Robison

    It is one thing to train dogs like this for police or military….however there are way too many folks breeding, raising, and training other household breeds like this and the pups they do not believe have the proper attitude by 10 or 12 weeks of age they sell as pets. I am the recipient of a Boxer pup and her parents were bred with this type of background.
    My girl has been a challenge to train as a housepet from day one.
    In comparison to my previous Boxer that I acquired 12 yrs ago who was bred in a laid back , family setting.

    Please be careful with your breedings and do not sell pups as household pets that have these backgrounds.
    I am a dog trainer and have been able to work with my girl. However, other pups may not be as fortunate and could end up in shelters.


    Keep them coming! Great content Robert!

  6. LittleNinjai

    Great interview. Very interesting content.

  7. Stewart Ashling

    Im 54 and 40% there with my skills do you think im to old to find a career with further training for myself.

  8. BJ Bumblebee

    Loved the muzzle work. Amazing

  9. Doug H. in VA

    Far over the head of most dog handlers, since nearly no one take their dog past intermediate level obedience class. Police or military pro dog handling is very far removed from our daily life and skills. It’s not a game or’ cute’ .

  10. Stewart Ashling

    In a fight its chaos .my dog on sleeve is terrifying but in a real assault useless .scared of noise.

  11. BJ Bumblebee

    Nice interview. I love this topic especially protection and pray drive issues

  12. King Kuro

    Eric Shearer top man
    Good show 👍

  13. Stewart Ashling

    Really really enjoyed this

  14. Granny Gear

    I am so against training dogs to attack or bite humans. I rescued a blue eyed rescued half Malinois -husky. Respect this smart breed and have learned so much from her and our trainers. So, without rationalizing, change my mind as to why it’s ok to train dogs 🐕 to bite humans?

  15. parker gammon

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Great show!

  16. Naveen KR Singh

    Good job robert

  17. 707

    Mr.Robert please release the hoodies on your shop

  18. Duro XCIX

    love the vids

  19. Peace4MEarth

    And this is the first comment, good luck Robert

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