Pitbull VS Doberman
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Pitbull VS Doberman

In This Episode, Two of the Most Athletic Dog Breeds: Pitbull Vs Doberman Pinscher. Which Is More Agile, More Protective, Healthier and More, Let’s Find Out and May the Best Win.

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29 Thoughts to “Pitbull VS Doberman”

  1. boss baby

    Belgian groenendael Vs German shepherd

  2. Moises Sanchez

    Boerboel and cane corso


    That was rigged!! You should’ve had hunting or something the pitbull was actually meant to do.The APBT is the greatest dog there is! They can do anything any other dog can do just as good or better and then whip the other dog if they need to

  4. Krzysztof Krzysztof

    Dog argentyński vs doberman.

  5. Michael Hagenmüller

    Rhodesian Ridgeback vs. German shepherd

  6. Alexander Vásquez

    German shepherd vs dutch shepherd

  7. Isaac Jefferson

    Rottweiler vs saint bernard

  8. blessed beyond mesures

    Biased pitbull much better

  9. Bhavish Jeet

    German shepherd vs cane corso

  10. adeoye okiki

    akita vs alaskan malamute

  11. brandon the gamer


  12. james lachjo

    False weight description a true apbt wont ever have +30kg its an agile medium size dog its not some overbred bully type…

  13. PH CHAU

    molossus dog v s kangal

  14. Abo Ali

    ماشاء الله

  15. Knko!

    jack russell vs rat terrier

  16. Krish Dhruna

    Indie dog vs lab

  17. Luke Antoine

    Please make German Shepherd vs Siberian Husky or German Shepherd vs Rottweiler

  18. Erica Draper

    What about German Shepherd versus husky

  19. Alp Tasbasi

    Dingo vs miniature pinchser

  20. Devansh Swaroop

    I am 10th

  21. Ralph Mazur

    next video compare your mother-in-law to a dogo argentino.

  22. Al Irfani

    Dutch shepherd and dutch partridgehound ? 🤔

  23. Mr. Diugh

    German shepherd vs. Dutch shepherd

  24. Badboy X

    Next comparison can it be between gsd vs pitbull or gsd vs dogo agentino

  25. Victor Vilhelmsen

    Belgium Malinois vs Dutch Shepherd

  26. Levitation ComeBackHome

    Chihuahua vs jack Russel

  27. Animal Movie and show clips

    Next video caucasian shepherd vs alabai

  28. oop.

    Pitbull for life

  29. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you I loved 🇮🇶Baghdad 💞

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