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PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash, Harness for Cats, Large, Royal Blue / Navy


With the “Petsafe Come With Me” kitten harness, you can control your cat or kitten gently and comfortably and at the same time explore the world in front of your door. The patented design allows for slight pressure on the leash to rock your cat as it walks and restrict forward movement without excessive pulling or discomfort. The adjustable sternum slider allows you to create a custom fit for your cat’s body type, while the double adjustment points on the webbing allow a tight and secure fit. The shoulder straps slide through the two D-rings on your back and allow for an increase in tension (if necessary) to hold your cat back without choking. The elastic bungee leash offers a little “give” to soften the effects of cats that reach the end of the leash when walking. For the best fit possible, always measure your cat to get the correct size. Dimensions: Small: 9-11 inches in circumference; Medium: 10.5 to 14 inches in circumference; Large: 13-18 inches in circumference.
OUTDOOR FUN: Improve the health and happiness of your house cat by taking walks outside of your home together
COMFORTABLE CONTROL: The harness specially designed for kittens exerts a slight pressure on the shoulders and not on the neck or throat
ADJUSTABLE FIT: With two adjustment points you can adjust the harness individually to the body type of your cat. Always measure your cat for correct fit
EASY RESTRAINT: The stretchable bungee leash allows for some “give” when your cat approaches the end of its leash to prevent sharp pulling or pulling
SIZE INFORMATION: The size is suitable for cats with a chest circumference of 13 to 18 inches.; Measure the deepest part of your chest behind your front legs
SAFE DISCOVERY: While having fun outdoors is a great way to add to your cat’s life, unattended cats can be at risk of injury and attack other animals such as songbirds. With the Come With Me Kitty harness, you can let your cat run safely so that you can enjoy nature together
TO HELP HERE: Call 1-800-845-3274 or Monday through Saturday, email, or chat with our US-based customer service specialists. They are ready to help you and your pet
EXPERIENCE: The PetSafe brand has been an industry-leading US manufacturer of behavioral, safety, and lifestyle products for pets since 1991, helping millions of people and pets every year
Nylon harness and bungee leash for small cats or kittens
The sternum slide adjusts to ensure a perfect fit
Secure retention without pressure on the sensitive neck area
The 4-foot bungee cord extends up to 6 feet for gentle “give” while walking
Suitable for cats 9-11 inches in circumference; limited lifetime warranty against defects
When ordering the harness, it is important to measure the girth of the cat (as shown in the image in the Product Description section) rather than ordering by the cat’s weight. There are also 2 adjustment points to achieve the correct fit.

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