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Paw Pals Pets Genuine Leather Dog Collar Aztec Beaded Design Handmade All Breeds



The handmade Aztec dog collar with leather beads is breathtakingly attractive. It has the look and feel of excellent quality. This collar makes a statement with its unique handcrafted pearls. It’s also made from real 100% leather. This is a thicker, strong collar that dogs cannot chew through. It is rounded off by a robust brass metal buckle that won’t let go. These are available in a variety of sizes, one of which will fit your dog perfectly: XS, S, M, L, XL. This is a unisex design that works for all dogs of all breeds. Product Features: Paw Pals Pets Handmade Leather Beaded Aztec Dog Collar Made of 100% Genuine Leather Unique Beaded Handmade with Sturdy Brass Metal Buckle Stronger Construction Dogs Can’t Pull Out Dogs Can’t Chew Through This Leather Nice Unisex Design Makes A Pleasing Statement Choose From All Neck Sizes Including : Xs 9 “-11” / S 10.5 “-13” / M 13 “-15.5” / L 15 “-19” / XL 18 “-22”. Measure around your dog’s neck to choose the right size. Thickness of the collar 1 1/4 “(Xs, S, M) and 1 3/4” (L, XL). Make dogs proud. The 100% money back guarantee ensures this quickly becomes your favorite purchase without any risk. Please return unused. Many customers love that they come back so much to buy another one. This is a very valued gift for friends, family, and co-workers.

* Stunning, unique, handcrafted, Aztec necklace with beautiful, handcrafted Swarovski pearls. This exceptionally attractive native hippie design ranks above all others on Amazon and in stores. Great unisex model for boys and girls. Your pet will be so proud of the frequent compliments on their collar and classy look.
* Handmade 100% real leather is very beautiful and of high quality. It’s also much more durable than the plastic and faux leather used in collars that are sold elsewhere. Your pooch can’t chew this. This becomes her lifelong collar for safety and enjoyment year after year. The slightly thicker collar prevents dogs from choking on a leash when walking.
* All available sizes including XS 9 “-11” / S 10.5 “-13” / M 13 “-15.5” / L 15 “-19” / XL 18 “-22”. Measure around your dog’s neck to choose the right size. See size chart. Our extensive selection ensures that your dog gets a custom fit that looks and feels good. They have a reliable quality look and feel.
* Brass metal buckle looks great and won’t let go. It’s the sturdy buckle your energetic pet needs to keep the collar on. Ideal for dogs of all breeds. Many customers use these for everyday life, while others bring this out for shows and special occasions. This premium Aztec design makes an impressive statement.
* Great gift idea for anyone who owns a dog. Just right for a birthday present or a Christmas present. Lots of people buy one for each of their dogs. Get yours while we have a new batch from the workshop. They sell quickly after being recommended by dog ​​clubs.

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