Only These Dogs Could Defeat a Wolverine


Only These Dogs Could Defeat a Wolverine


A small animal but with a lot of strength and endurance, Wolverine is so special that his features have been taken to create even superheroes.
Although this might seem like an exaggeration of Hollywood, if we look deeper into the animal then we will notice that this isn’t that much of an exaggeration! Wolverine besides his retractable long claws, also has strong jaws with which he can break even bones. These characteristics give him the self-confidence and the courage to face animals even 5 times bigger than himself and with the skills they possess they have managed to successfully steal prey from bears and wolves. There exist only few who could defeat this animal but these rare ones can be easily found in the dog world.

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24 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Could Defeat a Wolverine”

  1. Dukolli


  2. Millicent Gordon

    The comments are going to be filled with people saying no dog can beat a wolverine

  3. Lion3000

    _I don’t think so…but nice try.😄_

  4. Chris Curtis

    A 65 lb wolverine would destroy any dog the claws r the difference. Disembowel a dog easily. They latch on and claw the underside

  5. APack

    Great videos ❤

  6. عبدالرحمن الردهان

    top 10 Types of dogs capable of guarding and hunting
    please 👍👍👍👍

  7. Los santos records

    U forgot the caucasian shepherd

  8. Maty Vee

    Cane Corso❣️🔥💪

  9. Elijah Darrell

    What about a pitbull

  10. ThisIsGonnaBeGoodIKnowIt

    I have a big ass Presa Canario – Cane Corso mix that I’m super proud of. I say, no dog on the planet beats a wolverine. The bite force numbers are irrelevant. A Wolverine is an insane fighter and every dog will back off, mine included…

  11. SkylineGtr110

    Also do pitbull vs kangal pitbull bite force is 1000 psi strongest dog in the world u should know these things 😂

  12. SkylineGtr110

    This man really forgot the main one PITBULL IS MADE FOR FIGHTING

  13. Melvin Chavers

    Presa Canario
    Fila Brasiliero

  14. Predator Gaming

    How would win Wolverine Vs adult man

  15. Heatboy Gaming

    Please do a comparison of Rottweiler and belgian malinois 😇

  16. Truly Express

    Nice video

  17. William Rough

    Dog wouldn’t beat the wolverine. I watched film of a timber wolf being beaten. A large timber wolf can defeat any dog so it goes without saying the wolverine wins.

  18. James Mazzone

    Caucasian Mountain Dog! This is one of the top three dogs with the strongest bite in the world of dogs

  19. Bart Angel

    Most of those dogs are significantly larger then the wolverine. usually at least double its weight. sometimes more. also they could defeat wolverine but not necessarily would. out of those dogs only boerboel, kangal alabi and fila could really dominate wolverine in most encounters. and all of them are much heavier then wolverine. Cane corso rottweiler and presa canario might win but they also might lose. same with dogo argentino. and all of them are lot heavier than wolverine. only dog that can challenge wolverine pound per pound is probably the pit bull. but even pit bull is on average larger than wolverine. there are pits that are 80 lbs although they are usually smaller than that. some believe that pit could kill wolverine easily. but i don’t. at the same weight when fight is in place where wolverine feels comfortable and is not malnourished the chances of pit beating wolverine are only 50/50. as far as lets say pressa canario this would be a very vicious fight. It could go either way. even if presa weighs almost three times as much as wolverine and is extremely aggressive he might win but not every time.

  20. Animal Movie and show clips

    I have also noticed he doesn’t have his dog comparison videos anymore!

  21. Paradox

    Bandog vs Cane Corso pleaseeeee

  22. Little Bit

    Please Do A Comparison Of German Shepherd And Pitbull Please 🙏

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