Only These Dogs Can Knock Down a Criminal


Only These Dogs Can Knock Down a Criminal


According to a recent study, crime has increased by about 40% globally while not counting the countries where the researches haven’t had access to their data. But this study showed also that the trust of people in the police and authorities has decreased significantly in recent years. This has left people with only one choice…finding their own methods to protect their home. Although security technology is quite advanced, dogs are simply unavoidable in these situations. But not every dog is capable of this job, while almost all breeds have the instincts to be watchdogs and can alert the arrival of a criminal, there are only a few dog breeds who have the right size, strength, instincts and courage to physically knock down a criminal.

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18 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Can Knock Down a Criminal”

  1. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher

  2. Mutated-Humaniod-Thing

    I have no words for the thumbnails 😂

  3. Dukolli


  4. ttrick22

    Neapolitan Mastiff is missing🤔

  5. Doug Rutti

    My two favorites.
    Dobermans and German Shepherds. All I’ve ever owned.

  6. I. Q.

    Lol…the average man is 120lbs?

  7. Costas Georgiou

    Well I guess you let the Pitt set this one out? 😂

  8. Wayne Rowe

    mehh my dog knocks me down easily by headbutting the back of my knee

  9. TFL_GHOSTy y

    Suprised to not se malinois here


    My rottweiler just licks my child 24/7 and it looks pretty lazy but one time a criminal broke into my house and it didn’t hesitate to run and attack him.

  11. Karim Mohamed

    2:24 thanks for mentioning Jason Statham in fast and furious 8 🤣💪❤️😉

  12. Salifya NGAMBI

    What about the mixed breed dogs 🐕

  13. Karim Mohamed

    1:57 it should’ve come right after the doberman and before the rottweiler

  14. Karim Mohamed

    1:14 this reminds me of GTA5 rottweiler

  15. Karim Mohamed

    1:06 it all depends on how the owner raised them not just their animal instincts

  16. Karim Mohamed


  17. Omar Opqhe

    first 🇮🇶🎩

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