Only These Dogs Can Guard Prisons


Only These Dogs Can Guard Prisons


Prisons are built to be safe but in fact they also turn out to be pretty unsafe, this is confirmed by the 2018 study that confirms that 120 murders had occurred that year only in US prisons. This is a sign that prisons must be secure first inside and then outside. Over the years, some stricter security measures have been used in prisons such as detection devices, gun towers, perimeter barriers, mobile patrols and many other arrangements. But dogs have been contributing to the security of this environment also and for many years have controlled prisoners and mass disturbances, detected smuggling, patrolled and similar work. While there are breeds that have worked as prison guards, there are some that could easily be adapted.

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12 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Can Guard Prisons”

  1. Dukolli


  2. Salifya NGAMBI

    Top 🔺 15 dog breeds for home used security 🔒

  3. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher
    Black Russian Terrier
    Caucasian Mountain Dog

  4. عبدالرحمن الردهان

    top 10 Types of dogs capable of guarding and hunting
    please 👍👍👍👍

  5. Maty Vee

    Cane Corso❣️🔥💪

  6. Bill Martinez

    They’re are more dogs that can do the job.

  7. Ivan Mladenovic

    brazilian fila,presa canario… Tosa inu…boer boel…Aksaray malaklisi,Sarplaninac…

  8. Shadowcat107

    I’ll try to stay out of jail. I don’t want to go to jail nor prison. This was a very great list of guard dogs working in jails and prisons. 😱🐕

  9. Shane Daniel

    I will try to stay out of prison lol😂


    CANE CORSO ARE a ruined breed SMH

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