Only These Dogs Can Face a Wolf


Only These Dogs Can Face a Wolf


If we look into the mythologies of different cultures we notice that over time there have been different opinions about the wolf, in some he has been a symbol of chaos and destruction and in some he has been a symbol of bravery, wisdom and safety. However, this animal possesses characteristics that make him deserve both of these titles. Wolves can grow up to 33 inches and weight up to 180 pounds but also possess tremendous abilities such as the bite force that can reach up to 1,500 psi for some species, the speed up to 37 mph, the agility and their hierarchical organizing that make their pack invincible. Although they avoid contact with humans, wolf attacks on humans have occurred through history but they have mostly attacked and mercilessly killed livestock. This has led people to breed dogs or even use the strong existing ones to protect themselves from wolves, however, there are only a few who can face such a wild beast.

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25 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Can Face a Wolf”

  1. Alberto Chaparro

    The presa canario is a dog need to be in this list

  2. sebastian Newman

    I think American Pitbull terriers are worthy of facing grey wolves and also scaring wolves off.

  3. dream of light 421 Minecraft Storm pro-ed

    Like the like

  4. Costas Georgiou

    You must be hating on the Pitt for a while now hasn’t made any of your list. 😂

  5. DK

    My Corso would scare any wolf

  6. kin.g

    Caucasian shepherd

  7. Simba Harp

    U said the Irish dog is the tallest in the world?

  8. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮💘💞

  9. yt=The crazy

    Wolf is my favourite animal

  10. sai adapa


  11. Davide Greco

    In my opinion you should have taken off the Bandog and add the Caucasian shepherd instead.

  12. Josh Fahrney

    A Team of dogs could do better though. 😉🐺


    Do the same part 2 dog breeds that defeat a hyena

  14. yair aharoni

    Also Richback because he was fighting with lions

  15. GK

    Where is Caucasian Shepherd????????????

  16. Melvin Chavers

    Armenian Gampr

  17. Arvind Keshav

    Pit bull is the only agressive & deadly hunter ever in dog species 👌

  18. تحدي و ليس صراع

    i expect you to always forget the Rottweiler, and even the dogs that beat the Pitbull are not mentioned in the Rottweile

  19. olembo ruth

    The highest bite force of a wolf is only 661 PSI

  20. Gary Nokes

    I own a rare type of Staffordshire bull terrier(it isn’t an official colour) and I believe that because he is stronger than the average staffy he has around 340 PSI.

  21. Mara Gutiérrez Sánchez

    You forget the Caucasiano Sheperd

  22. SkylineGtr110

    U DIDNT ADD PITBULL PITBULLs are bred for fighting a bite psi force of 300000 stronger than a Lions main

  23. Adam Affronti

    Can you do a dedicated video on whippets and Alaskan klee kai please?

  24. chxice

    The carpathion shephard my new fav dog


    I once encountered 3 wolves while i was climbing a hill with my dog rottweiler and it was growling and attacking us they bit me really hard and my dog had high injuries me and my dog fought very hard and fend them off he fought very bravely.

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