Only These Dogs Can Face A Toro Bravo


Only These Dogs Can Face A Toro Bravo


This is a Toro Bravo or otherwise called as the Spanish fighting bull, and it is the most aggressive breed of cows in the world, this is because people for centuries have bred it to be as strong and aggressive as possible. The height of up to 4.5 feet at the shoulder and weight of up to 1600 pounds don’t make him special but definitely the intimidating appearance, body shape with obvious muscles, head with horns, and face that only imagining it having in front of you makes you tremble… Besides this, their character is very dominant and they have a scary aura. This has made people for centuries to take it as a challenge of bravery to face this beast. Bravery is a trait that is also found in dogs, and some have it in such a large dose that they can face even a Toro Bravo.

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25 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Can Face A Toro Bravo”

  1. Dukolli


  2. Petrovich

    Pit bull Is overrated most fanboys have to wake up and understand how nature works its like you compare Floyd Mayweather to Mike Tyson in his prime and Mr Tyson has the nickname of Iron Mike for a reason

  3. Marco Silva

    One of these Bulls with horns kill any dog in seconds…they Will fly up to the moon.

  4. تحدي و ليس صراع

    Rottweiler big male height 69 cm and weight 60 kg and powerful bite force 328 psi and aggressive and powerful and intelligent 👌

  5. تحدي و ليس صراع

    Dogs can defeat a cheetah

  6. Kaine Rushton

    what about a lurcher they are hunting dog’s and fast dogs some take down deer

  7. DK

    This guy thinks dogo argentino could kill a bull a regular sized dog

  8. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 💫

  9. reeraxthegamer

    How about caucasian shepherd

  10. M B

    Yeah u forgot the only dog that was breed especially for bull baiting , the bulldog and i mean the old English bulldog. Not the pos English bulldog of today. So the most close ull get to the old one is an American bulldog.

  11. Dime Slinger

    The Pit Bull is the only one on this list fast enough to get out of the Toro’s way when it needs to. A lot of these dogs are picked because they’re large mastiff breeds with courage. The dog still has to get out of the way at the right times though.

  12. Deadly gamers

    Bro indian mastiff

  13. Xo xo

    Bully kutta need in this list

  14. Neo

    No dog can defeat a Toro Bravo… This is a joke.

  15. Jeff Fitz

    Love Rottweiler versatility!!!

  16. Gabri Gabri

    This is a joke? Where the fuck is the Bullterrier??? Just search on youtube bullterrier vs bull and you will see how he save his owner from bull in Spain on real video….

  17. kentrosaurus studios and sky the budgie

    You forgot the most dangerous one


  18. Salifya NGAMBI

    What about Tibetan mastiff

  19. Truly Express

    Best Amazing video

  20. 『Ahmed』 King๛

    Caucasian shepherd and German shepherd

  21. Naomi Rocha

    That’s cool

  22. Kayden Gulley


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