Only These Dogs Can Face a Jaguar


Only These Dogs Can Face a Jaguar


For some Jaguar is a representation of strength, courage, and aggression while for others, this animal represents the inner spiritual power to face your fears. However, the Jaguar, the name of which means “he who kills with a jump” possesses all the characteristics and abilities to be called one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. His bite force exceeds 1500 psi and makes him the cat with the strongest bite, with this force he can bite through the hard skin of crocodiles and the strong shell of turtles. Besides to his physical characteristics, the Jaguar possesses a variety of skills such as swimming, running and climbing which he uses to kill and achieves it by piercing the skull of his prey and destroying its brain. The Jaguar has such an aura that spreads fear everywhere, however, there are dog breeds that don’t care about his aura and are brave to face him.

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31 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Can Face a Jaguar”

  1. Jesus Monarrez

    One dog can face a jaguar but even if it is the most big and powerful agile and strong it won,t make it. 2 or 3 of the more powerful and brave are needed to do something

  2. DogDingDa

    I think Jaguar is one of the best and strong so no dogs can able to win with a jaguar. Am i right?

  3. WM

    Canine faces Jaguar and is Shredded and eaten by Jaguar…

  4. achraf behidj

    any breed of dog can face or kill a jaguar because dogs have humans on their side

  5. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮❤💞💞

  6. Bart Angel

    I think this video should made clear that each of those dogs could beat a jaguar if they are in a pack. one on one no dog as a realistic chance against a jaguar. especially if jaguar’s life was on the line. the very strongest of those dogs, might be able to stand their ground and prevent jaguar from attacking dog’s owner because jaguar has no real reason to go after him. but if it came to a fight where Jaguar has no choice other than fight for his life he would kill any dog easily.

  7. Muhammad Haris Azeemi

    gultair 🔥🔥❤

  8. Millicent Gordon

    Enough of these dude,now everyone in the comments are going to be saying lol no dog can beat a jaguar

  9. Maty Vee

    no g can kill jaguar

  10. Facts with Rankings

    No dog can face a jaguar or an African leopard. Maybe wolves but not those cats.

  11. Enmanuel

    So any dog can face it but non of them can beat it, The Jaguar is the beast of the Americas.

  12. Salifya NGAMBI

    I’m not afraid of the jaguar it’s just a large house cat

  13. Salifya NGAMBI

    I can put that cat outside

  14. Lunathi Mhlahlo

    Where is Iliryan Shepherd, Boerboel,Cane Corso ext.

  15. i.k.d.

    No dog can stand a chance against Jaguar, its the 3rd strongest cat after tiger and lion

  16. Raphael Wesmoore

    There isn’t any dog that can kill a jaguar or even be bold to stand a jaguar. Even the bite force, strength, and aggression of dogs is not anywhere near that of a jaguar

  17. عبدالرحمن الردهان

    top 10 Types of dogs capable of guarding and hunting
    please 👍👍👍👍

  18. ToOn BaRmY

    Only dog on the list that has experience of cats Is the dogo argentino.

  19. TFL_GHOSTy y

    Bro how can a dogo amd not an ilyrian shepherd wtf man ur crazy

  20. Mutated-Humaniod-Thing

    I don’t mean to sound like a 🤓 but 0:15 that’s a leopard.

  21. Melvin Chavers

    Fila Brasiliero
    Presa Canario

  22. arun paul

    Strongest dog is a a tastey chicken fry for Jaguars

  23. DK

    My Corso mix boerbeol mix kangal mix antalion shepard

  24. Patricia Sandoval

    Now, you are talking about courage, in a real life combat, no dog breed, no matter how big, how strong, would be able to ever kill a jaguar, It’s simply not possible.

  25. rishav

    Pak bully 💪💪💪

  26. Harley king

    No dogs can face a healthy fit jaguar

  27. Neo

    Lol there is a video of a Jaguar killing an Alabai

  28. sai adapa

    And one thing jaguar can kill any dog in just seconds no the dog can face jaguar

  29. sai adapa

    1:03 not native Pakistani bully dog it is also Indian mastiff and gull terrier is from both India and Pakistan

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