Only These Dogs Can Defeat a Wolfdog


Only These Dogs Can Defeat a Wolfdog


According to a statistic, there are over 240 thousand wolfdogs only in the US. Also, it is thought that wolfdogs are the most wanted animals in the US but at the same time, the most mistreated. This is because people take them as a status symbol or because of the exotic and super special feeling this dog gives them and later they can’t manage or take care of it and send him away. However, what’s very important to mention is that wolfdogs are very unique, agile, fast, strong and it is said that there are individuals who still possess the raw instincts of the wolf. For these reasons, they are considered one of the strongest, bravest and combative breeds, however, there are some dog breeds who can defeat them.

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21 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Can Defeat a Wolfdog”

  1. APack Dog lover

    Where’s Fila and Presa

  2. APack Dog lover

    Defeat videos are good 👍🏼

  3. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  4. Artorius Towers

    It took time to understand that the video creator has to alternate the the types of dogs that can counter other dogs. The Presa cant always be on the list, the Neapolitan mastiff, De Bordeaux, Cane Corso… The guy has to spice things up for the audience so it’s not always the same names on the lists.

  5. notsosilentmajority1

    Not sure about the Malinois. They make good police dogs, etc. but they don’t seem like they can defeat an actual Wolfdog. They are smart and excellent workers but…………….

  6. DayLight

    1. Dogo argentino
    2. Kangal
    3. Pressa Canario
    4. Boerboel
    5. Tosa Inu
    6. Bully kutta
    7. American pitbull terrier
    8. Dogue de Bordeaux
    9. Gull Dong
    10. Spanish Mastiff

  7. Tekarian Johnson

    The bannedog can to

  8. Afshin Biria

    In 1994 I saw a wolf-dog in Memphis Tennessee take the face of a Rottweiler off his skull!
    And another time watched him defeat an English Mastiff by attacking his legs in less than 30 seconds!

  9. Josh Nofflet

    Not sure why the malinois gets so much love and recognition but the Dutch Shepard doesn’t. They are identical dogs for the most part…

  10. Facts with Rankings

    Even pitbulls and tosa Inu can easily kill a wolfdog

  11. Khajiit Warrior

    And these ones 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    King Shepherd
    Giant Alaskan Malamute
    Tosa Inu
    Fila Brasileiro
    English Mastiff
    Saint Bernard
    Tibetan Mastiff
    Neapolitan Mastiff

  12. Joseph Fdo

    Plzz tell about South Indian dog breeds❤

  13. J haych

    German shepherd
    Presa canario
    Dogue de bordoux (however you spell it)
    Tosu inu
    Fila braselierie
    American bulldog
    Neopolitan mastiff
    English mastiff
    Etc loads of dogs.

  14. Rituraj Guha

    Thank you for including an Indian dog breed, and pls make a vdo of dogs that can kill a snow leopard

  15. Afshin Biria

    You probably have never seen a Mackenzie Valley wolf/ Malmute hybrid in action!

  16. Aleksa Zdravkovic

    Belgian malinois and rhodesian ridgeback are on list but where are illyrian shepherd, doberman, german shepherd, american buldog, pitbull…

  17. Around The world

    South Africa mastiff and Rottweiler 😍😍😍

  18. SkylineGtr110

    Y’all forgot Pitbull, Bandog, Presa Canario, staffishire bull terrier, so manny more even like the St. Bernard 😂😂😂😂get better

  19. Violet Flame

    Have you profiled a Czechoslovakian Vollkak

  20. Melvin Chavers

    Caucasian Mountain Dog

  21. Karim Mohamed

    The mountain is the human who can kill a wolf not only a wolfdog 😂 and Francis ngannou might be able to do it too

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