Only These Dogs Are Suitable For The Military


Only These Dogs Are Suitable For The Military


The use of dogs in the military isn’t something new and according to historians this might have happened for the first time around 600 BC. But over time, dogs took on more tasks in the battlefield such as transporting artillery, sending messages, patrolling, destroying enemy formations, detecting and of course attacking. No matter how much technology has developed, it was always impossible to replace dogs. So powerful and sophisticated militaries around the world, besides to advancing the technologies they use, are also advancing dog training methods in order to use as much as possible the true potential of some breeds. Of all the breeds around the world, some are among the favorites that militaries consider them the most valuable.

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  2. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮❤💞💞

  3. Daryl Holloway

    Donovan pinscher , canis panther , bull grey

  4. Dukolli


  5. Patricia Sandoval

    agree with this list


    Bro did u forgot doberman Pinscher

  7. James Daniel

    Its crazy to think that most soldiers world wide have died for rich elite

  8. APack

    Only these types of videos are very good 👍🏼🤩

  9. Me To The Moon

    The relationship between a military working dog and a military dog handler is about as close as a man and a dog can become. You see this loyalty, the devotion, unlike any other and the protectiveness.

  10. milind kashyap

    European Doberman where is

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  12. Salifya NGAMBI

    Dog breeds suitable for the police 👮

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