Only These Dogs Are Stronger Than a Presa Canario


Only These Dogs Are Stronger Than a Presa Canario


We all know that Christopher Columbus discovered today’s America or as he called it the “New World”, however, only a few know that a place that has played a major role in his journey are the Canary Islands, this place was his last port when leaving for America. But besides for Christopher Colombo, the Canary Islands were very important for other travelers who sometimes took their own dogs with them and then bred them with the native dogs. From this kind of adventure was created the dog known today as Presa Canario. The physical characteristics of this dog are the height of up to 26 inches and weight up to 140 pounds, on the other hand, their personality is built on dominance, strength and independence. The bite force of this dog reaches 540 psi and it is thought that he can pull more than 1 thousand pounds. So, they possess real potential to do harm as they are one of the strongest breeds in the world. However, there are some other breeds that turn out to be stronger.

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26 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Are Stronger Than a Presa Canario”

  1. Just me

    Awkward video but I’m willing to bet money on the presa against most of these breeds

  2. Chvrli3 On3 Tw3lv3

    I have an old blood presa they are much bigger . She is 4 months and same size as my 2 year old male pit . Her mama is over 200 lbs . Look at my profile pic

  3. Erick Moenga

    Christopher’s Columbus never discovered shit….this land had it’s owners

  4. Loucasse Enzosse

    We all know that what is written in books say that Christopher Columbus discovered today’s America

  5. Dukolli


  6. cry harder

    Pitbull fan boys be like….but….but…😥😢😢😥😧

  7. تحدي و ليس صراع

    Dogs stronger pitbull

  8. Davide Greco

    What about Tibetan mastiff and Neapolitan Mastiff?

  9. Frane GRANČIĆ

    Alabai isn’t, its just bigger, size doesnt always matter.

  10. Jessie Carrillo

    Thank you for adding the Dogue de Bordeaux. My Samson was more lover than fighter , but he did have the power to hold his own .

  11. sai adapa

    Like every video in this video also u forgot BULLY KUTTA(INDIAN MASTIFF)

  12. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  13. Philo Bobcat 34

    Columbus didn’t discover anything while populated. More fake history

  14. Melvin Chavers

    Dogue De Bordeaux
    Caucasian Shepherd Dog

  15. Timothy Ward

    Super inaccurate list. Worst I’ve ever seen.

  16. Bart Angel

    I think I would put dogo argentino and cane corso as equal to the presa but not stronger. caucasian ovcharka is probably little bit stronger than presa I don’t know about Alabai and kangal but they are very strong at least equal to presa and tosa would probably have an edge over presa, and boerboel might as well. I think fila and Bully kutta would equal or even surpass presa and should have been mentioned. also Turkish mastiff and Persian mastiff should be mentioned as well. English mastiff has the strength and the size but does he have the aggression and stamina to be honest I simply don’t know.

  17. Artorius Towers

    Although I like the dogo Argentino, I wouldn’t agree it’s stronger. I would say it works put up a good fight or be on par. I think if it were between a Presa and Corso, like boxing, I think the Presa world fight offensively while any hit the Corso gets in world be devastating.

  18. J haych

    Presa’s are beasts (before pitbull fans comment, my mechanic has 2 pitbulls and a presa here in the UK (imports) and 1 of his pitbulls tried it with his presa over food I think it was, unfortunately the presa tore it’s head open badly very fast, cost him a lot in vets bills, thankfully he recovered though. (not promoting fighting it was randomly over food once, but the pitbull got beat up real fast)

  19. Facts with Rankings

    Pitbulls can kill any dog,it’s a breed for blood sports👊👊

  20. SkylineGtr110


  21. Tekarian Johnson

    Yessir got the Good the in here that bannedog 😖

  22. Christian Schlicht

    Each time you forgot the Rottweiler

  23. Mikey

    Presa canario is my shyt ,this site be straight up bullshyt

  24. olembo ruth

    The highest bite force of a presa canrio is around 720 psi meenomg it has the third strongest bite force of eny dog in the world

  25. kvk plastics

    Support form India bro 🇮🇳

  26. Filip Mirkovic

    These Dogs may be stronger than Presa Canario, but they aren’t stronger than me

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